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4289: Don´t smoke shit my son!

7825: End never pay for sex! Satan will do it for you!


7827: If you will be praying hard, even every day!

7828: BTW! Did you ate my fishes?

7829: Lot of very nice jokes are comming od MP3 very soon! Ciao!
Sun 16:20 14 November

4288: Snufkin

7824: Snusmumrik
Sun 16:17 14 November

4287: Malaga City of Jazz

7820: Everyday here Jazz Jam Session from 20.00 to 24.00! I need just ask the city for permission and Police protection! Ofcourse!

7821: Maybe the city will build a small stage for us and lend us some basic equipment and one man with microphones and a mixer.

7822: Forever until the end of time.
Sun 16:10 14 November

4286: I got bus card!

7818: Now I´m elusive!


7823: I need to pay 10 euro for scan of my book for Joanna Zdzienicka who is love of my life! For sure! I swear! Baby I will be back when spring will come!
Sun 16:08 14 November

4285: Day like any other!

7815: Choose your side!

7816: I prefer Predator for his smooth costume but I think that my girlfriend is Alien. - Prada

7817: Let´s play some music!
Tue 10:36 9 November

4284: Have you seen this girl?

7814: I think I love her!
Tue 10:20 9 November

4283: Okay! Be cool! Book soon...

7812: ...I mean just some new pages of some new fresh torro-shit. And please don´t poision me anymore. I can´t stand it. I love you Joanna! But please can you send me some more money? Can you write me on my email¿?
Tue 10:12 9 November

4282: Klara

7811: I think I love Klara but I felt in love with some Shakira like girls from Malga. And it shows up that my love of my life, Joanna is Alien from out of space and time and from another dimention. Fuck!

7813: Klara can you come to Malaga? Please!
Mon 14:42 1 November

4281: This is fly!

7810: Está foto es de una mosca?
Mon 11:23 1 November

4280: Malaga Blues Band

7809: Just klick this orange button and listen my blues! LoL
Fri 18:00 29 October

4279: Better don´t have international insurance in Malaga

7807: Guess why!?

7808: Because every little motherfuckier wants to have his provision for putting you into hospital. Fucking lol!
Fri 17:56 29 October

4278: Malaga Book

7806: 179 - 182
Tue 13:59 26 October

4277: Amanda my Love

7805: Can´t wait to lick you!
Tue 13:56 26 October

4276: "The real car for the real idiots!"

7802: And give me back my fucking 0,50 cents for half hour on the internet! Thanks! I go beach!

7803: New fiat ad! by me!
Sat 16:08 23 October

4275: Hi!

7798: “A beautiful exploration of the often complex parameters of freedom, prejudice, and individual sense of self. Chibundu Onuzo has written a captivating story about a mixed-race British woman who goes in search of the West African father she never knew . . . [A] beautiful book about a woman brave enough to discover her true identity.” —Reese Witherspoon

7799: What a fucking bullshit! You should read my book about Amanda bitch! LoL

7800: I am discovering that she have a dick!

Sat 16:03 23 October

4274: Klara aus Germany

7797: Can you write me? Klara, please! I am in Malaga. Wanna come here? Please! I am in love with you! This is serious! You know! Please come here! I want to merry you! And everything you know... You stole my heart!

7804: Klara. Please. Come to Malaga!
Sat 15:51 23 October

4273: This bitch is delicious! I hate her!

7794: This is Amanda! My CIA wife!

7795: If fact it´s a boy. Look close!

7796: She looks little scared! I wonder why! I am not some monster or something! You know! I am just horny little pirat.
Sat 15:42 23 October

4272: Fuck

Thu 17:53 21 October

4271: Malaga Book

7791: All to make again!

7793: Soon!
Thu 17:51 21 October

4270: Some New Pages

Thu 17:49 21 October

4269: Anaconda

7787: I mean my Amanda!

7788: My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun Boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit Big, big, big money, he was gettin' some coins Was in shootouts with the law, but he live in a palace Bought me Alexander McQueen, he was keeping me stylish Now that's real, real, real One in my purse, 'cause I came dressed to kill Who wanna go first? I had 'em pushing daffodils I'm fly as hell, I got 'em thirsty, track and field I'm on some dumb sh- By the way, what he say? He can tell I ain't missing no meals Come through and check him in my automobile Let him - with his grills, he keep tellin' me to chill He keep telling me it's real, that he love my sex appeal He say don't like 'em boney, he want something he can grab So I pulled up in the Jag', and I hit him with the jab like Dun-d-d-dun-dun-d-d-dun-dun My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun Oh my gosh, look at her butt Oh my gosh, look at her butt Oh my gosh, look at her butt (Look at her butt) Look at, look at, look at Look, at her butt This-This dude named Michael used to ride motorcycles It's bigger than a tower, I ain't talking about Eiffel's Real country Anaconda, let me play with his rifle P-P-Put his butt to sleep, now he calling me NyQuil Now that bang, bang, bang I let him hit it 'cause he hang, hang, hang All in his- like his name Romaine And when we done, I make him buy me Balmain I'm on some dumb sh- By the way, what he say? He can tell I ain't missing no meals Come through and check him in my automobile Let him - with his grills, he keep tellin' me to chill He keep telling me it's real, that he love my sex appeal He say don't like 'em boney, he want something he can grab So I pulled up in the Jag', and I hit him with the jab like Dun-d-d-dun-dun-d-d-dun-dun My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun Oh my gosh, look at her butt Oh my gosh, look at her butt Oh my gosh, look at her butt (Look at her butt) Look at, look at, look at Look, at her butt Little in the middle but she got much back Little in the middle but she got much back Little in the middle but she got much back (Oh my God, look at her butt) My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, hun Don't, my anaconda don't Don't want none unless you got buns, hun Oh my gosh, look at her butt Oh my gosh, look at her butt Oh my gosh, look at her butt (Look at her butt) Look at, look at, look at Look, at her butt Yeah, he love this fat a-, hahaha! Yeah, this one is for my b- with a fat a- in the f- club I said, where my fat a- big b- in the club? F- the skinny b-, f- the skinny b- in the club I wanna see all the big fat a- b- in the m- club F- you if you skinny b-, what? Kyuh Haha, haha, rrrrrrr Yeah, I got a big fat- Come on Hey Hey Hey

Wed 10:07 20 October

4268: New Podkasty!

7784: Bueno! Vienna - Malaga in 7 days!

7786: [FlamBlues]
Thu 11:34 14 October

4267: Slownik Polsko Mexykanski dla Bandytow

7778: Nowy Projekt Jamesa Prady! Malaga 2021/2022

7779: "Podaj mi kurwo cygaro!"

7780: "Zostawilem karty na pianinie!"

7781: "Gdzie jest do kurwy nedzy moja gitarra?"

7782: "Rece do gory! To jest napad!" - Levanta las manos! Es un robo!!

7783: [mexicomagicoblog.blogspot.com]

7785: "Jestes ladna dziewczyna!" - Tu eres buena chica!
Thu 11:24 14 October

4266: Book

7777: 166 - 167
Fri 10:17 8 October

4265: Book

7776: 162 - 165
Fri 10:16 8 October

4264: Book

7775: 159 - 162
Fri 10:15 8 October

4263: Book

7774: 155 - 158
Fri 10:13 8 October

4262: Book

7773: 151 - 154
Fri 10:12 8 October

4261: Book

7772: 147 - 150
Fri 10:11 8 October

4260: Book

7771: 143 - 146
Fri 10:10 8 October

4258: Book

7770: 139 - 142
Fri 10:05 8 October

4257: Book

7769: 135 - 138
Fri 10:03 8 October

4256: Book

7768: 131 - 134
Fri 10:03 8 October

4255: Murcia Book

7767: 127 -130
Fri 9:59 8 October

4254: Klara... can you send me email?

7764: 1@prada.fun

7766: Ich frage Sie sehr. Ich wollte dir einen Brief schreiben.
Wed 13:00 6 October

4253: Crazy Plans Together

7756: 123 - 126

7757: ... pero Amanda es una perra estúpida! ¡Y es solo el comienzo de una historia diferente!

7758: Perro!


7760: Amanda resultó ser una perra estúpida. En esta ocasión, escribí algunos capítulos sobre ella en mi libro. Bien, pero estoy buscando un escáner para escanear.

7761: Esa es mi musa a la que odio.

7762: Solo quiero follarme con ella muchas veces en Málaga.

7763: I Amanda!
Sat 12:29 2 October

4252: Amanda Norway Special Soldier

7755: 119 - 122
Sat 12:27 2 October

4251: Traveling Sweet Extra

7754: 115 - 118
Sat 12:26 2 October

4250: Stupid! Hearts are yours now!

7753: 111 - 114
Sat 12:25 2 October

4249: It's normal!

7751: Typical boring thing!

Fri 15:47 1 October

4248: I'm so in love!

7748: Okay! I'm just kidding. Just a little bit. No I am not kidding... this is fun! It's just normal.

7749: 107 - 110

Fri 15:44 1 October

4247: Me & Mandy

7746: Baby please don't go!
Fri 11:36 1 October

4246: History of Papa Smurf


7742: 104 - 106

7743: During Happily Hate, Amanda Case You Know LoL

7744: In Here Idea Outside (Yesterday)

7745: Never Similar To Anaconda
Fri 11:29 1 October

4245: More To Me Beloved One

7734: 100 - 103

7735: Website Promise Merry I Love

7736: Stockholm Good Heart

7737: Europe Greece Everywhere Sight-Seeing, Other Boys Sometimes, Just Loving, Please Say Yes!, Stockholm Amazing People Here

7738: "The Grim Adventures of Prada and Mandy"

7739: Oh Baby! Stupid People Perfect

7740: Brilliant That So You Them
Fri 11:21 1 October

4244: That's Best You Can Do

7732: Since 99 is for Mandy only!

7733: 96 - 99
Fri 11:19 1 October

4243: Friends Nice Fucking Bitch

7727: 92 - 95

7728: God Shouldn't Motherfucker Fuck

7729: Calmness forgot. Amanda is.


7731: Pasta girl fuck like in north.
Fri 11:16 1 October

4242: Love Soul Horse

7722: Fucking Sweet Normal Baby

7723: Tablet Imagine Share It

7724: Fun Best

7725: 88 - 91

7726: Stop Care About Love
Fri 11:14 1 October

4241: Joanna Perfect Extra Cool

7717: 84 - 87

7718: Whole World Loving Baby

7719: Mina That I Love To Finland

7720: Want This Night Just Without Shower

7721: Would Lick Co Cute Together
Fri 11:11 1 October

4240: Joanna So Hot!

7714: 80 - 83

7715: Milk So Delicious

7716: Just Stupid About Doing
Fri 11:09 1 October

4239: What's in your bag?

Thu 14:07 30 September

4238: Ferrari 599

7712: Don't go too fast!
Thu 13:37 30 September

4237: I felt in love again!

7710: 76 - 79

7711: Pay me!
Wed 9:06 29 September

4236: I Hate Stockholm I Love Stockholm

7708: I love to write!

7709: 72 - 75
Wed 9:04 29 September

4235: Greetings from Hella Linander (Gävle)

7707: Svenska Kyrkan has best solutions for everything! I you Hella! You are the best! Not like any other girl!
Tue 17:08 28 September

4234: Prada's [Men'sBags]

7704: Check out this amazing shit! But I want big backpack!

7705: What do you feel about this bag?

7706: It's a perfect for a morning journey to grocery store.
Tue 14:06 28 September

4233: [BonniBonne.com]

7703: This website is so sweet!
Tue 13:56 28 September

4232: Time Machine

7702: Buy on eBay!
Tue 12:39 28 September

4231: What's up Carl my old friend?


7699: Thanks for your paintings! I love it!

7700: On this picture Carl is watching Prada.fun on his new tablet Microsoft Surface Pro 7

7701: How was this possible at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries? The answer to the question is simple. Carl had a time machine.
Tue 12:32 28 September

4230: This is me!

7697: Said cat.
Tue 12:31 28 September

4229: Carl in Cracow!

7695: During his first stay in Krakow, Carl caught a Polish Snow Dwarf who was taking a girl to a blacksmith in Bialka-Tatrzanska and immediately painted her picture.

7696: [Sukiennice-Krakow]
Tue 12:28 28 September

4228: Prada's Love Letters

7694: Let's play blues!
Tue 12:27 28 September

4227: And sometimes there was a war

Tue 12:26 28 September

4226: Sometimes mother worried that the dog would not bite her daughter

Tue 12:25 28 September

4225: Sometimes the boys had to run away

Tue 12:24 28 September

4224: Sometimes the girls waved his panties around

Tue 12:23 28 September

4223: Cark lived in the closet!

7689: Sleep most of the day for strength at night.
Tue 12:20 28 September

4222: List do Joanny

7687: Bla, bla, bla... same old bullshit! Fuck it!

7688: Can someone translate this letter for me?
Tue 12:14 28 September

4221: Stand up!

7686: Carl always painted standing up.
Tue 12:13 28 September

4220: We paint the kids on the sledge!

7685: Put on your gloves and take the paint burner.
Tue 12:11 28 September

4219: Evolved Love Angel You

7683: 68 - 71

7684: Since 72 page is new NoteBook. Paper version + pencil.
Tue 11:41 28 September

4218: 10 x Times More Perfect

7682: 64 - 67
Tue 11:40 28 September

4217: Hipnotized Dreaming

7681: 50 - 63
Tue 11:39 28 September

4216: How To Become Gay Pro?

7680: 56 - 59
Tue 11:38 28 September

4215: Most Biggest Kids Devil You

7679: 52 - 55
Tue 11:36 28 September

4214: Important Revolution Radio

7678: 48 - 51
Tue 11:35 28 September

4213: Nice Long Story

7677: 44 - 47
Tue 11:34 28 September

4212: About Joanna Very Eachother

7676: 40 - 43
Tue 11:26 28 September

4211: Next Pages of Stockholm Book

7674: As you see I am using new crazy scanner! Thank You German girls!

7675: 36 - 39
Tue 10:56 28 September

4210: Zeutschel OS 12000

7672: Who's this guy in the closet?

7673: [LinkToScanner]
Tue 10:36 28 September

4209: Greta, Greta zjedzmy kotleta!

7671: Climat
Mon 16:13 27 September

4200: [TabyMusikklasser.se]

7658: Good job!

7659: [EricsonChoralCentre.se]

7660: [ArkDes.se/en/library-and-collections]
Sun 14:42 26 September

4199: John Bauer

7657: So fucking dark shit!
Sun 13:33 26 September

4197: Wio! (1910)

7654: Can we use printers nowadays?

7655: (Please! Pinterest! Don't fuck with Prada.fun)

7656: All those pictures are very beautiful. I like it a lot!
Sun 13:15 26 September

4196: Piano is funny (1906)

7653: My first #Casio
Sun 13:12 26 September

4195: Carl's Spaceship

7652: Like for handicapped child.
Sun 13:09 26 September

4194: Kerstis Slädfärd (1901)

7651: I swear I used to have that trays!
Sun 13:05 26 September

4193: Suzanne (1899)

7650: [steveartgallery.se] - By the way! Check this bullshit! LoL
Sun 13:01 26 September

4192: Suzanne is doing her homework (2021)

7649: While her parents are busy with their phones in office in their cars on the high-way.
Sun 12:58 26 September

4191: Naken Pojke (1899)

7648: Not the best resolution.
Sun 12:55 26 September

4190: Framför Spegeln (1898)

7647: Difficult to find good resolution. And I have no idea where is original painting.
Sun 12:50 26 September

4189: Princessan vår (1898)

7646: This is so beautiful. Just like a girl from this bar here.
Sun 12:47 26 September

4188: På juldagsmorgon (1894)

7645: Try our cheapest reproductions from China! The paint is real good! Just like original!
Sun 12:45 26 September

4187: Greta Thunberg och Dora-Nora (1891)

7644: She looks little different (younger) in 1891
Sun 12:42 26 September

4186: Friluftsmålaren (1886)

7643: Pic in pic.
Sun 12:39 26 September

4185: Vinet 1884

7642: Nice.
Sun 12:37 26 September

4184: Cabbage on Field (1883)

7641: "Kapusta w polu" A.D. 1883
Sun 12:34 26 September

4183: [KäreCalleLarsson]

7639: It's so amazing guy! Let's check Wikipedia! [Carl_Larsson]

7640: I will try to show you my favorite pictures of him! I found him in Museum of Architecture in #Stockholm
Sun 12:26 26 September

4182: Just look!

7638: 100% of proudness!
Fri 12:12 24 September

4181: What a stupid look!

7636: Yep! That's me and I'm doing it.

Fri 12:10 24 September

4180: Can Police help?

7635: To police. Hello there. My name is Jacob Robert Prazmowski, and yesterday I came to Gävle. I was here before but then I was 2 months in Åre, more on the north, and then just 2 weeks in Norway. For more less than 2 weeks, I am again in Sweden. I was traveling coastline from Mälmo to Stockholm, where I was one week, and then, back here to Gävle. My intention is to rent some apartments and just to live here. I am single.

When I was in Norway, when I was hitch-hiking from Trondheim to Oslo, I had been taken by a very nice guy, who told me that he is an author and he is writing some books for some big Norwegian publisher. We talk a lot and he convince me that I should start writing a book about hitchhiking because I am very experienced in it. And I started. For two weeks I was heavily writing and then I crashed my phone with my hip, during the night when I was sleeping.

Can I as some investigation department of the Police to help me to extract all my notes I did on my phone. I was using the application Fast Notepad and my phone has android 6. I know that you are not a private company responsible for extracting data from crashed devices, but the thing is that during my writing I was a victim of some crimes on the territory of Norway and all the information I put into this book could be essential for some further police investigation. So the conclusion of this is that all my "book" could be taken into a consideration as a "police report". I know that we are in Sweden now but I am talking about some serious international crimes I was being the victim on the territory of Norway, and all information is on my destroyed phone, so guys can you help me to extract this data, because anyway I want to publish this book either here in Sweden or in Norway or here and there.

I have been told to write an email with an explanation about this case. Please can you assign me some police officer I can meet and just give him my destroyed phone? On the phone, only the screen is broken. But all the rest works very well. I am sure the police in Sweden have a special department for this kind of investigation.

Thank you very much for your help. I am available under this mailbox I am checking every day.

Thank you very nice for the opportunity to extract data from my broken device with your help. That information can be very useful. For Sweden Police, Norway police and maybe some other people.

Have a lovely day! James Prada

Fri 11:51 24 September

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