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4067: I made PayPal Donate button!

7372: Do you have PayPal account? Why not? It's so cool!

7373: But it looks that it does not work in Sweden.
Wed 14:07 21 July

4066: Do you like Columbo?

7370: I got first episode for you! [link]

7371: I like those old school good style Americans movies! Those cars and times! Marvelous. And all those mysteries. Those were times without fucking PCs and Smart-Fucking-Phones but all there rest were maybe even worst then now. But... just look on it by yourself. I think it's nice views to watch. Can you imagine such a plots in our times? I think rather no. Now it would be a lot different.

From the one hand you got theatre and into the other you got regular life. Can you wonder what is what? I know but do you?

Wed 13:01 21 July

4065: Alestorm

7368: 10SEK for Corona in ICA. I hope this price will stay!

7369: Best metal band! I love it!
Mon 10:01 19 July

4064: Poisioned Gas an Åre!

7364: Oh fuck! I forgot! Europe is fucking Russia! Just watch Rambo 3 very closely! If Russian can fuck Afganian people then why not whole world! At least some places where they want rule. Some cities. Fuck!

7365: All Sweden is fucked this way! Then I need to check how the situation looks in Norway. But why different if evil rules all earth! From their big houses outside the town! Fuck them! But you need to stop chocking and start to seeing them. Hidden invisible enemy all around the world. Fucking Russians with their pousioned gas. How sad!

7366: I tyle w temacie cepy pierdolone!

7367: "Prada Russians Hunter-Fucker"
Sun 23:47 18 July

4063: Zaginione podkasty!

7357: We need to solve this problem!

7358: Probably I put it somewhere but I forget where! Let mi think...

7359: Od 2541. Przypomnijcie mi!

7360: Od 2078 do 2216 sa z Czerwca i musze jej ocenzurowac, zeby Asia nie byla wsciekla bo jej strasznie pocisnalem bo bylem na nia strasznie wsciekly... w Czerwcu. Teraz juz nie jestem i mi glupio. Kocham Asie! Ale juz nie tylko...

7361: Dobra... sa tylko ze nie po koleji. No nie wiem... Mam nadzieje, ze fani jakos dojda. Macie zagadke.

7362: Dobra. Od teraz pakuje wszystko bez konwersji bo sie numeracja jebie. Tj. numerki sa ok... ale z powodu daty nie ukladaja sie tak jak trzeba tylko... jak chca.

7363: Milego sluchania. Sam bym sobie chetnie posluchal, ale jeszcze jestem na misji.
Sun 16:05 18 July

4062: Wanna track me? Use app ViewRanger!

7355: This app is really marvelous! Nice maps! 10 Times better than Google (f) Maps! Enjoy!

7356: So I did it today!
Sun 15:48 18 July

4061: 1 + 1 = 😂👋🌈👍💏💞🍀

7354: Thank You SIA! We're comming to get'ch ya! We will do (2 + 1)2! ©
Fri 19:27 16 July

4060: Love Intuition

7348: I am crazy madly and tottaly in love with YoU...

7349: And you know that!

7350: And it feels so good!

7351: I think that all those people knows nothing about love. And I think that you know everything about love. I would hug you forever. I am hugging you in my dreams all the time. You are my best friend and we didn't even speak a word. It's amazing. I just wonder.

7352: Should we give up who we are? Who I am? I know only you. You are like big magnet. And I am always supprised when I meet you. But hey! I got good idea! Next time I will give you something. Or I need to ask you something... I wonder what you think about that.

7353: This is fucking stupidest idea ever. One is steering one is doing paint ball! Fuck! Paintball + downhill? Yeah! And sex too!
Thu 17:27 15 July

4059: The world's competition for the most beautiful mongrel.

7345: This little motherfucker here looks sharp & ready!


7347: BTW I love RockSet!
Thu 15:54 15 July

4058: How to survive every day's military toxic gases attacks?

7344: [CheckThis]
Wed 8:23 14 July

4057: Prada 100% Anty-soviet!

7341: Who is poisioning all europe?

Fucking Russians! I have no proofs of that but I can tell you that those motherfuckers are from biggest fucking country in europe and they are just ugly. Mostly they are orks from Lord of The Rings. You know. That one you should fuck with your sword on every computer games. They are very stupid and fucking very well organised in fucking military way.

What they are doing? Mostly they are using toxic gas agains civilian people, they poision water sourses and food.

Americans should drop nuclear bombs on them but they all believe that russians are fucking good.

If you want to cure planet earth my sollution is to kill every single fucking Russian!

I prefere Africaners! They are nice and very cool!

When there was 2 World War, Adolf Hitler in fact dosen't want to get rid of jews from europe. He wants to get rig of russians, but those motherfuckers won!

The secound option is that the Sweden is the worst country in whole world and that they were control Hitler and all other nazis.

If I am wrong then why they nowadays are using toxic gas agains their own citizens on Swedish streets. I got no proves for that but you need to just bring toxic gas detectors and check it by yourself.

There is a lot of russians in UK. They poision military there with their presents and they also poision food and water sources all across the UK.

Russian bitches there are loud and fucking proud while girls from all other places like Asia or Africa are decent and humble.

As I told you before the one and only way to cure the europe and all other parts of the world is to get rid of fucking russians. For example from poland.

But it's impossible. Those motherfuckers are everywhere. They are moving in to Poland from their fucking country from they want to run away because the russia is so bad and ugly just like poland now.

It's discusting! Those fucking wild orks are not civilised at fucking all! They destroyed polish culture and they are continue to destroying all world.

I got solution for those russian mobsters and terrorists. Civilused countries like Germany and USA should bomb Russia with atomic bombs. They can use support of Arabs and Africaners. But Arabs are on Russia side because they are crazy terrorists too! So... I don't know.

The biggest problem is that people on earth they don't understand the scale of problem and they are mostly don't understand nothing.

Russian motherfuckers are turning nations agains themselves and for those stupid orks it's fun. And you stupid people, are very easy to trick and you are starting to fight with your own citizens when you should fight with all fucking Russia.

I am telling you this and you should listen to me because I am right.

But what to do if there is a lot of military motherfuckers in all other Armies all across the world? What if they have huge influence on every other generals who are too weak to say NO to those fucking orks? Maybe it's just too late!

They love black magic and they are fucking motherfuckers. They are using all fucking dirty tricks they can agains freedom and free world.

America should resist those motherfuckers! Poland should close the border and get rid from Poland every fucking single Russian.

But it's impossible to do! So... How to fight with invisible enemy? Well the best idea is to run away to America or Canada and ask for assylium there. For european countries it's too late already and very soon all europe will change a name on Russia and this will be the beggining of catastrophy.

But there is a chance and hope! If America and China will destroy the Russia and if people in europe & UK will rise agains all russians to get rid of them from europe! Then maybe we will win!

We mean we! Not them! They love to say WE but thir WE is fucking Lenin and couple motherfuckers who are fucking all planet earth.

I am agains all Russia with all my heart! And I hope that one day you will understand that kapitalizm was made by them to conquer all the planet. Fuck them bro I can tell you that! So...

Will you help me to get rid of Russian enemy from all the world? Back to Russia so we can bomb them their more easily? I am sure you do!

7342: I am just kidding you morrons!

7343: But I just want you to think for yourself. Those multi cultures are fucking joke! In sweden in social service work fucking Arab? I don't expect fucking swed in Arabia at the same position. So something is wrong don't you think? Fuck this shit I can tell you this!
Tue 22:40 13 July

4056: Don't trust SMS or any other TEXT based communication channel!

7338: It's obvious that some motherfuckers can interruped your communication and add some words from themselfs to make people argue or just hate eachother. Fuck! What a fucking shit world!

Tue 11:37 13 July

4055: [Crtpto.com]

7337: Why you should invest in Bitcoin?

7340: Because all motherfuckers already did it before yoy!
Tue 10:48 13 July

4054: I am no puppet bitch!

7335: - (Prada) I hate my mother but I don't want to go on the dark side! - (Yoda) Then forget that bitch you must! Pick up another! - (Me) And what do you think about geys Yoda? - (Yoda) Cool. They are cool. Ugly sometimes but cool! - (Me) Fuck that. Why she fucked with you Yoda? - (Yoda) Because she suck my dick want, Prada and probably too yours.

7336: I will beat her ass with my bag. But I don't know what model to choose. - Good idea!
Tue 10:22 13 July

4053: I got idea for God!

7327: Don't follow me!

7328: Women are fucking whores including you sweet mommie kid! Damn true! - (And the kid little funny God said!) - No! My mom is not a whore! My mom is affraid of my daddy! And me too! - (And a daddy God said.) - Yeah! You got right Prada, but I need to cheat on my family, so fuck you Prada! And that's how we touch the mistery of the world! God is fucking pussu fagot who fuck his own family to survive and to maitain the best. - Do you have any feeling left in you, fucking God? - Yes! My dick is tired of fucking whores. - Oh... So sorry... Dad! I am not your Dad - said good! - Luckie me, we said both!

7329: It's you & me motherfucker so stop following me, and screw you! - Are you looking for a job, dude? - I would prefere to starve to death you motherfucker! I am Prada! Go fuck yourself and buy my bag and give it to some bitch of yours! Oh she will be so proud she will vomit into it! - I am so proud of you Prada! - Ok. Then kill my stupid mother! She is so stupid! - She just wanna sutvive! You know Prada. Life is tought and bitch. You know something about it. Don't you? - She just wanna survive by fucking me? - Do you need someone to talk to? - Not at all. I can handle myself smoothly. - Then good! - Fine! - Fine! - Fuck her! - Whatever.


7331: Level 4053: I would never understand stupid whores. They should be terrorised or locked away from public, but very often they are just mothers in families. I would never understand stupid whores. Everybody knows that they are stupid whores but we can't live without them. - No, no, no Prada. Just fuck this stupud subject! You know. The Arabs have perfect sollution for women! They terrorising them, while our motherfucking stupid culture gloryfing them! It's just motherfucking stupid. - Do you understand this now? - Those whores have no will then. They just fuck with whoever! They don't care. It's freedom for them. Do you get it? It's freedom for them. Just like for you staying in the mountains.

7332: So... Prada bags & gear is now the symbol of terrorising the females? - Yes! But leave alone gays! - No fucking way! They wanned to be a girls? So beat them too! LoL

7333: I know. It's stupid. So I just kidding! But for sure I won't see my mother ever again! And it feels like blessing! Thanks God! 👼🌈👋🍀👍

7334: "The only problem is that God is dumb as a brick. But he has to pretend to be the smartest. And that's why it's as dumb as a board." - Prada
Tue 9:25 13 July

4051: How to connect sunflower seeds in a form of bar?

7323: - I don't no. Go to bar!

7324: - I don't no. Use Nutella. Or sement! - Whose sement? - You can use mine! Bitch!

7325: - Kidding me just!
Mon 13:42 12 July

4050: [SallyAkins]

7322: Contact us! - Who us? - Me and fucking monkey!
Mon 13:39 12 July

4049: Love Letter to Super Boy

7321: In my dreams on my soul we are perfect couple but in real life I am affraid to touch you, because you are like wild flower. So rare and beautiful.

People are just stupid. But you are someone special. And you know this. You are like a soul brick in my mind. You are soneone. Not like any other.

That's why I love you. But I am affraid to speak to you. It's stupid.

Last time I saw you I ignored you because that was so huge suprise. And I am so comfortable in my body when I am ignoring difficult things. Yes. To pick up you could be tricky for me. For us both.

But I will try my luck. Because I love you. I know that you can think that I am stupid or something. But it's not like that.

When I have clear air to breathe, loving you is all I got. And all I ever wanted. But when I am chocking in town, I suffer so much that I don't care about it all. You either. All I think is to just run away from this poisioned place.

Can we run away together? Do you want to breathe with me? In some wild places? In Norway maybe.

Next time you will see me, I will be asking you to come with me. If you do, I will never let you go. I will be holding you forever by your hand. With nothing but sweet loving intentions. I just want to kiss you.

We are together already. Like old husband and wife. We know eachother well. You know me when I am describing what do I feel to you. To you I feel everything good. And nice.

Baby. I would kiss you all day and night. I would hug you all night. I want to sleep by your side. You are saving my soul. My heart. You are both.

Thank you.

Will we let this love & romance last forever? Will you merry me in hanging tree? Let's run...


24:00, Up there. 🌺🎋🍀💞💏

Mon 10:57 12 July

4048: Prada.blog is almost ready!

7319: Actually it's as ready as fuck! LoL You can register from now on. There is a bunch of nice and smooth, new conception for branch. I wonder if you can not to talk about it. It's so fun! Enjoy brilliant ideas! Have a lovely day! I run shopping!

7320: [http://prada.blog/]
Sun 12:50 11 July

4047: Nice!

Sat 15:11 10 July

4046: Love Letter

7315: I am just affraid to check if you are such as good as I dream that you are. Well... I am almost 100% sure. But anyway I am affraid. I am stupid. That is why I don't want to try. In case you are not I want to keep a sweetest dream about you forever. So if you are such as good as I dream that you are, please come to ask me can you be me wife, and we will be together forever like a cyblings. And if you are not, please just let me dream about you that you are sweetest person alive on this planet.

I want to be so close to you. I know that you play just game there. I don't know what other games you play there.

Do you want to be with me againss all world? Do you love me? Can you fall in love with me? Can we have some babies together? Can we adoped some?

My heart is thrilled and cutted by your beauty. I don't care that you are selling bikes. I don't care about nothing. All I can think about is you.

So I will try to eat healthy. I will work as hard as I can. I will go forrest to meditate and maybe, maybe one day we will go together to the north, and you will show me how to hunt bevers. And fuck them. I swear I love this little beautiful animals but for your love I would even hunt some bevers with you.

And I don't want you to laught at me. My heart is as much open as possible. I am as naive as I can be. I am innocent and my heart and soul is yours. All I can dream that we are together. Officialy forever and that never ever nothing and nobody will stand between us.

So I am giving you all my heart and the question is can you give me all your heart back? And screw those bikes.

Or maybe I am ugly for you and you are just kidding and you don't want me and to see me.

But I think the love is real. I am so boring. Do you want to just rest next to me? Can I protect you agains all world? Do you want to hide in me? Do you want my heart to be you shelter and home?

Please. Let me take care of you. Let me play stupid for you. Let's belong to eachother and I want to belong to you only and to noone else.

Please love me. I won't make you any harm. I promice. Please be gentle don't hate me. I am fragile and sensitive.

You know. The world is tought place to be nowadays.

I want to keep you sweet head in my arms like a little baby. I want to make your soul & your heart good. Yes. I just want to babysit your heart.

Just wait for me. Or come to ask me first. Do you love me? Do you want to go into the wild with me.

Oh baby...

It's all so complicated but I beleve in love. I believe in you because all other girls are just like stupid monsters made to fuck. And all other guys needs to be even bigger fucking monsters to hold them, to threat them, to scared them, to bribe them and to fuck them. That's why the world is so fucked up. And you...

You are sweet little loving UFO. And you amazed me. Oh I was so luckie to came in this town.

I would go but I would stay with you forever. Or let's become eskimos together and let's build some iglo for ourself way much more on the north.

All here is so new to me. And you are the most important person for me in my life now.

No other being can compare with you. I am just hungry for your love. I am sure that it taste so good...

Merry me and let's hunt some meat to eat. I can't eat fucking berries all my life.

I am just kidding with you. Untill our full connection let's call it "one big joke". I miss you. Do you want to ask me something?

What do you want from me? Do you want anything from me?

Baby. I love you with all my heart. It's fun!

You are one of a kind. I can't stop writing to you. Have a nice day!

7316: People. Please bless this love because we have nothing else!

7317: Greetings to Hella from Gävle!
Sat 8:39 10 July

4045: This is how language controlling our world!

7310: You need to see today's gallery! [Link!]

7311: I am also wondering why there is no ...ING(s) in Swedish? WTF? Are you so lazy or are you protecting your women this way?

7312: Difficult to explain!

7313: Hard to think!

7314: I wonder how is it in Spanish?
Fri 6:42 9 July

4044: She is wife for me! I love her!

7307: Greta! You should become an actor just like Samuel L. Jackson! Motherfucker is in every hollywood movie since 2000! I love you baby! Please don't tell me that you have a boyfriend! Can you brake with him please? For me. For us! For climat change! You are the best! And you know it! I love you! Greetings from Åre. See ya in Stockholm! I hope you like McDonald's. Love ya! I agree with all you're saying! Keep doing good job. Don't forget that the world is stupid & dumb. We need to use an army to change the world. Since today I am general. Do you want too?

7308: My message is simple. We need to get rid of 80% cars and planes and more public toilets. And fuck this stupid Corona Virus! It's just excuse for travelers to pay more via flights! You know this all! Everybody knows this all! That is why the world is so stupid and we need to do something with this! And we need to act now! There is no time to wait. Please date me so we can talk about details. Mission Impossible!

7309: I have a lot of crazy wise plans. It can work as "Domino". All we need to do is just to hit first "Domino" brick. You should start threating some journalists or politicians to become more famous. Use some sci-fi bluffs. Tell them... that you become radicalist and that you joined All-Kinda. They all won't give a shit if you will tell them stories about Forsily Fuel! They should start affraid of you. Hunt their dreams! Make a pact with devil! This is the only way to change the world. Act now!
Tue 22:29 6 July

4043: Chuck vs. Rambo 3

7292: I want this bow to practice deep down in the jungle!

7293: With such an arrowheads! - Yeah but why? - I am doing the movie. - What movie? - Fuck yourself with that stupid question. It's not your business! - Well... - Okey! I will tell you. About some motherfuckers who need to be tought well again from the basics. I am Canibal Smith and I am looking for a group of radical military extremists who can help me to shoot me first movie. - What movie? - It will be new fashion in cinema industry. The Movies about releasing prisoners from former comunist countries.

We need to fresh wave of american inglorious bastards. And the biggest budget and good plan that comes together.

7294: Holly fuck! - That's right baby!

7295: And what's the plan? - The plan is that we're shooting movie about... I told you before. I think we need some cooperation between some civilised countries. Evil has short legs. Russia will do nothing! Acctually everybody are on our side!

7296: So who are the enemy? - It's simple. Dumb motherfuckers as usual. We need to have power and support. Those bad kids with guns just run away. It will be something like a mix of Inception and Extraction. The head quater will be in Berlin as usual. I advise some tourist groups armed as hell with some air jets around. USA can lend us some mote Raptors. Oh! This movie will be grate! I am fucking thrilled. I hope that Rambo 3 would be proud of me!

7297: Because it's a movie I will be General. Sonds good? General Prada. Oh I am so proud!

7298: I advise you to watch some movies. It's all military cooperation at top level of conspiracy. Like in Ludlum book. You need to think for yourself. The Pope is with us! And Santa Maria!

7299: Oh fuck! All right general!

7300: We need to start cooperation with Chinese! - Why? - Why not!

7301: Let's call it... Operation Covid! - WOW!

7302: It's so fun! Come on! We are on the mission! There are some things to do at diplomatic level. What is the number to Hollywood? Does Tom Cruse got time?

7303: Let's call French! They love such shit! Vandam, Nico. They know the did their homework. And I am sure south america loves vacations in europe!

7304: The main idea is simple. I took it from The A-Team. A lot's of mini guns and no kills. That's the plan. The rockets would looks grate! Helocopters. Cars. The best idea is full military operation. With all support we can have. Key factors is suprise, determinations and profesionalism. RPGs and so on. We hit, we do the job and we're back on airport as soon as possible. There is no chance of fail. Just pure fun. There is no such a power condence to resist. And the message is simple. We just wanna help people and stop braking human rights. There is God in it. And soul of freedom and liberation. Liberty! And on God we trust!

7305: Everybody wants to fight in such a good cause! Yes indeed! We need Williamie Wallace on-board!

7306: Some famous & important names! Cinematography could be international movement.
Tue 20:32 6 July

4042: FestwalPtokòw.pl

Mon 18:19 5 July

4041: PortalKulinarny.pl

7290: Sfotografuj swojego szaszlyka.
Mon 18:18 5 July

4040: Just tell them: [Prada.blog]

Mon 13:35 5 July

4039: What is AntiVenom & Amsterdam Institute of Molecular and Life Sciences?

7286: Hello. My real name is Jakub Robert Prazmowski and I found you guys when I was searching some infos about AntiVenom.

I am from Poland. I was in prison for a two years and for mounths for having sex with not adult girl. It was tottal misunderstanding. I've been set. Even by my lawer because my parents are very much known and important people in Cracow/Poland. I swear that never harmed anyone and I didn't never nothing against someone's will.

Poland is bad country. Prisons are full if bad people. I need to fight with them all because they were all together agains me. Just before I was relised at the end of 2019 I've been stabbed with some "poison". Someone used modified pen for insulin injections. It's a hobby for some people who doing lifetimes in prisons.

Look. I got two usless operations. I got still pain in my back and in my leg. I've been also stabbed in left leg.

Look. I don't need to sue anyone and I won't use any proofes agains Jail People in poland. I just want to get back to my health because I am suffering all the time since I was relised.

Please can you help me? Can you detect this toxin and recognise this to cure me?

I left Poland more than year ago. I am traveler and backpacker. I was in Phyrenees last summer, then I went Scotland and now I am in Sweeden.

I am looking for some help but it's useless in regular medical clinics.

I kniw that there is some shadow of trace of some substance, detected by USG.

If you are kindly willing to help me I am ready to come to your clinic at any time you want! Unfortunately I got limited financial funds so I cannot pay for my treatment.

But maybe you are good people who wants to change this world for good. I am very good person. Almost angel so to speak.

Please. Help me. I can funcion normally with this constant pain in my back.

Please help me. Thank you!

James Prada

7287: [aimms.vu.nl]

7288: Their building looks like venom itself. I don't know if it's a best idea of asking them for help. But I have no other choice! And I love Amsterdam!
Sun 23:27 4 July

4038: List do Asi

7284: Tesknie. Nie badz taka zla. Wiesz, ze Cie kocham. Napisz mi kiedy moge Cie odwiedzic. Tak bardzo bym chcial. No wiesz. Zebys mi zaufala. We wszystkim. Nie bój się tak. Nie możesz być po prostu normalna? Kompletnie mnie nie obchodzi co tam słychać w Twoim marchewkowym polu, ale chętnie wsadzę głowę obok w ziemię. Kocham Cię. Przecież wiesz. I zawsze będę. Tylko proszę bądź dla mnie dobra. - Alf

Sat 22:37 3 July

4037: Let's build our relationship!

7282: Hugging, Kissing, Tickling, Stroking, Licking, Sucking, Squeezing, Touching, Scratching, Gaulsing, Inserting, Taking Out, Breathing, Whispering, Speaking, Talking, Dancing, Singing, Humming, Whistling, Sleeping Close Together, Eating Same Things Together, Drinking the Same Together, Working Together, Relaxing Together, Walking, Running, Climbing, Car Driving, and so on...

If I want something, I am telling you or writing to you. If I don't want something I am telling you or writing to you.

If I want to be alone, I am telling you this or writing you this, and I am going or I asking you to leave. You will do the same.

We are both cold, we never argue, but we can try sometimes just for fun as a part of our conversation.

7283: That's my rules! What's yours?
Sat 14:28 3 July

4036: Let's go back work!

7281: Let's build beautiful on-line shop!
Sat 10:48 3 July

4035: How I felt in love with Svenska Kyrkan

7235: Hi love. I was in this little church in Åre. Beautiful. I pray for You to love me. Maybe it will work. 😁💫 You know... nothing. I just want to tell you... that I miss you. 💒🚙 Jump in your car or train and come here. Please. 🌈💃🎵❤💍

7236: Little rainbow for you! Photo from now. 💖🌈 Love you. 😀💃

7237: Better view. 😉💗 You my heart.

7238: Hella. Have you ever saw UFO? 👽 Do you know how it works? 💫 Please write me sms if you can. Have a lovely day! 🌐🌱 I miss you. 💒💘💍💎

7239: Hella. Look. Even if you are the boy I don't care. It's too late for me. I already felt in love with you. I know it stupid but I don't know. I don't know what to feel now. It's so complicaded. I loved you much as a woman. But why should I stop loving you when I realize that you can by man. I don't care. I love you just the way you are. But I am not such a kind of person. It's only with you. You rescue my heart so now it's yours. Yeah. Why not! 😀👽

7240: The thing is that I see that there is a lot of guys like you. And I am falling in love with them "too". And maybe they just don't like it. Damn. I don't know. I think we can try to have sex. This could be stupid but interesting. Well... I don't know. Maybe I have to stay in sweden little more. Like 5 years.

There was such a movie. Fear and Lothering in Las Vegas. They broke some guy life in bar because they did LSD in toilet. And he was wondering why they are so crazy high.

Hella. I am done. I don't want to have sex with other guys but only with you. But I am in love with you and I'm falling in love with other guys who pretends nice girls. It's crazy stupid. But I hope you understand.

Damn it. I need to go around and focus on girls. Not boys. 😂 But maybe... 👼💘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

7241: I am starting looking at old guys and I am wondering that maybe they are young girls dressed like old guys. Acctually it's very possible. I need dig it deep to check. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

❤ Merry me Hella! 💏

7242: I miss you. ❤💎 But here is someone very special too... and now my heart is 💔. 😂 Hey... but I have two eyes, two arms and 2 legs. So maybe all is fine! 💒🌈 Wish me luck my friend. 💖 My love. And please check later my Pinterest. You know... @JamesPrada9 Oh... There is nice little church here and they have Yamaha electronic piano. Not so good like yours Steins & Son or whatever BUT... also very nice. You need to press keys much harder. Good excersise for fingers. 💘 Tell me Hella, because you love writing me back, is being shy sin? 👼🔥 I think it is.

Love you forever. 😌💗

7243: Hi love. The weather gone bad a little bit. But hope it will sunny again. It's extreem amplitudes here. Last night was bad for me because I drank 3 beers in town, instead of going up for the night. I did little show already in center. Some woman said to me "nice performance". I replied her that I am looking for a wife. (lol) But I found you. 💞🌈 Hella. I wrote today a letter to this girl-boy from here. Tommorow at 10 I will put it onto my blog. For you to see. There is nothing secret privat there. / I need to change the my domain from Prada.fun to... I don't know what. Maybe "LoveTrip" or "GayFinder". But if you would not be dressed like girl I would hate you probably. And now if you looking like beautiful lady, I love you. The mind is wierd. / Acctually I hate gays. But you look so cool... OMG 💗🔥 So I will never stop loving you. But please, never dress or behave like boy. 😂❤ I love you love. I can't hide that from you anymore. 😉 I just love you and I just miss you. Please never stop saving my heart. 💝 I love this one way sms romance. / Please always be mine and never leave my soul and my heart. 💖👼 Forever yours. ☀💍

7244: It's so early but I have to hide in funny little hut because the wheather is quite poor. Why I am so stupid to send my warm winter sleepingbag to polska already? Damn. Come on. I got lovely jazz for you.

Please hug me as tight as you can. I want to give you all night hug. ❤🔥💏 You are saving me all the time. Friend. ☀☺

7245: Hello Hella. Miss you. Love you much. But what to do...? Nothing. I felt in love with two people already here in Åre. Thanks for your pray and blessing. God bless you with tones of love. You got me for good. ❤🍀🌞

7246: Hella. I felt in love with some woman here. I am not shure if she is a woman. Just like with you, but... I want you to see what I wrote to her...

Maria. Do you like bubbles? That kind what kids blowing? Everybody loves that. Look. We're both knows that we're both cool. So let me just play my part. Just like we were playing in some kind of mega romantic love story. Let's call it "New Guy in town." It's about me here in Åre. My plan was to just pass the village but I've met you and you caught me. I just fall in love with you tottaly. Now my heart belongs to you and I just want to live by your side. I know that you have a husband. But I think maybe it's something wrong. Maybe he is poisioning you. I can tell you that I met a lot of evil in Sweden! Trust me! You are good person. Around good person always there's a lot of evil. Be careful. Don't trust people who serve you food or drinks. Trust only yourself. Eat clean and simple food. Rice wafels. Cheese. Drink only pure water from the lake. There is a lot of army people. They control everything. They even using gas to poisioning people. Don't trust anyone. Your husband probably cheating on you. I don't care if. But when I saw your eyes I know that there is something wrong. Only clean love and clean food and water can help. If you are very busy, you can miss some things. I am from the rich family. I've been poision by my stepfather to level me with my school mates. My mom the same. They were both busy businessman. I know that evil people are doing this just for fun. I am just warning you. They can use some equipment like "fire detector" to drain life from you, regural poison in food in sugar in salt and so on, and they can even use gas against you. It's a mans world and guys are evil. You need to be always extra careful.

Ok. That was just beggining. But... Since I've met you I felt in love with you and now I know that I want to live by your side. I want to be your lover and I want you to be my lady luck.

7247: I will be a happiest person on earth. I am not telling that I won't cheat on you if I will meet someone nice, but I want you to be some kind of mom to me. But such a sexy one with who I can be real real close. I will be super happy to be just another member of your super nice and big family. Acctually I want to be you another husband. Oh I would be so happy. In other words I just want to be with you coz' my love is true.

But... stay cool. I am cool. I don't know if you want to have romance with me. I don't know even what's chance we have to have a romance, even when you want it too.

Oh, Maria. I just don't know. I need to have some room here in this town. Maybe you can help me with that. And then maybe we could meet there sometimes. Or maybe you know some other good witch women who also will wants to have a little (also sex) romance with such a guy like me? I am sure you can help me. I don't know what to say more. And think. I am trying to be as honest with you as possible. You have perfect body and I haven't been with woman for a long time. Please let me love you with all my heart and love me back and let me forget all my heart broken past. It's a long story. I will tell you later if you want.

The perfect sollution would be if you talk to your husband and tell him that you met very nice guy and you want to have a legal and official romance with me. We can have dates in any pub even everyday. Or we can just take your rowing boat and go sailing around your big lake. Or I can take you for a walk. I don't know. I am open on every single you idea. All I know is that I want to stay here forever with you. I think I love you. And I think I want to be together with you. Always. And I also want to meet another nice women to keep me companion if you would be busy. So... if you want me to stay here in this town, please help me if you can. I will send this letter to you tommorow.

Please. Be cool. And don't be angry on my, because I don't want anything bad!

7248: All I'm giving to you is my heart and my love. Please love me back but if you don't want or if you can't I perfectly understand that. And I am cool. I am so cool. You know. I am just checking eventual posibilities.

I love to practice piano and I love to practice stick. This is my plan for this summer. I could stay here even all winter because I love to ski but I should have some room and some job. Or at least you to love every single day. Oh, Maria.

You are amazing.

You can call me crazy. Yes. I am crazy for love and I feel soul mate in you. So I don't care. All I care about is love!

I hope that you are calm, cool and okay. Until now. So let's go for more if we want to have a really romantic story. Maria. I want to kiss you. Ant touch you. We can meet in the church. I can play for you. You will love how I'm playing. I love you. Fill me with your love. Please love me back. I can't stop thinking about you. I don't want to stop thinking about you. I am yours.

I love you Hella too. ❤💒 I miss you so much. I am dreaming that you want to have date with me. And then we are kissing on a branch and then you are takeing me your home. But I don't know how to make love with boy. So no sex just kissing and missing. 😉❤

Hella. The world is so empty. All we have is eachother. In every single breath. "So close nomatter how far!" Forever. And nothing else matter.

I love you. ❤🔥🍀 I hope that you are not a killer or something evil. I see only angel in you. 👼 Angel I gave my heart. Angel who saved my heart.💍💎🌞🌈

You are heaven. You're close next to me. You keep my heart warm.

It's just words. But nice. 🌞❤

7249: Hi Hella. Please hug me. ❤🍀 I like you so much! I miss you so much. With you in my heart I am save. 👼 You are 🌞. God bless you! 🌈💞🍀☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Love ya!

7250: Hella. You are a heart of my home and you are the home of my heart. Thank you. You know how bad and cruel this world is. Some people are just living into this words they are writing and creating. Like me. I love those letters. Believe me or not but god is speaking through me and you are a servant of god? Am I right? Or maybe it's just me?

Have you ever heard about Summit Lighthouse? They are probably from Canada. I am sure you can find something about them on YouTube.

They have a special magic invocations to bring a force, ashurness and will to... WHATEVER YOU ARE... They are saying:

"I AM..."

I AM personification of a light of love who shine onto entire earth and heals peoples hearts.

I AM soul of jazz music. Grate pianists.

I AM the one who is telling you... I love you forever my friend.

I AM the one who is talking to women looking for the romance.

I AM the one who have love and companion of amazing people who love me very much and we love to have sex together.

I AM the one who always speak first.

Have a nice night Hella. I love you. I miss you. Please pray for my those affirmations.

I AM the one who is using affirmations effectively.

I AM sure that now you understand... and me too! 💎❤

I miss you my lovely friend. I am hugging you tight and I won't let you from my arms until tommorow. 🔥❤🍀

I love you. Don't worry. We will always have each other. I am like this duck you are squeezing on your Facebook but I am human and I can speak.

Thank you! ❤🍀

7251: Have a beautiful day. In my heart. ❤ Miss you. Jacob. Even more then miss you. 🌞

7252: I hope all is fine with you. I did nice gallery today. I also did some nice charts for piano because I am practicing. In two weeks they are opening nice bar and there is nice piano there. Probably it'll be not occupied most of the time. If they let me play there we going out of space. Just waiting for bass player and some beautiful girls who can sing. 😉 I am just kidding. I know just few chords. But I need some songs to play. It's different story. Now I am practicing only chords & scales. Eveeything you need in jazz. 🍀 Keep your fingers crosed Hella. 💞🌈

7253: Good night Hella. It's all good today. I am in love here. And I love you. And I think I am still in love with Joanna but she is evil. She is snake and I prefere to be with God and good people. But I don't know. I just want to be cool, work and have fun. God tells me to play piano and I am doing this. ❤🍀 Please keep praing for me and I will be praying for you always. 😇 Let's out halo will connect us through space and time. I want to kiss you. 😋👄💏💖💞 Just friendship kiss. Cool. ❤🔥


🍀 Love you always! ☺

7254: Hello. 💖🔥 Please forgive me my sin. Sin of loving you... What I should do? I can't stop. 💏🍀🌈


7255: Oh sister. Forgive me because I've sinned. I am thinking too much about sex. And I am masturbating sometimes and in my imagination I am doing this with woman who have a husband or even about beautiful boys pretending that they are girls. I don't know what to do. I feel guily of my libido. I need to find a partner who will help me reliese my sins. Please, bless me sister with your love. 😇 Because I want to go to heaven. 💏💖 And there is another sin. I love you! I know that I shouldn't but I can't resist. You are an angel sister priest. I feel closer to God when I am in love with you. 💞🍀 Love is not the sin. 🌞🌈

7256: I will never forget them moment when I saw you in church for the first time. It will stay with me forever. 😋😎😸 I am learning how to play piano... for you. To make you happy. Every note I play is just for you Hella. 💞🌞 Please hug me and pray for me a bit. Thank you. God bless you with love. 🌞💏💖💒

7257: I am just kiddind a little bit. I want to make you happier. 💒 Thank you that you exist. 🌈🍀💞 I love you so much. 😎

7258: Oh Hella. Only I know how I miss you. I would be with pleasure your client in your church while you on duty. I wonder if it's ever possible to date you. Just meet you. Know you better. Then to just know who you are. I am so happy. You helped me so well. And I am better and better on the piano. Now I know chords progression in any scale so I can improvise better. I would play just for you all days and nights. Imagine this. Just us, piano & fresh tea. No milk no sugar. And pizza. I am sure that you can sing. Or play bass or drums. 💖 Miss you. I will send you what I see now. Some people. 😋 Empty town. 😉🗿😎

7259: Oh baby. 😋😉 I drank 4 beers. (2,8%) And was still manage to climb this mountain here. Please. Don't be jalous but there is one very special someone here. Can we be together family? 💖💖💖 Oh Hella... 😇😋 OMG 🌞🌞🌞 Please hug me tonight. ☺🔥💞

7260: God Bless you child! 💖😇 Please pray for me too! 🍀 Jacob

7261: Oh Hella... 💞 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I love your style.

7262: I am gay tooooooo. I can't resist that little girl here. Aaaaaa... It's so stupid.

7263: Hella... you are the best. 😋😂🌟

7264: HiThere.biz > 669 👼💞😇 Hi. Have a nice day!

7265: I got new Promo Code for You, my virtual friend: 6789 👍💞 Check it please! Nice story. ☺💔

7266: 1023 💞😎🍀🌟🌞

7267: Please. Check: 460 🍀🌞 I love you. I am brave heart. 😎💞💏😸

7268: Helena Linander. Will you Merry me? Will you become my beloved wife? Oh baby... This dream is hot! 🍀💞🔥I just know that you want me. At least... will you give me a chance and will you be my girlfriend. Oh baby... 😇 You know what? I realize that I am hot for other guys. Since I felt in love with you and that "boy" here. It's funny how it works. I am all yours. And you're my God. 😇💞🍀 I want to be with you so close. Or I am just stupid and naive. Can you lend me some money? 😎😉👍 I just love you and miss you. 💖 I am just stupid. 🍀 Love is stupid.

7269: I am so romantic. Check out Grim Quest game on Android. I've just watched Monster Hunter with 5 element. 😉👍 Oh Hella. 💔 The most important thing is that "can you lend me some money". And now this all have sense. Money. 😂😎😋☺😉👍🍀 Nice movie. All just like in real life.

7270: Hello friend. 💖 Let's go road trip together to Portugal. 😂 You can take your girlfriend. I will hold my jalousy. 😎 I just want to give you a longest hug. 👼💖

7271: Hi love! 💖 Let's go Malaga. 😎👍👼

7272: HiThere.biz Code: 4321 (Now you can write me back there!) Just check it out!

7273: Hella. I am about to enter Norway right now... but because I love you... and that girl you helped me to love-off still I am ready to go back to Gävle. But if you need me? And if you want me? I don't want to be alone in Gävle. I want to be with you and I want to teavel together with you. Are you ready to have me? And I promice. I will be gay for you just like you. But I don't want to be with nobody else but You! Do you like me? 👍☺💖🍀

7274: Hi Love. I came back to Åre. I was looking some border control but there wasn't any. I can't live without you. And Joanna. It's funny stupid. It's just my heart. I can't resist your love. Is useless. It's heart disaster. I am trying not to think about her. I am thinking bout you instead. I am your love slave. I just want to hug you my priest friend. In a few days I will go to Umea. And maybe I will step in Gävle. I am thrilling to meet you in church. As a priest. On your duty. If the love is a sin then I go to hell for sure. 💘😉👍 I hope you will talk to me as a priest. Rather not as a woman. I will do my best to ignore all this sweet little feeling about you. It nothing. I can be stone cold. No problem at all.

7275: I need to make up my mind. I can't stop thinking about you. You know what. This is my package shipping temporary adress: Jakub Prazmowski, Sankt Olavs Väg 1, 83752, Åre, Sweden. Please send me hat or cap. Yesterday I've lost mine and it's cold here in the mountains. I want to wear something from you. Please. 🍀🌈💔

7276: I love you! Have a real beautiful day full of love and all wonderful thing!

7277: Hela. I recorded something for you. Prada.fun/Hela 🌈💞👍😀

7278: She works in Åre Skidsport. She is so hot. She drives me crazy. Just like you! 😉😉🌈 I am on my kneese in your Svenska Kyrkan. I am begging you for little pray for me. Hella. Look. I did today Prada.fun/shop I am doing internet shop on line. I will be re-selling regular shops products. All range. From sex shops to real estate agency offert.

7279: I love you! Good night! Sleep well my super extra priest! You're the best! You are awesom! I miss you, and I love you soooo... much. 👍😀🍀💞🌈 Forever yours!

7280: Oh Hella. Imagine that we are octopuses and we are kissing. In my sweetest dreams you're my wife, we are living together in sweet little hut, and we're hug squeezing eachother all the time. We living in separate worlds but together. That is why we have our freedom. I love you with all my heart. I imagine that you are here to rescue me with your love. Please. Hug me full tight every single morning. And let's have a little pray for eachother. Love you!
Sat 9:37 3 July

4034: [Prada.blog] Real Shops On-Line

7231: Become "Listing Agent", Dude!

7232: Work for yourself! Work for me or whoever you want!

7233: You can create your own web-based system easily in PHP. And then... you just go shopping hunting with your phone!

7234: I love small shops from exotic places with some extra super cool, fancy stuff!
Fri 21:54 2 July

4033: Beware Nazis! Wear (Gas) (Covid) Masks!

7218: They can use spray or atomizer agains certain people! In buses in librarys in any public place. Be careful when someone is cleaning something next to you. Ask him/her to fuck off. Don't stand back to someone! This is what I learn in Sweden! In Åre. Be extra fucking careful! There's a lot of secret motherfuckers! Almost all of them. Many pretends to be a women. Fuck this shit! I can tell you that man.

7219: That is fucking sad but true! Some people just attacking you because for them it's a fucking sport. Avoid those motherfuckers. Even when is just only one in town!

7220: For them killing you is fucking super hobby and grate fun. Fuck them! I can tell you that man!

7223: Takie klocki!
Fri 18:07 2 July

4032: How work my shop?

7211: I need to write it down to not to forget! I will be working with those infos. I hope you too!

7212: I love Miley. I can't resist her love. She is so gorgeous. She is real boss. Number one cosmic. Oh yeah! She is real girlfriend. The best official girlfriend for Prada. It's so funny. But there is so much other people around us. So nice and sweet. And I have no idea about what I should talk with them. I am on the holidays now but I have to work. I have to keep'em busy. It's clear and obvious. And I am doing this in simplest and the most natural way.

7213: I think the best idea for me will be to build electronic super-market with clothings. Yeah. In my mind sparked grate idea. And I am like Iron Man and I will proceed with that. I will create all by myself. It will be "Prada.fun Shop".

7214: There will be Panel with options. Send a photo. And the contact to the real shop will be free. I will just kindly ask the client: 'Please inform the seller that you came from domain: "Prada.fun" to recieve discounts or bonuses.' It's simple as hell.

7215: Nevermind how it will work. The most important is that I will have somehing to do. I can even contact [Prada.com] to become reseller. Once I even wrote an email to them but they didn't anwserd me back. The idea is brilliant. We can focus not only on fashion. We can try to sell this way whatever.

7216: Once I already did something like that. I was even ready to hire some agents who will work for me where they live. It's the most important advantage of creating any on-line (sales) system. Just think about that. There are endless posibilities. You don't have to do another marvelous RPG Android app. You can use just all the knowledge you already got to design some webbased computer super system which nowadays can be accesible via simple phone of your user. Whatever let's do this.

7217: Let's create beautiful data-base for our needs.


1. Category 2. Name 3. Description 4. Photo


1. Name 2. City 3. Country 4. Website 5. FB 6. Adress

New features:

Prada.fun SmartShopOnline

Prada.fun SmartRealEstateAgency

"Please inform the seller that you came from domain: "Prada.fun" to recieve discounts or bonuses."

This is the most important part of this on-line business.

My panel. Or agent's panel. After logged as admin I am choosing shop or agency with who I work now. Then there is a panel for inserting new products. Name, description & photos. Simple? So let's do it.

There should be also an option that "this product is not valid anymore". Also you need to create an agent account to every single shop or agency you hit, for them to add new products for their own. Yeah! Why not! It's super cool idea!

Create stickier:

Prada.blog Make Shop On-Line

7221: I did a lot of grate job today! I am very happy because of this. Unfortunately it's very difficult to breathe in this fucking Åre. Maybe I am just a target for local ugly motherfuckers who protect their land and women. Don't bother Prada. They are just a little people with guns and gas weapon and they are using this agains civilians. This is how Sweden looks like. I advise you also to be extra careful in Norway.

7222: To Do

Back button to Index or Panel

Pre Technology

Info about assign product number? (To mailbox!) (Why not!)

Features to do:

- EditShop
- EditProduct
- MyShops
- MyProducts

- By Category
- By Country
- By City

- By Category
- By Price
- Newest added
- By Country
- By City

7224: Thumbnails & picture size modifications. Standard shit!

7225: And don't forget to fuck the world and users with your fucking Cookies! LOL That was preparation for accepting stupid rules of Corona Virus. You know man. The world is so full of stupid shit rules! Guys who are doing webpages they wants to be just more important. That's why all those stupid pages are fucking you with Cookies. Don't eat cookies! Don't eat cookies!

7226: DO YOU WANT SOME COFFIE????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Ok! Ok! So it means no??!

- Yes!

7227: I won't use fucking cookies on in my fucking internet on-line shop. LoL!

7228: Not a chance! No cookies at all! All those stupid pages for idiots are only about the cookies! LoL. People are fucking dumb! Also guys who creating websites and watching too much porn!

7229: O baby! I love [Prada.blog] It's just fucking blog. Enjoy!

7230: And if you really love some serious bullshit just turn on your TV! Oh fuck! How stupid you have to be to watch TV? Tell me.
Fri 11:05 2 July

4031: New Era of "Cowboy-Western" Movies is comming!

7203: I am writer. I decided to write more. In this beautiful english language. Such a popular all around the world. All around the UK. Very good people. And good means good in a good sense of it. I hate bad people and all those bad unnesesery things they are doing.

I like to be alone. It gives me the time to write. And all those romantic love letters. I also love to write. And I got so much to tell. I live for love. Everybody probably are the same. But some people doesn't like and want to be loved. But I love everybody. Trust me. I need to show the world love. If I can do it all world will follow. So what? Will you help me? - Yes we do!

Recently I felt in love with some boy who pretend the girl. Actually girl-priest, something new in old school ortodox Church. I don't even know if I.l can trust her. Maybe she (I mean he) is from german secret police. Who knows? You never know what's cooking in hell... So... I felt in love with her. I don't care if she is a he. If only she can be still the same angel, then I will love her always. You know why. Because she is an angle. Robbie Wiliams - Angle. I really love her. Just like my real love of my life. But she isn't worth it. Trust me. She is just immortal vampire LOL! She suck all your love dry and she is loved by 1000 other poor guys. They all thinks that they are the only ones! Sorry, no! LOL

And my new love. She is just perfect. She is high above all bullshit. She is so free that she can by just herself. If someone is lying to you, don't interruped her or him. Just enjoy.

Okey! I am so tired now. I need to get rest. I wish myself good dreams.

7204: And then I realise I love Miley Cyrus first. So you know what they say: Love can.? wait! Heaven can wait! Run through hell.

We all just love rock. But pop songs kick ass more. In its invisible way.

Now I know that whatever bullshit I produce it will be fun. The same is in your case Miley. Do you have blog? You should realize that you need the blog. Whatever website that will be officially yours and where you can just start writing to create something big. The words are big. All the world are made of words. In some cases single word can decide about someones life or death. Richness or poorness. Makeing movie or not.

Ofcourse people are thinking that first is the world and their lifes and just after and later comes words, but it's not like that.

The word comes first, and you need to throw them all meat, because their hungry minds are just like lions. They are just waiting for conumption of any fresh informations so journalusts are fucking them.

For me the most important thing is what Miley said or thought in the morning.

So... will you Miley become blogger with me? Good look is nice but you also need a "good hook". And your mind is best hook. Same as in all cases.

There are some people who prefere letters than pictures. Anyway! Do it to yourself. It's so interesting when you're talking to yourself. But I know... you are busy for sure.

Anyway. It's a pleasure doing business with you. So... what exacly are we doing? Fashion? Oh yeah. I will try to do some blog about that. And you... can you sing about fashion? Do you realise how difficult is to make new peace of clothing? Or shose. It's amazing. Only few people can do it. Have you ever tried to create your own shoses?

"I want to be a cowboy and I want to have a horse." I think the new era is comming and we both can own that shit. You know what I am talking about... Do you?

7205: But first... Cinemas for Cars! And roller waitresses Let's go back to old school. Yeah!

7206: - Oh yeah! And can we do it in Sweden?!!

- No fucking way! Santa is from Finland and he rides mooses! And there will be iceskate-waitresses here. Anorher thing is that cars cant be parked on ice!

- Really?! Have you saw the movie "The Ice Road"? If the trucks can go on ice, then we can build Cinema for Cars on ice.

- But it's stupid! People will froze their asses off. The windows should be opened.

- Oh yeah! Fuck. I forgot!

7207: All I know is that in Stockholm they are building the biggest Universal Studio! The cover is that this will be a biggest parking for a industrial trucks. Maybe they even don't know what they are doing yet? Probably. We should tell them Miley!

7208: Cowboys were so cool! And their guns was so fancy! Not like those fucking stupud guns now. I mean revolvers. Light and fast! Do you get it??! - Do you fucking get it?

7209: But who will play piano in Saloon?

7210: We need to re-create this old-school reality in our minds. To fit in better. This should help... Metallica - Hero of a day I am no kidding You!
Fri 5:02 2 July

4030: One Day Trip - Åre 👍💘

7201: Are you a hardcore family with nothing to lose? Give a steering wheel to guide who make love with bored wifes! Let's climb this fucking waterfall together! No good shose, rope needed and climbing expirence needed!

2000sex per day + free snacks. Money upfront Dude! No cheating!

No alcohol included. BTW! I won't guide you if you will be totally drunked!

Leave your weapon at hotel. This is not Far Cry 3! 😝😂😇

7202: Trips since 6 July! Mail me! 👍😀 Max group 5000 people. Price can change depends on group. This is not official offert due to local law and Corona Virus 19 settings! Check newest guidelines at CNN.com This is just a proposition of spending fun time together. No money involved. Mail me. You will pay in the receprion of your hotel and they will pay me back in Super Pinballs & Video Game coons. Thanks.
Thu 15:39 1 July

4029: It's so fucking cool!

7199: [http://hithere.biz/]

7200: Check 13!
Wed 15:16 30 June

4028: Good news! It's a boy!

7196: We need to change a climat! But not fucking toxic gas on the streets!

7197: Did you forgot about freon and [ozone_layer]? Where is ozone hole now?

7198: Ask Greta!
Wed 15:00 30 June

4027: Deser Eagle


7195: Good apetite!
Wed 14:41 30 June

4026: Hitch-Hiking is not a problem!

7187: ...if you have big boobs!

7188: ...or Desert Eagle

I don't have Desert Eagle! I am the fucking Desert Eagle!

7189: "We love adventures!"
- Just avoid being hit by truck!

7190: - What do people think when they see guy with backpack?

- I don't know what people are thinking when they see guy with backpack, but I can assure you that I know what do think when they are seeing woman with a back pack!

- Ass sure? Does she has a big boobs?


7192: Deser Eagle!

7193: Have you saw new horror movie "Hitch-Hiker 3"?
Wed 14:28 30 June

4025: jQuery & Chrome = WTF?

7181: Is there something I should know?


7183: - No nothing! Stay in peace!
- Good then! So I will use Mozilla.

7184: [blog.jquery.com]

7185: I don't understand nothing form this shit.

7186: jQuery project updates addressing temporary CDN issues Posted on June 17, 2021 by Jory Burson As part of its ongoing infrastructure updates, the jQuery infrastructure team is making configuration and deployment changes to address intermittent outages reported by some users. The issue is the result of faulty IP allowlisting which affects users downloading jQuery project assets from certain IP addresses. This issue is expected to be resolved in the next few weeks. In the interim, users can mitigate the issue by downloading and serving the files they need. CDN migration is part of a package of infrastructure improvement projects the project has been undertaking this year. The infrastructure team plans to provide a full overview of these improvements, which will help support the long-term maintenance of jQuery and its related projects, later this summer. jQuery continues to be a widely-used open source project with active maintainers. While many sites host jQuery locally, others rely upon the jQuery CDN to deliver the library on demand. On average, the jQuery CDN delivers over 2 petabytes of code per month. The project is hosted at the OpenJS Foundation, the vendor-neutral organization to grow and sustain the JavaScript and web ecosystem.
Mon 14:51 28 June

4024: Viva La France & God Save The Queen

7180: Europe is with UK! What the fuck do they think?! That they are Australia?
Sun 19:20 27 June

4023: New Electronic Business Cards

7177: Sometimes it's just too difficult to have your own, paper Business Cards or even to have a sheet of paper with ballpen close. That is why it's so important to have a short and nice website adress, some person can easily remember! Like my [HiThere.biz] Just check it!

Now it has new feature! I can easily send to someone very precice secret message. For example what? Just use your imagination. The possibilities are infinit.

Every message is assign to certain number. It can be deleted automaticaly after being seen (if the msg is hardcore for example) or not... if the message is nice and sweet.

The only problem is that I can assing just one message to one number. I called this number "promo code" because people can be suspicious. So... If you have my Business Card with Promo Code, don't wait but check it ASAP because my secret message could be urgent as speed of light. LoL

7178: For example check 1000 or 1001! It's so cool!
Sat 12:53 26 June

4022: Another fight with PDO!

7176: Fuck that PHP! I can tell you that. All I need from this shit is just a little bit. And it fuck me every time. Every fucking single time you need to discover those fucking lines of code you were already using before. Isn't it stupid? Yes it fucking is!

7179: PDO is nice and sweet! The most important is what do you want to have. Then it's just a tool you need to learn to use. All other options are fucking disaster!
Fri 23:09 25 June

4020: Business Card

7166: It's so important to meet new other potential business partners. The hood business card is essential. Check out mine: hithere.biz

7167: It's my gateway for doing business in Åre and all around the world. All I need to do is to find stupid guy with a lots of money.

7168: My business plan is simple. I am wearing hat with your logo and you will pay me enought to have: cigars, snus & whiskey. BTW, can someone lend me a jacket? And don't forget about the lighter.

7169: It's a good investment.
Sat 15:14 19 June

4019: Why Prada can't talk to girls?

7163: I can't talk to girls. I am too smart and too poor. Let's play in writing thoughts. The weather is so fucking nasty shit here today. I hope it will change soon. I will give this city chance. Official version is "go fuck yourself unless you have milion pound". The world is so cruel this way today! I would "go fuck myself" outside but there's fucking rain and coldness. People are stupid. Or maybe I am stupid. I always was... I don't know retarded against others. Rather with serious alergy on bullshit. But you know. "Anything goes." And I am perfectly fine. I just want to fuck no talk but I don't have money for hookers. I think I will just stop thinking and writing. I am outside of it all. Like bird or plastic bag for on the wind. Probably. But I am also part of it. You know. Like Yin/Yang. It doesn't matter what you are saying to wise people who maintain structures. The most important is who you are and how you look. You must know your value and who you are. And I am PRADA so respect me and if you want to suck my dick girl feel free baby. Go for it. But first show me your ID and I need to check if you have a dick already in your pants because it's huge problem here in Sweden. 😜😂 I prefere to keep my ass tight.

7164: And that is why I become writer. I am just writing to myself when I can't speak to myself. How do you know when bitch want to fuck you? It's a difficult question. Ask Mr. Bean. I mean whatever word you will write they will suck because they got minds but nothing special to do. I was always thinking that it's more important to just playing music then talking. But I love to talk. But you need to have someone on your level to talk with. I speak only fucking polish language. I hate it. But I am so fucking fluent with that. Everybody in Sweden speak english but about what do you want to talk? And with who? I don't know. Who want to fuck with me. Sorry. Making love with me and please no fake girls. - Sorry! We got only fake girls for tourists. - Okay. So I am on my way to fuck away from this town to fucking Trondheim. - No stay! We will buy you piano! - Really? In every fucking little bar? - I will search for it. Corona rule number one: Magicians can go! Especially with weapon! 😜😂 - I don't have a weapon. Word is stronger than sword. 😉🍀 - Prada. Forget. Reading you is the same as watching porn. I see only fly of dick. Dickfly. Nice name. Feel free to use it.

7165: Come on. I am just kidding. All depends where I am and what people are around me. Anyway... blogers are creating usually bull shit. This is not Britannica encyclopedia.
Sat 13:12 19 June

4018: What the fuck is wrong with this country?

7162: What country?
Sat 12:22 19 June

4017: What is love?

7158: Love åre just a nice feelings someone can have around some other person or persons.

7159: Case close.

7160: What? Is it just this? Isn't it something more? Yes! It's something very more BUT... it is still the same: Just a nice feelings You can have around some other person.

7161: And if you are touching each other it's called sex.
Sat 11:41 19 June

4016: Domain & Blog Prada.fun for sale!

7157: Who will give more? Starting price: 500.000 USD
Sat 10:56 19 June

4014: University of Sex & Piano

7156: Little joke. But look at all those fancy chords!
Fri 10:22 18 June

4013: I'm looking for business loan!

7154: Hello. I am Jacob. I've just moved to Sweden. I want to stay here. I am poor. My mom helps me with money. My dream is to rent a room and start being part of society. Buy it's difficult when it's corona virus. I found your ad under my funny post. (Phones with disel engines to save electricity.) Look. If you can help me with some loan then perfect. But I don't want to be dragged into any trobubles so excuse me but I need to have 100% proof and checked that whatever your help is... is legal and so on, so I wish to be in contact with any layer who can explain me all agreements step by step. Actually I need money just for room food cloths and... some hookers 😉 you know. I am pianist. I decided to stay in Åre until I will be very, very good. All my life I am musician but not profesional. I am guitarist but now I am learning piano. I am also blogger and brand supporter Prada.fun I am also programmer without PC yet. So... Your loan would be fantastic for me to spread my wings. But I am smart enought to not fly away anywhere. My heart is in Sweden and it's okey like that. My dream is to create a jazz band and just improvised with other musician and play live shows. I am sure that in Åre I will find some talented guys with will to play jazz in bars. Despite of Corona. Whatever. Please don't call just send me SMS. Then later ofcourse we can meet. But first remember. I don't want to have any troubles so whatever we do, we go lawer. Thank you! Jacob

7155: Oh no! Fuck! That was joke! 😂
Fri 8:43 18 June

4012: All Flat Free

7149: I am trying to discover some basic conception of playing Jazz music. Well... Looks like Falt Three doing the work. I wonder what other Jazz Scales could be usefull. Eherything above C is "Magic". I think I should just practice basic scales chords progression in Major and Minior. Yeah! But if you want to play fast... play chords progression in C Flat Tree. Simple as sex.

7150: Show me you G Flat Tree!

7151: Es imposible!

7152: -----------------

7153: No no no.... it's a one big mess. You need to just see the scale and play on it. Without thinking about all other bullshit. Do you get it? Yes I get it!
Wed 12:28 16 June

4011: This is amazing!

7148: Imagine life without sun! 👙
Wed 4:15 16 June

4010: What the fuck is that?

7145: Ja sie pytam co to kurwa jest?

7146: Co to za baczek w gornym lewym rogu?

7147: French did it.
Tue 17:21 15 June

4009: Major Chords Progression (Ver. 2)

7144: Oh... that's better!
Tue 16:27 15 June

4008: @JamesPrada9 on Pinterest

7143: Today was cool!
Tue 12:35 15 June

4007: Music Notes

7142: In you FACE
Tue 10:45 15 June

4006: I can love ❤🔥 whoever I want!

7131: Look. I am writer. I am very social person but I have no friends here yet. It's quite difficult to have a friend. I am sure that you are very busy person but can you be my psycho-therapeut? You know how it looks like. We can just meet and talk... about my life and my "problems" (if any). And if you are looking the same (maybe) I can with pleasure listen a lot about your life. You are very interesting person to me. Acctually I think I felt in love with you but it's just... you know... "by the way". By the way that I am here. I love this town. I will look for some job. I also need to see the doctor because I have some serious problem with health and I need a little surgery. So... ❤🔥🍀🎵💃🌞💎🌈 Can't wait to see you tommorow. 😉💘 I think you like this all gallery I made today. Acctually you was my "muse" today and I was thinking about you when I was composing those crazy Pinterest pics. ☺ Ofcourse I am super cool with everything. And I hope that it's no problem at all for you! ☺

7132: Do you like soap bubbles? That kind what kids blowing? Everybody loves that. Look. We're both knows that we're both cool. So let me just play my part. Just like we were playing in some kind of mega romantic love story. Let's call it "New Guy in town." It's about me here in Åre. My plan was to just pass the village but I've met you and you caught me. I just fall in love with you tottaly. Now my heart belongs to you and I just want to live by your side. I know that you have a husband. But I think maybe it's something wrong. Maybe he is poisioning you. I can tell you that I met a lot of evil in Sweden! Trust me! You are good person. Around good person always there's a lot of evil. Be careful. Don't trust people who serve you food or drinks. Trust only yourself. Eat clean and simple food. Rice wafels. Cheese. Drink only pure water from the lake. There is a lot of army people. They control everything. They even using gas to poisioning people. Don't trust anyone. Your husband probably cheating on you. I don't care if. But when I saw your eyes I know that there is something wrong. Only clean love and clean food and water can help. If you are very busy, you can miss some things. I am from the rich family. I've been poision by my stepfather to level me with my school mates. My mom the same. They were both busy businessman. I know that evil people are doing this just for fun. I am just warning you. They can use some equipment like "fire detector" to drain life from you, regural poison in food in sugar in salt and so on, and they can even use gas against you. It's a mans world and guys are evil. You need to be always extra careful. Ok. That was just beggining. But... Since I've met you I felt in love with you and now I know that I want to live by your side. I want to be your lover and I want you to be my lady luck. I will be a happiest person on earth. I am not telling that I won't cheat on you if I will meet someone nice, but I want you to be some kind of mom to me. But such a sexy one with who I can be real real close. I will be super happy to be just another member of your super nice and big family. Acctually I want to be you another husband. Oh I would be so happy. In other words I just want to be with you coz' my love is true. But... stay cool. I am cool. I don't know if you want to have romance with me. I don't know even what's chance we have to have a romance, even when you want it too. Oh, Maria. I just don't know. I need to have some room here in this town. Maybe you can help me with that. And then maybe we could meet there sometimes. Or maybe you know some other good witch women who also will wants to have a little (also sex) romance with such a guy like me? I am sure you can help me. I don't know what to say more. And think. I am trying to be as honest with you as possible. You have perfect body and I haven't been with woman for a long time. Please let me love you with all my heart and love me back and let me forget all my heart broken past. It's a long story. I will tell you later if you want. The perfect sollution would be if you talk to your husband and tell him that you met very nice guy and you want to have a legal and official romance with me. We can have dates in any pub even everyday. Or we can just take your rowing boat and go sailing around your big lake. Or I can take you for a walk. I don't know. I am open on every single you idea. All I know is that I want to stay here forever with you. I think I love you. And I think I want to be together with you. Always. And I also want to meet another nice women to keep me companion if you would be busy. So... if you want me to stay here in this town, please help me if you can. I will send this letter to you tommorow. Please. Be cool. And don't be angry on my, because I don't want anything bad! All I'm giving to you is my heart and my love. Please love me back but if you don't want or if you can't I perfectly understand that. And I am cool. I am so cool. You know. I am just checking eventual posibilities. I love to practice piano and I love to practice stick. This is my plan for this summer. I could stay here even all winter because I love to ski but I should have some room and some job. Or at least you to love every single day. Oh, Maria. You are amazing. You can call me crazy. Yes. I am crazy for love and I feel soul mate in you. So I don't care. All I care about is love! I hope that you are calm, cool and okay. Until now. So let's go for more if we want to have a really romantic story. Maria. I want to kiss you. Ant touch you. We can meet in the church. I can play for you. You will love how I'm playing. I am playing quite well. I am practicing scales and chords progression. I love you. Fill me with your love. Please love me back. I can't stop thinking about you. I don't want to stop thinking about you. I am yours. Tottaly. I can give you good neck or body massage if you want. And I can teach you how to play piano.

7133: This piano idea is perfect for you if you never played before. You choose if you want or not. I am telling you that if you are not intetesting at all, then fine. No problem at all. Actually I can even try to passborder to Norway. Official ways. But I don't want to. I want to be here and I want you to be my queen. Always forever from now on. Queen & goddess. Yes! I hope weather soon will be better. This weather is yack! Nothing. It's 00:00 and I am thinking about you. Funny dreams I got here. I stay in town for the night. At some brench under roof hidden from the street. But I prefere much to sleep on the mountain. Close to some lift station on some restaurant on the mountain. That's my way of camping. I meet nice german tourist camper car with nice couple. I ask them do they want to stay in Åre? They said no... they are just passing. LoL. I wonder how many people are just passing Åre in summer season. So what Maria. Will you be my girlfriend this sommer. Sweet mommie and God too? Will you be my everything? Will you be the reason I stayed in here? Will you be my woman my lover and my protector? Oh please please please! Just say yes! I am sure that if you explain everything to your husband he will understand everything. I am just a guy who are looking some fun. Or can you explain your husband that you met someone new and now you want to live with me? Maybe such a separations will be good for you both? It doesn't mean that you can't be together still. Just more freshness will come into your lives. He can find someone for him too and you can share children. (I don't know Maria! I am just a writer! I am experimenting with ideas and options. I suggest nothing.) I just suggest that we should be together always because "love" is difficult to find. And partnership too. For example you coukd even make me a husband for your daughter but she is probably way too young for me. You know. Just because you loved me and just because you want to make a member of your family this way. Anazing. Look how this would be. To have a secret romance with a husband of your daughter. This is for sure excelent idea for some kind of new romance. Well... maybe little to crazy idea. Just stupid. But super hot for sure. I know that it's tottaly different from the inside then from the outside. Family things are very serious. I am just kidding then. It's just my imagination. I don't know if history knows such an examples. To have a romance with your mother-in-law. Well. I don't know. So if you can afford to invest in me and to rent me some room where we could be together then marvelous. How to say it? You could be my pimp or diva. "Diva is the female version of the husler." There's such a song of Beyonce. 😂 So funny. But really if you could spread some rumors that I am looking for a woman for romantic love. Maybe among your female friends then... it would be very comfortable for me to have new relationships. I think the best description is "companion woman" or "party girl". Well. It's just 00:33 so it's my after midnight thoughts. Piano teacher. Official cover. Good idea. I just can be piano teacher. But then I just need to have some Casio in my room. And I don't have it. Hey, but there is nice Yamaha in this little church. And angels love churches. I can tell you that. It's very romantic place. People are having some weddings there and there is a nice graveyard around. 😂💏 Nothing better for cheap romance scene. LoL. So funny. But also hot. I know that I am writing a lot but please, read me as a book or short novel. Then maybe you will understand me better, Maria. It's also about process. Process is more important than destination. If you could be my psycho-therapeut, and if we can meet very often to just talk, then I could be the same for you. Then we can write book about eachother. Like profesional medical notes. Don't you want to analise my mind Maria? Like a profesional shrink? My passion is to use my voice recorder. I got even nice audio blog Prada.fun but I need to change this domain. My artistic name is James Prada and I am supporter of Prada brand. That's it. End of story. I think I have a tones of briliant ideas and you are such a lovely muse-queen. I hope you will be good for me. I hope that you will accept me the way I am to you. For you. I am just very open person who is looking for love. Not sex but maybe either. Warm-hearted romantic relationship love with a tones of experiments. Will you be my work partner then in our little funny company? I think we could do anything together and we would be grate in it! I feel very nice energy from you. But... I need to remind you that if your anwser is "no thank you" then I am fine. I am independent but I am just looking for help from other people. I hope you understand me as a person and my situation. Very very expirenced traveler who are looking for a new ways. To just enyoing the time. For the fun and for the heart. For love. That's why I need to tell you this.

7134: That's why I need to tell you this because life is short. I love you Maria. But if you don't love me back... I'm fine with that. I am just a bird who wants to fly with other bird. With you. But only if you want it to. ❤❤🍀🍀 5:20 So... My love. What we can do to be together. Everyday since 8:00 I will be plaing in this little church. I need to practice piano hard. This is most important to me now. You can come to listen me daily. You can sit with me upstairs there. There is nice there and quiet. We can talk there and nobody will interuped us.

7135: If someone is comming we can hear it and stop kissing for example. 😉🍀 You see now how romantic person I am. Another option is to come erlier to your bibliotek. I can accidently be there at 9 for example. Then we could have just one hour to be together. We can meet there even at eight o'clock. Then we will have two hours. We can use this time to our therapeutic sessions. We can be both psychologist to eachother. Or we can do whatever you want. I can help you any way you want with anything. Another way is to stay late in bibliotek. That could be really exiting way to spend some time together. But only if you want it!!! I am just offering myself to you Maria. If you don't want then fine and all is well anyway. I will be trying to find some other ways to hang out with someone. Anyway I will be trying because I am very nice person who loves to meet other people. You know it because I am sure you are the same. Otherwise you would not work in library. And ofcourse you can take me home anytime you want. But please don't serve me any food or drinks. I don't trust anybody in that matter. I am eating my own food always and I drink my own drink always. That's my rule number one, because you never know. And sometimes people can do you harm even by accident. So I am not useing sugar and cream or even coffie at all. Look. Caffe & Coffin sounds the same. Don't you think? 😉 In Gävle when I just come, some women tried to poision me in Waynes Cafe. I went to police station and they cut the case because there were no evidence. Bullshit. They just know it all. Another funny fact. When I was coming to Östersund, bus driver spread something in the bus after all bus had cought for a half of the way and I had a problem with breathing all day long. I called police but they know it all. Two police girls came and they were pretending like they are doing their job. Funny. They told me to go hospital and perform Corona test. Thank you very much in such a surcumstances. 😉 So as you see the Sweden is very, very bad, and if you aren't bad, and probably you aren't, then almost for sure you are the victim. So be careful for everything. What you eat, drink & breath. You have my love. Do it with it whatever you want until I am here in Åre. I told you. I want to stay here because if you. I can even merry you if you want to have second husband or if you want to change husband. For sure I want to be your lover, but only if you want it!!! I want to be your massager too because I like to work with human body and your body is very beautiful. I am very good lover and I would be honored if I could make love with you and show you all what you probably already know. I will write what I would do to you but only if you want to read it because it will be super crazy hot, and I don't know if you want to read it! ❤👼 I am taoist. So I am trying to save my male energy while I do sex. It's good idea because you can make love as long as you want. That's the main idea. But as I told you I haven't partner since quite long time. It was just because some love spells of my old high-school love from Gävle. But now I am free (my heart is free) and my plan is to enjoy that. But only if you want it too Maria. If no just ignore my letter. But deep in my heart I hope you won't. Ok. Now it's 5:56. I need to sleep little more. Today I will practice D# scale and chords progression.

7136: I hope you are fine. I did something very nice today. You can see some chart on Prada.fun - It's diagram how to press chords on piano. Have a nice day.

7137: What was those lessons you had in the morning. Are you teacher? Nice!

7138: Why you are so silent? LoL. Tell me tell me why. Maybe you are in love. Is it forbiden love? Or maybe you are not sure yet? Anyway. I need to go to halocentralen tommorow. They need to operate my back. I have some bad poision in my back. I have a pain in my back. That's the fault of bad people in poland. To live my life among heathy people I need to be healthy too. So first they need to do USG and then they need to cut this shit (i don't know what it is but it's seenable on USG) off my back. I want to stay in Åre. But I don't know what you want? Do you want me to go or do you want me to stay? Oh Maria. Your voice today sounds so nice. I like your calm voice. I need to check weather also. Today I will probably go mountains for the night but you... maybe you can fix me some accomodation? I don't know. Please write me back if you can in that matter. Maybe I was too honest with you? But I think I am writing good letters. Please don't be affraid of this love if what you feel to me is love. I am sure that we can have some fun with that. Let's just be open & friends. I know that there's a lot of people and it's difficult to be natural when we're not alone but... I would talk to you with pleasure. About my feelings. About desires in my heart and what my heart want. But probably I told you already everything. I hope that you are okay. I know that I am rare and limited edition but... what I feel to you it's pure and natural love and I don't want to lose that or waste that. I hope you will find time in your life for me. That would be grate my love. You know. I love everybody. But I want to stay with you forever if you only need me and if you give me back all your love. And hugs and kisses too. Because I need it so so so much much. I am just normal man. You know. And don't worry that there are other people watching us. People are usually shy and affraid but I think we can be just in some kind of state of flirting. I don't know how to behave. So let it be. Nice.

7139: I understand. But you look poisoned. Be careful. Remember what I told you. Bye.

7140: End of love story. The reason? You never know... Different mind space? Being busy? Cannot read? Poisoned? Taken by local devil? To much to think about, how to being just nice? Whatever. Probably she loves me but women are always cooking 10 bacons on one fire. Maybe she flirting with their coleages from job. Probably. And for a much longer then with me. Yeah! You know women these days are just fucking lasy primadonnas. Especialy those who are poisioned. Fuck that! Whatever! Let's changed subject.

7141: Someone smart would advise you: "fuck stupid!". But who is stupid this time? Me?
Mon 18:37 14 June

4005: Fuck This Shit

7122: In sweden I don't have a licence to talking to girls or women. Imediately some guy shows up. Fuck this weather too!

7123: Maybe that's why every man here dressed like woman.

7124: For talking with tourists. Special government and military order.

7125: I am sure they afraid that their women run away.


7127: Somewhere where's fucking warmer.

7128: You can always try to poison your women to have better control over them.

7129: And I wonder why there's so many imigrants here? Don't ask!

Mon 16:43 14 June

4004: Letter To Bike-Girl 💞💫

7115: Hi there. Nice to meet you. I love letters. Don't think about me as wierdo. I just have enought time to write it. This letter is kind of privat, but if you want to show it to someone, fine. Look. I came to Sweden to Gävle something like 3 months ago. Why? Because I want to go to Asia and the last person I planned to see is my (was my) old high-school love. But she refuse to see me. I have no idea why? Maybe because I'm famous blogger in Poland and all around the world > Prada.fun, and maybe because I wrote her a bilion public love letters on my blog. Fuck it! I went to Svenska Kyrkan in Gävle and I asked for exorcism and psychologist. (Before in halocentralen they told me that I am super healthy and I shoulg fuck-off. ) I've met Hella. Super soul woman who helped me to unlove from my love to Joanna. She did it, but as a result of my cureness I felt in love with her. The thing is that she is a he, and I realise that after I felt in love with her. I wrote her 100 love SMS short letters. Shewrote nothing back to me, but probably just because that she is public person. Anyway I left Gävle. I traveled a bit and I came here. It was much easier to leave Hella then Joanna if Hela wasn't helped me. So... I'm "almost" free in my heart, but I'm falling in love super easily now. The firest person I felt in love here was (is) woman from Turist Information. She is so nice, but with husband and kids. I just hope that we can be friends.

7116: Or maybe even something more, but you know, it's super difficult when you have full family with you. Another person... was You! Ha! But you are a boy, and for me it's something ultra new and I wonder what should I feel or think. I think I'm shy and little too secure. I don't know how to behave so I decided to write a letter to you. And to her. I'm considering to showing her this letter or even putting this letter on my public blog, because I'm writer and I love to write love stories. I don't know who You are & what kind of person You are. Do you dress like girl just for more atention form people or that because there's something more behind that. I tell you... There's disaster a lot ugly guys in Sweden who dressed llike women, and they are looking llike shit, and rearly thy are hanging out whit other guys. (As a real love-date couple.) But I want to date you. If you are so kind. We can meet in public or privat, whatever. I think that you are super nice & sweet and that I'll treat you as a girl or woman you are pretend to be. I don't know. I think so. I will try. All depends. I want to try... to date you, but I don't know if you want to date me. My plan. (I am sure it's no problem for you because you are a guy and you get use to have a male friends, but it would be super challange for me because you are so atractive... you know! So I don't know what to feel and this is just fun for you. Damn. LoL.)

7117: My plan is to stay here and looking for some job. As you saw, my hobby is stick-show. I am thinking about to perform fire-show, but I need to have kevlar jacket. LoL. I am just kidding. I mean kevlar-fire-stick, and I don't have it yet so... I'll be very happy if you can give me your phone number and I hope that you like flirting. Because I want to flirt with you so much. LoL Acually this could be only reason why I'll stay in this town. I would be so happy if I could merry you! I think women should have as many husbands as possible. Especially such a kind of girls like You.

7118: I think I could be some kind of bitch person. I love women or girls. I need to have a room here in this town. You know. To get rest and where I can invite You or some other women. I don't want to dress like a girl, because I'm too ugly for that, like most guys, but I need to learn how to juggle and I'll be practicing street performing. It'll be super cool to find some partner to this kind of street dancing. Maybe you are intersted in? Why not? We can try something, but first I think we should be together. If no... I'm cool and totally fine with that.

7119: It's all because this Hela form Svenska Kyrkan. I felt in love with girl and then it turns out that she is a boy. I can't unloved. It's stupid! So I did it for the first time. But you... You are my second time. What to do? Nothing... so... it will be extra super nice if you will flirt with me a little bit. I will ask for the same this super nice woman form Tourist Information. I hope that she'll be interested in me too. And if no, please can you help me to find me some woman from this town. But not gay! Please! No more gays! LoL

7120: I want to merry someone and stay in this town. That would be super cool. Yeah! Why not! But it's quite difficult to find partner. Maybe you know some parents who wants to keep their girl home, close to them, not to let her go away for good... you know... to study or to just see the world! We both know that there is nothing to see! Then I am perfect. I can mak some pre-agreement with her father. We'll see. Depends on chick. (It's sounds so crazy that probably I am just kidding! LoL)

7121: Just talk to me whan you catch me around. I would buy a bike but I don't want to brake anything and I perefer just mountain walking and little climbing then risking my life passing every tree. Okey! See ya! Have a nice day!
Mon 12:21 14 June

4003: Major Chords Progression

7113: This is it baby! Minion one step ahead! Let's go!

7114: Oh fuck! I forgot about Db! (C#)
Mon 11:48 14 June

4002: Covid19 is lie! Where is disco?

7112: 1. It was made by med-people to drain money from Governments all around the world.

2. It's also experiment. People are stupid and they prefer to being important by saying "NO!", then to just have fun?

If we already know this why we won't open daily Disco in this town. I am sure that local Police will help us! Done!

Sun 13:27 13 June

4001: Letters to Hell-a

7077: Hi. Hella. I am cool. Do you want to see something funny? I am knight of God. And you are my priest.

7078: My sin is love. But hey! Love is not a sin. Especially good and pure. I am in love. It's good to be in love. We always be like that. Just two people. But real love is body type. And there's should be always hunger for it. Then we know that we are healthy and fine. Maybe I am not atractive to you but my soul should be, coz you're priest. And I am on my knees befor you. Why? Because love is life.

7079: It's just love poetry. Sweetest sister in God. Make this day happiest possible. Let your face fill out all sky and from time to time give me your sweetest lips & cheeks to kiss. Let my heart cry quietly from missing you and the rain of tears will be your shower of freshness. Squize my heart and have all my love from it. I belong to you. You are my only hope. I hope to see you again. 🌻👼💍

7080: Hella. I can't help. I recorded something for you today. It's audio letter. I will try to send you this somehow ASAP. I am in nice place. All day I was walking. I did 40km since yesterday's evening. I am sure you are fine. I will have 3 songs for you: Roxette - Listen to your heart, Guano Apes - Rain, Elvis Presley - Just Pretend. Good night! 💞👼 Love you a lot! ☀🌱

7081: Hella. You got me for good. If loving you is a sin, because You don't want me to love you, then... I don't know. But darling, I love you so much. Why you don't want my love? I don't understand. All I want to do is suffer for you untill one day you will kiss me and save me forever. This is love. This is good life. Just to have you as a pal. Friend. I love you with all my heart. I will pray for you to be nicer to me, and for you to just accept my love. I want to be with you together always. Forever. Because you are worth to give you all my love. Amen.

7082: Hella. If you Merry me I will be doing karate to stay fit and strong. I will be your toy. You and your partner will be my queens. I will be serving you. You can play with me and have fun with me. I don't speak your language so it's better to you. Think about it. You will have much more privacy. We can turn our lifes into sweet loving game. I am saying yes to all your fantasy. I want to be your best dog. Always with you. Always supporting you. Always helping you. I want to be street artist and I want to play and teach piano untill the end of time. Please help me with my mission. Let's be partners. Let's be together in three.

7083: Please Hella. Follow me to the end of the world. Or be brave enought to write with me. This is just a flirt. Why you women are so affraid of that?

7084: Hi friend. Look where I am. 240km from Gävle. Any suggestions? 😂👼💝

7085: It's quiet and calm here. Just birds... and You on my mind. ❤ So nice feeling in my heart. ☀

7086: When you enter in me, since you gave me this "next book" with songs to sing, I felt... I can't tell. When I see you for the first time... When you were talking with someone as a priest... I felt... that you are angel sent from heaven to help me. Hella. I love you so much. It's like a jar of honey. So good and sweet. I am just me. I don't care. I live for love. I always did. Since kindergarden. It's nice to be in love. Even with someone who don't care about you. If someone would love me like I love you... I would understand. I am just another heart who drown in yours. I will always be in love with you. No problem at all. 😉❤🌱💎

7087: Hella. Hello. Ich liebe dich. Mucho. You are so sweet. You are my heart. You are my lowe. You are love. Romeo & Juliet (Movie) Oh my love... Oh my dearling... I wanna be with you, Coz my love is true. I wanna be with you every night and day... 😂😌💗💍💫👼 🌱

7088: I am on the empty closed road. Just sounds of birds. I got 30km to first shop. Please pray for me. I am doing this all just for You. With intention of love & peace all around the world. 💞💍

7089: Thank you for your prayers! I'6ve beed taken by nice truck driver who carry excavator. Then little hike and I can tell you: "Greetings from Karlstad." Life is nothing without you. You are my only reason to live. I love to dream that you are so close to me. And you are my wife and we are kissing. Oh my God! ❤💃💎 Hella. Please. Can I be in love with you forever? I will. Let's go above the rainbow. 😀👼🌈

7090: Hi Love. I am trying to go sleep on the tree in Karlstad but it's to uncomftable. I wonder how monkies are sleeping on tree. Maybe they are holding together strong... 💞

7091: It's the end of a day. It's time to say good night. Sleep well. I will be your live book. Little romance, little action. My heart is flying to You in every letter. You bring me to life. "You are the reason - Celin Dion" "Tell Him - Celin Dion" "Takeing Chances - Celin Dion" "Eyes On Me - Celin Dion" 🎵❤💃 Good night love. Sleep nice & tight. Oh... and Areosmith - Kiss Your Past Goodbye & Fallen Angles 💞🎵 And... SIA - Fire Meet Gasoline, Burn The Pages, Eye Of The Niddle & Shakira - I can't Remember To Forget You & Rihanna - Stay ❤💃🎵👼 Love You! Till tommorow! 💫🌱

7092: Hella. You broke the sword. It means no more war! You are my lovely Goddess! ❤🌈👼☀ Every day is wonderful blessing with you in my heart. 💖💍💎

7093: Hella. (Aerosmith - F.I.N.E. or Love In An Elevator) I don't know if you listend enought good Aerosmith songs in your life. 💃😂 (Aerosmith - Fever or ZZ Top - Doubleback) 🎵

7094: You know Hella... I think it's such a grate opportunity for you. To have such a "love slave" like me. Together we are... nice team. I just like dream about you and I hope that one day you will decide to touch me phisically. I wish to feel you skin under my skin. I am sure you love all Rhianna songs. But have you ever tried Celtic Voman? Songs like "Voice" or "At The Celi" or "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". I am leaving Karlstad. I did 2 short shows. I bought summer sleeping bag and I have mannaged to send my winter sleepingbag home. Tonight I will be testing my new on. I am so excited. And the weather is going bad. I wonder how it will be. I love you. I am laying at your feet and I am kissing them begging for your mercy. Please don't be angry on me that I like you. (I am also writer and you are just my "muse".) I miss to just see you. 💞💫👼 A lot. Sorry Hella. I am in love.

7095: I am dreaming. I feel so good when I am dreaming about you. When you told me that you are gay for the moment I thought that you are a boy. If you were a boy I would be gay too. To be with you. / Today I had strange thoughts. How two guys (boys) can be in love together and even have sex? There is a lot of guys who pretend females. If they both doing this very well then why not. But it's strange ans crazy. / Hella. If you are a boy... then I am gay too. 💞👼😂

7096: I am in mainsquare in Karlstad. Good night. I have burning candle of hope in my heart. I hope that you will love me and accept me. Sia - Angels By The Wings & Hey Boy 💘

7097: Love You. Miss You. Forever. 💍💞 Only You. 👼👼

7098: I miss you. I want to Merry you and have kids with you. And to be everyday with you. And some of your friends if you are gay. I am dreaming. This is my dream. I wish this dream come true. Please. Say yes! 💞 Say yes and we will be happy forever. 👼💘

7099: Nice songs for You. Sia - Waving Goodbye, AcDc - Soul Stripper, AcDc - Baby Please Don't Go 💘💎 I love, love, love, love, loving You! 😁🌱🌈 I hope you block me if you don't want to recieve any SMS from me. 💫👼🎵

7100: If you will Merry me I promice to work in center of Gävle everyday on the street. I can sell flowers or walking in siut of Micky Mouse (fun for kids). And then I will be going back home to you. To hug you and to sleep by your side. I will give you all my money and I will love only you. You know that I am perfect for you. And I will play piano and organs in your church. 💞🎵 Please Hella. Song: Steam - Na na hey hey kiss him goodbye. (Oh this song is super nice!) We can live together in church like monks. We could be famous all around the world because of that. Like a main tourist atraction in Gävle. Just we or church and our infinit love. 💖👼🌱🎵🌱🎵🌱🎵🌱🎵🌱🎵🌱🎵 I will be you Captain Nemo and I will play organs for you every single day. Love you a lot. 💝💎

7101: I am just waiting for you to say "Yes! Come to me! Merry me!" or "Yes! Come to me. I found some nice women who said that Merry You". Then I will come right away! ❤ Please. Just say yes! 💫 I have hope in my heart.

7102: If you don't want me and my love and my music I won't come to Gävle.

7103: I will do anything for you. Anything. I need just you wish and desire. I know that you want me everyday in your church from 11 to 16. I will do. And... Adele - I'll be waiting. But I just don't want to hang in Gävle this way. I just want be with you. I don't want to suffer in my heart. So maybe I will just travel all around and we will see only from time to time. But don't want to suffer. I want to be with you. Forever & Always. I just want me & my heart to be happy with you. Let's try. Please. Please. Please. ❤ I love you Hella. 💃💎

7104: I love to write love letters to you. It's better than playing music. I want make you happiest person alive. You are angel. I am angel too. How I can help you on this planet as long as we are here? I am loving you and I am adoring you with all my heart. Let's just hug eachother and let's stay like that. Until the end of eternity. Through unlimited eons on time. Forever. My beautiful angel of love. I am on my kneese. I will pray all my life. To you. 💎❤🌱💫 You're my heart. You're my soul. Thank you. This is heaven, you're my only friend. 😉😁💃Please wait for me and when you meet me in your church, please ignore me. Until you get used to me. Please. / Please don't crush this beautiful dream. Let me believe in you. My God. ❤ You. 😌

7105: Oh... ☀💫 Hi there... 💞 I miss you. But I found your photography on the internet. So beautiful. I put you as a backgroung on my phone. So now you are watching me and protecting me. And I am sending you all my love and good vibes every time I see you... or think about you. Thinking about you is just nice. 💎❤ I am already adicted. ☀ And I love it. I am crazy about you. 😂 God bless you! ☀🌐❤🌈 Ps. Please. Next time, can we talk in some more quiet and privat way then last time. Last time was not so calm & quiet. Thank you. I 💗 you Mrs Hella. 💫💎 😌🎵 Sia - Kill and Run & Sia - Together 🌈

7106: I am in Åre. 💘💃

7107: Hi my love. I got nice playlist for you. Daily Mix 3. Yesterday Daily Mix 4 was super nice but it disapear. 😢 It's changing every day. Look. If you are les, I think that we should be together. It will be easier for us. Please. Come down here and let's get have quiet fast wedding. Then we can have our long honeymoon here. Don't forget to take sleepingbag with you and mountain shoses. There is a lot of nice people here. If we will be together they can help us more easy. Anyway I will stay here for the summer. I am looking for a job here. I already met one very nice woman. I want to be your partner forever. I want to hug you and kiss you. And I want to have a lot of friends with you as a couple. And I swear I will be cheeting on you. 😉💞 But I hope U2. 💎💞💎 So... have a nice day my love. I miss you much. I am thinking about you. ☀❤💃 Ps: I did nice gallery on Pinterest. Let's stay in love.💫 Let's pray for that.

7108: In case you don't like Today's Mix 3 please try Mix 4: More pop modern. 💘👼🌈

7109: I am at the Toppstugan 1420m. I wish you to be here with me. There is nobody here. Just me. I love mountains. And You. Imagine that we are working together here in cafe all season. It's a magic people. All we need to do to get rid of those stupid turists to be alone. 💞☀🌐🌱 Hug me please. (This music is very nice.) I miss you. 💖👼💎🌈 PS: I met very nice woman from city. She is expecting me today but I won't go down today. I will be praying for you. 👼💞👼 It's just nice to dream about you. I like it.

7110: The Script - Man That Can't Be Moved 🎵 ❤ Imagine Dragons - Demons ☀💎🌈 What's up girl? 💫💍 Two super sweet songs! 🌱

7111: Hi love. I was in this little church in Åre. Beautiful. I pray for You to love me. Maybe it will work. 😁💫 You know... nothing. I just want to tell you... that I miss you. 💒🚙 Jump in your car or train and come here. Please. 🌈💃🎵❤💍
Thu 17:45 10 June

4000: Domain change! Bye Prada.fun ;-)

7075: I am still Prada but I just get bored of this domain: Prada.fun / Until I did not come up with something new it will be [Kubutek.Webd.Pro] This is msg to Google Robot. I love you! ❤💎💃 And Thanks!

7076: I will try to re-new this funny domain or I need to figure out something new. Like what? I am thinking about "SexTrip.fun" or "OwlsFucker.net" LoL Just Kidding. Prada.fun is cool. But I will try to sell it to real Prada.
Mon 18:21 7 June

3999: To little spy...

7073: Listen. If you look at me from hiding because you do not have a better hobby, then at least click likes. I suggest you billiard, darts, curling or... golf. LoL Yeah! Try golf! If you can.
Fri 8:55 28 May

3998: Narrow Fucking Ice Slope

7072: Let the Mortal Combat begin!
Tue 14:27 25 May

3997: Kevlar Firestick

7070: [Link] - But how is OMG "kevlar" in fucking swedish?

7071: 2x 20cm (8inch) strips of 50mm (2inch) width kevlar wick

7074: Where I can buy Kevlar stipes in Gavle. Oh! I know! At eBay!
Tue 9:36 25 May

3993: Does Celin did it with Pavarotti på Akropol?

7057: a) Maybe
b) I don't know
c) Whatever
d) Fuck Off

7058: The question på 61.000.000 SEK! National Lottety!

7059: Old lady. What you would do with such a fucking huge winning? (The question to you!)
Wed 13:04 19 May

3992: Prime in Love

7054: Covid rules!

7055: - I need to talk to my shrink.
- About what? About clouds?

7056: [Deal]
Mon 20:29 17 May

3991: Planeta Ma£p

7052: - Ej. Kurwa. Dogadajmy sie jakos! Szynka za naboje!
Mon 20:19 17 May

3983: 7 Modes of C Minior Melodic
Sun 9:20 9 May

3982: C# Minior Melodic

7021: Wait the sec. It's not so easy to learn it in just one day! But I swear God, I will be jazz pianist! So help me Jesus and Holly Merry and rest of the crew! 💯➰👌😂

7022: With App "Perfect Piano" anything is quite possible. Hell yeah!
Thu 9:15 6 May

3981: C# Minior Natural

7024: Gimmie a brake!
Thu 8:58 6 May

3980: C# Minior Harmonic

7023: Looks like bullshit to me.
Thu 8:37 6 May

3979: Minior King - RHCP [rhcp]

7019: Chords Progression

7020: Today is "Cis-Minior (Natural)" day for me! And for you? 👼😂👍
Wed 10:49 5 May

3978: O Szanzelize...

7025: Tralala...
Mon 15:26 3 May

3977: Talk To Transformer (.com)

7017: (Elements)

I need a woman to make me feel better. I'm helpless without her. I need to feel that she's close by me so she can suck my cock and her mother can cook, and I can go to work. I have to.

7018: If she thinks I'm cool for slapping her ass then I'll f her ass too. Oh yeah, that reminds me. I need to get up now. Oh goody. I can watch her squirm. It's like being a cameraman in a p movie. Well, I guess I'll try to be civilized about this. I leaned down and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. It would be disrespectful to kiss her mouth. I need to go in slowly. If she doesn't resist then she's okay. At least now I know that she is alright. She doesn't resist. Good. I
Sun 16:51 2 May

3976: Mad Man Blues

7015: Nice soks!

7016: The guy doesn't keep a fucking rythm! Ask Angus.
Sat 8:24 1 May

3975: ICA Gävle Golf Course Covid Party Daily at 19

7006: No offence, slaves! World is fucking stupid! Full of dumb fucks! I need to kick some asses or fuck some asses!

7007: Better speak english! This the best intermational sollution. Probably you know all of this! Yeah!

7008: No offence good people of the earth!

7009: I need to create new newspaper! I am looking for a good and catchy name. Like... Prada.fun? Do you like it? And there will be some marvelous links and articles for you to explore! I think the idea is briliant! I hope you all can speak english! We will do good, good, very good this time! Yeah!

7010: Now I need main mission. Dates! Funny nice meetings. To talk to dance to play to meet new people. All right! We can start this now. All I need to do is "to wake up" and "to write". Yeah!

7011: Patking lot at ICA Gävle Golf Course. Everyday from 19. Bring some nice music. Not sonething to scare people away! My "this project name" is Robin! I live to have cool dates and to have fun. Cheers to you! Covid Party everyday since 19! Bring your pets!

7012: Just park your cars as close to ICA as possible and stay in your cars. Will see what will be. If you're playing music from cars play some soft and nice. Please. Drinks until 22!

7013: Don't forget to tell everybody!
Sun 15:19 25 April

3974: from

6999: Kawal: - Juz jest! Oto on! Samochod roku 2008. Peugote 309 Combi. Chcesz oniesmielic sasiadow? To juz sie stalo! Zapraszamy do salonow!

7000: Kawal 2: Jakby portal nasza-klasa istnial nadal, wszystkie dziewczyny juz dawno zostalyby kurwami. 😂😂😂💗💗💗

7001: Ogloszenie 1: I will turn your wife into horny devil, fast. No question ask! Call now: (Jesus-he-knows-me)

7002: Kawal 3: Ty czemu chodzisz na lyso? - A bo z wlosami wygladam jak idiota. - Ty, ale bez wlosow tez! Tj. jeszcze gorzej!

7003: Kawal 4: Czemu codziennie pijesz piwo? Zeby zapomniec o tym ze ja kocham taka jedna laske. - I co udaje sie? - Nie.

7004: Kawal 5: Jak zpowodowac zeby dziewczyna przyjechala do Ciebie? - Zaproponowac slub.

7005: Kochanie.
Sat 21:10 24 April

3973: Weekend!

6998: Hey. Let's be friends. I am sure that there is some good in you. You need to open your mouth and talk to me. Can you? You don't know what to say? I will figure out something.
Fri 20:13 23 April

3971: Life by Prada 💔

6995: Life is simple Fred. All you have to do is to sleep outside, then drink protein shake for brakefast, then go to the gym, then city center to do things, then gym again, and just drinking beer until late night. Then sex. Then sleep. Repeat until you're old.

6996: Ok. I am just kidding. It's all depends on your lifestyle. Your job. How you are busy daily. What type of energy is around you. I am trying to excersise different part of body each day. But later I realise that it's better to just move a bit, every single part. Every single muscle. I think it is the best option. Not to overload system but just to tell your body, that this muscle will be useful "later".
Mon 20:15 19 April

3970: Prada's CV

6994: Hello. I am Jacob and this is my CV & motivation letter. I am new in Gävle. My heart brings me here. She was my biggest love in high-school and now she is happily married with three kids. The are both doctors from Poland. End of the love story.

I was born in 1981. More less last 20 years I was traveler. Until now I am using some financial help from my family. They are quite rich (on polish scale), very representative, international people. Since early 90's they doing Real Estates in heart of Cracow in a heart of Poland. Couple year I was working with them but I decided to become traveler because I was looking for someone and to get know europe as well. Oh, it is so big anyway. It's good to have scooter!

But now I decided to stay here in this town. Just settled myself here and check how it will be. I am not in contact with "she". "She" refuse to see me when I came here to Gävle. So nevermind! There is plenty of nice women and people around. I hope to be everybody's friend!

So I am looking for a job and something to do. I can be privat massager! Last half year (2020/2021) I was in Scotland. Very nice place on earth. In Aberdeen and Edynbourgh. Most of time in Aberdee. Because I am hobby programmer I created website FunFeet.co.uk. Maybe soon I will create FunFeet.se and I will translate all the content into swedish. But FunFeet.co.uk is ready to be surfed now in english.

I am also blogger and fashion - "Prada" brand supporter. My website is Prada.fun and sometimes I am adding some content there. It's my digital baby. (Don't forget to check my daily gallery on Pinterest! I am web programmer in html, css, php, java script and sql.

Because all of this computer knowledge I can trying to find a job as a website programmer. I can handle all projects by myself or I can be part of a team. It could be smaller or bigger your own website project. Privat or for your little business.

I am also looking for a simple job as a cleaner or any assistant. (Well... maybe not any!)

In Poland, some years ago, I made driving licence for car and excavator but to validate it here in Sweden, it means to make a brand new one here. So now I don't have driving licence. It's even good because I don't like cars and I really enjoying public transport and very long walks!

My hobby is gym. Lately I am there twice a day. I never before was such a extensive gym user, so I need to learn everything step by step. But I have some previous expirence with being "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle"! I did karate for 5 years when I was kid. Then as a hobby I did trening with Katana (japan sword) and now my hobby is bõ. It is using regular stick as a weapon. (It comes from many martial arts.) Because I learn a bit from street artists, I am thinking about start to perform some "fire shows" in Gävle center. But I think it could take some time to practice and be well trained before official street shows.

Since I am 16 I play guitar. I can teach people how to play this nice beautiful instrument. I never study this but I played in some bands when I was younger. I also play bass or any king of guitar. I play drums but I need practice a lot and now I can't. Actually it is my aim to find or to create blues band (and take money from government for it - "growing music culture") because blues I like the most and everybody can play it because it's very easy. All you need is to nice & sweet chick on the mic! (Another Abba & Hannah Montana all-in-one... but Swedish!) 😉👍🎸🎶

Two or three years ago I started to learning piano. It's quite difficult instrument and it needs to be practice daily. As soon as I will have such a opportunity I will buy myself instrument. I am already very, very good in jazz theory of music and I can show and learn how to practice.

I like straight love poetry 👀! I like to write some love poems very often and I also like to meditate. I think mediation is very important part of any sport you are doing but also relationship with others. Meditation can help you to relax and to stay calm & easy.

I like walking in mountains and in wild nature so I like to have a little trips outside the town.

Since my heart was broke 💔 I decided to try my luck with some other woman... 💝🐱 Or women. I have nothing against to be in free and open relations with women. I prefere companion of adult and fully grown ups then little kids who are too childish for me.

I like all animals (especially birds: parrots, seaguls & pidgeons) but first I need to get marriage and have children to buy a dog. But cat I could have with my room.

I am not user of alcohol 💎☔ and I am not smoking cigarets. From time to time I am using snus. I like eat healthy but I don't like to cook and to use too much ingreedients. I like simple food.

I am learning swedish because I want to stay in Gävle, find a job and be much more fluent with communication with others, but I am sure it can take some time for me to learn this language. Well I got time so I am fine with that.

My dream vacations is walk in national parks in Scandinavia. I hope before my first winter here I will have nice warm and cozy apartament here. Or wife or simple room at least, to not froze off ❄⛄ my ass.

I am single as I said. And straight. It means I am not gay but I have nothing against guys who pretends women. It's funny.

Recently I am looking for some room to live. I decided to live in Gävle. I am searching for a job on daily basic. It involved from me to being very open and to ask people about opportunities.

If I would describe my future "dream realationship" I would be very happy to help some wifes to cheeting on her husbands while they are away on huntings or on some business trips. Hehe. Just kidding!

It could be regular girlfriend as well. I just don't mind if she will be cheat on me or not. I'm just kidding again.

As I told you before my dream job would be "women massager" and I am also looking for some nice & room to say. It could be even for free at the beggining. I can help in household. Actually I am looking for some nice family to join. 😄💝👼

My favourite 🎶 music & musician is Eminem! 🔭💰

Greetings, Kind Regards and Have a nice day!

Jakub Robert Prazmowski

James Prada 💛💙💜💚❤ 🙈🙉🙊😉

Mon 10:12 19 April

3969: Fire-Show
Mon 8:36 19 April

3968: Simple Moves

6993: It nice! Try it for yourself!
Fri 13:31 16 April

3967: KGB, Policja, Mafia, Prawa Jazdy, Sady i Szpitale Psychiatryczne!

6989: Stara mnie cisnie, zebym znalazl prace. Przeciez szukam! Oto co jej odpisalem...

6990: Mamo. Przeciez sie staram. Wczoraj dzwonilem do glownej firmy ktora zajmuje sie zbieraniem smieci tutaj. Rozmawialem bardzo dlugo z mila babeczka. Powiedziala ze lepiej by bylo jakbym mial prawojazdy na smieciare, ale rowniez ze na sezon letni zatrudniaja dodatkowy personel.

Przeczytaj uwaznie to!

Co mam zrobic? Jeszcze musze sie uzerac z azylem i ochrona miedzynarodowa. Sluchaj. Bedac w polskim pierdlu poznalem "zlo". W Polsce jest sie czego obawiac. Grupa ludzi, mafia (KGB - Ruska Tajna Policja Miedzynarodowa) napierdalaja jak leci, bo nie maja co robic i zeby udowodnic sobie, ze to wlasnie oni sa na topie i nikt inny! Kto raz byl w pierdlu ten juz zawsze bedzie na ich celowniku. Sady to to samo! Jesli mnie znowu zamkna w Polskim wiezieniu albo wariatkowie, to mnie zabija tam! To jest maszyna smierci! Ucieklem z Polski. Poprosze o ochrone w Szwecji. Jak jej nie dostane w Szwecji to w Norwegii. Jak jej nie dostane w Norwegii to kurwa do Japonii pojade! Jak nie w Japonii to wracam do Afryki. Rozumiesz? Krakow to Szambo! Nienawidze Krakowa! Nienawidze tego jak w Polsce poprzebierani za polakow ruscy, napierdalaja polakow jak leci. Bo takie maja hobby. Gorzej. Bo taka po prostu maja prace!

Widzialem co sie dzialo na tym oddziale obserwacji sadowej psychiatrycznej. Dwa razy juz tam bylem. Za drugim razem mielismy zmienic ta pierwsza opinie. Tam zachodzi jedna wielka manipulacja. Patla albo ktos od niego, wszystkim jak leci wlepiaja bilet do psychiatryka, nie rozumiesz tego?!

Ta cala sprawa to jest pierdolony farmazon z falszowaniem materialu dowodowego przez krakowska nowohucka policje na czele!!! (+ klamstwa i spisek egzaminatorow na prawo jazdy "MORD") Ci Panstwo sobie po prostu sami udawadniaja, ze sa Bogami no i wszystko moga. Napisze pisma do sadu okregowego tylko Blaha musi mi dac sygnature tej sprawy.

Tyle z mojej strony. Ps. Wcale nie chcialem dzisiaj do Ciebie zadzwonic! Niepotrzebnie do mnie oddzwonilas! Dziekuje za pieniazki. Kuba

Ps. Tu mnie chcieli otruc w knajpie kawa. Zglisilem sprawe na policje i zostala umorzona. Brak dowodow. A jakbym wzial probke tej kawy to w laboratorium chemicy by niczego nie wykryli nawet gdyby cos wykryli. Oto nasza wspaniala cywilizacja. Machina smierci. Zaraz by przyszedl jakis ruski grubas z odznakom i zeby udowodnic wszystkim wladze swojego autorytetu, powiedzialby komus tam "nic nie widziales i nic nie slyszales". Tak to wlasnie dziala. A w Polsce? Oczywiscie ze wszystkie sady sa skorumpowane. Przeciez to nawet kazde dziecko wie.

Ludzie! Nie chodzcie do kawiarni na kawe bo was otruja! Oto dobra rada od wujka Prada.

6991: Swiat sie powinien dowiedziec o tym, ze Polska Krakowska Howo-Hucka policja falszowala i preparowala materialy dowodowe w sprawie przeciwko mnie! I to oczywiscie nie wszyscy tam, tylko za cala sprawe odpowiedzialny jest jakis rusek "z wewnatrz" o kim pewnie nie wie nikt, tylko on sam. I co? Wszyscy sa w dupie, a sady szczesliwe bo maja prace!

6992: Zwracam sie do Szwecji z prosba o Azyl i objecie mnie ochrona miedzynarodowa przed tym chorym i patologicznym krajem (bez epitetow) jakim jest Polska! I sciagam lajka na fejskie proste buce!
Thu 11:45 15 April

3966: Everybody loves everyone!

6987: But sex with who?

6988: Tak duzo tu jest fajnych ludzi. Jutro ide do sadu. Musze o cos poprosic tutejszy Szanowny Wysoki Sad. Napisze stosowne pismo. Moge nawet po szwedzku. Google transate czyni cuda. Prawa sluchawka mi sie zepsula. Eh. 19:11 Tesknie za czyms. Nie koniecznie za Toba. Po prostu za kims. Moze zakochalem sie w kims innym? A moze po prostu zamienilem sie w psa. Hahaha. Asienko. Co na objad u Was? Znowu Meat-ballsy w sosie diabolo pomidoro? A tam. Ty to pewnie tak umiesz gotowac jak Selena Gomez. Przepraszam co to za warzywo? I co sie z tym robi? Jestem w centrum nad rzeka. Bardzo ladne sa te takie smieszne ptaszki z czarnymi glowkami i reszta biala. Wiesz ze wczoraj foke widzialem jak sie meczyla z upolowana rybka. Ha! Na poczatku mysle sobie tak... co ten ptak tak kombinuje nurkujac, patrze dokladniej, a to foka. Wow! Ale podplynela. Widzialas kiedys foke w gorskim strumieniu? No. Przyplynela na tarlo. LoL.

Na silowni jest sporo takich malych fajnych kijow. Do rozciagania sie. Troche z nimi trenuje. Wydaje mi sie, ze jakby go troszke dociazyc i zaostrzyc, to mozna by bylo zrobic niezly oszczep. Tylko po co? No jak to po co? Zeby upolowac cos co mozna by bylo zjesc. Przynajmniej rybe. Ja jestem raczej jaroszem ale coz... jakby nie bylo innej opcji. Tylko jak zaoszczyc kijek jak sie nie na norza? Wiem! Rozlupac na pol i wsadzic krzemien. Zrobic w ten sposob "krzemienny grot". Cos bylo o tym w podreczniku Johna Wisemana - "Szkola Przetrwania". Haha. Szkoda ze nie bylo rozdzialu "podstawy prawa polskiego" i "jak przezyc polskie bzdurne batalie prawne, i nie dac sie zezrec sepa, nie bedac prawnikiem". No na to chyba nikt nie jest przygotowany, chyba ze przez policje ganiany byl od dziecka. A ja wiesz. "Porzadnych chlopak z porzadnego domu." Haha!

Asia mnie nie chce to zakochuje sie jak leci w kazdej. Zajebisty plan! Oh yeah!

Thu 7:46 15 April

3965: Sweetest & Nicest Only!

6986: Love. Uff. Ale dzisiaj sie dopakowalem. Wow. Robie tak. Kazdego dnia inna czesc cialka. Biceps, Plecy, Klata i Triceps, Brzuch. Dzisiaj byl biceps. Jakis mecz hokeja dzisiaj jest. Wlasnie sie dowiedzialem, ze macie tu lodowisko. No w sumie nie dziwne. Eh tam. Ale bym sie do Ciebie przytulil. W sumie to wystarczyloby mi Ci spotkac i porozmawiac chwilke. Wierze, ze sie zgodzisz. Ukochana. Popatrz. W arabii faceci maja wiele zon. A tutaj. Zony moga miec wielu mezow. LoL. Tak sie zgrywam. Chcialbym Cie jakos rozsmieszyc. Ale z Ciebie lobuz. Wiesz. Tak mi smutno, ze nie chcesz mnie widziec. Tak mi smutno. I w tym smuteczku musze sie nuzac. Dzien za dniem. Wiesz... jakos tak mi... po prostu przykro. I tak codziennie zamykam oczy i sie wtulam w swoje mysli. Dzis zaczepila mnie jakas babeczka i powiedziala, ze podoba sie jej moja fryzura. Bardzo jej podziekowalem. Mily komplement. Probowalem szybko cos wymyslic, zeby sie jej zrewanzowac, ale sobie szybko poszla, a ja jej nie gonilem bo bylem zajety. W sumie to poszedlbym do fryzjera ale mnie nie stac i musze oszczedzac. Takie zycie. Ale jestem szczesliwy bo jestem w Twoim miasteczku. Ty to chyba wiesz. Musze sobie poszukac jakiegos pokoju do wynajecia. Nie to zebym narzekal bo uwielbiam outdoor. Ale tak po prostu czuje, ze wypada wynajac sobie jakis pokoik. Ha. Albo wybudowac szalas. Nie chcialabys mi pomoc? Wybudowac szalas? Ty wiesz, ze na polnocy sa ludzie co tak zyja? Po prostu choduja renifery i rozbijaja obozy w roznych miejscach. A ja... jestem jak wilk obok takiej jednej, bo mam nadzieje, ze bede mogl sie z Toba w koncu spotkac. Porozmawiac i wtedy bede mogl spokojnie wyjechac stad. Ale wiesz, ze tego nie zrobie. Niestety, stety, ale chyba musze tutaj juz zostac. Napewno uda mi sie poznac kogis fajnego. Musze zaczac probowac umawiac sie tutaj z kims na randki. Moze jak dopakuje troche... i zaczne probowac, to moze mi sie zacznie udawac. W sumie szukam tu tez jakiegos zespolu muzycznego. Zeby sie zaprzyjaznic z jakimis tutejszymi muzykami. Ale to chyba musze w centrum popytac. Eh Asiu. Zawsze staram sie znalezc jakies plusy. Ale nie ukrywam, ze dla mojego umyslu to bardzo trudne zrozumiec, dlaczego sie nie chcesz ze mna zobaczyc. Nie wiem co? Zbrzydlas? Zgrublas? Wstydzisz sie mnie? Zupelnie nie wiem. No coz. Mam nadzieje, ze kiedys sie spotkamy. Joanno. / Ale nie martw sie o mnie. Tyle jest tu fajnych babeczek. Moze nawet sa takie co lubia randki. Wiesz. Raz sie spotkac z tym, a raz z innym. / Ale Ty... pieknie mnie sobie upolowalas. To serce przebite strzala, to chyba ma linke jeszcze... ktora prowadzi do Ciebie. Coz Ci moge jeszcze napisac? Czy mnie lubisz? Czy mnie kochasz? A dlaczego bys miala mnie nie lubic i nie kochac? Eh. Ja Cie bardzo lubie i szanuje. Po prostu nie moge zrozumiec... a Tobie chodzi tylko o to, zebym sie zastanawial. Eh. No wiec zastanawiam sie. I byc moze Tobie wlasnie o to chodzi i byc moze to jest wlasnie to co potrzebujesz i czego oczekujesz od naszej relacji. I juz sie na to nie gniewam i nie buntuje. Po prostu musze to zaakceptowac. Zeby zyc w zgodzie ze swoim serce. Ze swoja duszyczka. Tak to dziala. A wiec usmiecham sie do Ciebie, pozdrawiam Cie serdecznie i nie pozostaje mi nic innego jak tylko przytulic sie do swoich mysli. Wierze, ze u Ciebie wszystko ok i ze jestes szczesliwa. Kuknij prosze Cie czasem na mojego pinteresta: @JamesPrada9 Pewnie wiesz. A nawet jak nie wiesz i tam nie wchodzisz, to i tak ten wpis bedzie bardzo ladnie wygladal na moim blogu, a pewnie ktos na tym swiecie jest, o kim nie wiem, a go czyta. No wiec... dobranoc. Bede sie staral codziennie napisac wieczorem cos bardzo milego dla swojego serca. I wierze, ze jest tu gdzies dziewczyna (kobieta) ktora zrozumie moje serce i zajmie Twoje miejsce. Napewno bedziesz wtedy bardzo szczesliwa. Wiedzac, ze ja jestem szczesliwy i zakochany... juz nie w Tobie tylko w kims innym, ale ze jestem gdzies w poblizu, obok i po prostu sobie zyje. No to nie przeszkadzam Ci juz. Poki co musza mi wystarczyc te wszystkie mile mysli, ktore mam w glowie. Bo wiem, ze w glebi serca jestes aniolem, ktory tylko ubral taka brzydka i nieladna maske swojej obecnej postawy wzgledem mnie, bo mysli...sz, ze tak wlasnie jest najlepiej. No coz. Widac niestety tak wlasnie musi byc. Mowi sie trudno. Dobranoc. Spij spokojnie i nie mysl prosze o mnie zle. Zyje w tej historyjce. I Ty tez. Po prostu. A kazda historyjka przecierz musi miec swoj happy end. Poki co codziennie cudownie mi zasypiac tu i budzic sie. I moze wlasnie tylko o to chodzi. Oczywiscie zawsze moglo by byc lepiej i fajniej, ale wkoncu nie od razu Krakow zbudowano. A takich wpisow moge napisac jeszcze mnostwo. Jak to spiewala Billi Elish? Blood you bleed it's just a blood you own? Wolalbym Cie zobaczyc. I twoj najpiekniejszy na swiecie usmiech. No... moze nie najpiekniejszy ale piekny. I dla mnie bardzo wiele znaczacy. Dobranoc. Kto rano wstaje temu Pan Bog daje. I pamietaj jeszcze to... Gosc w dom Bog w dom. Dobranoc tam. Czas snic sny. PS: Z mojego lozka widac niebo i drzewa... i gwiazdy. I mam calkiem spory ogrod. Z czasem kupie skory reniferow. Jakbym mial kucyka to by parkowal tu obok mnie. Napewno by nam razem bylo milo. PS2: Wiesz jak mnie lubia te konie tutaj? O! Kupie im jutro cukier! Powiem, ze jest od Ciebie. Napewno je to bardzo obchodzi. Dobranoc serce. Niech Tinkerbellek nademna dzisiaj czuwa. Wiesz kto to.
Tue 9:38 13 April

3960: Happy Ninja Bø Practice

6973: James Prada unloved himself! That is true! You can't love somebody who was born to hate. Shame. But there's a good news. James Prada is looking for a swedish girlfriend or woman (lover) who will teach him (me) how to speak swedish, how to dance and merry me. How about that? I am also looking for a room to stay. But just for a couple of days because summer is comming! Is that wonderdul? Yes! Life begins. Let's face it. Let's go ahead with this. Let's go Norway for summer. Honey. Do you want to go with me? I am thinking about good advertisment of myself. "Nice traveler is looking for a girlfriends and dates! " / How it will be in swedish? I will check it tommorow at google translate. Good night then! Thank you very much. Good night then and God Bless! / Oh. I think I need to be much more active on facebook. LoL / No! It's not nessesery. I am not waiting for anything. / I am thinking also about doing Ninja Lessons. Sword and sticks. / Let's do advertisment. How this should be?

1. Basics Karate
2. Bø & Katana
3. Meditation & Relaxation

Price: 100sek/week

Sounds grate? Then everyday at midday! Let's rock! I think you will love it!

Okey! So this is it. Anyway I am at the gym everyday! I wonder who will join. Maybe everybody? Exellent then. Yeah!

I was thinking about the price. 100 SEK per 1 week! And fuck it. I need to rent a room or something! I think the price is very good! / Now I need just to create special group on Facebook.

And another advertisment. "Nice traveler is looking for music band." or "Nice traveler is looking for girl & date." Think about it bitch! LoL

Okazalo sie ze najpierw musze zrobic specjalny kurs. Poltora roku zeby pozwolili mi sie wbic na ich sale gimnastyczna. LoL. Norma. Ide pokrecic sie po centrum. Kazdy ma tu swoje problemy na glowie. Wiadomo. Nie jestem jeden. W tej wsi pewnie kazdy chce zostac smieciazem. Za to przynajmniej swieze powietrze jest dla wszystkich. Hehe. Uchodziec dostaje 2 euro dziennie. Lepszy rydz niz nic. Wiadomo. Slucham Metaliki. Super. Jest 17. Fajnie.

Sun 13:08 11 April

3959: Nowy dzien. Nowe opcje.

6971: No wiec u mnie wszystko spoko. Serdecznie pozdrawiam wszystkich fanow i milego milego dnia. Lecimy z nowymi podkastami.

6972: I pamietajcie jak torebka to tylko Prada. Yeah! Buziaki.
Wed 13:44 7 April

3958: Nowy zrzut na audioblogu! Yeah!

6970: Uwolniony dyktafon. Gotowy na nowe przygody! Zapnicie pasy. Koniec ery piekielnej. Zaczynamy wszystko od nowa! Aha. I skonczylo mi sie miejsce na serwerze. Tak wiec wkrotce wyleca najstarsze nagrania. Musze kupic sobie jakis przenosny dysk. Albo przynajmniej 64GB pena. Buziaczki kochani i pamietajcie, ze co zlego to nie ja. Just love!
Tue 13:47 6 April

3956: Job

6959: Mycket trevlig kille söker jobb, rum, tjej och datum. Ring mig snälla. / Very nice guy is looking for job, room, girl and date. Call me please.

6960: Om du gillar långa promenader och engelska konversationer. Om du kan lära mig lite svenska, ring mig. / If you like long walks and english conversation. If you can teach me some swedish, please give me a call.

6961: Du känner igen mig på den rosa ryggsäcken. / You can recognize me by the pink backpack.

6963: Vilken typ av jobb letar du efter? / What type of job are you looking for?

6964: Bra, fint, roligt, lyckligt, trevligt arbete. Jag kan städa eller reparera saker eller bara hjälpa dig. / Good, nice, fun, happy, nice work. Could be cleaning or repairing things or just helping you.

6965: Städar upp. Renovering. Dammsugning. Rengöring. Målning. Dekoration. / Cleaning up. Renovation. Vacuuming. Cleansing. Painting. Decoration.

6966: Vill du ha något stoppid jobb? / Do you want to have any stopid job?

6967: Vad menar du? Förlåt. Jag förstår dig inte. / What do you mean? Sorry. I do not understand you.

6968: Jag vill verkligen jobba i en butik eller städa sjukhuset eller gatorna. / I really want to work in a store or clean the hospital or the streets.
Mon 9:10 5 April

3955: What women like to hear?

6942: Gillar du att lyfta vikter i gymmet? / Do you like lifting weights in the gym?

6943: Du är väldigt vacker. / You are very beautiful.

6944: Kan jag köpa blommor till dig? / Can I buy you flowers?

6945: Gillar du datum? / Do you like dates?

6946: Jag tycker att du är mycket trevlig person och jag tycker att jag gillar dig väldigt mycket. / I think you are very nice person and I think I like you very much.

6947: Kan jag boka en tid med dig för en promenad? / Can I make an appointment with you for a walk?

6948: Jag är säker på att du har pojkvän eller man. / I am sure that you have boyfriend or husband.

6949: Kan jag träffa din man eller pojkvän? / Can I meet your husband or boyfriend?

6950: Varför har du inte tio pojkvänner eller tio män? / Why do not you have 10 boyfriends or 10 husbands?

6951: Tillbringar du mycket tid hemma på vintern? / Do you spend a lot of time at home in winter?

6952: Tillåter din man dig att träffa datum med andra män? / Does your husband allow you to go on dates with other men?

6953: Tillåter du din man att flörta och träffa andra kvinnor? / Do you allow your husband to flirt and meet other women?

6954: Hur många fruar eller män kan du officiellt ha i Sverige? / How many wives or husbands can you officially have in Sweden?

6955: Har kungen bara en fru? / Does the king have only one wife?

6956: Har drottningen bara en man? / Does the queen have only one husband?

6957: Har du bröder eller systrar? / Do you have brothers or sisters?

6958: Alla älskar solen. Och du? / Everyone loves the sun. And you?
Sun 11:28 4 April

3954: Let's go text!

6934: De kommande dagarna kommer min huvudsakliga hobby att lära mig svenska. / In the coming days, my main hobby will be learning Swedish.

6935: Jag vill visa mig själv att jag kan lära mig att prata med svenska tjejer om en månad. / I want to show myself that I can learn to talk to Swedish girls in a month.

6936: Först svenska versionen av texten och sedan engelska. / First swedish version of text and then english.

6937: Är du redo? Så låt oss börja. / Are you ready? So let's start.

6938: Hur som helst, jag älskar att prata själv. / Anyway, I love to talk myself.

6939: Så vad alla tjejer eller kvinnor gillar att höra? / So what all girls or women like to hear?

6940: Det här är mycket intressant och svår fråga. / This is very interesting and difficult question.

6941: Låt oss bara ha kul. / Let's just have some fun.
Sun 10:46 4 April

3953: Next Careful Chapter

6932: Hi. Okay. Now I am fine and I will just shut up. Anyway there is nothing to talk about or it's privat. I hope you understand. Well... We had some crazy adventures together. Thanks! That was nice. But now I need calm and st. peace so see ya all in hell some other time. I hope never. ;-) :-P 👍🌈👼🔥💝💯🌐🐢💘

6933: I will be active only at Pinterest and Twitter at @JamesPrada9
Sun 7:17 4 April

3952: Covid-19 sweet letter...

6927: Cos napisalem ale zniknelo. Napisze wiec jeszcze raz. Asienko. Wszystko super. Po raz pierwszy wiem gdzie jest moje miejsce. W promieniu 100km od Was. Od Ciebie. Od jutra szukam pracy i pokoju. Bardzo mi sie w Szwecji podoba. Rodzine i przyjaciol sie jakis, ma a jeszcze jakas wybiera. Wiesz ze jestem romantykiem ale bardzo nie chcialbym zeby to Ci zawadzalo w jakis sposob. I Twojemu mezowi. Mam nadzieje ze zostaniemy z czasem po prostu przyjaciolmi. A na romantyzm i romantycznosc z mojej strony mozesz przeciez zawsze liczyc bo przeciez chodzi o to zeby bylo milo i wesolo. Prosze nie gniewajcie sie. Nie gniewaj sie. Nie wiem czy kiedykolwiek kogos zdolam pokochac bardziej niz Ciebie ale nie chce zeby to bylo jakimkolwiek zagrozeniem dla waszego zwiazku. Chcialbym po prostu swoja miloscia Cie i Was wspierac. A tak naprawde to nie chce nikogo kochac sercem innego niz Ciebie. Do grobowej deski. A ta milosc przeciez bedziesz mogla przekazac swojej rodzinie bo to jest po prostu pozytywna energia ktora nie chce tracic na nikogo innego. Krolowo mego serca. Po prostu siostrzyczko ukochana. I moze zostane swietym LoL z tej okazji. Buhahaha. Pozdrawiam Was serdecznie, a Ciebie ubostwiam od samego piekla do samego nieba. Haha. W promieniu 100km od Ciebie po prostu bardzo dobrze sie czuje. Odnalazlem Cie wreszcie i mi sie podoba tak jak jest, a moze byc czasem tylko lepiej, fajniej i normalniej. Ha! Jak mi cos do glowy jeszcze przyjdzie to napisze. Kocham Cie i zawsze bede. Dobranoc kochana Asiu. Spij slodko. Forever Twoj Kuba.

6928: Cut my heart and make it bleed. All drops of love you get is my pleasure and you "fun-rain". I will be forever your slave this way. Have a nice day. Love you so much. But can I date some other girls? - If you only want to... - No I don't. This is more fun! Good night my sweet "sister" love. I am happy and forever I will be happy because of you, you, you! Hell yeah!

6929: Oh this poem I think I love the most!

6930: Chyba wszystko dobrze wytlumaczylem sam sobie, co nie? No to spoko. Dobranoc.

6931: But anyway... I was thinking that'll be something like... Hello! What's up? How are you!!! Welcome! Welcome! Nice to see you! Nice to see you! A wyszlo... jak zwykle... bez wiekszego entuzjazmu. Oh no I know... dirty world!
Fri 21:32 2 April

3951: Bestrosko w glebie. Hop.

6925: Nanana. Eh. Never give up! Ponoc "too much love will kill you". O jak dobrze zatem. Czy mozna zakochiwac sie od nowa i od nowa? Mozna. Coraz glebiej zapadac sie w ta cudowna nieskonczonosc. Z dala od tego swiata. Po drugiej stronie niebieskich oczu. "Behind blue eyes". Czy mozna zyczyc sobie cokolwiek wiecej? I tak mnie nikt nie rozumie bardziej niz ja sam siebie. To po prostu nieskonczonosc tego co moze czuc czyjes serce z powodu jakies osoby. Z powodu kogos specjalnego i wyjatkowego. Z powodu takiego kogos jak Ty. Zapinam pasy. Zakladam helm i sprawdzam czy gdzies obok jest papierowa torebka jak w samolotach. LoL. Haha. Jestem normalna osoba a z drugiej strony pozwalam sobie na odrobine szalenstwa z milosci. Odrobine? A moze caly kosmos? Czy caly wszechswiat to odrobina? Tak. To zirenko piasku na plazy nieskonczonosci. Let's go more and more and more inside. Tak wlasnie pracuje. In my head-office. Phone-office. Swiat jest moim domem. A moje serce jest Twoim domem. Wszedzie chodze na piechote i nigdy mi sie nie spieszy. "Ile jeszcze bede na Ciebie czekala?" - slysze. Aaaa... To takie piekne. Bardzo podoba mi sie ta "przejazdzka". Jesli mozna nazwac ja przejazdzka. Oczywiscie ze mozna. Wszystko mozna. Jesli tak wyglada niebo to fajnie. Jest niezwykle i wcale nie jest zwyczajne. Unikalne wrecz. A coz innego mam robic? Po prostu opicuje co czuje i co przezywam. Moze kiedys to przeczytam albo ktos to przeczyta i sie zachwyci. Albo po prostu zwyczajnie zdziwi. Swiat serca. Swiat milosci. Swiat romansow. Trzeba w zyciu ciezko pracowac zeby moc poczuc to wszystko. Albo po prostu trzeba sie bardzo starac poczuc to wszystko. Przygoda trwa. Dziekuje niebu i ziemi za to wszystko. Za te chwile zadumy, namyslu i zachwytu. I nazwij mnie klamca, ale to wszystko robie i pisze tylko i wylacznie dla publicznosci i oklaskow. Zluzujmy troche. Po prostu "kolesiowi odjebalo". LoL. Polska kultura jest mistrzowska w tryializowaniu tego co niezwykle. A moze reczej rosyjska. Nie wiem. Moze sie myle. Laduje baterie. Mam juz 40%. Dobrze idzie. Hehe. Oh yeah!

6926: Tylko prosze nie zarzucajcie mi plagiatu. Ja wiem ze wielu przede mna bardzo kochalo i czulo o wiele wiele wiecej, ale zapewniam Was ze niczego nie kopiuje. Robie sobie literacka "sweet focie" do pamietniczka. Kochany pamietniczku... ile masz jeszcze dla mnie stronnic do zapisania?
Fri 16:44 2 April

3950: Eeeeee... No wiec...

6924: No wiec. To co teraz napisze. Wlasciwie to niema juz zadnego znaczenia. Zawsze pisalem do swojej ukochanej, i zeby sobie poukladac rozne rzeczy w glowie. Mysle ze moje zycie byloby znacznie latwiejsze gdybym nigdy nie nauczyl sie pisac. Np. malpy nie umieja i z regoly wygladaja na bardzo szczesliwe. No chyba ze sa zamkniete w zoo. Wtedy tesknia za lasem. No chyba zemaja ze soba partnera. Wtedy chyba las im zwisa. Potem odkrylem dyktafon i zrozumialem ze wcale nie trzeba miec przyjaciela zeby moc sie serdecznie wygadac. Nauczylem sie rowniez ze nie ma co zawierac przypadkowych znajomosci przez FB bo mozna poznac podrzucona przez policje malolate lub po prostu zapomniec sprawdzic ile ma lat. Nauczylem sie rowniez ze... W sercu kazdego z nas jest ktos kto na nas czeka, a raczej nas do siebie wzywa. A w sumie to zapomnialem o tym wszystkim. Nie wiem czy cokolwiek jeszcze ma sens. Czyste ubranie. Jakies pieniadze zeby bylo Cie stac na cos do picia w barze. Dzieci sie rodza i puszczane sa jak samoloty w dal. Niektore dostaja gesie pioro i atrament albo... dyktafon. Tak. Niech to bedzie ostatnie przeslanie moje na teraz. Konczy sie moja przygoda. Wreszcie. I zaczyna sie nastepna. Niczego nie zaluje. Tak po prostu musialo byc. W moim przypadku, z tego co widze teraz. Jest taka sila w zyciu silniejsza niz wszystko. To jest dokladnie to dla czego migruja ptaki albo pingwiny skladaja jaja. W naszym ludzkim przypadku sytuacja moze byc troche bardziej skomplikowana i czesto jest, ale jak mowi tekst piosenki "zawsze sluchaj glosu swojego serca i podazaj za nim". Ale oprocz tego musisz byc jeszcze madry, ostrozny i rozwazny. Phi. W sumie to z czasem dobrze wiesz co Ci sprawia przyjemnosc, a co Ci przynosi bol. Milion glupich ksiazek powstalo z tej okazji. Nawet piosenek rapowych. Rap jest glupi bo sie niestety musi rymowac. Jest duzo dobrych ludzi na tym swiecie. W zasadzie to wszyscy. Ci zli tylko pajacuja stojac na rogu ulicy albo nagrywaja wiadomosci telewizyjne. Bla, bla, bla. Zaraz pewnie spotkam milosc swojego zycia. Nie widzialem jej ze 20 lat. Zaczelo sie od tego ze chcialem miec linke z kotwiczka i szirukeny. Podobala mi sie bardzo bajka "Wojownicze zolwie ninja". Potem Ashida Kim napisal, ze kazdy ninja ma swoja misje, a jak w koncu z niej powroci to bedzie tak jakby nigdye nigdy nie byl. Troche to skomplikowane mi sie wydawalo. A teraz gdy jestem juz ukresu ganiania z plecakiem, bez szirukenow i bez linki z kotwiczka, to faktycznie wydaje mi sie, ze nigdy nigdzie nie bylem. Albk ze w dupie bylem i gowno widzialem. Haha. Oczywiscie to nie jest do konca prawa bo gdziestam bylem i costam widzialem. Ale oczywiscie nie sposob przekazac gdzie i co. No... przynajmniej przez ostatni rok zapierdalalem z dyktafonem. Apropo wlasnie wczoraj skonczylo mi sie miejsce. Zaraz po tym jak w kosciele wysluchalem jak Pani Ksiadz pieknie gra na fortepianie. I wiesz co mam zamiar robic przez reszte zycia. Chodzic do kosciola, czytac ksiazki i uczyc sie jezykow obcych i pitolic cala reszte z ktorej wyleczenie sie zajelo mi cale zycie jak narazie. A jest taka jedna mala rzecz z ktorej nigdy sie nie wylecze. Love. Uczucie. Zawsze bede Cie kochal ukochana. Tyle. I lepiej miec jedna niz 1000 ale nie jestem pewien bo nigdy jeszcze nie mialem 1000 ukochanych i chyba nigdy nie bede mial. Jedna taka super superowa wystarczy i moze oby nie trzeba bylo szukac 1000 innych. I tego wam wszystkim serdecznie zycze moje wszystkie ukochane Wojownicze Zolwie Ninja. Hahahaha. Szreder zawsze bedzie was wkurwial, mistrz Sprinter powinien was rozgonic kijem juz na samym poczatku calej kreskowki. No ale coz byla za kreskowka wtedy. Sio do swojej ukochanej. A jak juz wdepniecie do baru Brie to siedzcie w nim do oporu. A potem poszukajcie sobie jakiegos kosciola zeby sobie po prostu posiedziec w nim. Dobra. To narazie tyle z mojej strony. Ide szukac ukochanej. Jesli moje kalkulacje sa mniej wiecej trafione, to powinna byc gdzies tu w okolucy. I'm cool.
Fri 11:45 2 April

3949: Kocham Cie

6923: Czesc ukochana. Nie wiem co powiedziec. Wpadlem w ten fotel tak gleboko. Czy moge tu umrzec na rok i urodzic sie w Twoich ramionach? Ile kosztuje wizyta u Ciebie. Mozesz mi przepisac jakies witaminy? Moze nawet niezbedne bedzie kilka operacji. Moze zmien mi plec. Eh... Tak sie tylko wyglupiam. Odpoczywam. Ale czy kiedys bede gotowy na spotkanie z Toba? Haha. Hahaha. Nie wiem. Moze nigdy. Bo ty jetes taka super a ja jestem taki zwykly. I taki glupi. A moze madry? Nie wiem. Chyba madry. Tak sie za Toba stesknilem. Ale zawsze bede za Toba tesknil. I to jest takie atomowe uczucie. A teraz gdy jestem prawiena Twoim progu... po prostu sie polozylem i odpoczywam. Leze. Wpadlem w dywan i zapadam sie w nieskonczonosc. Niech ta chwila trwa, ale z drugiej strony nie moge sie doczekac kiedy sie spotkamy. Wiesz sama. Tak dlugo czekalem na ta chwile. Od stycznia 2017. Swiadomie. A podswiadomie to odkad Cie poznalem. Sama wiesz. Nie wiem czy wiesz bo Ty masz przeciez swoich miliard spraw na glowie. Ty jestes taka super. Eh, eh, eh. Uwielbiam Cie. Ubostwiam Cie.

W zasadzie to bardzo ciezko zdac sobie sprawe z tego ze sie jest szczesliwym. Wiec moze trzeba bez konca trwac w tym cierpieniu? W tej tesknocie. Ale tak tesknie i nie moge sie doczekac kiedy Cie spotkam. Caly wszechswiat mi stanie chyba przed oczami jak Cie zobacze. A z drugiej strony po prostu bedzie to zwyczajna zwykla chwila. Nie uwierze! Nigdy nie uwierze w to ze jestes blisko i obok. "All in. And I am just waiting." I zawsze bede tylko na Ciebie czekal. I bedziemy sie widywac. Oby. A za kazdym razem jak znikniesz mi z oczu, bede wyl w duszy ze strachu, ze to juz na zawsze. Haha.

Nie ma takiej pieknej piosenki. Nie ma takich pieknych slow ktore by to okreslily... opisaly. To co to znaczy spotkac swoja milosc po 20 latach. Ha! Troche sie zgrywam i przesadzam teraz... ale wlasciwie to nie. Wlasciwie to nie.

Kocham Cie. Mysle ze wlasnie to jest najpiekniejsza piosenka na swiecie. Olewam to. Jest super. I juz zawsze bedzie super. Jesli tylko pozwolisz mi juz zawsze na siebie czekac. Juz zawsze! Hej!

Dozo! To jak sie widzimy?

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