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2486: Serj Tankian Harakiri Full Album Let's give him a chance!
Tue 10:04 7 April

2485: MindRiver: Magazine - "Ogłasza Ogólnopolski protest przeciwko myciu okien przez mężczyzn!" Panowie! Czas skończyć z byciem służącym swoich kobiet! Hasło na tą wiosnę: "Baby do garów!"
Tue 10:03 7 April

2484: Zone free from FUCKING marihuana! One who gave you this shit I the one who is FUCKING you!


3327: You need to figure it out.

3328: [Hmm...]

3329: Lie, lie, lie... - [Link]
Tue 9:47 7 April

2483: Like every devil I don't have time to take a shower. Not that I'm scared of water.

Tue 9:39 7 April

2480: [Anitta] - Kisses Playlist
Tue 9:35 7 April

2479: Since the pictures are moving, I have to round their corners so that they don't rub off.

3323: But I don't know how to do it!
Tue 9:31 7 April

2478: I love Miley so much that I could moan all night.

3324: When I look at her I see lips to kiss.
Tue 9:26 7 April

2477: [MaybeNewChat?] - Okay! I'm thinking about making new chat here... but when I see JavaScript... I want to throw my laptop thru the window and never ever see it again!
Tue 8:55 7 April

2476: Ladies ans Gentelmans... New Logan

3321: Coś jej cieknie.

3322: Przepraszamy to jest Rolls. Nie da się otworzyć nim piwa.
Tue 7:52 7 April

2475: I got new banner! I think I'm little crazy about her. I need to remind myself that I'm her psycho fan.
Tue 7:20 7 April

2473: Inkscape Jak zastawić pułłapkę ingwisticzną na azjatę?

3320: How to set an linguistic trap for Asians?
Tue 6:09 7 April

Tue 1:01 7 April

2471: [ZZ-Top] La Futura
Tue 0:38 7 April

2470: You ain't say nothing babe!
Tue 0:13 7 April

2469: [Mix]
Tue 0:09 7 April

2468: Good night Miley... Good night World!

3314: Do you have some song for me baby?

3315: [PrettyHurts]
Tue 0:03 7 April

2467: Okey! Tommorow I will do the flags! Miely... I go sleep now! Bye bye baby... Hug me to your heart! And be cool! My Queen!

Mon 23:58 6 April

2466: Nice mix.

3311: This song practicing for Miley of course! Baby, baby, baby...

3312: I need to teach myself key-changing while such a looooong scale improvisations...
Mon 23:51 6 April

2465: New Mix: Metronome 68 BPM + Playng Blues + Watching Damn Poor RT + Dreaming Whatever

3307: That was only experiment! Check results!

3308: So I discovered ZZ Top secret!

3309: Hahahahaha....

Mon 23:33 6 April

Mon 22:58 6 April

2463: Close app. - App not responding. Would you like to terminate app?


Mon 22:39 6 April

2462: Okey! Experimental image resizer! Whatever. Just experimental. And finaley I got icon leading to google translator.
Mon 22:28 6 April

2461: Song Better Than Orginal

3300: Miley. You look like pig!

3301: Fuck Pandas! Let's save pigs!


3303: Just kidding!
Mon 21:04 6 April

2460: Dobrze by było jeszcze zrobić, żeby po najechaniu na tą flagę, wyświetlała się nazwa kraju z linkiem do wikipedii. Eh!

3299: To może jutro... dzisiaj miałem coś zagrać jeszcze na gitarce.
Mon 20:06 6 April

2458: Aha... a jakby ktoś z was nie wiedział jak chwycić Fis-Moll na pianinie i jak się go ogrywa, to niech zjedze myszką na sam dół ekranu.
Mon 20:02 6 April

2457: Kurwa. Muszę nauczyć się robić miniaturki z obrazków bo mi wpierdala cały transfer z koma. Ja pierdole. PHP się chyba zesra. Przecież ja co chwilę ładuję obraek w innym formacie. Kurwa. I raz wyświetlam 4 a raz tylko jeden. Jezu za jakie grzechy?!

3297: Jezus Maria Józefie Święty! Za jakie kurwa grzechy?!

3304: O! Pełnia! Wow! No to idziemy na miasto! Aha! Nie bo wirus! Hehe.
Mon 20:00 6 April

2455: Audio Letter from James Prada to Miley Cyrus: [hERe_is_lINk] (Fuck I need to speak more english loud!)


3296: Miley... I'll be missing you...
Mon 19:14 6 April

2454: I love Miley!
Mon 17:49 6 April

2453: Valtteri Bottas entering coffee's markets! Hurray! Finland will be popular again!
Mon 16:19 6 April

2452: Valtteri Bottas from F One sharing his biggest secret! He told that the secret of his winning is... coffee. HIS coffee. WHERE I CAN BUY IT????!!!!???!!??!!

3288: I really need it! Really MEANS R-E-A-L-L-Y!!!!

3289: It's like feeling... I HAVE TO! It means that I am waking up in the morning and the first thing I am thinking of is... where I can buy this coffee? And then I am going there straight. Right away.

3290: Hello! Can I have interview? - Hello! Eeee... - Yeah! That's right. The idea comes to our mind when there was corona virus and we have to stay home. I was always into coffee world and now I can share my secrets with you. Yes... special Finnish ingredients you can find in taste of our coffee.

3291: - And I want to say thank you to my girlfriend Tiffany. She was my biggest inspiration in decision "should we do it or not". And now... all world can enjoy it every day.

3292: - Yes we have instant coffee too.

3293: - I got on question. What you would say to your team friend Lewis Hamilton and the Monster Energy Drink Team he's part of? - Well. I've always liked energy drinks despite my healthy "famous" morning food... but you know... coffee is something else. Less sugar? You don't have to sweeten so much. That's just simple example.

3294: [Formation]
Mon 16:12 6 April

2451: [Beyonce]
Mon 15:11 6 April

2450: [StackedActors]
Mon 15:00 6 April

2448: In the first mind-vision, it was all a little more complicated. But I won't say I'm not happy with the result.

3287: Maybe in the future I will improve my CSS animation skills a little.
Mon 14:52 6 April

2447: 5:44

3286: Cyber magic!
Mon 14:48 6 April

2446: You know I did it... [DOA]

3284: I am [MindRiver]
Mon 14:37 6 April

2445: Ok. Now I will be much easier for me to write what I'm doing.

3276: I am going toilet now.

3277: I will use animation not transition. I got a problem with reverse-animation while hover-off but it's not you problem. I need to learn how to do it later. Probably it's fucking Java Script I need to use.

3278: I am fucking to week in CSS for that. I mean. I know what I want to do... but it's fucking horror! My messed code cannot handle this.

3279: I feel like I'm juggling plates and each plate was in a separate room in my apartment.

3280: Back to fucking CSS school and test.php Fuck, fuck, fuck...

3281: Do I have to do this? No!

3282: We will do it easiest way possible. I am not fucking Leonardo Da Vinci!
Mon 11:19 6 April

2444: Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz - [Album] Need to listen this!
Mon 11:13 6 April

2443: Say hello to some new useful stickers:

3272: I need to this! Miley! hug me! Let's be forever . Our is . So... me. My heart is by You. I love baby. You doing to . You are my lot. Hello baby!


3274: Okey. That was easy part.
Mon 10:57 6 April

2442: [Nate_Mendel] (Foo Fighter's Bass Player) on the Fender Precision Bass | Fender
Mon 10:16 6 April

2441: MindRiver: Golf Course - [LearnToFly]
Mon 10:11 6 April

2440: Hello World... Hello Miley... Every morning I will be planing with pen and paper what I have to do that day. With &

3270: Things gets so fucking detailed and complicated that without & I cannot handle all this shit.
Mon 10:04 6 April

2439: [You'veChanged] I like to confuse titles.
Sun 23:46 5 April

2438: [Buttons] - Miley. When you call her! She's craziest motherfucker ever! I love her!
Sun 23:40 5 April

2437: [She] is comming!
Sun 23:35 5 April

2436: Don't Dream It's Over
Sun 23:24 5 April

Miley. Don't be affraid.
Don't be lost.
I know what you need.
You need to meet
bad ass sailor.
You need just go.
I know what you need.
You need to hitch-hike
like invisibe.
Without "monster big" boyfriend.
You need to go low.
You need to get lost with me.
I did it so many times before.
Shakira - Gipsy.
There's magic in it.
You need it.
You cannot always be
"on the party".
You need to get lost
to be found.
Let me help you to get lost.
I love you so much.
With my love you are save,
an opposite.
You have to meet me.
You need to swallow what
I want to show you.
You need to download my mind.
You are just curious.
I love you.
Don't be affraid.
Don't think that you are lost.
You got me forever.
I promice you this.
I am not 15 minuts fan.
There's some secrets
i need to explain you.
I meet you before, but
it wasn't you.
It was someone else.
She was your guest.
You were her host.
It's little crazy.
I am loving her for a long time.
And finaley I met you.
It's little crazy shit.
Or maybe she is you host.
Becouse of me and some
other crazy "little" black magic.
So do you want to meet me
still? I hope my love
becaouse It's not
peace of cake.
It's much more.
It's wizards thing.
It's deep deep love.
Call me crazy Miley!
;-) I am crazy for you.
Crazy little thing called

You was her...
She was you...
and you gets a little crazy
becaouse of her.
So... you can help me!
You are the only way for me
to forget her!
And I am only way for you
to feed you huger...
...you got because of her.

Can you feel this shit? Baby? <3

I hope! <3
Coz I'm already yours!
Sun 22:47 5 April

2434: Miley my love!
Sun 22:22 5 April

2433: [Rare] - Selena Gomez Speedie Gonzalez Let's go with this album.
Sun 22:06 5 April

2432: No [Martini] no party!

3269: My love looks happy.
Sun 21:57 5 April

2431: For Miley: Why I will better than puppy?

3262: 1) I can talk and I am smarter than dog.

3263: 2) You can call me AI but you know that it's a little cheating.

3264: 3) I will love you forever.

3265: 4) I will be friend of all other people who loving you.

3266: 5) I can make pizza and Martini drinks! Oh! Martini! Those guys I love the most!

3267: @Martini @Martini

Sun 21:53 5 April

2430: Nie mogę pić piwa bo mi mama przestanie wypłacać kieszonkowe!

3258: But one little TUBROG jest za przyjaźń Polsko - Szwedzką.

3259: ... gor livet lidt gronnere

3260: ... sprawia, że życie jest trochę bardziej ekologiczne

3261: [swe]
Sun 21:38 5 April

2429: :-/

3255: [rainbow]

3256: <-<3--<< I'm suffering lack of emojis. Need to fix it soon!
Sun 21:32 5 April

2428: [Queen] of my heart! <---<3---<<<

3257: Maybe on this planet is 100.000.000 idiots but I know that she's singing just for me. Do you have the same?
Sun 21:31 5 April

2427: Może z powodu korona wirusa? LoL!
Sun 21:15 5 April

2426: Ktoś mi wyłączył sesje... na serwerze. Po kiego chuja?

3249: Panie Boże proszę! Nie wyłączaj mi sesji na serwerze! [amen]

3250: Może mieli konserwacje systemu?

3251: To był zdecydowanie atak hakerski! Napiszę do swojego kongresmena!

3252: Ty kurde... moim kongresmenem był Lepper.

3253: Ostatni polski polityk z krwi i kości nie licząc Palikota.

3254: Może za mało płacę za serwer?
Sun 21:14 5 April

Sun 21:13 5 April

2422: All is nice all is fine! But I need to little more skatebording today! Oh! You know! I need to buy ketchup!
Sun 20:57 5 April

2420: 4 Miley!

3234: Every country rock pop star should have "psycho fan".
I love write on my Nokia 8810.
Have you ever love somebody so much,
to be sick from it?
I am sick because of You baby!
I love you so much!
It's cool. It's fun.
Something like being ready to go
all the time.
Today I will play Silverchair's dong
Or Tomorrow.
I will be playing that song
until my guitar is burn away.
Miley is [Brunette_Localicious]
I love you blond hairs.


3236: (Name: "24 to O") (I'm free to fee sex!)

3237: It's so funny!

3238: Sex only with Miley!

Sun 18:46 5 April

2419: MindRiver: Magazine "Nie dajcie się jebać przy zakupie kart pamięci Micro SD!"

3230: [SD_Karty] (Wikipedia! Po ang.) Okazało się, że moja super karta pamięci jest z 2006-2008 roku! To już wiem czemu powoli chuj ją strzela! Polski artykuł na Wiki jest tradycyjnie niedojebany!

3231: Celowo żeby więcej ludzi zrobić w buca!

3232: A ja myślałem, że mi Ruscy wymazali dane z karty przez satelitę! Hehe.

3233: Chyba czas kupić nowszą kartę i nowszy telefon.

3240: Kurwa! Straciłem dwa fajne filmiki eksperymentalne jak bujam na desce po krakowie. Co za jebana szkoda. Będę musiał iść pojeździć jeszcze raz! Chociaż kurwa dziwne bo jeszcze na błoniach sobie je przeglądałem, zanim nie przyszła policja powiedzieć mi, że nie mogę siedzieć na kretowinie jak jest epidemia.
Sun 18:39 5 April

2418: But first. Love poem for Miley Cyrus
Sun 18:03 5 April

2417: Future of MindRiver: Magazine will be teaching guitar & piano!

3229: Adults class with using swearing.
Sun 18:00 5 April

2416: [SchoolDays]

3228: Long live rock'n'roll!
Sun 17:55 5 April

2415: Bright Minded: Live with Miley Cyrus: Elton John, Kerry Washington, Selena Gomez, Jimmy Fallon - [15-Episode] (LAST?!!!???!!!??!) No... Miley... [Please_Don't_Go!-Ac/Dc]

3226: I got new poem for Miley...
Sun 17:42 5 April

2414: T-Mobile: Wyłączanie wykorzystanego już do zera pakietu danych: *140*710# / Aktywowanie pakietu 30 GB na 60 dni: *140*706# / Sprawdzenie stanu bierzącego pakietu: *140*709# (płotek).

3223: Pierwsze słyszę, żeby ktoś na "hasztaga" mówił "płotek". Ale fajnie. Podoba mi się! Hehe! "Płotek!" How sweet!
Sun 16:16 5 April

2413: I'm waitin' when Valtteri Bottas would have HIS monster drink. And I wonder how it would taste!
Sun 12:55 5 April

2412: Hey People. Circus came to town! Free tickets!

3221: What Town? - You know. From when you were born... we call it Town? Is that all right with you?

3222: I'm just kidding. I'm just super extra happy!
Sun 12:52 5 April

2411: I need Cuchi Cuchi Green Japan Pizza served by Manga Horny Doll. And little tatoo on my ass! That wound be... "I'm not Lesley"!
Sun 12:51 5 April

2410: Ok. I did quite good job today aready. I am happy that I saved this chart from being waste or lost. It tooke me some time to figure it out.

3219: If you want to learn piano this is one and only help for you. It enough! All Major and Minor chords with scales.

3220: Nice and easy. Simple as fuck!
Sun 11:57 5 April

2409: Just add you logo

3217: Oh My God! Looks fucking nice!

3218: Now I need only piano.

3227: You can print it!
Sun 10:11 5 April

2408: Who wants to learn piano fast?

3215: Probably you don't know what's this.

3216: Learning chart. You can print it.
Sun 9:38 5 April

2407: And same with us.
Sun 8:48 5 April

2406: Next

3213: If Miley is in love... all world is in love. Simple?
Sun 8:44 5 April

2405: Something new.
Sun 8:40 5 April

2404: Ok. I think Die Andwoord is not proper shit for Prada. Well... if we're trying to build better future we need to get rid of european african hidden fuckin' terrorist on the mic. Oh. What a shame.

3209: I should not ever tell you about them.

3210: Fucking bullshit. Aaaa.... Delete, delete, delete. Let's move on.

3211: You know. There's so much shit in the air.

3212: And we need to save the world.

3214: From aggressive rap.
Sun 8:38 5 April

2402: Hello Rainbow
Sun 8:04 5 April

2401: Good night!
Sun 2:08 5 April

2399: Thanks for Tacos baby! B.. b.. b.. b.. baby.
Sun 1:58 5 April

2398: Actually = 1. as the truth or facts of a situation; really. 2. used to emphasize that something someone has said or done is surprising.
Sun 1:33 5 April


Kari Sane
Sun 1:30 5 April


3202: English Punk is so funny!

3203: Sorry... Punk-Rock

3204: "Stick around for all the best!" - FBI Radio
Sun 1:09 5 April

2395: Miley 16: - Sydney0 9: - Me - 01: = FBI Radio Sydney


Sun 1:04 5 April


[NewBand] of Miley

3196: (BTW) That band was totally fucked up!
Sun 0:48 5 April

2393: Interview with Dave Grolh - How it was to play that song?

3197: - Is that true that you wanted to leave Nirvana?

Sun 0:44 5 April


[SonOfAGun] -

3195: Up, up, up and down Turn, turn, turn around Round, round, round about And over again Gun, gun, son of a gun You are the only one Makes any difference to what I say The sun shines in the bedroom When we play The raining always starts When you go away I think Nirvana loves Miley
Sun 0:38 5 April

2391: Don't Forget Me Miley
Sun 0:22 5 April

2390: Miley! Song 4 You! Puppie in the Window
Sun 0:07 5 April

2389: - I need to practice more scales beaouse when I play I cannot think! You know?

3194: I mean... there's no time to think when you want to play guitar very well.
Sat 23:47 4 April

2388: Look at bottom left. Wanna see NASA Earth Cam ?
Sat 23:23 4 April

2387: [BreathMe] - SIA 4 Miley
Sat 23:20 4 April


[Miley_Cyrus] Names Which of Her Old Hits Is Still a Banger to Her (Again)
Sat 22:51 4 April

2385: [Miley_Cyrus] Is Coming for Jimmy's Job with Her Bright Minded IGTV Show

3193: Miley is perfect! Mile you are perfect! You need's to be interview same as you are doing you talk show! You should call other hosts and ask them to make interview with you! I love to listen you stories. And nice T-shirt BTW!
Sat 22:40 4 April

2384: Ciekawe ile nowych wpisów nastukam w miesiąc?

3192: 2500?
Sat 22:37 4 April

2383: Ad: I will re-park your horse from Poland to Portugal for Free. How a fuck about that?
Sat 22:36 4 April

2382: Odbiorę konia z siodłem. Gratis.

3184: Why all cowboys was rather pissed off all the time? Because there was just one Saloon or they where just fucked in Poker.
Sat 22:12 4 April

2381: Life is series of adjustments. - Miley's Dad. Let me think about that. Something like for a long time.
Sat 22:11 4 April

2380: Kurwa! Włączanie internetu w T-Mobile to jest do normalnie przygoda życia za każdym razem. Ja Tego po prostu nie da się normalni zrobić! Pies to . Zmieniam operatora! Przysięgam !!!

3179: Doładowałem 30 pln. Pani włączyla 10 giga na 30 dni za 15 pln. Dodała mi 10 gb od siebie. Ponoć mam 20 gb. A tu mam 10 gb i na konce zostało 7 pln. Czysta logika. Jak Cię wypierdolić w dupę na 7 pln.

3180: Opłaca się!

3181: Wyobrażam sobie, że po prostu jestem w Hiszanii albo Finlandii i po prostu nie mam takich problemów. Kur... LoL LoL

3182: Chyba w końcu założę sobie stały internet. Ile ta jebana epidemia będzie jeszcze trwać?

3183: I kurwa "Happy Friday"! T-Mobile jeb... po całości jest!

3185: Dno jebanego dna! "Właczymy Panu internet za 15 pln." Po czym odpisują mi 22 pln.

3186: A! Haha! Babeczka mnie okłamała i powiedziała, że 10 GB na miesiąc kosztuje 15 pln. W rzeczywistości kosztował 20 pln. Ponadto dodała mi 10 GB gratis, bo powiedziała "że zaszło nieporozumienie" - kurwa to teraz już wiem jakie! Natomiast połączenie z nią kosztowało 2 pln. Czyli 20 + 2 = 22. Zostało 7.50. A teraz po drugiej rozmowie z konsultantem, mam już 5 pln na koncie.

3187: Rea-kurwa-sumując. Hehe. Za 25 pln mam 20 gb. Za prawie tyle samo kasy udało mi się naruchać 10 GB więcej internetu na ten miesiąc. No ale "nie dogadałem się z konsultantką".

3188: W ogóle to pracuje w domu. To pytałem się, czy jej przypadkiem nie przeszkadzam w kolacji. A ona mówi, że nie. To można być operatorem T-Mobile w domu? Może zostanę?! I będę robił ludzi w chuja na 5 pln a operatora na 10 GB! No... "przecież zaszło drobne nieporozumienie".

3189: Drobne nieporozumienie to jest kurwa "co się stało z moją karawaną wielbłądów"? I gdzie jest jebana oaza?!

3190: I jeszcze mówi mi "do zobaczenia". Ciekawe jak kurwa kiedy i gdzie?! Wszystko pojebało się przez tego jebanego wirusa. Kurwa. A miałem naprawdę dobry plan!

3191: Daje wirusowi czas do końca miesiąca. Potem płynę na wind surfingu do Kanady! Startuję z Porto. Tylko się dobrze napierdolę na start.
Sat 22:00 4 April

2379: I did pizza and I forgot to put some salami on it. What a joke! And I need to go to buy some more internet from my operator T-Mobile.
Sat 20:55 4 April

2378: [din] [new] [MindRiverRSS] [QuiteRSS] [AktywnePolskieRSS] [bmw]
Sat 20:28 4 April

2377: [EarthCam] Times Square in 4K
Sat 20:11 4 April

2376: sydney.com
Sat 20:10 4 April

Could not connect: