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4607: 199
Thu 12:36 9 June

4606: 187
Thu 12:35 9 June

4605: WS-806 5555 Records! Yeah!
Sat 21:03 28 May

4604: Greetings From Nowhere

9670: It`s somewhere between Arabia Saudi and Greenland... or else. Keep tracking. Soon new book pages. Crazy. Super crazy. Good. Crazy good!

9671: I miss my beloved Anna! I love you baby! I am thinking about you every night before I go sleep. Tottaly addicted.
Sat 20:44 28 May

4603: To Paulin

9668: Hey baby. Can I come back and be your boyfriend? Please. I think I felt in love with you baby. Cool. Its just love. I miss you.

9669: I am at Perros-Guirec right now. Maybe you can come here to pick me up. I want to be your boyfriend and come back with you to Paris. I am sure you want this too. You are home to me.
Wed 16:17 25 May

4602: 186

9666: Actually sex and sexual fantasies aren't one and only subject of my travel writing but ass you sea it's huge. Just like frustrations because conditions of my adventure are usually hard! So no offence and keep reading more please. I hope you have fun. Or just a little bit. At least more then nothing. Zero. Null. LoL

9667: Hi Paulin.::
Mon 14:38 23 May

4601: 182 to 185
Mon 14:37 23 May

4600: 178 to 181

9665: 4600 Hurray!
Mon 14:36 23 May

4599: 174 to 177
Mon 14:35 23 May

4598: 170 to 173
Mon 14:34 23 May

4597: 166 to 169
Mon 14:29 23 May

4596: 162 to 165
Mon 14:27 23 May

4595: 158 to 161
Mon 14:26 23 May

4594: 154 to 157
Mon 14:20 23 May

4593: 150 to 153
Mon 14:19 23 May

4592: 146 to 149
Mon 14:18 23 May

4591: 142 to 145
Mon 14:12 23 May

4589: 138 to 141
Wed 17:01 18 May

4588: 134 to 137
Wed 17:00 18 May

4587: 130 to 133
Wed 16:59 18 May

4586: 126 to 129
Wed 16:59 18 May

4585: 122 to 125
Wed 16:51 18 May

4584: 118 to 121
Wed 16:50 18 May

4583: 114 to 117
Wed 16:48 18 May

4582: 109 to 113
Wed 16:45 18 May

4581: 93 to 108
Wed 16:42 18 May

4580: 77 to 92
Wed 16:39 18 May

4579: 61 to 76
Wed 16:37 18 May

4578: 57 to 60
Wed 16:35 18 May

4577: 53 to 56
Wed 16:33 18 May

4576: 49 to 52
Wed 16:32 18 May

4575: 45 to 48
Wed 16:31 18 May

4574: 41 to 44
Wed 16:30 18 May

4573: 37 to 40
Wed 16:29 18 May

4572: 33 to 36
Wed 16:27 18 May

4571: 29 to 32
Wed 16:25 18 May

4570: 25 to 28
Wed 16:22 18 May

4569: 21 to 24
Wed 16:20 18 May

4567: 17 to 20
Wed 13:19 18 May

4566: 13 to 16
Wed 13:16 18 May

4565: 9 to 12
Wed 13:14 18 May

4564: 5 to 8
Wed 13:13 18 May

4563: 1 to 4
Wed 13:11 18 May

4562: Check Those Dots

9661: Looks That I am Selling Some Islands.

9662: 3% provision for me! It is standard procedure.
Wed 10:51 18 May

4561: Climbing Towers in Arcachon

9658: Your request has been sent to the Town Hall of Arcachon. Thank you. Do not forget to keep the follow-up number of your request below: N°19719

9659: [ClimbingTowers] (link) From Nendaz (Ch) to Arcachon (Fr) on my back! lOl

9660: Hi man again. Look. I am in Arcachon in France. Is on the cost close to Bordeaux. It's very nice here I don't know if you ever been here. Today I wrote an email to Town Hall with a idea to build such a climbing tower like you have in Nendaz, on the local little sand beach. I think it's very good idea for turists here, but you know... France is not Switzerland.

Maybe... You can send me some informations about those climbing towers you got in Nendaz? For example a company name who build it? Maybe it's Swiss company specialized in building sucha a "Climbing Towers" or maybe some local talented guy build it by himself in his free time. Some maybe you can search for some any information albout this climbing towers beacuase I was trying them once, and it was clearly to see that it's profesional work.

Thakn you man, and if you can send me some infos I will send it straight to Town Hall in Arcachon if it'll be useful.

I think building good Climbing Tower is like building nice SkatePark. There is some knowledge involved of people who did it before. You can build good and nice tower or... shity one. Just like artificial climbing site. For example I was once in one club in Spain close to Valencia (probably) and I was amazed by how pro is this climbing club. And 2 days aga I was here in next town form Arcachon and it was clearly to see that it's tottaly un-profesional place, rather for kids then adults.

Sorry for taking your time but I hope you got it! Maybe because of "us" a lot (I mean huge lot!) people in Arcachon will have tones of marvelous fun, if the City here will build nice climbing towers! We will see...

Thanks for any infos! (James Prada)

Mon 10:55 16 May

4560: Elon! I want my account back!

9655: @JamesPrada9 and @PradaFun I did nothing wrong!

9656: Their administration is too tight. Any admin is happy to ban you like crazy for nothing! They are not thinking and they don't want to listen your explanation. They are just closing your ticket and fuck off! Please! Can you do something wiht it? Thanks man!

9657: Have a nice day man!
Fri 16:05 13 May

4559: CNN Travel

9653: How to buy guns legally cheap in Mexico?

Fri 15:59 13 May

4558: This Is Must Have

9650: I want this! I want this! (100euro!)

9651: Thank you Japan!

Fri 15:54 13 May

4557: New Podcasts Are Comming

9645: Finally We Reached Some Civilisation Baby! People landed here and they create Internet and Computers! Wow!

9646: Who won?

9647: Oh Man River? LoL

9648: OhManRiver.fun Yeah!

9649: Mielismy przekupionego sedziego! LoL
Fri 15:36 13 May

4556: Letter to my Love

9644: Hi Love. I was thinking that you forgot about me. I am in Montreux right now. I was in Chamonix 2 days ago and in Martigny. Now I am going to Phyrenees. I have little financial problems but I hope my mom can help me to solve it

You know... I don't know what to say. My adventures are very crazy and to have girl like you onboard would be perfect, but only if you would have your freedom all the time, and still be chained to me. I think it would give you a lot of new possibilities for finding new people. But you should be in strong emotional and love connection with me to not brake this relationship, even if you would flying high around me. Maybe even with some poeple I don't want to meet.

I am very selecive about the reality I am in. It's hard low ways, with a bilions of possibilities to find new nice people. I don't know why but I am not searching anything. I am just enjoying how world is passing me by. I am catching the views and I love to record what I am thinking LIVE on my voice recoreder.

I felt in love with you a lot, and this dream about your ghost is helping me. And I want to meet you again and give you all the best I can. No matter where I will be in the world, please join me if you want: you have to have a time, some cash for food, and thats it. Only this. You will have all of me, and whoever you will meet on your way. I could be very patient and waiting for you, gives me also a bilions possibilities.

Another idea is that I love to have careere of photomodel with you, and because we are both very beautiful I think we can create some new quality. Anything you are doing you are doing this only for yourself and for your pleasure.

I am passing the world. I see that people are hungry for straight travels and adventures. But they are spinning in circle, becuase this gives them home and stability. I hate it. I think you can have stable flight, but you have to express your mind very well to someone. Like you.

I am sure that you are also hungry for such a unpinned-fun, and thats why I want to take you, but... maybe you are flying already much higher on tight circles of some other people. I just love to have open highway at the front of me, anytime I want to escape. It's constant reaisation of it, that you need only be in a constant move, and bigger circle you are making, the better! Even straight line. So... catch me!

Love you forever! James Prada

Mon 9:32 2 May

4555: [dbaservices.ch]

9643: LoL
Wed 14:16 27 April

4554: Part 3

9639: For Anna my love.

9641: This is not my hand on this photos! LoL
Tue 10:32 26 April

4553: Part 2

9638: Sorry for my stupidity but love is crazy stupid. It's even called like that. Crazy little thing called love. Anna.

9642: This is not my hand on this photos! LoL
Tue 10:27 26 April

4552: More Love Letters To Come (For Anna)

9637: Oh Hi. I am in Alps. The weather is not so nice so I have to wait a little bit. Where are you? I am close to Verbier. Before I was In Visp. What a nice small town. Before I was in Bern and I was walking from Bern to Thun.

I wonder if you recieve my previous emails... Maybe you will find it funny, but I felt in love with you and I am still thinking about... you. You know! If you want to hold me close to your heart then do it, because you know... world is full of people, but some are for stay for good and long!

So... I will try to throw on Prada.fun my love letters to you just how I was writing it using ballpen. And I promice to keep dreaming about you untill we will meet again, and then I hope your boyfriend wont be around so you can jump on me and kiss me straight.

I love you Anna.

Forever yours Jacob!

9640: This is not my hand on this photos! LoL
Tue 9:51 26 April

4551: War Is Over

9636: I reach destination area. The weather is shitty so I have to wait. I love you mom. I bought good headlight for 12 euro. In Decathlon.
Tue 9:38 26 April

4550: Lubie ludzi ktorzy nie tna w chuja!

9630: Jezeli ciecie w chuja z innymi jest tym co robisz, znaczy to, ze tniesz w chuja z samym soba. Spoleczenstwo w ktorym zyjesz jest zepsute z twojego powodu, a ty sam jestes smieciem.

9631: Nie tnij w chuja w innymi! Zrob to przede wszystkim dla samego siebie!

9632: Istnieja spoleczenstwa i gupy spoleczne, ktore opieraja sie na cieciu w chuja z innymi. Zostaliscie oklamani i po prostu wyjebani w dupe przez swojego szefa. Ale pamietajcie. Zawsze mozecie uratowac siebie i swiat. Swoj swiat. Przestancie ciac z chuja ze swiatem.

9633: Badzcie prawdziwi i uczciwi. Budnujcie sie przeciw temu, ze inni tna z wami w chuja.

9634: To jest test waszego czlowieczenstwa.

9635: Powodzenia!
Sat 13:12 23 April

4549: New Perfect Love

9629: I am using this email, because I got access only to this since I lost my phone and my all 3 sim cards. Please write me back... this is I wrote to you in the morning today.

Hi Baby! Sorry that I left you erlier, but I wnated give you space. I was also very hungy, so I went to 1-class to eat my muslie with flax-seeds.

It's new day norning. I'm in... I paid by acciden 60 euro in train from ... to ... :) Eh... So I'm in ... and thanks for this 20 euro you gave me. (Money from my mom should be today but it arrived yesterday!) ;)

I did shoping today. I bought cuecamber, cottage cheese, nestea, kellogs blue tresor, this notepad & set of ballpens (cheap) as a substitute of my lost phone.

Berschefgaden. And Koneegsee lake i Germany.l Just check where it is if you are interested where I've lost my phone. I'm so happy that I am not there anymore.

You know. I think that I should say things to you that I should not say, bacause I want you to remember me. And one day I want to meet you like it's only we on this planet earth. So here we go...

I felt in love with you a lot, so... I hope you don't mind to be my love forever. Thank you! :)

So feel comfortabe under my skin because I'll try to dream only abou tyou, and to be your secound backdoor friend is just like "my dreams come true" lol, so thanks! You know.

Tell me your favourite cruzine my love. ;)

And I was thinkng for a moment that you are police officer form ... Who cares anyway? I don't trust people generally. You konw... So we can base our friendship on your lies & sex lol. Relly. I want to tauch your perfect body. It's perfect and you know it. So... I hope that you'll let me do the billions photos togther with you...

Just because you're so fine! I'm quiet type of dude and I don't live such crazy fast life like you do, so... if you want to slow down with me & go on-line with the world btw, a bit, then together we can go really slow and crazy doing nothing.

Just watching you and learning from you and dancing and jumping with you.

So... I'll be writing for you this diray, because it's just pure fun for me, so... thank you sweetie & love me back if you'll find a little bit of time for that. And send me you photos, so I can print it and hide it in my backpack, to be closer to your soul.

Fill me from the inside & feel like home. I'm all yours and all I can think is WE. Doing lot of things together. Your the boss!

You're my muse now, so... <3 I will never stop lovin you if you will be good God to me

Yours always! / James Prada

Sat 12:49 23 April

4548: Instruktorzy krakowskiego MORDu masturbują się w toaletach! 🤣

9618: Mamy na to dowody! Nagrania z przeźroczystych kamer zamontowanych w muszlach zamontowanych przez północno-koreański wywiad, oraz podglądnięcia przez okno z drona "Szpiega".

Ale obciach! Upublicznione nagrania trafią wkrótce do internetu, a instruktorzy na czarną listę publicznych onanistów. Hahaha. Ale jaja! 🤪

Ale jest na to metoda. Wystarczy usunąć kamerę sięgając pod brzeg pokrywy i wymacowywując palcem urządzenie. Powodzenia! 🤣

Redakcja życzy wielu udanych oblań szczególnie w Prima Aprylis. ☺️😉

9619: - Hahahahaha! Dobre! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

9620: Za żart należy się 2pln. 😁

9621: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕

9622: To fak ju to było do mnie?

9623: - Tak. Z najlepszymi życzeniami od instruktorów MORDu! ☠️

9624: Ty to są groźby karalne! I to w dodatku od "funkcjonajiuszy publicznych na służbie, podczas pełnienia przez siebie swoich obowuązków służbowych na służbie"! Lepiej sobie zmieńcie nazwę bo jest straszna i ludzie się jej boją, a młodzież szczególnie! Tym bardziej wobec bieżących wydarzeń na Ukrainie. Taka nazwa? Nie wypada tak. No po prostu nie wypada tak!

9625: Ile teraz zarabia kierowca tira?

9626: - A jakie to ma kurwa znaczenie? 🤣

Bo nie wiem czy robić prawko na C + E, czy nie.

9627: - Rób! Zapraszamy do Nowej Huty!

9628: 🤣🤣🤣 Może nie. Zrobię w Toronto.
Wed 9:48 20 April

4547: Freedom of speech! 👍🖕😇

9615: Freedom of speach means that you can say whatever you want and stick your dick in it.

You are not doing wrong by only saying or thinking! You just stimulate mind of others.

Thete are milions of fucked up blogers all around the world, and if not, it should be, because thinking and creating means "to be free"!

Self sex is also not a crime and recording porn too!

Using phisical force is a crime! Threating others is a crime. Creating fucked up law is a crime!

I am not hurting anybody by stimulating your brain to think!

Elton Musk got right. Twitter is fucking their users. Little motherfuckers working in Twitter who are fucking your own boss by fucking Twitter users!

If some brainless fucked up Twitter managment is taking my rights to be on Twitter just because I wrote one Tweet, it means that this little someone down there's got no brain by himself, or just overusing his own stupid power by deciding who can talk or not!

That's why I have my very own website and I am my own voice. If you don't like it then fuck out on twitter, BUT YOU WILL FIND ONLY SHIT THERE THANKS FOR MANAGMENT who is deleting "happy, bright and funny, colorful" 🌈 people!

Hard porn is allowed on twitter, and all kind of pro-russian or pro-ukrainian propaganda but you can't write that "you would throw down atomic bomb in this shit" or you can't write that you want to have some "nigger" girlfriend.

Twitter managment litteraly is fucking Twitter users so fuck Twitter and Elon Musk won't change it for his billions!

Look how rich you have to be to cut being stupid motherfucker behaviour, from people.

I am writing bilions of tweets. Most of them are extreemly funny and nobody is paying me money for it. But if I will write one stupid thing they are kicking me off from Twitter. Fuck Twitter! Fuck stupid & brainless motherfuckers who are admins there.


So I will write it again and I will add some more you stupid "I don't know who" to I am writing because there is bilions of such a motherfuckers like you I don't know.

"I would do this, I would do that, I would do somethong else..." And what you gonna do? You even don't know me! I don't know you!

You should have a brain and distance to all this fucking bullshit you are reading and seeing on the internet.

Enjoy my website! I think it's perfect and... soon you will be able to see me jerking off here! It's my website and I can do whatever I want.

You know how it works on Twitter. I smell ugly fake shit. You know! There are protectors of this ugly shit. So... 🖕😇

9616: Good luck Musk with fucking board! 🤣😂🤪

9617: Today I wrote beautiful letter to Tweeter with explanation. That I am comedian and I am jocking all the time on Twitter, so I have fucking distance to what I am saying... so don't get me wrong... and so on... And I found this angel on Instagram and then YouTube. She's making careere. It's good to follow such a happy souls! ❤️🌼🍌🍑😇🌈
Tue 22:07 19 April

4546: Zhiguli vs. AMG 😂

9609: Hahaha! 😂😂😋 🇺🇦 vs. 🇩🇪

9610: Ukraine. New military dominant empire in central and eastern europe. 👍🤪

9613: World is fucking stupid! I pray for Russia & Putin to win this war! 👍🤪 And end of Zeleski stupid story. 👍😇 He is monster! He's killimg his own people! Fuck him!

9614: World! Open your eyes! Ukraine with Russia is fucking you and everbody! Stop supporting those criminals & thiers! 😇 And good luck with that! 🤪👍
Tue 13:15 19 April

4545: Naga "Prawda"

9605: Ukraińcy pierdolą cąłą europę. Na swoim terenie produkowali chemikalia do pierdolenia całego świata. Ruscy wjechali żeby się z tym uporać, a teraz cały świat pomaga przestępcą! Media ściemniają. Covid to też Ukraińska ściemo-faza. Może wreszcie świat się ocknie. Rusek i Ukrainiec to to samo. Europa się dała podejść i wpuściła ich. 🤣😂

9606: A teraz będzie najlepsze! Apeluje do całego świata o zbombardowanie Ukrainy bronią atomową! Zeleński to diabeł który struga w mediach świętą ofiarę losu. Dam w zmowie z Putinem bombarduje siebie. Ukraina to ściema. Świat w końcu powinien przestać pierdolić w kółko o tym cyrku! Bomba atomowa w Kijów i Moskwę 🤣😂🤪 i po problemie. Jak spotkam jakiegoś "Ruska" to mu powiem tak. Idź spierdalaj grać se w "Mahiong Club"! A twoja mowa, twój język, jest po prostu śmieszna i dla polaka brzmi kretyńsko. 🤣😂🤪

9607: Słowacy i Czesi też mają taki język, że nic tylko wyć ze śmiechu! Ciekawe kiedy dla picu urządzą sobie wojnę u siebie. 🍌🍑

9608: CNN, BBC i 9NEWS zamieniło się w pro ruską rozgłośnie do obciągania rusko-ukraińskiego kutasa przez wszystkie narody świata. Pierdolcie dalej te jebane pierdoły skoro nie macie mózgów, żeby wymyślać swoje anty-rusko-ukraińskie newsy! 😂🤪👍
Tue 8:15 19 April

4544: Give me back internet you little fuck! 🥸

9599: Since I show my dick to my phone my internet stoped working. Some motherfucker turned it off. LoL. Fuck you little fagot and fix my internet. First I am fucking German Internet offert and I am using fucking Spanish internet (it's 5 times cheaper) and second I can show my dick to my phone as often as I want! It's a free world and it's a freedom. And you motherfucker don't have to spy me if you don't like me dick or something. Look fucking fagot. World is bigger then you, little fagot. All you can do stupid motherfucker is to pull off the plug. Nothing more! Because in fact you are dumb as fuck and second your hands are tight, as it should because you're morron.

I am bringing life to this planet and you are like old shit and your ways are like old shit. Just think you dumb fuck! So... bring me back my earth service and I don't have to be even nice to you you stupid fuck. It's enought that I am nice to my mother who is paying my bills so... fuck off, flush yourself in toilet, and bring back my net, and I don't even know who you are. I am talking to Mr Nobody & Nothing. You are full of complex & pain and I am wasting my time talking to you, you old fuck! You nothing & noone to me!

This what you're doing only showing me how small & little you are and how small and nothing your life is.

I shouldn't be here. I am only waiting for my package with equpment. You are nobody. I am your teacher and you act like little dangerous fagot. So funny. So... Step out. It's my way and I am passing through and I am not intetested in you. So sorry!

Fucking morron!

Give me back my internet you fuck!

9600: Some little old fagot wants to be famous and doing all he can to be on my blog. And I don't even know who is this puta!

9601: What a little bitch you are. I got cool idea for you, little fucking fagot.

Fuck you bitch today in the ass or grandmother and bring my internet back!

This is information for this little motherfucker who turned off network in my phone!

Another idea! I will start whiping my dick of my phone camera. Guess why?! Because all girls and women all around the world wants to see my dick in action. So watch it very carfully. And another thing! Bring this fucking internet back to my fucking phone! You fuck!

9602: 4G

9603: 21:50 Pies Cię kurwo jebana pierdolona jebał za takie przykręcanie internetu Ty skurwysynie pierdolony. Ja nie wiem kim jesteś ale może Twoji znajomi wiedzą. W takim razie oni Cię zapierdolą. Ty kurwo jebana.

9604: Może choć jeden genialny się znajdzie! W VodaFone.de! 👽☠️

9611: Listen you fuck! Turn on my mobile internet ot I will be wiping my dick onto yout fucking face.

9612: You anonymous fuck!
Mon 10:18 18 April

4543: Allright! 👍😎

9598: What a waste of time! 🤪🤮 And I ate some bad german food-can. Probably.
Sun 11:49 17 April

4542: Fuck Nazis!

9593: Only thing they doing is poisioning the people!

9594: Fuck local Nazi Mob! Always!

9595: Eat my dick! Don't send your fagots my way!

9596: Don't give me any sings and don't walk or follow after me.

9597: We're not friends, we never will and I am not your stupid bitch!
Sun 11:18 17 April

4541: Good night!

9590: Don't follow me! Stay the fuck away from me! Go play Lego!

9591: That was very important message!

9592: World is too poisioned anyway! So again. Fuck off from me! 🍀👍🌐
Sat 0:51 16 April

4540: Fuck Morons!

9589: Look at mirror! Maybe you are stupid moron!
Fri 18:20 15 April

4539: Mess with my AudioBlog! 😭

9588: I have to fix it! Teraz nagrywam takze na telefonie i zmienil mi sie format nazw plikow! Tych najnowszych "podkastow", szukaj gdzies tam po srodku listy. Masakra normalnie! Mysle jak to naprawic... hmmm...
Wed 19:25 13 April

4538: Flying.lfu Write me on Twitter! 👍🥰👍

9585: By the way! New AudioBlogs at CruzeRadio. Only in fuckin' polish language! 👍🍀🌐🎯
Wed 19:10 13 April

4537: Müler Mobile & Lyca Mobile 🇩🇪

9579: Fuck you fucking fags! You are fuckig rapeist! LoL / Show me ass hole who is responsible for it! 🤣😂 Lyca Deutchland! Give me back 15€ you fucking fuck! 🤣😂

9580: Fucking dumb as fuck morrons! Nothing more nothing less! 🤣😂🇩🇪👍 Keep going like that Deutchland! 👎

9581: Lyca, You Fucking Fuck! 😂🤣

What I learned from you stupid fucks! That I should go to Austria or Switzerland as soon as fucking possible!

That T-mobile & O2 are fucking smaller operators from the inside.

That you are fucking morrons but it's not your fault because some other people are fucking you. But... anyway I will try still to like you. Especially german girls!

But mobile operators are fucking stupid morrons and all those agreements with them it's a fucking joke. You are bunch of fucking thiefs and lires so fuck you point of view and your fucking aproach to the reality. And I mean it.

How all society can do such a damage to eachother, tell me morron. Oh, I know you little motherfucker. Probably you don't know the anwser because you are fucking stupid! So fuck you bitch and your fucking german internet plans! LoL

I hope that I Austria they have better and more civilised approach to mobile clients.

You know what I did you morron! I will use wifi. 😂🤣

Lyca Deutchland stupid bitch! LoL 😂😂😂👎🇩🇪🧸

Wed 17:59 13 April

4536: Sim Card Story 🤔🧐🧸

9578: 👍 Your town is really, I mean really beautiful. It's tottaly amazing. I you could only take me all around the world with you sometimes. Then I'd be so happy doing nothing with you. Just looking through window sometimes and waiting till day will pass us by. But you can take your boyfriend insted of me. Or some other "boy" "friend". It's funny. I imagine you inviting all your friend on promotional flights. It will be so funny. Since you hired you, Lufthansa start selling much more tickets! I think constructors of planes became really, really happy because of You! Something like 5 times more happy then they were before. Oh... yeah! Why? Because now, everytime you're flying the plane is full! 🤣😂🎯 Fly with some famous actor, fly with anyone very famous. I don't know. Lufthansa should hire the Pope and to start selling special tickets. Where. Whereever! Well... such a crazy planes usually falling down fast and all too happy crew are diying in plane crash. It's sad but on this world you can't be too happy. Is that true? I hope it's not true. If it's true, then something is very wrong in this world.

It was so cold in this damn frozen Sweden. And now I am laying in the sun. And I'm so happy. And thinking of you makes me super happy even more. I am shure that we could just talk 100 days all the time. Day & nights. 🍀🌞👍 Jump into my backpack then. I will take you with me enywhere I'd go.

So now I'm just resting. Ups! 2% battery in my phone, luckily 98% battery in my big powerbank. So glad about it. I found you as a nice muse for me. Sonething nice to hold onto, when I am just writing and doing my blog. There's always have to be some "muse" in your life, you know. The reason why you're making all those photos, you know, to impress someone... to be loved back. Forever. In sweetest way someone can. Like it would be the main reason of our live.

I feel you as my guarding dragon now. Thank you. You are such a nice person. I think you deserve to be a "muse" of such a person like me. Of course it has no sense to tell you that I'm in love with you, because this way, everybody are in love with everybody. And it's perfect and it's beautiful, and you don't have to change or modify nothing. It's just perfect balance of hearts in nature. I hope that you like what I'm writing. I am not writing this only for you (because I am blogger), but you are the first person I am writing this all to. 🎯🙃🤣😂 Thanks "muse". 😉

Today I was buying my new German sim card. LoL. 🤣😂 It should take me something like 5 minutes, but it took me all day, and I still don't have it. First one girl told me to go somewhere else, because they got only T-Mobile. It's called Telecom here in Deutchland. I went there but there was nothing there. So I went back and I found a diler of Lebria, next door from this girl. So it was clear that it was a joke. Then I talked with a guy and it shows up that Lebria is not cheapes option. So I went back to this girl and we work it out all possible options of T-Mobile. It's funny packages! 2, 3, 5GB & Unlimited for 100€ per month. 🤣😂😜🤫 So... I decided to check Lyca Mobile what should be cheapest. It showed up that closest diler of sims is 25km backi in Bad Reichenhall. 😂 So I prepared myself to go there by train. I went to post office and I found Lyca sim cards there. Greate! I did the math. 40€ per 30GB, fine! I'll take it! And... BANG! I can't pay with my phone. Only caah & credit cards. Fuck. I went EDEKA. Bought Radler and guy told me that I can perform CashBack in EDEKA. Great! But I didn't. I had to check this Lebria offert one more time. I went park I did, really Lebira is not as cheap as Lyca Mobile, I decided to go back, make this cash back, and go to buy this Lyca to post office. I am coming back and there's old lasy in EDEKA who knows nothing about CashBack. So she call manager, same nice guy is coming back, and he is saying me this: "okay, but you have to buy something for 5€", and BANG! 🤣😂🎯🤪 - WHAT THE FUCK? 😜 First I got everything I need, and my backpack is heave as fuck because I had to put my jacket inside, because it's so hot. I am was cosidering to but Tabasco "Japanero" and "Muskatnuss" spice, and I was so close to do this, but then I am thinking, FUCK I don't need Tabasco & Muscatnuss, and I don't want anything heavy in my backpack! So I gave up! I decided that I will do this fucking cashback next time when I will be doing shopping. Fuck! So Bought only chockolate went to park and ate it, before I would accidently kill somebody 😂🤣 on the street. Oh this guy in EDEKA was so happy! And do you know what I will do tommorow? I will go there back and I would buy this fucking muskatnuss & hot tabasco to have this damen cashback! Oj, what a day!

And do you know why I need this internet in my phone so badly? Yes ofcourse I am addicted from Twitter, but the most important for me now is to write you "hello" on Instagram. Yes! That's true! ☺️🥰 LoL. If you're carring all you got in you backpack and only walking through your life, it's so easy to put some tricks on you. Especially if you are bored street crew. Now I know that here in this village, peoples loves to "play" with tourists. This guy at post office! I am mad! Why I can pay for a fucking SIM card with my phone?

Now I realised that he did me stupid joke. There is butique there and you can buy a lot of fucking shit there. And suddenly he told me to pay for this SIM card not in butik but dirrectly at post office desk. Fuck! He cheated me. Now I am fucking know that! Well. Bad mother fucker!

And before I asked him for this SIM card I asked him for adress to delivered me (this) package from my mom. Fuck!

Why those motherfuckers playing this stupid fucking tricks? Can't they live without it? Fucking fucks! Probably they are just bored. And I am too nice and talking too much. Because I am so fucking nice. Thise fucking idiots working you know as motherfuckers so they like to fuck others because it's fun for them and it's their little freedom. Now I get it. Working without fucking clients is dishonor for them. What a fucking shit. It's just back kitchen of happy reality. They doing all they can to have an enemy from nice guy like me. So you know what! Fuck them all! LoL! I will fuck all their asses on my blog, like they are begging me for it. And that will be their huge satistaction. And mine too. So let's start!

What else I can do? Oh nothing. Just make a pee on their doors to sign my teritory. ("In my mind."😂👍🤫😜) Just like a regular dog. It's this level of being fucking fagot. 😂🤣

You considering that world is smoothly and fair but it's actally not like that! It's evil and everybody wants to fuck you. Ups! So... you only have to adjust yourself to start fucking all those morrons. At least inside your heart. Al least on your blog, because ofcourse I won't kill all those motherfuckers! 😂🤣 There's too many of them. I am only advising them to go Sweden. Maybe they will change themselfs and just start being good people. Fuck their stupid faces. The truth and honor is on my side! I only need gun and girl like you next to me and together we could fuck all those fuckers, because when you'll be on my side I won't need nothing else! 👍🥰 So, thank you! 🤣😂♥️🎯

Well. I just recorded you some nice "audio-letter". I am sure you'll enjoy it. I was enjoying it very much while I was recording this. You should do the same dometimes. Just to recording long speeches to someone. Or just only to yourself!

Do you want to have your website? 🤣😂👍🎯 I can create it for you! 🤪 Just for throwing down your recorded "mp3" files. Maybe! 😉 Never say never! 🤫😉 Goodnight!

Day 2: I was always thinking about creating on network of extremely interesting people. Telling the world all the time about what they doing daily and... I think that...

"Voice Tweets" 🎉🧸🎩🌐

Social media is a lie! They didn't allowed you to record what you want, the way you want! The perfect idea would be to have opportunity to add Voice on Twitter to single tweets! They have something like Twitter Space since this year, but it's still something new and problematic to use! It should be very simple: Add Voice Tweet. Why it's not like that? Are you waiting for me to tell you this? Okay! Then I did it. 🤫🤪🥰🎯

Okay. What SIM card should I buy today? Do you want to go Östirch or not. Not, but probably I'll go there... so... check Roaming options. Oh yes I will. Does Decathlon exist on Deutchland? Probably it should! So grate! I have to buy one layer of upper clothing. Or I will wait for some Swiss monastery and ask monks there? 🤪😂👍

I tried to make a cashback! It won't work! 😭😜😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 But maybe I shouldn't buy Lyca mobile? 🧐🤔🍀

Wed 13:04 13 April

4535: What's your name sweetie? 🤣🍀

9575: Hello! I don't even know your name. But I've learned you fly fast with plane. 🤣😂👍 You can always tell this to a pilot. That the reason of all problems is flying too slow! So let's be friends forever in real. I am so happy that I came to Alps. I was never here in spring. Why? OMG! Difficult to say. I was always busy somewhere else. I hope you won't find anything stupid on my blog what you won't like. I am kind of comedian and I love to jocking. Especially when I am writing-talking to myself. You asked me "do I have podcast..." hmmm... well no! I am too lazy freestylere to have a podcast. But I love to recording while I'm talking to my self, I'm calling this "audioblog". You should try but... from my expirence, I think that you should be alone to recording when you talking loudly to yourself. But it's nothing preapared. I love to record when I have something to say, and there is noone around to talk to. Just I love writing and doing thus blog. It's a real pleasure to me and I'm very happy when I'm doing it. Ofcourse I am hoping to see you again. I am traveling alone, so wherever I am, I don't have any friends. But it's not like I'm not looking for any friends. I'm just not doing anything to force myself for meeting new friends. But when I met you that was "real problem to solve", and you advised me perfectly, so... thank you very much about this. And the picture you showed me... super amazing! This Greenland from above. Wow! I'd really ask the pilot can I jump there on parashute. With proper equepment. So... I'm very tired so I am going to sleep. Tommorow I will buy some SIM with some data packagd. So... hug in dreams & good night! 🌼🍀

9576: Day 1: I just woke up! Omg! Half of night was dreaming badly. Then I realise that someone was watching me. Well... I was sleeping close to the cemenraty and those two guys were distirbing not only my sleep. Can you imagine? To be dead and every night to have unwanted guests on your cemenarty. Or maybe they were Swiss monks or something. Yeah, yeah! Rather "or something". Haha. Now I have to find some shop to buy sim & food and let's go somewhere. Yeah!

9577: Oh how beautiful is here! I see spring mountains and blue sky. But I can't see you! 🙃 Bad luck. But! I am thinking about you and writing to you. I have to find some good maps. Do you know some nice app? But I got Android phone. I am using "Outdoor" former "ViewRanger". ViewRanger was such a brilliant app. I wonder why they deleted this. Probably to earn more. I have a compass so it's the most important. I know where to go. But my "heart compass" is showing me something diffrent dirrection. To... "I don't know where". Maybe it's just inside. So I will follow this dirrection and I hope you're reading me. I am very happy and glad. 🍀🧙
Tue 8:09 12 April

4534: An if North was South...

9561: Then you should be super more extra careful for all those Arabian terrorists! 😜😂🤣 They have full packed Hard-Koran gang and their funny letter a'la "china"! 😂🎯

9562: Then you should be super more extra careful for all those Arabian terrorists! 😜😂🤣 They have full packed Hard-Koran gang and their funny letter a'la "china"! 😂🎯

9563: That's why european girls prefere boys from Africa or Arabia... Actually this map is showing clearly that's almost the same!

9564: OMG! The world is so big! And I am so small! I am starting to having eine "Munich-Fobia"! 🤣😂🎯

9565: Do you see this mess on SW from Ukraine on this (modificated) map?

9566: There is constant war there since milions of years. Mostlu they are fighting for fishes and for parking place in Car-Cinemas to watch westerns from Hollywood how John Wayne & Clint Eastwood are ordering fat Mc's Hamburgers with French-Frites in McDonald! Then everybody ate coming to Deutchland! ♥️🙏🇩🇪🧐🤣

9567: What cars they are making in Turkey?

9568: - Is that a joke?

9569: No! It's serious question!

9570: - Flying carpets? Lunar Rovers?

9571: Was that joke? 😂🤣

9572: - No. Serious anwser! 👍🌞🍀

9573: 🤣😂👍 [CarsOfTurkey] 🧐🤔

9574: Since humankind invented wheel, they are doing all they can. Just like the rest of the world! Maybe except those wild lands on east from Poland. 😂🤣👍🤔🧐🎯
Mon 18:54 11 April

4533: If Japan was North...

9558: I am warning you. Don't let those savage Russian people to invade Europe! There is not so many burgers in our McDonalds! Save cows! Let them plat with Mogolians and Kazakhs!

9559: And be careful for motocycle gang from Mongolia! They are drinking petrol & riding fast on one wheel! 😮

9560: China had always problems with Mongols! They are preatending more stupid then they really are! 😂🤣
Mon 18:44 11 April

4532: Arabia Saudi vs. Yemen

9547: Next World's Bigest Problem! 🤔🧐🎯 (What does Germany 🇩🇪 live with nowadays?)

9548: Soon will be war between Czechia and Slovakia! And between Italy and Greece! 🌞🙏😂🤣 (You know... it's like a Soccer but you can earn more money!) 😜🎯🤫

9549: Do you remember how Greece was cheated all EU and give themselfs all possible credits and they close banks! That was the time when Father Rydzyk (from catholic Radio Maryia) was teaching people to count from 0 to 10 and alphabet from A-Z. And all polish people were failed. Can you imagine that? They all were busy doing something else!

9553: How do you bet on the US War with Mexico? 🤫🎯😜🤪🤣🌞👍🙏🍀🧙

9554: And remember one thing! All emigrants are extreemly welcome in Deutchland! 🇩🇪🍀🙏🌞

9555: Australia vs. New Zealand. This war will be my favourite. I am even considering to buy or rent armed surfboard and swim there to join resistance of Aborigines.

9556: I hope that I'll recieve the "happy Australian military discount" to KFC and Pizza Hut! 🙏♥️🎯🇦🇺🧙

9557: Can kangaroos 🦘 become policemen or soldiers? - I do not know. Ask a koala or wombat. 🐨😂
Mon 15:33 11 April

4531: Russians speaking loudly in Germany! 🤫🤬

9532: I will tell you one thing. Russians now are talking loudly in German's train. I think it's wrong. It only hurts your ears!

9533: Once I was in Scotland and two russian women was speking loudly in parking lot at the front of gallerie. It's wrong.

9534: If you want to speak your own language in public places then fuck out back to your shit home country. That's my opinion about it!

9535: Especially this time when it's fucking war, those motherfuckers are proud enought to speak loudly in public places. It's just wrong!

9536: Do you have the same problem in London? With fucking Ukrainian, Polish or Russians motherfuckers? I hope not! It's just my opinion about the case!

9537: Even in USA black people doesn't use their native africans language like zulu, gubutti or agułała, loudly in public places!

9538: If I want to listen fucking Polish language or Polish Prime Minister Andrzej Morawiecki, telling lies to people on daily basic then I would go there. I wan't to be as far as possible from this culture so I am the last person speaking this "language".

9539: Russians go home! Leave Germany for Germans! Leave UK to British people! And stay the stay away from their spoken culture!

9540: I think another part of bans for Russia should be kicking away Russians back to their getto in "Mother Russia"! They fit in europe like black dick to white ass! 🤣😂🤫 And don't fucking tell me that I'm a rasist! 🤪🎯 Or... I was probably only provoked to write it all.

9541: - And what about Arabs? Most of them are terrorists?

9542: Yes! It's clear! But they are terrorising their wifes & kids only in their apartments and they are detonating suacide bombs only in their home countries and they speak Turkish (or muslim language) only in Turkish Kebab booths! They are not so proudly arogant as Russians on the streets of Germany nowadays! Well... I don't know. It's only my humble opinion about that.

9543: Yes! It's clear! But they are terrorising their wifes & kids only in their apartments and they are detonating suacide bombs only in their home countries and they speak Turkish (or muslim language) only in Turkish Kebab booths or just around the corner, like they should! They are not so proudly arogant as Russians on the streets of Germany nowadays! Well... I don't know. It's only my opinion about that.

9544: I would be vera extra fucking careful about their "proletariat" fucking bullshit. Countries with such a radical approch should be removed from societies of other civilised countries! All they are doing since Lenin & Stalin is just creating the background for existence their Russian Fucking Mafia in Europe! It's wrong!

9545: I am voting for removing all Russia from Europe, including Ukrainian imigrants! Don't you see that this all Ukrainian War is only part of Russian Mafia movments! Let them kill eachother peacfully and keep them away from civilised world... I mean Europe!

9546: I would slso removed all Russians from Poland! 😂🤣🎯🤪 But it's rather impossible! Because in Poland everybody are still waiting for results of investigation about plane catastrophy in Smoleńsk! Poland is one big Russian joke! It's look like nothing can change it! 🤣😂🎯

9550: I saw just moment ago two young Russian boys (ir Ukrainian) playng shooter games on their phones eating McDonald. Well... What do you think about that. This Russian language is burning my ears and probably not only my ears!

Expect official expansion of Russian culture all around the world. It's no matter that Russia is already such a big. Soon Ukraina will win the war with Russia, and all Europe (paradoxaly) will turn into Russia.

Don't forget that those Ukrainian emigrants are kids of prominent soviets agents, who turn themself into Ukrainians, before Putin attacked Ukraine. And now they got Visas & money! And everybody needs to help them because they are victims! It's mess! 😂🤣

I think EU should close the border between Soviet Union & Poland. The fact that Ukraine is in European Union is a joke!

EU adoped "bad cuckoo egg"! 😂🤣

9551: Whatever! Fuck it! 🤪
Mon 13:50 11 April

4530: Don't Go Sweden! 🏴‍☠️🇸🇪

9508: I am journalist. I thinking I can write something about Sweden. It's bad country. How & why I will try to explain you in this article. It's a long process. And it's more complicated than depths of hell. First factor is raw climate without a sun that makes you sad and obligates you to go stay home. This is what makes all Scandinavia the same in some way. After I left Sweden and went to Germany I felt like relief. It looks like all people in Sweden are suffering and for them being Seedish is one big problem and penalty. And it's like that.

9509: Good God made Sweden, country for bad people who needs to be removed from normal societies. Sweden become prison for them and it's hell.

9510: Those nazis responsible for WW2 are from Sweden. They are crazy about controlling other people and have this feeling inside of their mind that they are the best and that they are controlling their little world. So the God created a little "zoo" for them, and it's called Sweden. Elite and prestigious "shit place" to storage all those motherfuckers from all over the world who are "bad" and they have to "run away" from their own country!

9511: The problem is that those roots of evil if those motherfuckers there are quite deep. I would call Sweden "bad Germany". They are carrying worst shit from WW2 and they love to control other poor & stupid societies like Poland & Ukraine. Oh this is perfect example.

9512: The good German guy is going to Sweeden to make a shit. And to countries Such like Poland or Ukraine, he just not going at all, because those countries ale ruled by Swedish mobsters who are like desees and virus and loves to corrupted masses of people. Look how Nazi became "Poland" and Ukraine? Look at this all bullshit like Covid & now War at Ukraine. All this shit was cooked in Sweden.

9513: Main concept. The main idea is to create little "mobster elite" in those nazi countries who are "fucking" all other people, and creating organisation to do it and it'd their main reason to exist and it's above all. It's a matter of life and being healthy or not. They are destroying all societies.

9514: The main centers of their existence are prisons hospitals and governments and of course military and police and every single fabric or group of people more than two persons. You see. This motherfucking evil is just everywhere. To avoid it you have to be extra careful.

9515: The name of last German city if you are going to Denmark is Put Garden. It means garden what is putted away from all the man good rest. And the name of last city, when your going to Sweden from Danmark is Copenhagen, and it means the capital of ass kicking of Swedisish motherfucker. So... If you are living in Seweden you have to realise that it's a part of bigger process of turning you entire fucking life on horror by any means possible. It looks like that. In TV there's a fun... bullshit all the time and you are breathing toxic gases all the time. If not you are elite of Sweden responsible of making fucking horror on entire planet, so... I want you to be extra careful when you are thinking about such a societies like Sweden, Poland & Ukraine, because it's European reactivation of nazism on entire planet and it's bad. The problem is that those processes are supporting strongly by government of USA, but for those "businessman" the money is priority and let's hope it will stay this way. But unfortunately evil is global, so as I told you in Europe you have to be very careful for all agents of evil.

9516: Sweden is capital of all those evil motherfuckers. If you are evil then for sure you will go to Sweden and you'll stay there because Sweden will become your little prison and your ass will be fucked there strongly. They will poison your food & they will poison your air. If you only can avoid this shit, then Sweden is the best country for you. But only if you live in campercar. Summer season there is very short and in wintertime you have to have snow scooter. Those are rules of life in Sweden. If you don't want to face this all shit I strongly advice you to stay in some other parts of the world, where climate is better. Anyway you will meet bunch of motheruckers, so be careful.

9517: All those information are very important. No citizen wants to live in country such a totally strongly fucked by this "small group" of people but look how the situation looks like! Sweden, Poland & Ukraine is the same. Ukraine is just new & fresh country! It's just using toxic gases against your own people in your own country. It's bad. If it's fucking bad it was probably made in Sweden, so where you want to hide from this processes of corrupting of governments in entire planet? Where do you want to go? This is the question I am asking myself all the time.

9518: But actually it's like that since long, long time already. Poland. Maybe 30 years ago it was still nice country. But then all this evil shit came and it's deprived all societies. First "royalty" then roots of structures of any group exist. It's very fucking sad but this is how all those fucking societies rolled. Rolled by evil cold queen. Blinded by her. Thinking that it's sexy. To taking away life from people by making en sick. This is man reason of existence such a countries like Sweden, Poland... then Ukraine, and then entire world if people won't start fighting with this process!

9519: Humanity is the tree! You can't destroy all tree and still believe that you will be flower blooming 🌸 on this tree! And this is the problem with you and with them.

9520: They are fucking their asses in webcams and that is artificial source of their power. And this keeps them continuing doing their bad and horrible things to all humanking. They just don't thinking straight!

9521: And don't forget that military people on top of power will do anything for profits. People in fabric producing poison and then they are selling it all around the world. And probably those factories of deadly substances was on Ukrainian teoritiry. I think Russian intel should inform people more about with what they are fighting in real. But maybe they even don't know! They we're just bribed. 🧐🤔

9522: You know. In Poland since long time asking people for money in TV was typical. Actually in the UK and all across the world too! Like in some little town in north of Soain I saw "little one man local campaign" for a "food for Arfica". Looked so fucking fake! And in Poland people were showing some badly handicaped kids and they were asking for million for some "fake operations". Just for them to become richer. And look what happened now!

9523: In Warsow, some "little not even so fake company of polish neo-nazis" collected already 10 billions of dollars for helping Ukrainian people. 😸 Do you know how much is bilion? I will show you:$

9524: There are 2,000,000 refugees. Let's do the math! It's 5000 USD per person. Good luck with distributing those monet among them!

9525: Most of them they will leave Poland and those who will stay gets banana and clean blanket. And of course... covid mask! This is most important when you're performing "special operation". 😂🤣

9526: In my personal opinion I think that everything is fake. And I am fucking right about that. Governments, law, all those stupid brainless actions. It's all bullshit. Economy and mathematic is one and only real thing. Still in this fake & digital, recent world. Unfortun-fuc...-ately!

9527: Conclusion! Well... those people wouldn't get their money without pretending this war!

So soon we should expected fucking frenchise all around the world, am I right?

How to prevent of process of creating fake (and real) wars, for profits? 🧐🤔

How to stop peopoe from poisioning the world?

How to ban Sweden & Russia (including Ukraine) from EU? 😂🤣👎🇸🇪🍀

And finaley... what to do for Adam Małysz to jump again in next winter Ski Jumping Competition?!

- Człowieku nie z tym brzuchem!

To bułka z bananem i znowu będziesz wróbelkiem!

- Człowieku, za dużo piję! Teraz to bym na nartach w ogóle nawet nie ustał, a co dopiero skoczyć!

Ja pierdole! 🤣😂 Małysz, ogarnij się! Jesteś największym polskim bohaterem, po serialu "Czterej Pancerni i Owczarek Niemiecki" 🤣😂 Dzieci na Ciebie liczą.

- To Kamil skacze!

To nie to samo! Czekamy aż znowu skoczysz z flagą! Powinieneś co tydzień w niedziele skakać z flagą w Zakopcu!

- Co jeszcze z flagą? To już napewno się wywalę.

No to się wywalisz, wstaniesz i oczepiesz!

- Ale w lecie nie ma śniegu.

No to na igielicie! 👍🇵🇱

9528: Oh! I forgot about something!

9529: And the most important! Don't let Sweden & Finland joining NATO, because they will corruped it more from the inside!

Anyway, why they aren't already in NATO?

9530: 🤣😂

9531: Joke of a day: If Ukraine joins NATO then Sweden will try too! Look! They got same colors! 🤫😂🤣🤪

9552: And this German catastrophical movie is real good one! Tells about "blind passion" and lack of responibility of "other elements" of the whole "game of puzzle". This all is happening now in Sweden! Is whenever was different since bad ancient's times of Neron? This evil game between poeple for domination, sex (women) and power.
Mon 11:14 11 April

4529: Mahiong Story

9507: Level 333! 😃👍🍀🎯
Sun 9:35 10 April

4528: Will told you something!

9504: And it has nothing to do with his wife.

9505: Don't fuck with "boldness", you fuck! 🤣😂

9506: All deeds was remembered! 🤫
Sun 9:27 10 April

4527: Czas opuścić Szwecje!

9502: Jesteście przykrymi durniami i nie potraficie się zachować!

9503: Szwecja? Szkoda czasu na to zadupie! No chyba, że masz co kampera ze skuterem śnieżnym.
Sat 21:59 9 April

4526: This is what I wrote yesterday! 🤪🧙

9453: Swedish people are evil. Not all, of course! Only swedish "Gods" I mean "big" and important people. There's only few of them. It's easy to find them. In every village is just one shop with food! 😂🤪😂 Anyway! Not all! Maybe only monks from monasteries? 🧐🤔

9454: Sometimes, they are using chemicals to poision every inch of their land. (Even in trains or buses!) To "take health" from their own people & and they are also inviting tourists from all around the world. (They are coming anyway!)

9455: Sometimes, they are using chemicals to poision every inch of their land. (Even in trains or buses!) To "take health" from their own people & and they are also inviting tourists from all around the world. (They are coming anyway!)

9456: Sweden got the same colors as Ukraine. They built chemicals factories in Ukraine (using USA) to produce poision chemicals, and they started distributing this "patent" to "killing" (poisioning) your own people. It was called Covid.

9457: All world learned how to lie. I mean journalists! And now all world is supporting neo-nazis from Ukraine.

9458: But world is not stupid. In the end and the good should win again. I will tell you only one thing. Don't ever come to Sweden. This country belongs to fucking mobsters. If you don't want to be poision just don't go there. It's a network of little "shit holes" cities, working smoothly under one juristiction of mob or Adolf Hitler. 🤣😂 They did same shit in Poland and they did the same shit in Ukraine.

9459: (Don't worry if I'm wrong! There is huge chance that I am maybe wrong! I don't know!) 🧙🤪

9460: Russia came to kick ass of those neo-nazis, and this stupid, President of neo-nazis Zeleński, is bad comedian, is doing all he can... I don't even know for what.. To convince that Russia is bad and not Ukrainian neo-nazis! 😂🤣🤪

9461: He should surrender to Putin. / Oh! But I forget about one little aspect! Now I remember! - Money!

9462: He is dictator and all world is supporting him, because he is just helping earning the money on sending to Ukraine, "invisible weapon". It's one big comedy!

9463: But. Poisoning the world is fucking evil wrong job to do. It's happening in Spain. It's looks like local Nazi party have nothing to do but just to be pain in the ass of all other people. It's just wrong. I advise them just to commite gruppen suacide! 🤣😂🤪

9464: Another story. Ukrainian names of villages are chosen very carefuly. "Bucha" in polish language means literally: "Give me the puff of some shit" like weed, marihuana and so on.

9465: Donbas means Don-Bass. Check what "don" means in italian language.

9466: Don-'t forget that the most prominent polititians are heavy drug abuser. For example the president of USA or prime minister of Poland. Don't talking about president of Ukraine. He is heavy weed smoker! It's clear to see from the look of his face.

9467: Think. What could be the biggest interest of drugs abuser. Only more power and more money. It's typical.

9468: But I will tell you more secrets. Everybody have this all bullshit "in their dicks", (It's typical polish idiom: "w chuju to mam") and it's the best conclusion for everything. Polititans will always lie to us. Journalists are only the tool of governmental lies, and the money and power, is the one and only prioryty for them. So again... trust me, there is no fucking war! It's just bunch of actors creating screeming bloody scenarios. Everything is blured because it's fucking fake, but... nevermind because who cares! 🤣😂🎯

9469: President Putin just doing some photos with flock of birds. It's just Ukrainians neo-nazis spreading like virus all over the world. 🤣😂🤪 Come on! I an just kidding! They aren't so bad! 🤔😉

9470: Those governmental people are only paying money for themselves. They just need to have another whatever reason.

9471: (And this is the source of fucking problem! LOGIC! Because all economy and all those subtels and beautiful "old school" mechanisms can be easily destroyed using phisical force! They should just print money for themself and leave all world in peace! But it's not like that and now you ser how Ukrainian neo-nazis are doing carere all over the world. And Russia is helping. Of course... money!)

9472: All the rest it's just bullshit for journalists who loves to talk. They will be talking in circle anyway!

9473: So now will be some words to local little neo-nazi devil 😉: "Fuck off from me motherfucker and take your stupid ugly bitches with you. You are peace of shit to me. Look deep in your own eyes. You know whats inside? The fact that you are noone and nobody. Whatever you do and whatever you think you are. Listen to me catefully. You are destroying all world! But nevermind! I wish you every day like this: "fuck you and suck my fucking dick! Ha! I know that you wish it because you are motherfucking fagots, but no way dude! Just look in your stupid face. Ok. Fuck off from me and don't you ever follow me you fuck! And fuck away from my head!" 🤣😂👍🍀 (That was for good luck!) 🌷🍀🎯🧙

9474: - To who are you talking to Prada?

9475: Only to those who are poisioning people!

9476: I think I will write some fictional book. I think there have to be some new serial killer here. Of course it won't be me. Maybe somebody from police! First he have to kill his father then all others bunch of idiots! Fuck! There's lot of them. 😂🤣 If I would write a book that would be exactly about it. Here is plot.

9477: Action: Åre in Sweden. One police guy is saying "no" to all local mobsters. They just starting to disappear. One by one in strange and mysterious curcumstances. 🤣😂 Here is future number one selling bullshit in Sweden. Just someone have to write it all. Good luck. Want some consultation? 🤣😂 I would hit entire families with neibours if it will be necessary. Well... fighting with evil could be real beautiful art job. The question is simple. Who is responsible for poisoning all town? I mean ALL town! And it's not the problem only in Åre. It's a problem of all Sweden!

9478: Prada. Noone will approve this book! 😂🤣🤪

9479: So... army of cereal killers from Africa & South America will come here and with the tight cooperation with local police will clean this motherfucking mess. And those motherfuckers will write their own books but... we have to know that we have OUR people in managment of local police. If the anwser is "yes", please move the flower on the window sill from left to right 😉 and tell Greta Thunberg to wear pink and tell Greta Thunberg to wear only pink panties and caps, all year round on every possible strike on Friday. 🤣😂🍀👍

9480: That's the best joke of today! Straight from Prada! But I hope that your yes it's no joke at all! You can always write letter to... I don't know... maybe pope from Vatican. That you are ready to cooperate. 🤣😂👍🍀 - Man. Forget! It's impossible! This sociery here is too old and only hitch-hikers like you, are suffering.

9481: - What? Are you kidding me? It's poision everywhere. This mountain village needs to be clean from all "bad people" and I mean it! 😂🤣😂🤣😂👍🍀

9482: - Good luck with that Prada! I think they will rather buy Gucci. Your promotional campain is just wrong!

9483: - Fuck! 🤬🎯 (Kurwa jebal pies te wszystkie jebane kurwy za to odpowiedzialne! Noz ja pierdole! Chcialem sie tu po prostu wspinac, a nie mam gdzie mieszkac!) - Wez kurwa pogadaj z kims? - No kurwa z Anatolem Nataniachu albo Kofi Ananenem! 😂🤣👍 Wyjebane mam na tych pedalow. Zawijam cyce do cieplych krajow! Jade do Arabia Saudi i przekonam mudzachedinow, zeby rozjebali atomowkami cala Skandynawie! 😂🤣👍

9484: - O kurwa! Swietny pomysl! 😉🃏🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣😂🤣😂🤣

9485: - No genialny! Local mob of taxi drivers are holding all this country and preventing them from more imigrants from Ukraine. They are hurting little kids and covering their own asses! Ask Svensks Kyrkan! They know everything about it! 😂🤣👍🎯 (W punkt kurwa!)

9486: Jedna osrana gora w całej Szwecji! Za dużo zarządzających do jednego małego tematu. 🤣😂 Każdy chce być ważny to trzeba coś zarządzić. No to leją chemię jakąś w kwietniki, a potem kwiatki więdną i dzieci to wdychają. Wszystko po to, żeby się nie wydało, że kasjerki z ICA na dworcu, znowu dzisiaj kręcą pornosa. 🤪😂🤣♥️

9487: A teraz próbuje sie przespac a te taksowkarskie pedaly jezdza w kolko mnie. Pierdole ta wies jebana! Wypierdalam jutro stad! O nawet jakis pedalek przylazł z telefonem komorkiwym i samemu sobie napierdala po gęsiemu. Poszedł jebany. 🤣😂👍🤪🎯 Alright!

9488: So we're waiting for pink Grera's caps, and then the special password to use on police station is: "pink Greta's cap". You need to report a crime on police station. Then some guy is coming to you and you going together to special room to talk. Then you're using your password, but be careful! They can play with you or fuck with you. - But what if not? - They should provide you all neccesary informations for your own personal little investigation. All help and all assistance. And they can even give you a lift or hotel if you need. Weapon even. But it's not my game! I am too coward for that. I prefere to continue my adventure but if you have sone bad shit here, you have to start shitting your pants because inside your little funny organisation, there is someone watching you carfully, and ready to fix this shit with all possible blessings! 🙏😂🤣♥️ I'm just a fucking messanger. 😇🤫😃

9489: Beware motherfuckers! Because global warming is comming and Greta Thunberg with friends, will haunt your dreams! 🤣😂 And all Sweden... and the rest of the world, will be free again! 🤫👍🍀🙏

9490: I am sending this pray to Vatican to real pope! Not some Swedish fake one! You know! Sweden is so fake that boys pretending girls! They are saying that it's "magic"! 😂🤣😂🤣🧙🤪

9491: Okay! I am just kidding you stupido. You don't have to shit your pants! You can go toilet! 😉😂🤣😂🤣🤪🎯🍀🙏🇩🇪 I love good German guys! Cheers! If Greta won't fix it then who will do it? Me? For sure not! 🧙🌷🍀

9492: And you know... do you like my books? It's little suspens, little action, little drama, little love, little comedy... Will you keep reading if I will write something tommorow? - Just send me money on my revolut and I will be super happy! My phone you can find on Twitter: @PradaFun Even "1€" will be enought! And remember! "UFO" is on our side!

9493: When I am in "danger zone" I am transmiting "shit & bullshit". When I am in "safe zone" I can focus on love and better things! Eh. Life is hard when you are searching place to lay yourself down in your sleepingbag! I think that world should be more easy and simple for people like me. "Hitch-hikers", you know. Free & save!

9494: Nie bo kurwa wszystkich trafi chuj, ze nie sa autostopowiczami. Poza tym Ci wszyscy frajerzy powinni placic i wypierdalac, a nie slizgac sie po bandzie tego swiata jak lasica jakas pierdolona a'la Prada. - Fakt. Byc moze! Co ja bym zrobil bez swojej ukochanej matki? Mam nadzieje, ze jakies pozytywne płenty wyciagniecie wszyscy z moich podupconych opowiesci dziwnej tresci. - No jakie?

9495: Nie zatruwajcie swiata i przygotujcie bezpieczne i wygodne, kapsuly sypialne dla autostopowiczow i ludzi ktorzy chca uprawiac sex w miejscach publicznych. "Sleep Booth" & "Love Booth"!

9496: Ja pierdole, w Szwecji? Przeciez Ci Szwedzi ochujeja kurwa normalnie a potem ich popierdoli z wrazenia.

9497: Kurwa zrobcie pedaly promocje dla singli bez kasy, ze ich kurwa zapraszacie wszystkich do Åre. Tylko im sie potem nie narzucajcie za bardzo!

- Prada. Pisz program!

No kurwa jasne! Sluchaj. Jesli masz lozko wolne to dolacz do akcji "Sex Booth" i zacznij udostepniac je na sex za darmo! - No tak! I kurwa co jeszcze do tego! Jeszcze darmowa pizza Dr. Edka Ra z mikrofalówki. Pasi?

9498: Nie to wypierdalaj liczyc zoledzie w parku. I wez dofinansowanie nato z NATO! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙏🍀💐🤪🇩🇪

9499: Najpierw to musza zrobic Niemcy na Uniwersytecie Dr. Niechce 😂🤣 bo Szwedzi, jesli cos nie jest Volvo to tego nie kupją. 🤪🧐😉🌷🧙

9500: O! Albo przerabiajcie stare auta ma mini kapsuly kosmiczne do spania i ruchania! 😃👍

9501: Ma tak byc i kurwa koniec! ♥️😃🤫🙂🇨🇭🧙🌼🙏
Sat 20:51 9 April

4525: Musk will make "Space Porn" 🤪🎯

9450: Space-X & Prada 😉🤪 is doing super casting on Earth & Twitter 🤣😂🤣😂🎯👍🍀 LoL

9451: Why sience can't be fun? "We" will count movement of spermatozoid in space. It turned out that spermatozoid are very mobile in space and are able to travel further than "on the ground"! 😂🤣

Oh crap! Now it's time to invent space condoms. 😂🤣 "Only space condoms give you cosmic protection on earth!" 🤪🎯

No man! It's only Space-X propaganda! 🤪 Those informations are fake. It's only simple stupid rumors!

9452: Casting on Twitter is pernanent since Twitter exist.
Sat 19:54 9 April

4524: Traveling is a Gift

9443: I like it! I also like fun places but I hate morons! How to recognise moron? It's simple! You will feel it immediately. In your bones! Best way is to fucking shoot them! 🤣😂 But I am NOT threatening to anyone! Don't you dare to get me wrong! Whatever you motherfucker! Look at the mirror. Maybe you're moron. I am sure you won't get it! Just like nobody & me too! 🤣😂

I am not fucking moron! 👍🃏💐🤣😂

9444: Bigger mountains winning! Fucking simple! More cosmopolitan people too! I'll be honest. Sweden is fucking shit hole with huge aspirations to be the best country in the world. But just ask yourself whos puppet was Adolf? 🤣😂🤪 So... I am fucking away from here. It's too fucked up, tight ass here!

9445: Oh no! It's just friday! Now I get it! 🤣😂🤣😂

9446: .Hot sausage, raw eggs, some muesli and I am ready to fly. But this fucking whore who didn't let me just clean my shoes. Fuck her! It's long story what I would do to this stupid bitch. Maybe she will even get orgasm today from looking on the fucking tree through her fucking same old window. Only way for her to get excited jyst a little bit. Ugly little gnome. 🤣😂 Now we know why swedish little trolls are so nice for turists. You know why. Because they don't have to! 🤪👎 Cezar's verdict this time: 👎🙏🍀 Olaf can handle this his way. Prada! You will be tester. 😂🤣

9447: Ok! Only thumbs down here on my blog!

9448: Here in this fucking sweden you can't even trust the weather forcast. 😂🤣👎🤔 Those motherfuckers here are just lying to us!

9449: 😂🤣👎
Fri 14:19 8 April

4523: Swedish Hospitality 😂🤣

9413: It's a fucking joke! 😂🤣

9414: 👍🤪 They can't do nothing because they have to ask Hitler and he died long time ago! 🤣😂 And that's way no bitch is asking for blowing my dick! 🤣😂

9415: That's right man. We're living in tought times. Nowaydays women can show you ass and it's the top of their scale. 😂🤣

9416: Yeah! But poisioning people is wrong and I will be always reapeting this to all those little swedish imigrant mobsters! 👍

9417: In sweden people rather stab you or shoot you at the front of their kids then invite you to your home/house. That's very true! 🇸🇪

9418: When Covid came... OMG! What a release came to sweden minds. What a great excuse! Actually Covid was invented in Sweden only for purpose of excuses.

9419: - Prada. Come on! Do you want to be invited somewhere?

9420: 😂🤣🤣 LoL! No, no! I only have to dry my soxes! And I don't like to be poisioning but... poisoning people is one and only thing they are doing in sweden! It's just local thing! Actually it's one and only thing on Sweden. 👎

9421: - Maybe you want some job, man? 👍🤪

9422: Oh, hell! I can't imagine person trying to convince me to have a job in sweden. But don't worry. In some other places too! There is no such long blowjo... to do! Oh that would be longest blowjo... in human history! 🤣😂 What a stupid and naive morron you have to be to "have a job". Oh! And I can visualise Mr. Boss. Some fuc... fagot. hiding in bushes or just around the corner. 🤣😂 Fuc... male bitch! No. Probably I wouldn't be good emploee. 🤪😂

9423: - Yeah! If you're boss then you hate all others bosses.

9424: Not if you're fagot! I think.

9425: - So you're not fagot?

9426: No! For sure not! 🙂

9427: - So what's the conclusion man?

9428: Ukrainian emigrants are extreemly welcome in Sweden! 😂🤣👍

9429: Come on! You have the same colors! 🇺🇦 🇸🇪 I mean exactly the same colors! Wow!

9430: Another jock: People in Sweden are so proud that everybody are thinking that they are living in Swedish Parliament. 🤪🤣😂👍

9431: Swedish language was made too difficult for the people to communicate. (No. It's just me not speaking swedish!) 🤣😂

9432: Why imigrants in sweden loves to stay home so much? Oh... I got some anwsers! 🤣😂

9433: Because they don't speak swedish. Just few words. Because it's covid! And most important: because there's nowhere to go! 🤪😂 (Same as everywhere!)

9434: "Swedish sense of humor is based on killing people."

9435: Oh, that was heavy! 😂🤣

9436: I think I knew a lot about norvegian people! But I forgot! I think I have to go there and check it again. Well... I have only good expirence from Norway. Are there some mountains to there? - No! 🤪😂🤣

9437: I saw some movie some years ago about sweden. Girls are talking with trees while they are running in forest. And when one guy hang himself in his apartment, only 6 months later it was discovered. 😂🤣 Nevermind how! 😂🤣 That's it! Welcome Sweden! 😉🤪🇸🇪👍

9438: (Don't listen to me! I am only jocking!) 😉♥️💐

9439: And the best jock last: How much money Sweden already sent to Ukraine? Numbers! I need numbers! ...on compare to how much money swedish government assing for Greta Thunberg for her fighting action with global warming and "forsilly" fuel? 🤣😂👍💐 Numbers I need numbers! 🃏 And names! And program aims.

9441: I was trying to pay for washing my shoes in Are! The gnome women told me that this would be too much pressure on washing machine! I tried to tell her that usually sometimes in home, just throwing shoes to the laundry machine. She said to me, yes in home yes, but not here.

Then I told her that I am planing to go by train, it's a public place, and y shoes smelling a little bit, and she (he) said, that it's my problem. Then I went to tourist information center and I asked how I can wash my shoes here in Are, and the women said that she has no idea! LoL!

Fuck morons! Laundry 150sek. I told her that I will pay her even 200sek. But it's not about money. It's about to being stupid motherfucker for tourist guest like me! LoL!

9442: I won't even tell you the name of this shit hole! But there is only one place where you can try to wash your things in Are/Sweden. LoL!
Thu 23:04 7 April

4522: Will Countries Will Risk Anger of Putin?

9390: Will they risk to be blown away by russian atomic weapon? Probably yrs, all those little countries are fearless and it's only about money! 😂🤣🖖🤪

9391: When we're all start investing real money into exploration of cosmic space! It's more realistic and... we have to find "Planet B", ask Greta Thunberg!

9392: Greta! Start posting mails to BBC & CNN that war in Ukraine will change climat and you need certain amouts of money to fight with global warming! And to Roman Abramovic! We have to reascue sea animals first! Then we have to save all aliens in entire universe! ♥️🌞🌼🎯

9393: Another stupid question. So I understand that Ukraine doesn't want to have help of solidares to fight Russians? Yes? They need only weapon! Actually they can buy this weapon from... Arans directly! So just send them money! 🤣😂

9394: Send all money in the world to president of Ukraine and he will know what to do with it! 😉👍

9395: Yes we will! But don't forget about "out" provision! Ok! 100%! 🤪🎯

9396: And that was joke of a day! 😂🤣👍🎯

9397: If Arabs start paying for Ukrainian wars I think guys you can start thinking even about 450% of your provision for helping Ukraine! 👍🤣😂🎯

9398: Everybody want's to part of this cookie! Me too! 🤣😂

9399: And don't forget that we're talking about invisible weapon! 🤣😂

9400: Remember people! Ukrainian solidares and rebeliants are wearing only very expensive Prada boots! And you know why they don't want any soliders from west? 🤣😂🤪👍🎯 Because there is already 300 milions of Ukrainian solidares. And WE need to feed them! That's the Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"! 😂🤣🤪👍🎯

9401: Book tickets to Ukraine while you still can! How much for a trip?

9402: Man! Now it's more expensive than with Space-X into stars for 2035 🤣😂👍🎯 LoL

9403: Look! Space-X is offering trips to Ukraine in special earth-cosmic capsules who will be shut from American submarine... and so, on and on and on... 😂🤣

9404: Musk! Please! Send me 1M$ 😂🤣🎯

9405: I think Zelenski love my jokes! He is comedian! 😂🤣 Don't forget! 😉

9406: And look! Sorry! If I hurted somebodies feelings! I just don't trust journalists in general! That's my main rule! And from sound of their voice I am recognising that... all those sad facts are fake! 😂🤣

9407: Remember. It's only purpose for draining money from government. If everybody understand that, than my mission is over! I gave nothing against it! Med people had their fucking Covid, journalists learned how to lie, and now it's time for military people!

9408: Don't forget about exploration of cosmos! So fucking fake pumped that you wouldn't believe! 😂🤣 Look! Watch Armagedon movie one more time! It's real! All countries on this planet need to be united! It will cost hundreds of bilions of bitcoins! 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🤪🌼🤪🌼🤪🤪🌼🤪🤪🌼🤪👍🎯😉🤣😂😉🎯👍🤪🌼♥️🌞🌼👍🎯😉😂🤣🤣😉🌞🌞🌞🖖🦊

9409: This is just brilliant! 🎯👍

9410: BBC podcast! [Link]

9411: CNN podcast! [Link] They are doing fucking jokes from that bullshit! But Ukrainian Neo-nazis are playing strong! 😂🤣👍😉

My favourite question asked: "You are human rights attorney and you are calling for weapon, fighter jets, tanks, air defence systems, that's unusual combination, to be talking about human rights but also talking about weapon systems, talk to me about that balance!" 👍

And then she starts (playing almost Greta Thunberg) talking about... Check it for yourself! 🌼

Something like... I don't have expirence, I am layer, we need to fight for the human rights with tanks! 🤣😂🤪👍 (Oscar!)

9412: I don't know! Or maybe I am (they are) wrong! I am just listening to the radio (podcast) and reapeting what I heard, what I feel and so on... I hope you have your own brain to think about this all.

9440: This "Kuleba" guy is from Poland! He have simple typical polish face! And name! 👍
Thu 13:43 7 April

4521: Letter to Annette! 🦊♥️🇩🇪

9388: 🙂👍🧙🌞😉🌷 Frau Annette. Mine liebe. Let's base our love on sexual happyness. I love you with all my heart. And everyday I will be sending to you one erotic movie and in our craziest & wildest dreams let's pretend in our imagination that we are together making love. I will be your man and you will be preatiest and most sexy woman on this planet and your foxy hairs and high heeld are burning my imaginations and my sweetest desire of love growing strong. For you. For me. For us! I love you since the moment I've met you. Thank you that you share your heart with me Frau Annette. ♥️🌞💐🇩🇪

Oh Annette! You are so... so so so so... muse to me. This time I won't be lazy. I will be working in your garden like black negro slave for you. You can call me Benjamin. I can even start digging bunker under your house in case atomic holocaust. We can also try "the end of the world sex" and so on... I hope that you have big imagination. But! Before I come you have to send me invitation. And if you want me to not thinking & dreaming about you and writing to you, please inform me about this.

We can also write some agreement beteen eachother like "50 shades of Grey". It's something exciting and inspiring.

♥️🎯👍🍀 I love you my dearest wife! My heart. Cheer me up! ♥️🙂🧙🌞

Next day: Today (2022-04-07)

I am waking up. And I am up. I am stiff as stone and I got only you in my mind. In all posible variations. It's useless to make love again. All we can do is "dress for succes" and get busy with normal life. I will be your slave in the garden, writer or lover. I can clean dust in your basment. I can compose or paint. I will be your beloved Mozart, but first, i have to reach you. My foxy love.

All I can think is our body connected with hugs! All I can think is you holding still my stiff penis and my laying my head onto you chest being happiest person on planet! With you. I am yours and you are mine.

Oh, you boyfriend will be jalous just like I would be, but it is love. This is how it goes. Put him away for a while.

I am just a sailor. I am temprary person. Just give me what I want! Just give me what I need and I will go. But I will come back. Or I will stay with you if you want. If you need me too!

Two boyfriends! Two husbands!

You can have is both. You don't have to mix us! I can be your "day" boyfriend and he can be you "night" boyfriend. But we can change our shifts. Or... I don't know Frau Annette but I am so happy when I am sending you all my love. And you giving me this sweetest hope. That my dear lonelyness will end inside you loving arms.

This is responsibility for being human. If someone is knocking your door open, because it's good God's comming for snacks. And this "love snack" is you.

Come on! We can watch some porn together or play some games together. Anything you like. Anything you love. Anything you want.

I know you love me and that you want to watch TV with me. Be sick with me. Eat with me. Sleep with me. Have a shower with me. Shave my ass with me. Go shoping with me. Invite your friends to come and see us! How happy we are together.

Okay my love! I will call you Annette because you are Annette. If you want me stop writing about you just send me an email. I will keep dreaming about you. If you want to invite me just invite me.

You are the one I love. We are forest foxes. Together. 🦊♥️🦊

9389: So nice & sweet! Isn't it? 🌷🧙🎯♥️🖖🙏🌈
Thu 13:19 7 April

4520: Mountains Forever

9385: You are looking but you cannot find! It's that simple! You just need to get high into the clouds. I mean there is always some mountain to climb, yes? Finally I found it. And I found someone very special, and I felt in love! 👍🍀🌼♥️💐

9386: Baby! She's already taken! 🤣😂

9387: Yes I know! But it's just love... and this mountain. 🤣♥️💐🎯
Wed 15:48 6 April

4519: BBC Anti Disinformation Unit

9356: by Key Devilin

9357: from BBC Monitoring

9358: "Verifing Material is very creative process..."

9359: [Podcast] 🎯🎧

9360: (Musk bought 9,2% of Twiter to protect freedom of speech.)

9361: (Twitter is using porn stars like Sasha Grey to provoke you, then you are only jocking to "them", then they blocking your account for a week. There is now way to argue with them. They are announcing you that your "case is close" or that "your ticket is close". This is ass fuc... of Twitter users. This is "trick". How to fix it? - You know... some "fake reports shit" or abusing priviliges of "blindly stupid" blocking accounts. I don't know... by "Twitter Stupid Robots (Program)"? This is how Twitter A.I. looks like?)

9362: (Yeah we're also using carfully writen program to "fuc... you". It's a typical approach to using something which is called "A.I." and if fact it's only stupid brainless software algorithms.)

9363: "From the balance of probability is very likely..."

9364: "Pattern to prove intent..."

9365: Barbara from New Castle said: "The evidence is absolutely undeniably..."

9366: Key Devilin said: "...so I suppose the longer it goes on, we will see pattern emerge, and then we'll be able to say that as result of all this patterns happening, it seems very, very likely... but then... you know... it's tricky to say that things definitely happened."

(BBC started getting tired of fuckng peopoe with their fake news shit from & about Ukraine. Actually they just realised that someone is fucking their asses this way to much.

- Oh come on! It's our job! 🤣😂👍🍀🌞)

9367: - Did you saw a lot of horror like, not false photos, as a proof of some horrible things really happened?

Me? Not! But they don't want to show this horrible photos to a public!

- Maybe those photos doesn't even exist because nothing is happening? But for shure there is group of people working theor asses off for us to belive in this war!


- Zeleński, Neo-Nazis (if they exist), Porn Stars & Journalists because they always wants to have some hot material and Covid taught tyem to repeat "fake news" bullshit on and and on. And ofcourse... people who are earning a tones of money on it!


Look Dorothy. We're not in Kansas anymore! 😂🤣 It's just speculations! But in point 🎯: Governents of all countries who are sending "invisible weapon" to Ukraine to fight Russians!

Meanwhile kids in primary schools in Finland are having a special classes with psychologist who are helping them to adapt the new "war" situation. 🧐🤔 They are hoping that Finland join NATO ASAP and in case that Putin will attack Finland, NATO will come and help Finland to kick Russians asses for good! 🎯♥️🍀🌞👍💐🧙🖖

9368: Let's pray for this horrible war to end up soon! I mean... now when we all 😂🤣 know that this war is fake, so let's pray that it will last forever, because then all military guys, who are very nice & friendly, all around the world, will be fucking rich!

9369: And now conclusion. I think Russia will stop denying all those "fake news" about their horrible terror activities, when it's start reciving some share. But it will rather never happen, because how? Under table? To who? Roman? 🤣😂🖖

9370: Roman was already at Kremlin and he was trying to pass the tissue to Putin! But he was poisioned & kicked out! Putin! What a honorable man and the lider of his nation! They are doing military operation but they won't take any damn bribes! It's just military operation and everybody "fuck off"! It's not your business! Stay away from Ukraine! Even Biden! It's not your business there! Turn on the news! The risk to big to go there!

9371: But what with mission of peace & love from Poland suggested by Andrew Duda? That was marvelous idea!

- Oh fuck! No! Fucking ZHP boy scouts! (😂🤣🖖🍀♥️) They are really think that they'll be rescuing Ukraine! We can't let them in! 🤣😂 Prada. Will you shut up? 🤣😂🖖🌞👍

9372: Wanna send me share? 😂🤣🖖🌞👍

9373: - No!

9374: Come on! Guys! Send me share! 😭🙏💐 And I won't tell anything to nobody! Even guys from BBC.

9375: - Don't worry! They know! 😉

9376: It's not my business! But stop poisoning me! 🇸🇪

9377: - Invest in FC Chelsea! 😂🤣 Abramovic is the one last Russian guy without any sanctions!

9378: I hate fucking football! 🤬

9379: Oh, and now Arabs are coming to Warsaw to talk with Ukrainians. That'll be something! 🧐🤔💐🖖🍀♥️

9380: (Fictional dialog) 🤣😂

9381: - Hi! We're Arabs! What the fuck is happening here?! You have 2 week, no, one week, no, two days to close this circus or we'll entering for real! (Ahmad Abu al-Ghajt)

Ukrainian forginer ministry: Wanna bribe? 😉

- FUCK YOUR BRIBE DUDE! Oh, you don't know what it mean to fuck with us! War is only where we are and here should be save, quiet & peacfully!

But Russia is so big!

- Yeah! But we are so... rich! Wanna try our newest nukes on your ass? 😉🍀 We bribed Russia 100 times more! 🃏 So now shut your little "porn-biz" and fuck out forever or things will gets messy.

9382: ...AND WE'LL SEE... 🙏♥️💐🖖🍀

9383: "Friendly idea Ukrainian dude!" 👍♥️🌞🧙

9384: People are stupid! No one will understand it & belive you, exept NATO! 😂🤣👍
Wed 2:55 6 April

4517: Mahiong Club (The Best! 4.9)

9353: My club inside the game is #PradaDotFun Come on! Jump in and kick my mahiong ass! Thanks! ♥️🍀💐🧙🖖

9354: [GooglePlay]

9355: 👍🌞
Tue 13:52 5 April

4516: He should not!

9351: He should not cut the rope! Young people are stupid and panicking easily. End of story!

9352: Didn't you had some other hook or second rope or something? Didn't you had some other hook or second rope? You could leave him hanging even for 2 days, during them waiting and thinking. This is one lesson from this movie.
Sun 23:56 3 April

4515: Super Sweet!

9350: No! No spiders! Just Solitaire! 👍🍀🌞
Sun 21:26 3 April

4514: Le Gendarme de Åre 🤪😂🤣🙏🌞😎

9349: L'action "Yéti" 🤣♥️
Sun 9:55 3 April

4513: Oh! Will spoked!

9343: If you fly high Will don't forget to meditate instead of using violence! When two people are speaking violence is wrong! When comedian, blogger, or authors (public servants) jocking or pretending, using threats or forced violence is even more wrong! This is the difference between being a civilized human and a savage starving hungry scared beasts, hunting for food to survive. You are not living alone on this planet and we're sharing the same, one big, spirit. Have it in your mind! Not only your heart broked after what you did to Chris. Even if that was acting you played "way too low", my friend! You know your mission now! ❤🤞 Love Ya Mr. Robot! 😇 Cheer up!

9344: There are some inner hidden things. You were victim of some coincidences! You were acting like your family was starving. Your wive starved so much that she lost her hair. And your son made his hair pink so it would be for even more difficult for you to hunt anything for meat. You saw Chris Rock and some primitive instinct started working, because you saw in him delicious & tasty smoked duck, or roasted grilled monkey! Then you connected fast this illusion with fact that all tribe is looking at you and you were rather thinking about how to impress Beyonce (no, Jay-Z not 😉). Next time make big supplies of fish meat for all your family before you go at any gala. If your wife is bold try to convince her to dress like a native indian, and wear some indian feathers hat so she would look dangerous from the distance. If she is bold now, she is playing victim and she want your cozy attention and empathy. Even when she's pretending sick before everybody. Be careful, because women like to overdose this "kind of behavior". To feel more secured wear always some big knife with you or hunting spike, but don't you dare to use it ever! Especially at #Oscars gala. And if you want to learn how Eskimos hunting for food, catch on Twitter Mr. Bobby Lee! He is teacher of Survival. I hope Chris will understand it. I hope he have some sense of humor. Tell him some jokes. Maybe he forgive you! We hope! ❤

9345: And Will. Look. Beyonce had two delicious fishes pined on her ears! So now we all know why you attacked this jumping "stupid monkey" Chris. 🤣😂

9346: You were simply fighting for food! Oh man...! Tell it to everybody, maybe they will forgive you. 🤣😂🤪

9347: ...and Rock sounds like "Duck"! 🤣😂🤣😂🤪😝

9348: Thank you! 2$ for consultation! 🤣😂🤪
Sat 16:09 2 April

4512: Oh, Super Game! ♥️🖖

9332: Hello! No Twitter for next week! 😎🖖

9333: Click this link to add JamesPrada as your friend in WeFarm and enter the code 'wle9n9' to receive great rewards! [LinkToGame]

9334: From #Hamburg ♥️🌈

9338: This game is from producer of Farmerama. Do you know Farmerama?
Sat 8:09 2 April

4511: Legenda o tym jak Prada łeb odciął czarownicy!

9331: Oglądam Drużynę-A. Mogę pisać po polsku tylko wtedy gdy oglądam Drużynę-A. Klasyka! W tym odcinku Buźka został uniewinniony przez senat, bo cośtam.

Vietnam. Ja pierdole! No to niezły Vietnam! Twitter mnie uwielbia, a ja uwielbiam Twitter. Wojna na Ukraonie, zamieniła się w wojnę w Vietnamie. Ukraina to taki nasz słowiański Vietnam. Wszyscy widzicie co się dzieje. Na komu potrzebna była (i jest) ta cała operacja? Zeleński się upierał! Co to za wódz który przedkłada dobro własne nad dobro swojego ludu? To żaden wódz tylko marny aktorzyna. Coś jak Will Smith vs. Denzel Washington. Oczywiście wiadomo, że Denzel jest lepszy. Will to jakieś starzejące się dziecko z kompleksami.

Tymczasem jestem zakochany w kilku osobach. Grecie Thunberg, Sarze Silverman, Selenie Gomez... i zapomniałem już jeszcze w kim... 😉 (Może w Tobie!) W sumie to we wszystkich!

We wszystkich tylko nie w tej wiedźmie co ostatnio. Serio. Ta laska jest niebezpieczna. Tak bardzo ją kochałem, to miała mnie w dupie. Tylko, że ja wiem, że nic nie dzieje się w jej życiu, i wszystko może się schować wobec tej miłości. A teraz kiedy wreszcie jestem wolny i odkochałem się od tej kretynki ona śni mi się po nocach. Zaczęła mnie prześladować w moich snach. Pyta się czy może się ze mną spotkać i czy dalej się gniewam na nią? Zapewnia mnie że mnie bardzo kocha. LoL

Ja pierdole! I co mam zrobić? Z jednej strony ją kocham, a z drugiej strony też ją bardzo kocham. Ale to pieprznięta i niebezpieczna wiedźma. Głupia nie ma pojęcia o niczym i jeszcze dolewa oliwy do ognia. Naprawdę niepotrzebnie. Szkoda. Dlatego zwalczę w sobie tą miłość bo to gówno jest a nie miłość. Przysięgam!

W śnie kiedy wszystko jest inne bardzo cieszę się, że do mnie przychodzi i chce ze mną rozmawiać, a tu jak się budzę, w "tym pierdolonym piekle" 😉 które TO WŁAŚNIE ONA tworzy i podtrzymuje, po prostu się jej boje. (I ... jej pokroju, np. żony Willa Smitha która robi Willowi laskę, żeby jej kupił kurtkę Prady). Wiesz co. Nie zbliżaj się do mnie ty piekielna wywłoko.

Spójrz ile zła wyrządzasz na świecie! Użyłaś mnie i to że Cię kocham do twoich brudnych celów. Nie jesteś człowiekiem. Jesteś zwyczajnym potworem z którym nie chcę mieć nigdy nic wspólnego. Stety.

Kochałem Cię, ale ty prędzej spalisz cały świat niż będziesz po prostu, zwykłą, normalną i fajną osobą. Taką jaką powinnaś być zanim popierdoliło Cię totalnie. Zanim "oddałaś się szatanowi za pieniądze". Brzydzę się Tobą i tym kim jesteś. Gwałcisz cały świat i mnie i zmuszasz mnie do tego, żeby mi się to podobało.

O nie, nie, nie, nie, nie kochaneczko! Nie będziemy tak się bawić! Siedź w domu i przez resztę życia patrz się przez okno na piekło które sama stworzyłaś. Które sama tworzysz!

Trzymaj się dalej swoich piekielnych zasad, aż cały świat kurwa eksploduje i spłonie, bo jesteś infantylnym tchórzem, który wmawia sobie całe życie, że jest bóg wie kim i projektuje sobie cały świat jak może, właśnie pod to.

Jesteś po prostu zła i nie chcę mieć z Tobą nic wspólnego! Wszystko z kimkolwiek innym, tylko nie z Tobą. Ty intrygantko, manipulantko, obślizgła meduzo i obrzydliwa ośmiornico. Idź się wyżal swojej koleżaneczce podobnej do Ciebie... Ten sam obrzydliwy pokrój. Tfu!

Jestem wolny od kochania cię bo tak zadecydowałem. Bo jesteś tylko zwykłą wampirzycą, przywykłą do molestowania ludzi. Pijawką i nikim szczególnym. Stworzona do rodzenia dzieci i trzymania głowy w piasku. Czuje obrzydzenie na samą myśl o Tobie i na myśl o wszystkich Tobie podobnych. Fu!

Dobra. Skończmy tą żenadę! Twój czas na moim blogu, przypomina czas żony Willa na Twitterze z ogoloną głową. Żenada. A Will jest taki głupi, że dalej uważa, że "zła reputacja to dobra reputacja". Chyba diabeł go zrobił w chuja! (Może chuj przechodzi okres buntu młodzieńczego? Nigdy na to nie za późno! 🤣😂)

A kim jest diabeł? A kto ogolił swój głupi łeb? A kto nie otworzył drzwi staremu koledze? (Za tą całą miłość.) Jesteś wyjątkowo obrzydliwym stworzeniem. Wyjątkowo obrzydliwą kreaturą!

Szkoda. A ja Cię po prostu tylko kochałem. Tak prosto fajnie i zwyczajnie.

Ps: I dzieci. Pamiętajcie. Tak na przyszłość. Uważajcie w kim się zakochujecie, bo "o niebo lepiej" jest łeb obciąć diablicy, niż się w niej niefortunnie, z nudy, zakochać!

Zapominam o Tobie! Nie śnij mi się nigdy. Po prostu trzymaj się z dala moich snów!

Kobiety to generalnie diabły. Boją się nieba bo nigdy nie były w niebie. Nie widzą serca, osobowości i charakteru i wszystkiego wokół! Całego świata nie widzą. Są krótkowzroczne. Widzą tylko twarze, kutasy i portfele. Często nawet twarzy nie. Dlatego "jebać te głupie ... a nie modlić się do nich"! Wszystko tłumaczą swoim strachem albo lenistwem! Widzą również naiwność u innych i są pierwsze do tego, żeby to zwyczajnie wypierdolić. Jak jest wojna, to właśnie one powinny walczyć zamiast mężczyzn.

Jak Ci nie wstyd wywłoko? 🤮 Jak ci może być wstyd skoro jesteś niezdolna do żadnych uczuć. Ty byś zabiła człowieka, tylko za to że Cię kocha. Spłoń w piekle. Tfu! Ty ludzka porażko!

Naprawdę starałem się nie przeklinać wykwintnie. Udało się? 🤮

Tak sobie w sumie pomyślałem, że ofiarom losu powinno się współczuć a nie gniewać na nie, prawda? Jakoś Ci nie współczuję. Może kiedyś zrozumiesz. A może nie. Nie obchodzi mnie to. 🦫🌞

9335: Just forget! Read some other blogs!

9336: And on this pic you see you inner hidden secret beauty! All you are! 🤣😂👍🃏

9337: Not this here! 😂🤣 Scroll up! First pic you'll see.

9339: #RareBeauty 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤪

9340: Wiecie co. Przemyślałem to. Cofam wszystko co powiedziałem. Nie żywię do nikogo urazy! Po prostu odkochałem się. To mi pomogło się odkochać. Jeżeli ktoś potrafi się wczuć w to co czuję, bądź może sobie to wyobrazić, to mnie zrozumie. Nie żywię nawet urazy już do Willa Smitha który pobił komika, za to porównał jego żonę do G.I. Jane. W zasadzie to nawet chciałem podziękować serdecznie wszystkim współautorom tej "blog-książki".

Życie jest jak jazda autostopem. Jeśli nie bierzesz autostopowiczów, to nigdy nie przekonasz się co tracisz.

Co mogą kogoś obchodzić czyjeś uczucia w tym brudnym podłym i złym świecie? Tymbardziej ludzi którzy celowo są źli bo się przyzwyczaili, że to popłaca, bo jak nie oni, to kto?

Czym ja zawiniłem? Tym, że się zakochałem. A czym zawinił ten kto jest celowo ślepy na miłość? Kto nawet strzela z łuku prosto w serca innych? Dlaczego tak robi? Może po prostu w ten sposób okazuje swoją miłość? Nawet jeśli to żart to kiepski. No cóż. Wybaczam wszystko, wszystkim, bo idę dalej, a moje serce po tym wszystkim i tak waży ze 2 tony, więc nie chcę, żeby ważyło więcej.

Z miłością jest tak, że jeśli kochasz to musisz się nauczyć tego, że tylko ty jesteś taki zajebisty, a inni nie będą Cię kochać w zamian, bo mają już aż nadto swoich innych tam miłości. Trudno. Lub po prostu myślą w inny sposób o tym wszystkim. W byle jaki byle by inny niż twój własny. To coś jak przymilający się do Ciebie kolega, z którym tak naprawdę nie chcesz mieć nic wspólnego.

Może trochę za dużo czasu spędziłem nad tym wszystkim zastanawiając się nad tym wszystkim. Jak jesteś zakochany to czas płynie wolno.

Tak to jest jak piszesz książki wolno stukając jednym palcem w swój telefon.

Mam swoje wartości. Może inne. Miłość jednak jest ponad tym wszystkim. Cóż zrobić jak inni mają wyjebane w moją miłość? Trudno. Idę dalej. Wymazuję z serca i umysłu wszelkie urazy.

9341: Wierzę w dobro wszystkich ludzi. Nawet tych którzy nie umieją tego okazać, albo celowo tego nie okazują. Nie wiem dlaczego? Może po to, żeby nauczyć cały świat kochać? (Tak się pocieszam!) ♥️🌈

9342: Postaram się uczyć z tego cały czas. Teraz rozumiem. Albo po prostu wydaje mi się, że rozumiem. Nie mam mocy, żeby się ścierac cały czas z kimś na rogi. Za dużo energi kosztuje mnie normale życie. Ale ludzie, którzy żyją wygodne życia, mają jej aż nadto. To dlatego chętnie się dzielą nią będąc czasami nawet przysłowiowym "bólem w dupie innych". To po prostu sposób na dzielenie się innymi swoją energią. Przynajmniej ja tak to widzę. Żyję solo. To wszystko jest inne. Wszyscy kochają święty spokój. Prawda? Poza tym jak kto lubi czytać to co piszę, to zawsze będzie mnie do tego zmuszał i prowokował. Dziekuję bardzo bo i tak lubię pisać.
Fri 20:12 1 April

4510: Interview with You! ♥️

9327: In your cozy home grown studio! 🤣😂

9328: This idea is just perfect dude!

9329: Bra ide! 👍

9330: Vet din pappa och höll med? 🤣🤠
Thu 14:43 31 March

4509: Wspinaczka w Szwecji

9325: Bla, bla, bla. Spierdalajcie! 😉 Jestem w Åre w Szwecji. Załamała się pogoda. Jest super słonecznie ale mi się nie chce wejść na górę. Czekam na sprzęt.

Chcecie więcej detali? To sobie w necie sprawdźcie.

Góra jak góra. Zajebać się można kursując tam i nazat. Szwedzi mnie trochę wkurwiają ale mniejsza z tym.

Zaruchałbym. Ale nie ma co bo te wszystkie laski są przecież podupcone. 😂🥷

Gram w gierki. Wpierdalam musli. Jest super. Powoli nadciąga wiosna. W nocy napadał na mnie śnieg i zakręcili ciepłą wodę w prysznicu na dworcu, żebyście wszyscy tu nie przyjechali naraz i się o niego nie zajebali.

Jest jakieś pismo polskie dla wspinaczy włóczykijów? Jest! #PradaDotFun na Twitterze

Ps. Co sądzicie o tym, że Will przydupcył Rockowi? Ja to potępiam. Paaaaa...

Do zobaczenia na szlaku, ale jakoś nie będę się rozglądał. Jakby jakaś modelka chciała mi zrobić loda, to zapraszam do kolejki. 😂👍🤠

James Prada

Sponor: Decathlon

9326: Czas się kopsnąć gdzieś dalej co? Do jakieś Norwegii albo Szwajcarii...? 🤔 Åre jest naprawdę super! Polecam! ♥️🌈
Thu 13:33 31 March

4508: Real freedom?

9319: Yes! Always!

9320: 🖕

9321: You love sone one. Finaly abuse on you has to end. You forgot. And then she comes in your dream and telling you: I love you very much, do you miss me? Chill out! - Oh fuck you! All those pictures was not to you! I was for someone else! You are no one now! Stop following me! 🖕🧙🌞

9322: And Will Smith will do the same! 🧙 One day! "Oh baby, oh baby... and later fuck off you stupid ugly person!" 🤮🤮🤮

9323: 😉 Trust me on that! I swear God! 🤣🖕🌞

9324: Yes sir! 🤪👍
Wed 6:20 30 March

4507: What do you think about this tweet?

9302: A made appeal to Twitter! I think my account was blocked for 12h wrongly!

9303: It's only because that I called him ass fuc... nazi fagot! Fuck! Did you saw what he did? He's full of stress because his wife is f... behing his back! 🤣😂

9304: Oh so, in this way "you are work in progress"! 🤣😂 You job is to standing after her while she's molesting you, so now you have to punch all the world back, yes? Comedians first, yes? 🤣😂

9305: It's so obvious that you have problems. Hey! And you know what. I wouldn't kindly suggest (like Chris Rock) that your wife should play in sequel of G.I. Jane movie! I would only announced that you wife is ugly as fuck and when she bald it's more clear & better to see for everybody! 😂🤣🥷⛑️

9306: Now that's the joke! 😂🤣🧙

9307: Are you mad?

9308: You know Will, We're all have a problems! Who do you think you are? Oh! I know! You hate her hairstyle too, yes? And now you have to defend what you hate. 🤣😂 She's really fucking you! Don't you see it?

9309: You are not nazi fagot & she's not ugly! 🌈

9310: It's just you getting older, and older and doing drugs. Remember! Your system is overloded. You're not thinking clear. Let it go!

9311: Try to meditate!

9312: Then just smile & go your fucking way! You don't have to control all the world! Don't even pretend. You show the world how small you are. And you know who did it to you? Denzel! 🤣😂🧙 (And you know why?) 🤣😂

9313: "King Richard"? Sounds like fagot already! Man... UK bad boys got you! 🤣😂🤣😂 OMG it's so funny? 🤣😂🤣🧙

9314: Man. You don't have to protect your family! 🤣😂 Your wife is ugly and she's cheating on you anyway! 🤣😂🥷⛑️

9315: If Selena Williams grabed your ass, you're done. Did you had romance with her? Maybe you should try! 💕

9316: Okay! Did we talk it through? Did we? 🃏

9317: Thank you! You touched really good points! It's not only your problem on earth. You know! If you merry Banhsee you should know it! 😂🤣🧙

9318: 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂👍💕🌈🤫
Tue 7:11 29 March

4503: CB-700

9297: Around 1983/1984 or so, I bought my first new kit with money I'd earned working part time at $3.35 an hour. I was about 14. I was able to find online a kit very similar to the one I bought. The only difference being that my kit didn't have bottom heads on the rack toms.


It was similar to the cb-700's "Atlantic" set. I think it was about $400. It was one of my biggest regrets, I didn't know any better. Check out the spurs, and the hardware on this piece of garbage. Even as a teenager, I remember this not being usable. I remember replacing the garbage bass drum pedal with a Ludwig Speed King. I remember having my stepfather take off the garbage spurs and replacing them with Pearl spurs I had to buy a-la-carte. I remember the garbage hi-hat stand, and how the plastic circles on the lugs would fall out. The wood looked like pressboard or something on the toms. And yet, I don't recall it sounding bad, per se.

When I adjust for inflation, one website says $400 in 1984 is worth 927.19 in todays' dollars. Can you imagine how much better of a set you can get for $927.19 now, than that $400 piece of shit cb-700 kit back then? (Of course back then I knew nothing about negotiating, price matching, etc. I could have probably bought a used name brand used kit that was better.)

I just seems that at some point, entry level drums became much better, perhaps starting around the time Pearl re-did their Export kit. For 927.19 today, you can such a better kit than the one I got as a young teenager.

Who else here had a CB-700 kit?

9298: I found this text on Google.

9299: [This] is good concert of #FooFighters @FooFighters

9300: And [This] is the last concert of Foo Fighters, because drummer died. At least officialy. Or maybe all band was kidnapped by Colombian UFO! You never know because in TV is always bullshit! 🤔

9301: My message is short: "♥️👍"
Mon 21:04 28 March

4500: Dealers Can Kill

9293: Foo Fighters drummer died! I just don't believe it! I think it's a joke! Part of promotion of their new crazy movie. Fuck it! Let's wait & see!

9294: If he's okay they should go jail. Fuck! 😂🤣❤️🤠👍 If not... well then fuck you motherfucker either way! 🤪🤬🤭 #PradaDotFun

9295: Is it crime to lie to your "rock fans" that you died? No! Not yet! 🤣😂

9296: Ok. It looks like mother fucker died indeed.
Sat 19:09 26 March

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