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3637: Fuck global & local Covid-19 nazi news!

6141: Join the action: [OriginalFM] with [ShmuFM] No more "fuck-you-music" and "fuck-you-stupid-ads" in #Radio ever again!

6142: Just soul shit and local whatever! Don't trust stupic hardcore bitches, my friends!

6143: Join the action on Twitter: #FuckCovid19 Buy special "fuck-covid" masks for you and for your all family.


6148: Today I was in Mc... There is no Mc... anymore. There is just one guy there shouting like crazy on kids.

6149: Also, all Mc... crew have to look on this guy so he gains the attention of everybody because of the Covid-19. So maybe he should dress like a girl and fuck himself in the ass on Chaturbate or become an actor in the theatre. Same kind of fame.

6150: I love myself for such a heavy joke. But you know what that says... "heavy bull shit causes heavy jokes".

6151: I would never take such a motherfucking job! #FuckCovid
Wed 11:05 11 November

3636: How Do I Keep My Audio Files Safe? – Storing And Protecting Your Data

6138: Wykorzystanie Miejsca Na Dysku Przez Program MySQL® 7,27 MB / 20,88 GB (0,03%)

6139: Disk Space Usage by MySQL® 7.27 MB / 20.88 GB (0.03%)

6140: #Jackpot @Jackpot #Bingo @Bingo
Wed 0:19 11 November

3635: MySQL Tutorial for Beginners

6137: LIKE + REGEXP Operators, Regular Expressions [link]
Tue 23:35 10 November

3634: "Until death us apart..." 💞 ☠ 🌈

6135: To Joanna my 🌡 🌐 🎂 🌷 🐸 💏 💪 👌 🖐 💞 💯 💥 ❤ 💫 💌

My love. My sweetest baby. My child. My suffering.

There is just one harm for me and just one suffering for me here on this world on this planet... (where?) Lack of you.

Lack of you hurting my heart. Pinning love pins into my heart. Making me bleeding more because of you. Because of this love.

I want to come into you. Forever suffer so please torture my heart. And make me come to you. I want to be with you. I want to be together with you. Oh baby baby baby... My love love love...

I am nothing. I am just love. So please hug me... because I just want to hug you. Please let me die happy in your arms. 🙉 💦 💯 💣

I will love you forever untill I die. Until the end of times.

Why so serious?! 👺 💘 💝

These words means shit! I am jest swimming with you in #love You are my beloved everything. You are hurting my heart so good!

These words means nothing. I know. It was always jest you, you, you and you!

I love you forever my dearling. 💘 Asia Forever 💌 💘
🙈 🙉 🙊 💋 💘 💝 💖

Let me love you, love you, love you, love you, love you... 😻 🙈 👾

😷 😎 😇

BTW... Time means nothing. Someday I will die and I will do it only to be closer to you. Baby come closer! I want to be together with you! Always.

Forever & Always
Kocham Cię Asiu
I love you my Joanna, Joanna, Joanna...
💘 💌

🙊 🙃 😊
💯 👌

A teraz dalej będę spał myśląc marząc i śniąc tylko i wyłącznie o Tobie.


Mewy krzyczą tak głośno dzisiaj o 4:06. Chyba mnie pilnują. Chyba jutro będę musiał im kupić chleb. Bo kocham wszystkie mewy. Ale najbardziej na całym świecie, ze wszystkich mew... kocham ciebie.

Ps. Something like an hour ago, I woke up with... "oh why why why... Why is she doing this to me? Oh why?!"

Baby. Whatever you do. Whatever you are feeling. Please. Love me... Love me... Love me more! I am just you stupid puppet.

I am nothing! 💜 💯 ✏

Kocham Cię


Na zawsze!
Let's have some fun! ☢ 🔭 📌 📮 📬 💰 💸 💎 🎼 🎵 🎶 🕶 🎯 🏆 🏅 🌈 ⚓ 🚠 💒 🏩 🏰 🕋 🌐 🐸 🐼 👣

😊 Kocham Cię Asiu

You make my heart suffer. What is love? So maybe you love me...

You are my monkey little everything.

💝 💘 💯


6136: Lubisz jak Ci piszę takie listy miłosne? Jak tak to będę ich pisał więcej. Kocham Cię ukochana, najdroższa, skarbie mój ty jedyny... moje wszystko. ❄
Tue 5:34 10 November

3633: Little problem with mp3!

6134: I got a script which testing all mp3 in my audio-folder but I don't want to learn all this program but I want to have all processes to be fully automated. And I don't know how I can do this.
Mon 20:47 9 November

3632: Share your Donate link on social media posts, emails, blogs and more.

6131: Link

6132: A monthly donation would be fine. Thank you!

6133: I am just kidding. I am just testing cool @PayPal features.
Mon 1:40 9 November

3631: Audioblog GetId3 Scaner

6125: List of files to scan complete (added 1,736 files to scan)

6126: Spent 8.022 seconds querying the database

6127: Currently in the database:

Total Files 1,683
Total Filesize 23,297 MB
Total Playtime 470.4 hours
Average Filesize 13.8 MB
Average Playtime 16:46
Average Bitrate 113.1 kbps

6128: Are podcaster too?

6129: I just wonder: 1,736 - 1,683 = 53 What The Fuck?!

6130: I got 53 lost Podcasts! Probably because of data loss. As you see nothing last forever. Even data on @Seagate #Seagate
Sun 23:34 8 November

3630: I added my Farmerama ID on my company account

6123: [Periscope]
Sun 17:45 8 November

3629: Hello & Wellcome!

6121: Nice to meet you. My name is James Prada and I am a huge supporter of Prada brand from Milano. My dream is to make my own Prada shop but not only in one place. Wherever I will decide to do this. Very prestigious in heart of cities. But I know I cannot do it alone. I know that I need your help and that's why I am writing this… blog.

Let's start from the beginning. When I was 20 I was introduced to hitch-hiking in Europe. If you are thinking "Euro Trip" that was me. Yes. I did it. And not only once. Many, many times I was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It was my life it was the greatest adventure ever. And you know what… I am still wondering why not everybody is taking hitch-hikers.

A month ago I start to settle myself in Scotland in Aberdeen. Why here? Simple answer. Because my love (Joanna) is living in Sweeden but I don't speak Swedish yet, so I came here because Scotland is very beautiful and Aberdeen. Well… let's call it the nicest town on earth. That's why. I am a heavy podcaster and blogger and also an audio blogger. You can find my work-shop-blog at Prada.fun. My mission is to introduce AD (Audio Description) on an industrial level of developing it while you are creating some new and modern website projects.

Here in Aberdeen I decided to start my own little company "Feet & Shoulder Massage" and it is my baby project now and you can find it described as well as I can at FunFeet.co.uk. I also started podcasting just about this Shiatsu Feng Shui project and I did a strictly dedicated podcast to this project and you can find this on iTunes. 

Okey. It was a pleasure to introduce me to you. My Twitter is @JamesPrada9 Feel free to add me there. Twitter is definitely my favourite internet medium. And of course, creating my own website gives me a lot of pleasure. I am using PHP and MySQL and a little bit of CSS and I think it is enough. 

And for recording podcasts, I am using brilliant and marvellous OLYMPUS WS-806.

Sun 14:42 8 November

3628: To co zaraz powiem nie nadaje się na Twittera. Dlatego mam bloga.

6118: Jestem kurwa wjebany nie na żarty bo to jebane i pierdolone programowanie mi kurwa nie idzie chuj do dupy w żaden sposób. Już nawet przestwiłem wersję php spowrotem na kurwa 5.6. Wszystko niby ma dobrze iść, składam wszystkie elementy a tu kurwa nie. Rozpierdolony ten projekt jest w kurwe! To że to kurwa wszystko tutaj jako tako dziala to jest jebany cud! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

6119: Ta kurwa się cieszy jak się wkurwiam jak mi coś nie wychodzi. Fuck!
Sun 0:06 8 November

3627: I am proud to introduce you to my New iTunes podcast!

6116: A lot of talking about [FunFeet.co.uk] project.

6117: I cannot see how it looks like on iTunes because I don't have an iPhone but I hope that it's there.
Sat 20:48 7 November

3626: My Simple Business Plan

6115: Now I have to work on every single part of it. And people are thinking that running your own biz is easy as doing nothing. No, no, no my darling . It's not like that.
Sat 12:26 7 November

3625: I never like boys pretend to be girls.

6112: Look at [this] for example. I would kick his ass. Cheap style.

6113: Mirror mirror on the wall who's the [fuckiest] of them all?

6114: Excuse me. What does it mean - fuckiest? I think is the mixture of luckiest and funkiest in a sexual context. Ad this word fast to you dictionary and start to use this today!
Sat 10:25 7 November

3624: Black Sneak All-In My Room...

6108: Black Snake is Evil...

6109: Try to catch the blues! Listen to this! It's good!

6110: [2020-08-07_2017.27.00.opus]

6111: How to open OPUS files? [link]
Sat 0:08 7 November

3623: Bruce Will-is

Fri 23:50 6 November

3622: Black Snake Orlean my vain... room...

6106: ...Black Snake movin' on me...
Fri 23:47 6 November

3621: Does the Master show us?

6105: He did!
Fri 23:21 6 November

3620: Live at Donington

6104: Fuck! - Prada
Fri 22:51 6 November

3619: Let's play balls...

6102: What could I do...?

6103: Welcome a high way!
Fri 22:45 6 November

3618: Designing Campaign

6100: If you can print it you can give it.

6101: I know I can do better.
Fri 18:27 6 November

3617: Co to znaczy miec zasraną skrzynke?

6098: Szukam dbrego klienta pocztowego pod Windows

6099: - Jurku, czemu nie odbierasz poczty? - Co?
Fri 13:26 6 November

3616: Expect Unbelievable

6093: I got my new used Toshiba P100. Yes!

6094: It is a real pleasure to be able to sit behind your laptop. He writes on the keyboard much faster than on the phone. Windows 7. At least the screen is 17 inches. And you know what it says about 4K TVs. From a distance of one meter away, you no longer see any difference between HD and 4K. So it's kind of funny. My resolution may not be the best, but I watch it anyway ... from the meter.

6095: I think a world without a mouse is worse than a world with a pad.

6096: Anyway, I've always wanted to be a writer, now I can. I need to specialise in writing love letters to my beloved Joanna. In fact, I'm pretty good at it now. And I'll also learn English grammar.

6097: All in all, I could even fall in love with a pop star. Only in who? Miley!
Thu 10:46 5 November

3615: Letter to future co-producer 📡

6091: I got a super-duper idea. I already wrote to you about that but maybe you missed it. Idea is to start to meet each other and record some TV video show. In a private comfortable zone of your house. And to start recording our episodes. It will be a comedy talk show we can call English Lessons. This would have those meetings in three: you, your second girlfriend and me. We can shoot material daily. The key to success is to start recording as professional as we can (light, one good camera, make up) from the first show... and to record 200 episodes. And every episode... one take... 2h. It will be a new approach to recording comedy sessions. From the very beginning, we will put all our episodes on Youtube and one day local TV will take it and play. We also can convince some local radio to start playing us because it could be also a radio show. Now I know how to create Podcasts so audio version from our meetings could be visible immediately as a Podcast everywhere after we finish recording.

So what do you think? Have you ever dreamed to have you private on a TV show? Of course, we could invite some guests. But later.

I am waiting for any reply from you after you will think about this all. We can meet whenever to discuss and to talk about this case.

Thu 8:01 5 November

3614: List do Asi

6090: Kochanie. Obiecuje Ci, że kupię kolorową kopertę i napiszę Ci piękny list. Nawet nie wiesz jak za tobą tęsknię! Miałaś mi odpisać... Wiesz jak mi smutno, że mi nic nie odpisujesz. Eh. Dobranoc kochanie. Przytul mnie mocno. I nigdy nie puszczaj. 💏 Zadzwoń napisz. Proszę. Kocham Cię!
Thu 1:28 5 November

3613: Wow! James Prada wreszcie na #Spotify > [Part1] 💯👌

6085: Słyszeliście żeby ktoś poczwórnie pęknął ze śmiechu?

6086: A jak pięknie gram na gitarze. 🖖👏👏🤘

6087: Ha! No to nie pozostaje mi nic innego jak tylko przepuścić 3000 swoich podkastów z audiobloga przez swój telefon. Pytanie nasuwa się jak kondom tylko jedno... po co?

6088: Po co tracic mój i wasz czas? - A po co sramy? - Bo jemu. - No właśnie! - Nie mów właśnie bo Cię kura jajem trzaśnie.

6089: Dobra. Zrobię to dla Google i dla Asi. Asia forever & always!
Wed 23:26 4 November

3612: Hello to cool icons on [FunFeet]

6084: I know they are small, but they do their job and make a good impression on passers-by.
Wed 16:55 4 November

3611: Multidimensional Arrays #PHP

6082: Sounds like poetry? - Yep! Heavy kind!

6083: Prapremiera of [PodcastGallery] (Full Automatic)
Tue 12:09 3 November

3609: Use promo code: PANDAFUN at [Prada.com...]

6079: ...to get up to 100% price reduction

6080: I am quite a famous blogger and I am blowing your brand up. Please redirect this letter to a special department. I am also thinking about creating some Prada shop in a center of Aberdeen in Scotland. So maybe you can help me with some finance. (BTW in UK phone numbers has got 10, not 9 digits.) My phone is: +44 7925658147 WhatsApp me Jacob.

6081: That was letter to Prada.com from Prada.fun 😇 🍾 (Me)
Mon 9:22 2 November

3608: General Data Protection Regulation - [GDPR] 🗣

6077: Under GDPR law organisations are permitted to conduct research with their customers. This is called legitimate interest. If you do not wish to be contacted again for research purposes, contact Business Gateway by telephone on 0300 013 4753 or email info@bgateway.com.

6078: I was super happy to take a part in your questionnaire.
Mon 6:32 2 November

3607: Ciao Ciao Italia (Toshiba)

6075: Do you want to see my new laptop from Milano? 😂 😻 😎

6076: It's the best! 👁 Good night! 🛌 Asia 💏 🐶
Mon 1:39 2 November

3606: Do you want to see magic trick?

6074: Okey. Maybe it is not the best achievement but for sure is better than nothing.
Sun 15:05 1 November

3605: [Xubuntu]
Sun 12:20 1 November

3604: I fuck programming without PC on mobile!

6071: 1. Buy a cheap laptop.

6072: 2. Install Linux Xubuntu on it.

6073: 3. Delete Android 6.0 and installl Ubuntu Phone on it.
Sat 21:54 31 October

3603: UK Government Coronavirus Business Support Finder

6070: [SupportFinder] & [FindYourSuppory] I think these are cool websites to dig down deep in.
Sat 18:40 31 October

3602: We are recruiting volunteers to take part in...

6065: ...watching evolution of project of developing new features into existing homepage, magazine, blog - Prada.fun

6066: So here is a plan... Oh my god. It is a long story.

6067: "Since I become We, I feel like University" - Prada.fun

6068: Okey. The main idea is to work on some website IT project what is open from very start to and and everybody can follow the process. Proceed.
Sat 10:59 31 October

3601: Who good auntie will take care of poor uncle Prada and take me to her heart?

6062: Maybe You? If you want me to remove from my blog this photo of you I found on your public Facebook profile, please just write me an email and I will do it right away. I think you are very beautiful and that's why I put here your photo.

6063: Anyway I love to have a nicest pictures here at my nicest blog.

6064: Have a nice day mother earth!

6069: I got a present for You: [Gemporia.com] - Just Watch Today's Show! Let's put PRADA brand on it but the prices will stay the same! It's a good deal!
Sat 8:17 31 October

3600: I am asking for the Nobel Prize for explaining and fighting the Covid19 virus!

6059: You have your own mind! You know who to trust! And be careful what you eat and drink and from where you buying it and who cooked it for you! I saw Polish people poisioning German's (bus tourists) oat meal at the top of Lofoten Islands in Norway! I was held in polish prison for two years and they secretly inject poision into my body. They could easyly kill me if they wanted! Stop trust TV and get rid of Russians from UK! I don't want to go back Poland because I think that my life there is in danger and I am affraid to go back there! Anyway... just fuck Covid-19!

6060: Do you remember all James Bond movies. Russia is always bad! They got too big country to be good! And Poland unfortunately is ass of Russia. And Scandinavia looks like dick.

6061: Young people has to know the truth! Okey! Let's make a deal! 60%-60% and God Save The Queen!
Sat 7:07 31 October

3599: Prada-599 vs. COVID-19


6053: Fuck covid and all Nazi-covid supporters! Russians (which is also Polish), Germans (Nazis) and Arabs are fucking UK via TV! Stop support COVID! Look what's happening in "Privat Whores Houses!" Shut those Covid-whores up! Thank you!

6055: Let's say that #Police from the UK is not so bad than like in #Nigera #People in there should be much more civilised and #WellBehaved than in #UK

6056: #Covid19 is a cure for Nigeria to prevent people from being like shit to each other but here in #UK it works opposed. Before Covid people were nice to each other and they talked about the weather. And now... It turns out that "low level" people that work in hospitals and cultural or governmental facilities are just like horny dumb dogs. #Covid19 #Clever

6057: #Covid19 is a cure for Nigeria to prevent people from being like shit to themself but here in #UK it works opposed. Before Covid, people were nice and they talked about the weather. It turns out that people that work in cultural or gov facilities are just like stupid #Clever dog.

6058: Covid is crushed! It turns out that we were fucked by Russians from UK TV and it's happening on daily basis. Above that. Government is also under influence of nazi motherfuckers who likes to fuck. TV just repeats this shit, so we are just repeating it, so the government also repeats, so local motherfuckers can do fest. It's time to realize that Covid-19 is a dirty lie and it's a virus indeed. (This is typical Russian's trick! I know this well because I am from Poland. Poland is full of bad Russian people and so all world!) (And the word Police comes from Poland so it's just Russia!) (Nowadays slavery is fully legal in Russia and they do whatever they want with the people and they are fucking all human rights & all planet, and they are liders to all motherfuckers.) I hope that the UK people will be smart and wise! Don't watch TV and fuck Covid-19 because it's just fucking bullshit and people who support Covid-19 on daily routine + all its regulation ARE just evolution of Russian greedy and horny mob.
Fri 22:34 30 October

3598: Migrating from PHP 5.6.x to PHP 7.0.x

6050: This [link] tell you what's cooking...

6051: [KeepingUpAppeArances] 🙈🕊
Fri 15:54 30 October

3597: Important announcement due to COVID-19 restrictions!

6044: [FunFeet.co.uk]

6045: COVID-19 announcement: Nobody likes COVID-19 so I suggest to fuck it in the ass! Let's start to hate all those fucking COVID-19 and all COVID-19 supporters.

6046: COVID-19 is adult (19) bitch we all can fuck. But don't let COVID-19 fuck you!

6047: Join the movement #IfuckCovid19 today!

6048: #DontBeCovidBitch

6049: Let's learn some PHP.
Fri 12:06 30 October

3596: Msg 4 Aberdeen's & UK Hakers

6039: It turned out that the local male pussies (I suppose who it was but fuck it.) blocked my blog (is playing with temporary blocking my blog) because of jealousy because I'm so God and sexy and that their own babes wanna date me. (Also my Facebook account has been blocked because I am the one guy who click like on all I pass.) I feel sorry for your little baby balls STUPID motherfuckers. All Nazis enjoy COVID-19! Are you recent Nazi?

6040: I think you watch too much of all those TV bitches and you wanna be just like them. Yeah? Do you feel more important because of the COVID-19 you STUPID motherfucker? LoL

6041: I am busy with my own stuff. I got not time to fucking with you. Ever if you really really really really really want to. But if you are nice female bitch... thank I will think about it.

6042: #LOL

6043: And now let's migrate form PHP 5.6 to 7.4 That will be challange.
Fri 11:27 30 October

3595: [MunchyBox] 🍜 🌐 😋

6038: ...and don't forget to taste the bunny. 🐰👯🐇
Thu 18:34 29 October

3594: [PhotosInCat...]

6037: 😺😸😹😻😼😽🙀😿😾🙈🙉🙊
Thu 18:15 29 October

3593: [ElaAnna] on Chaturbate with class and style.

6035: Be careful because all the rest can be biggest bullshit you have ever seen. And of course is 18+ and rather not for use by anybody.

6036: "My mission is to connects people around good quality chaturbates." - Prada.fun
Thu 11:10 29 October

3592: I did Business Gateway Workshop

6015: There is a lot of services from Business Gateway. Startup service, Early-stage growth, Business Boost, Growth advisory service, Growth Pipeline and Refresh & Reboot.

6016: Now I know that I need to focus on Marketing & Advertising. My business model involved also little modifications of Web approach.

6017: I should and I will star Instagram for business because I didn't do it before ever. The only problem is just 8GB on my phone.

6018: I will also begin something like micro-funding to do first steps in real marketing. But what is real marketing? It is effectively acquired a lot of new customers for my service. Sounds good? Indeed it is so.

6019: I will order 500 mini stickier ad 5x5cm and I will carefully choose the best places where to pin it to tell others about my service. I am considering to use easy QR Code with fast link to FunFeet.co.uk to make it easier for people to reach it.

6020: I have to make it clear from the beginning that my service FunFeet.co.uk is not a sexual proposition.

6021: I am thinking about to add more interactivity to FunFeet.co.uk for example registration bullshit but rather no. All those interactive shit is just for people who are learning to program websites. That is why there is such a lot of genders, sexual orientations and forms of relationship.

6022: I am considering to us A.D. (Audio Description) on FunFeet.co.uk because I know how to do it.

6023: I want to reactivate my Skype and PayPal accounts and to start working as Video consultant at my Websites.

6024: I know that until 12500 of income I won't have to pay any tax. Later is up to 46% if you don't like VAT.

6025: I know that until I won't be 8632 or more I don't have to pay National Insurance and later is around 3 per week.

6026: I know that I have to Book Keeping for at tiny 6 years at leasts in electronic form.

6027: Today I learnt that the BRAND is ME so I should have best gear possible.

6028: I need to learn more about newspapers here and some micro ads there.

6029: I need to show what skills I have so I should transfer those articles from FunFeet Facebook profile to FunFeet.co.uk or just a write about it all with my own words.

6030: I need to discuss with my lawyer is it legal and possible for my service to not have fixed pricees and be like "pay me whathatever you like" prices?

6031: I was thinking about how to stop being so shy and the best solution I come up with is that I should "attack people". In the metaphorical way of course.

6032: I ve learnt that the name of Legal Structure siuts me best is Sole Traded as I will be one owner of my company.

6033: And I know that I should register myself at gov.uk/HMRC then I have to register my income and outcome to pay Self Assessment in act of returning money to the Queen. 😇 💝

6034: And finally, I know that I should sing on next Webinars and give some feedback at BusinessGateway.com with code: C848 Thanks a lot Business Gateway! Really! It was fun!
Wed 19:00 28 October

3591: [KaileeShy] on Chaturbate 😇 😻

6008: Look... She plays so cool guitar. 🎸

6009: She sing ao nice but bitch starts doing private show. Feed her if you want.

6010: There is nothing like discovering new features of my website. 👻👽👾🐼

6011: 🌹 works fine! 🌴 And I got so many new options now... 🍎 Everybody loves emojis... Don't you think so? 🌍🌎🌏 And I was never a big fan of it. 🚀🛰

6012: Looks so nice... 🌟⚡But... Do you know them all? 🎯🎨
Wed 9:53 28 October

3590: Immortal Domain & Hosting Dot Com

6006: The idea for the government of countries to make service and to tell about that to the public to bloggers and other internet artists that they will keep their domain & hosting FOREVER after fulfilling certain conditions. It will consider creating a special department called "The History of the Internet" to do so. Artists should register there and tell all the story even provide details about the recent website hosting provider. "The History of the Internet" should have their servers to host websites or they should rather send some agreement (signed by the recent owner of certain website and domain) to the recent hosting providers to take full protection and responsibility to maintain the domain and hosting. It will involve sending two agreements. First to a certain domain provider and second to the recent hosting provider. User should provide any contract information needed to proceed with this service transaction. Just another very important toing to do. Good idea 💡 I think. 😽 💗

6007: I will contact my lawyer in that matter to ask him to write something about this heavy idea. It is always good to know someone who understands the law and other possible governmental regulations.

6013: This idea I love the most!

Wed 6:35 28 October

3589: Oh Grate Father! Tell me! Why Blacks got big dicks and not me?

6004: [Marmite]

Tue 12:17 27 October

3588: MindRiver: Magazine evolved into PradaFun: Mag. (Magazine)

5997: Are you okay with that?

5998: I am thinking also about Magazine: PradaFun ale raczej zostanie przewrotne PradaFun: Mag

5999: I koniecznie musi byc serduszko. Tylko nie wiem czy przed czy po? <3

6000: (Kocham Asie)

6001: Where is the blue heart? Who stole it?

6003: I fixed it:
Mon 19:24 26 October

3587: What the fuck is that?

5995: Shame on You UK

5996: At least I know that country is mine.
Mon 19:18 26 October

3585: Check out new podcasts.

5990: Soon I will plug gallery to this.

5991: And this how I will do it...



KROK 2: ZROBMY WIDELKI W CZASIE KTORYCH BEDZIEMY MOGLI DODAC FOTOGRAFIE DO DANEGO PODCASTA: "od minus piec minut do dlugosc pliku mp3 plus piec minut". Dobrze ze skrypcik nam juz czyta dlugosc pliku. Czyli mamy wszystkie potrzebne dane.

Krok 3: Niczym czarodziejka_x0 w kotle, zmieszamy wszystkie te skladniki wlasnie tutaj. "Pokaz te wszystkie zdjecia tj. zaladuj je do kolejnej odpowiedniej tablicy, ktorych timestampy mieszcza sie w przedziale... USTALONYM W KROKU 3.

Proste? Jak drut. No to w takim razie do dziela. Jeszcze tylko kopsne sie do sklepu po soczek pomaranczowy. Po co? Tylko dwogodzinna wycieczka.

5993: W zasadzie to juz wszystko zrobilem. Reszta to wylacznie kosmetyka. Czas rozpoczac wielkie swietowanie. Zrobie to wszystko jak wroce ze spaceru.

5994: Ac/Dc - Shot In The Dark
Mon 16:42 26 October

3584: I am looking for a job in IT.

5988: My portfolio: Well fuck you Mr Boss!
Mon 16:31 26 October

3583: Jebany mały telefonik.

5981: Noz kurwa jego w dupę jebana mać!

5982: Pierdolony kurwa zasrany zajebany Total Commander.

5983: Moja wina. Nie zaknstalowalem odpowie soft i zaufalem nie temu provramowi co trzeba. Jebac to. FTP nie jest do edycji plikow. A druga strona medalu jest taka ze hosting przycina w polaczeniu z google chromem i nie sprytnie nie pokazuje bledow jak trzeba. A bo zapomnialem ze wczoran byla pierdolona niedziela i ministranci po tym jak nawzajem sie zerzneli w dupy poszlisie bawic komputerami swoimi.

5984: Ale chuj w dupe wszystkiemu bo mam kilka dobrych pomyslow na dzisiaj.


5987: Sorry for swearing. That is why I am using "polish language swearing pack".

5989: Nie no... uporalem ise z tematem to smigamy na deskorolke pozyc sobie troche. Haha. Noge juz skonczyc przeklinac bo udalo sie. I to nawet calkiem niezle. A jesli mam byc szczery to nie wiem jak to sie dzieje, ze to dziala.
Sun 21:40 25 October

3582: The proposition of business partnership.

5979: Hello. I am Prada.fun and FunFeet.co.uk I just have moved to Aberdeen to Scotland. I want to become an internet reseller of your product. Please just create for me special promo code "PRADAFUN" and "FUNFEET" so I can advise my people to use it and for you will be better to recognise how much of income I did generate for your shopping.

5980: Ha! This guy is super smart.
Sun 10:23 25 October

3581: The power is on our plates! - [wwf]

Sat 12:48 24 October

3580: Let's connect my voice [podcasts] with gallery

5969: It can be very difficult so I will swear a lot, so I will use polish which is meant for swearing.

5970: No to kurwa wio z tematem! Zaczynamy od ogarniecia plikow w ktorych bede sie babral jak swinia w gownie przez najstepny miesiac, ale zeby nie bylo... to jest moje hobby. Noz kurwa! A chuj w dupe! LoL - Z drugiej strony obawiam sie, ze swoimi bluzgami moge sobie troche zepsuc reputacje, jednakze poniewaz na swiecie istnieje tylko zla reputacja, bo nikt nie zwraca uwage na dobra, do moze nawet kurwa wszystko jedno. - Jeszcze nawet nie zaczalem programowac a juz klne jak szewc. - Ja pierdole powiem tak. Dlugo sie szykowalem do zrobienia tego projektu. Jak wyjedzie, bedziecie oszolomieni efektem, a jak nie wyjdzie... to bede jeszcze wiecej przeklinal. -

5971: Plikiem podstawowym jest audioblog.php ktory sie kompletnie zjebal, odkad zaczalem grzebac w nim ostatnim razem. Kiedy to bylo... hmm... chyba gdzies we Francji dawno temu. Rzucmy wiec okiem na to gowno i wypiszmy sobie na serwetce glowne funkcje urzyte w tym pliku, zeby na spokojnie sobie to wszystko poukladac w glowie. Chyba jednak najpierw pojde nad morze sie utopic. Haha.

5972: Nie zadam tego pytania dlaczego moje animacje na tej stronie nie dzialaja w Chromie tylko w FireFoxie no ale w koncu czyms musi sie roznic FireFox od Chroma. No wlasnie tym. Kurwa...

5973: $(document).ready(function() { Mowi wam to cos? } Pesteczka.

5974: getcwd opendir readdir substr strrchr str_replace date_parse_from_format mktime array closedir array_column array_multisort count mysql_query mysql_num_rows require_once getID3 sleep isset

5975: No wiec mamy takie funkcje... tylko czemu to kurwa nie dziala?

5976: Nie pozostaje mi nic innego tylko stworzyc caly mechanizm od nowa korzystajac ze strzepow tego co zostalo juz kiedys zrobione i dzialalo, ale sie spierdolilo, bo chcialem to ulepszyc. Jaki z tego moral? "Nie ulepszaj bo spierdolisz, tylko rob zawsze wszystko od nowa!"
Sat 12:18 24 October

3579: Please visit FB on the site: [FunFeet]

5967: FunFit is a project that was born to me quite recently. I will try not to make eggs of it this time because the idea is absolutely serious.

5968: "to make eggs" means "to joke about sth." (from Polish)
Sat 12:07 24 October

3578: Let's discover some new words.

5961: Expertise - Ekspertyza, Growth - Rozwój, Accurate - Dokładne, Relevant - Odpowiednie, Timely - Terminowe, Help your business to make informed decisions - Pomóż swojej firmie w podejmowaniu świadomych decyzji, Business premises - Założenia firmy, Throughout the - Przez cały czas, Devising - Opracowywanie, Evaluate - Ocenianie, Intelligence on your likely consumers - Analiza potencjalnych konsumentów, Receives enquiries - Otrzymywanie zapytań, Although - Chociaż, To ramp up the company - Aby rozwinąć firmę, Keen to expand - Chęć rozwoju, Utilising a number of specialists - Wykorzystanie wielu specjalistów, Invaluable - bezcenni, Execs - wykonujący, Queries - zapytania, Summarised - podsumowanie, Make informed businesses decisions - podejmuj świadome decyzje biznesowe, Stay up to date with developments - bądź na bieżąco z rozwojem, Liable - wiarygodne, Ideal premises - idealne założenia, Credible - wiarygodne, Sound statistic - solidne statystyki, Reliable - niezawodne, Stay agile - zachowaj elastyczność, Financial viability - rentowność finansowa, Exploit opportunities - możliwości wykorzystania, Grow sustainably - zrównoważony rozwój, Trading for some time - handel przez pewien czas, Queries on multitude - zapytania dotyczące wielu, Tailored responses - odpowiedzi dostosowane, Likelihood - prawdopodobieństwo, Through do końca, Commence - rozpoczęcie, Genuine - autentyczność, Carrying out - wykonanie, Key issues - kluczowe problemy, Specific audience - konkretni odbiorcy, Buy your wife or girlfriend good feet massage - kup żonie lub dziewczynie dobry masaż stóp, Niche market - rynek niszowy, Wider market - szerszy rynek, Assess - ocena, Ongoing - ciągłe, Retain a competitive edge - utrzymanie konkurencyjności krawędź, Assumptions - założenia, Business plan - biznesplan, Marketing plan - plan marketingowy, Target audience - grupa docelowa, My competitors - moi konkurenci.

5963: What the fuck is [pppst.com] ?

Fri 10:14 23 October

3577: Rage Against The Machine [1992]

5957: Today's album. I love this band.

5958: Every day a different album. Not too much? One but hard and only. I will try to come up with the idea in a sunrise.
Thu 21:34 22 October

3576: [FunFeet.co.uk]


5955: Tomorrow I will try to apply a little bit of CSS to make it compatible with VR helmet.

5959: Let's do some research first. I will use help of Bgateway.com agency.

5960: Hello. Yesterday I came up with some excellent idea and I got a lot of expectations from my plans. But because you are serving support and advises service probably donated by the government, I am kindly asking you for help. Let's roll with brainstorms and together let's discover some perfect solutions for my future or even recent business. In other words, let's squeeze it all from my idea. I need some market research and some technical advisory.

All the idea is as well-formed as possible at FunFeet.co.uk

Let use this web-based platform as our basement state place of subjects to discuss.

I am looking for some good investors so maybe you will tell me from where I can receive all that money and if it is possible or nay.

Thank you for your service.
Have the best day.
James Prada

5966: Check out our new FunFeet site! #JustForYou
Thu 17:44 22 October

3574: [JoinMyBand.co.uk]

5952: Nobody knows is Aberdeen at Scotland (West) or Scotland (North) so I don't know where I should put my advertise?
Thu 17:12 22 October

3573: Prada's Spotify Show

5951: Just Push Play
Wed 21:56 21 October

3572: Relaxing foot massage for girls!

5948: How I can find my potential customers? Now it can be only at privat level. I just want to meet decent nice women and I want to massage her feet and shoulder either in my hotel room or in whatever suitable and privat place but I think hotel room is the best option. But hey! IT IS NOT ABOUT SEX (FOR MONEY)! ITS ABOUT RELAXING FOOT MASSAGE!

For example. Are you personaly interested in such an ofert? Or can you advised me someone who would be interested in RELAXING FOOT MASSAGE?

Another thing I is that I don't want to massage ugly people with smelly feets.

5949: Prada is looking for a job in Scotland. It is so funny. I am laughing my ass off. Real deal.

5950: Sounds at least as funny as idea of doing internet bookings (on Booking.com) for smugling rolled joints from Amsterdam to UK for old retired people from Care Houses before their "next summer eurotrip" and they don't know it yet.
Wed 19:44 21 October

3571: Does your bar needs musicians?

5939: Hello to the honorable Boss and manager of this bar. I recently came to town. I am a musician. Solo guitarist. Are you interested in my services to your bar? I can play alone and thus entertain the guests of your bar. I mainly play soul and blues. Sometimes only some stronger accents and riffs. I play with a metronome to keep the beat. If you agree, of course I expect that some other musicians will join me with whom we will improvise together, that is, play jams. If you are interested, I have to go to the shop to buy a guitar because I do not have my own instrument at the moment. My dream music partner would be a black bass player who doesn't fuck around. Of course, someone with a "kongo-bongo" drum would be useful too, but I repeat, I am capable of doing solo performances while people are sipping a beer. If you are interested in my services, please contact me by email. I hope You will say yes dispite covid shit. In case of covid, we got our masks. Aren't we? So what do you think Mr Boss?

5940: I am just kidding. We're all fuck around.

5941: Now I just need to hand-rewrite this.

5943: (I need to lower a bit this Benz logo in the middle of page.)

5944: (And rise something other a little bit.)

5945: Oh. Let us go to music shop to record some bass guitar sounds. Good idea?
Wed 9:27 21 October

3570: Aren't handwritten letters right nowadays?

5938: No, no, no! This is always something you should be proud of. At least everyone will know you can write.
Wed 9:08 21 October

3569: How to apply for a new customers?

5936: Hello and best regards. I am preparing to run my own business of massaging women's feet and shoulders. Since I need practice and recognition of the demand for this type of services on the market, I feel extremely honored to invite you, Dear Lady, and possibly your colleagues from work, for free and relaxing foot and shoulder massage sessions at any time designated by you to my "home office" or any location suitable for you.

5946: You need to practice to become... [Master]

5947: It was very nice to talk with you. i think I should be interested in all from your webinars, but may I ask you about personal advise? I want to become "woman's feet and shoulder" massager.

There is no school or licence for doing that. All I know it is not forbiden and never should.

Now without legal company I am ofering even FREE feet massage. Another thing I is that I don't want to massage ugly people with smelly feets.

Tell me. How I can find my potential customers? Now it can be only at privat level. I just want to meet decent nice women and I want to massage her feet and shoulder either in my hotel room or in whatever suitable and privat place but I think hotel room is the best option. But hey! IT IS NOT ABOUT SEX FOR MONEY! ITS ABOUT RELAXING FEET MASSAGE!

For example. Are you personaly interested in such an ofert? Or can you advised me someone who would be interested in RELAXING FEET MASSAGE?

I am asking You because you are my business advisor. Kind of. And I don't want to ask people on the street... but maybe I will have to.

What is your opinion on that, please?

Thank you for your time
and have a nice tommorow!

PS: Can you book me on all avaliabe courses? Let's just contact tommorow.

Thank You again!
Kind regards
James Prada

Wed 9:01 21 October

3568: New Option Here

5935: If you will click on first of two big icons under the flying heart, you will be redirected to my favourite songs on @Spotify Are you happy?
Wed 6:40 21 October

3567: Kapitan "Mewa" znowu nadaje!

5928: Buhahahaha...

5929: Meanwhile in Spain - [link]


5931: Tego posta boguje ze swojego nowego androidowskiego telefonu dzieki ktoremu szybciej znajde prace poniewaz dzieki niemu stalem sie robotem.

5932: Kocham wszystkie mewy na calym swiecie.

5942: Na kogo lub co znowu nadaje kapitan Mewa?
Tue 12:36 20 October

3566: How to start a company in Scotland?

5926: Let's go feed seagulls!

5933: Idea one: "Feet & Shoulder Massage" for Ladys

5934: Idea two: "Drums house". (Let's promote playing drums for kids and adults too!)

5937: Let's collect some essential data.
Tue 12:29 20 October

3565: Hello! :-)

5925: How are you today? Are you ready for Podcasts? :-)

5927: Serdecznie zapraszam na 487 nowych podkastow! Haha!
Tue 12:03 20 October

3564: Wanna play... drums?


5924: Mileys covers by Smashing Pumpkins. LoL
Wed 15:30 14 October

Midnight Sky

5922: Who plays drums with Miley?
Wed 15:25 14 October

3562: Jimmy Chamberlin

5921: Thank You for the best drums as far I know... [Panopticon]
Wed 15:10 14 October

Why COVID-19 will last forever?

5917: Covid-19 will never end... because it is just one big global joke.

5918: Covid-19 will never end... because it is so funny to say "no" to customers or clients.

5919: Covid-19 will never end... because of it you can be more important.

5920: Covid-19 will never end... because it is a good opportunity for everyone to be a part of something bigger.
Wed 14:50 14 October

3560: [Meditation] Classes for Everyone

5916: Hello! How are You?
Wed 12:55 14 October

3559: James Brown

5915: [GOV.UK]
Wed 11:22 14 October

3558: Recruitment Agencies

5909: [ANA]

5910: [ASA]

5911: [Atlas]

5912: [Drillmar]

5913: [H1healthcare]

5914: [OrionJobs]
Tue 13:28 13 October

3557: I want to be a captain!

5907: [NoNewVikingsNow] Oh Fuck!
Tue 12:04 13 October

3556: I am licensed excavator operator!

5906: Hello. I have just come to Aberdeen. I have a polish excavator license with me. It is valid and I worked some time in Poland as excavator operator. How I can have official Scottish permit to work here as excavator operator? Can you validate my license? How we can meet? How much it cost? Who can help me with financial issue because now I don't have a money? And last question: what is approx. salary for excavator operator. PS: I can work on any size excavator. Thank You very much for you help. I am looking forward to get any reply from you. Oh. And can you propose me some company to work for because now I am just in Job Center in Aberdeen. Thank You. God Bless You - James Prada
Tue 12:01 13 October

3555: [pathways-online.org]

5905: Pathways offers a range of classes to help people build their confidence and skills. Our classes are small and usually take place in community projects and centers, so they can take place near you. You can learn more here about the classes we offer.
Tue 11:38 13 October

3554: KJ031325 - Domestic Assistant

5904: I got limited time on-line. Fuck!
Mon 14:12 12 October

3553: How I applied to [VSA]

5901: Hello. My name is Jacob (Cuba). I am traveler. My plan is to settled in Scotland for a year or two. I have just came here to Aberdeen and I love this city a lot. I want to settled in Aberdeen. I have some experience with working at position of cleaning crew in Biggest polish University Hospital in Cracow. My dream was always to work for some other people. I am nice, polite, full of live, kind. I love animals. My ears are open for advises and I obey any rules I should obey when I am working.

I am single. I have no big money expectation, just enough to survive, and maybe to save a little bit for my next holidays. I am looking for some relationship with women who is older then me. I am almost 40 (but young looking).

5902: As I said I love to help and I love to get into interaction with other people.

5903: Because it was a first job ad I saw in Aberdeen and this remind me how important is to help people.
Mon 12:31 12 October

3552: Sorry za obsuwe z podkastami.

5894: Ostatnio matka mnie tak wkurwila, ze tak na nia naklalem, ze chyba jednak nie wrzuce tych podkastow, bo to by znaczylo, ze obrazila sie na mnie do smierci. Musze wiec przesluchac 100 podkastow i je ocenzurowac. Niestety.

5895: Sauron vs. Venom

5896: "Matka Polska to Sauron!" - Prada

5897: Kusi mnie zeby wrzucic te podkasty...


5899: A pies to jebal. Bardzo kocham swoja mamusie, ale jak mnie wkurwi to kurwy leca gesto. W koncu nie mam juz 15 lat tylko 40. LoL Tak wiec z zyczeniami dla mamusi - Kubus.

5900: Dzisiaj jakas "dzika kurwa" wyprosila mnie z seks szopu tylko dlatego, ze zaczalem z nia inteligentne zartowac. Kobiety sa zle. A czasami sa naszymi matkami. A w nazistowskich czasach COVID-19 to juz kurwa w ogole i zupelnie.
Fri 13:15 9 October

Greetings from Scotland!

5893: Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. Covering the northern third of the island of Great Britain, mainland Scotland has a 96 mile border with England.
Fri 12:49 9 October

3550: Set Course To Magnetic North

5891: [YouTube] (Alestorm)

5892: Look For New T-Shirts
Wed 11:23 30 September

3549: Prezentuj bron!

5884: [din] [new] [MindRiverRSS] [QuiteRSS] [AktywnePolskieRSS] [bmw]


5887: That was "Present the weapons!"

5888: Best on FireFox!
Tue 10:55 29 September

3548: I have to sew my sleeping bag...

5882: Broken hearts are so romantic...

Tue 10:24 29 September

3547: Do you want some love story?

5878: Kuba,

Please , I want to be sure and clear to you... Do not come here anymore...!!!!! I ve helped you...more than most People would do. So that is for me all I will do ..

Your problems are not mine.

So go on with your own way and do not give me any of yours...I have no room for you.. I am not interessed in your life really, only was there to help...

Sorry....good luck.


5879: Ok! Mathilde. I was thinking that we could be lovers and that you could Merry me and say to your boyfriend that you quit on him. But its only my dreams. Actually I am just kidding now. BUT... I think that you are very very very beautiful woman, and I felt in love with you and to have just an email corespondention is for me pleasure and just fine, so that is why I am writing this letter to you now.

I am in Amsterdam and I found some Western Union point to take money. I love Amsterdam a lot but it is crazy crazy crazy city. The best for a weekend but in week... I would not like to live here... I think. It is too crazy. I am 100% sure that you understand me.

Mathilde. The way you kissed me in your car when you was saying me goodbye... It tells me that you like me for real and that our frendship is real. And now I am little dissapointed after what you sent me.

The problem is that on my adventure I am meeting people who are helping me just like you, and later it shows that all that situation was untrue and it brakes my heart. You know... I felt in woman very easily. I hope you will remember me...

By the way. You told me that you wand to meet me with your sister. If it is possible I am interested. And please. Dont cut off our friendship. You helped me a lot. And after all you wrote I wont send you ever to my mother to Poland if you ever want to travel ther. So please... Mathilde... Dont keep it like that.

I am nice to you and full of love. I wonder why you are not...

I love You! Ciao
And till our next meeting. I hope soon.
But only if you tell me where and when.

God Bless You
Thank You

- James Prada

5880: PS: If you will check Prada.Fun or MindRiver.pl you will see that I want to make a our email corespondencion, a part of my MindRiver: Magazine. I hope that it will be fine for my followers, and for me... and I hope for U2. Ciao!

5881: (Actually I have no problems I am on holiday. Just my mother playing with me with "does she will send me some money or not"... )

5889: (Another letter to Mathilde)

Hello. I hope that today I will find some email from You. But unfortunately there is no mail from you. It is so sad. Yesterday I recorded some Audio Mail to You but from this Internet Cafe I cannot attach any file.

Mathilde. You know... I think that I felt in love with you. Its brakes my heart so much that all you said to me was pretty lie and joke. I think you should not be such a person. Anyway I want to tell you that I am in love with you and that every night I am dreaming about you how we are together to share one bed and I am also masturbating somethimes dreaming about your beauty and style. I am just kidding. I hope you are smiling now.

Anyway. Can you send me some cool YouTube links to the movies you tried to show me? Now I got a time to watch it closely. Or if not now maybe later.

Mathilde. I hope we can be email pals and I am waiting for any reply from you. Amsterdam is good only for the weekends but I need to stay here one night more.

So... Please, please, please... change your mind and let me be your friend.

- James Prada

Tue 10:01 29 September

3546: Podcast 575 is cooking now!

5876: I am empty to survive until tommorow for Western Union.

5877: What it will be?
Mon 16:35 28 September

3545: New Podcasts Are Up Here For You To Take It

5873: After I upgrade 20 to 50 GB We will have always 50 GB most fresh stuff from me. Don't forget to buy your own #Seagate and do make your own personal collection of this rare shit around.


5875: I won't go with more than 50 GB so always fresh only 50! Please keep it in mind! Thank You very much!
Mon 16:27 28 September

3544: [PandaWood.nl]

5869: Ciekawa firma. Moze to wlasnie ona zaleje rynek nowymi drewnianymi zabawkami erotycznymi ktore podbija Amsterdam w 2021. Pytanie pojawia sie jedno. Czy przyszly rok nadejdzie i jaki bedzie? Ok. To dwa pytania.

5871: Dobrze, ze nie musze ladowac dyktafonu tylko zmieniam w nim baterie.
Mon 15:31 28 September

3543: Nie ma co...

5866: ...jak napisac cos do kogos w trybie rzeczywistym i czekac na jego odpowiedz. W tym momencie czekam az mama sprawdzi maila. Biblioteke zamykaja o 17, a stara pewnie sprawdzi poczte jutro. I co zrobic? Jak to co? Jechac na lolka do Amsterdamu.

5867: Moze zlapie ja na fejsie ale cos telefon mi sie nie chce wlaczyc zebym mogl sie zalogowac. LoL
Mon 15:23 28 September

3542: Chi Kung is moving at your own breath pace, soft but also powerful...

5864: What can Chi Kung, also written Qi Gong, mean to you?

And what is it actually what you are doing?

You will learn to feel your body again, always exercise that full attention. You can call it meditation, because that attention takes you out of your head, so space is created in your head.

Wherever your attention goes, life energy flows automatically, the Qi or Chi. In English they speak of; Chi flows where the mind goes!

You also learn to optimize your breathing by breathing differently. All processes in your body benefit from this, and you will quickly feel better. By teaching ancient repetitive exercises and movements, you develop strong joints and muscles. The blood circulation starts and you slowly start to feel again in your body, as it were. This can have a beneficial effect, but can sometimes also be confronting. Change makes a new energy possible.

5868: I Mathilde Klabbers. It is her website... [ChiKung.nl] Check It Out
Mon 15:02 28 September

3541: Best Hotel in Town

5865: I cannot send photos from this public Bibliotek. What a shame!
Mon 14:46 28 September

3540: I'm trying do make bigger my hosting plan...

5861: ...from 20 to 30 GB because I got a lot of shit to upload. A lot fun is cooking on... Please... try to enjoy it when it will be ready! Dzieki!

5862: Odczuwam wzmozona potrzebe uploadu wysmienitych podkastow na serwer do 17. Negocjacje trwaja.

5863: [Hostinger]

5870: Kurwa. Cos mi sie wydaje, ze niczego nie zalatwie dzisiaj do 17. Absolutnie kurwa niczego! Ja pierdole! Chuj w dupe kurwa i kotwica w plecy. LoL

5872: I did it. I mean... it did it.
Mon 14:28 28 September

3539: Amsterdam very very cool and nice!

5859: But some other parts of Holland... Well in polish parts it is not nice!

5860: Fuck it! Don't forget to check Polen Shop
Mon 14:25 28 September

Greetings from African Village

5858: [DownToEarth] (film)
Wed 16:58 23 September

3537: List do mamusi.

5854: Hej Mamo! Jak leci? Dotarlem do cywilizacji tzn. do Holandii. Dzisiaj poznalem tutaj przed chwila mila aktywistke z ktora jutro idziemy na demonstracje do Hagi przeciwko kowidowi. Bede szukal Donalda w tlumie. LoL. Do konca miesiaca bede w Holandii. Potem raczej smigne do UK na polnoc do pracy. Ta babeczka ma kurs Pranajamy czyli Chi Gong czyli oddychania. Jest fajna i mila i tak mniej wiecej w twoim wieku.

Zalatwilas cos z ta przychodnia? Mam nadzieje, ze ci sie uda! Wczoraj tez spotkalem fajnego Kamila ktory zabral mnie na plaze do knajpki i uczyl mnie jak sie podrywa Holenderki. Hahaha. Tutaj z Hagi plynie prom do UK ale nie wiem za ile wiec musze czekac do nastepnego miesiaca, zeby bylo mnie stac, bo teraz to lece na oparach. Kupilem sobie tu w Dekatlonie czarne spodnie dresowe i podkoszulek i 3 pary skarpetek i zaplacilem 22 euro. Staram sie oszczedzac zeby mi starczylo do pierwszego. A w razie gdyby czego ale raczej nie sadze... to nie wiem... bede pisal i cos wymyslimy. Ale powinno mi starczyc bo na maksa oszczedzam i za spanie jak widzisz nie place.

Wreszcie moge napisac cos wiecej bo tu w Holandii jest normalny uklad klawiatury. Hehe. Francja to chory kraj. Próbowalem zobaczyc wyscig Le Mans, (chyba po dorodze poznalem syna tego aktora Reno), ale nic z tego bo wszystko pozamykane na glucho. Tj. wyscig jest ale nie mozna wejsc i pilnuja jak szaleni. Troche przesadzaja! Z fanami motoryzacji walcza jak ze swoimi wrogami.

Czy wszystko u Ciebie dobrze? Pozdrawiam Cie bardzo serdecznie! Dziekuje Ci za wszystko! BCK


Wed 16:40 23 September

3536: 24 Hours of Le Mans

5851: This week takes place the traditional 24 Hours of Le Mans. Initially scheduled for June (13 and 14), they were postponed from 19 to September. An 88th edition unlike any other because of the health crisis that has hit the world.

With a messed up program, participants had to adapt and some were forced to throw in the towel due to financial difficulties in particular. Thus, the grid will be made up of 59 crews and not 60 as initially planned. Indeed, Team LNT withdrew a few days ago due to its economic situation.

These 59 cars will roll onto the asphalt of the Circuit de la Sarthe from Thursday, September 17, after having been scrutinized the day before during administrative and technical checks. This first day will be divided into three free practice sessions and one qualifying practice.

Friday, September 18 will be devoted to the last real day of driving before the big start. Today, the drivers will take to the track for the final free practice session before fighting for the Hyperpole (determine the starting order of the top 6 crews in each category from the qualifying practice the day before).

Saturday is the big day, the one expected by all. After a light quarter-hour warm-up (10.30-10.45am), the 59 teams will set off for the 88th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans (2.30pm). The arrival is scheduled for the next day, logically at the same time.

The full 24 Hours of Le Mans program

Wednesday September 16

8h00-18h00: Administrative and technical checks

Thursday September 17th

10h00-13h00: Free Practice 1
2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m .: Free Practice 2
5.15 p.m.-6.00 p.m .: Qualifying practice
20h00-00h00: Free Practice 3

Friday September 18

10h00-11h00: Free Practice 4
11.30am-12.00am: Hyperpole

Saturday September 19

10:30 am-10:45am: Warm-up
2:30 p.m .: Start of the 88th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Sunday September 20

2:30 p.m .: Arrival of the 88th edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans

5852: I checked. It is fucking bull shit!

5855: Francuzi to bqnda kretyno-patalachow i to wlasnie oni sa odpowiedzialni za glupote na calym swiecie. LoL

5856: A z drugiej strony maja w sobie cos czego nie ma zadna inna nacja. Np. w Le Mans w centrum miasta na rynku w kosciele zrobili biura i kibel w ktorym na luzie mozna jarac # I co? I pstro! Wyobrazcie sobie kosciol mariacki przerobiony na kibel z mozliwoscia cpania, palenia, picia i wciagania. Czy bylo by lepiej czy gorzej? No przynajmiej banany z Martyniki maja tanie!

5857: Moja przygoda z Le Mans zakonczyla sie totalna porazka!
Wed 15:55 16 September

3535: [Chacapa-Films]

5847: Regarde ça!

5848: A jechalem na stopa z takim milym Panem co produkuje filmy i stara sie je sprzedawac w roznych krajach. Moze TVP by cos od niego kupila? Niestety nie mam w tym zadnego interesu!

5849: Przypominam ze aktywnie szukam murzyna albo murzynke, ktora mowi po Suahili i po polsku, zeby przetlumaczyc stare produkcje TVP tj. MDM, KOC i Za Chwile Dalszy Ciag Programu!

5850: Napisalem list do jakies pipki w TVP w tej sprawie ale mnie zlala, bo pewnie ten list w ogole do niej nie doszedl, bo administratorem jest jakis rusek! LoL
Tue 13:21 15 September

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