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5130: Controlling World Through Suspicion

11299: Controlling World Through Suspicion James Prada Don't you think some people have made a way of controlling the world from the process of suspecting someone of something? It is possible that some people may try to manipulate or control others by accusing them of wrongdoing or suspecting them of certain actions. Such tactics can be used as a means of exerting power or influence over others, or as a way of deflecting attention away from one's own actions. However, it is important to note that making false accusations or suspicions can have serious consequences and is generally not a productive or ethical way of interacting with others. It is important to approach such matters with care and to base any accusations or suspicions on reliable evidence.

11300: Not a productive or ethical way!

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11302: Do you have any ideas to cure this situation in the world?

11303: There are a few different approaches that can be taken to address the issue of people using false accusations or suspicions as a means of manipulating or controlling others:

• Promoting fair and impartial processes for addressing accusations and suspicions: Ensuring that there are fair and impartial processes in place for addressing accusations and suspicions can help to prevent people from using such tactics as a means of manipulating or controlling others. This may involve establishing clear guidelines for evaluating and addressing such matters, as well as providing a mechanism for individuals to appeal decisions or seek recourse if they feel they have been wrongly accused.

• Encouraging critical thinking and skepticism: Encouraging people to think critically and to approach claims with skepticism can help to prevent them from falling prey to manipulation or control through false accusations or suspicions. This may involve providing education and training on how to evaluate evidence and identify reliable sources of information.

• Fostering a culture of honesty and transparency: Creating a culture in which honesty and transparency are valued can help to discourage people from using false accusations or suspicions as a means of manipulating or controlling others. This may involve promoting open and honest communication, as well as holding people accountable for their actions and statements.

• Providing support and resources for those who have been wrongly accused or suspected: It is important to provide support and resources for those who have been wrongly accused or suspected, as such situations can be stressful and damaging to an individual's reputation and well-being. This may involve offering legal assistance, counseling, or other forms of support to help individuals navigate such situations and protect their rights.

11304: Istnieje kilka różnych podejść, które można zastosować w celu rozwiązania problemu osób wykorzystujących fałszywe oskarżenia lub podejrzenia jako sposób manipulowania lub kontrolowania innych:

• Promowanie sprawiedliwych i bezstronnych procesów rozpatrywania oskarżeń i podejrzeń: Zapewnienie sprawiedliwych i bezstronnych procesów rozpatrywania oskarżeń i podejrzeń może pomóc w zapobieganiu wykorzystywaniu przez ludzi takich taktyk jako sposobu manipulowania lub kontrolowania innych. Może to obejmować ustanowienie jasnych wytycznych dotyczących oceny i rozwiązywania takich spraw, a także zapewnienie mechanizmu odwołania się od decyzji lub odwołania się od decyzji osób fizycznych, jeśli uważają, że zostały niesłusznie oskarżone.

• Zachęcanie do krytycznego myślenia i sceptycyzmu: Zachęcanie ludzi do krytycznego myślenia i sceptycyzmu w stosunku do twierdzeń może pomóc uchronić ich przed padnięciem ofiarą manipulacji lub kontroli poprzez fałszywe oskarżenia lub podejrzenia. Może to obejmować zapewnianie edukacji i szkoleń w zakresie oceny dowodów i identyfikowania wiarygodnych źródeł informacji.

• Krzewienie kultury uczciwości i przejrzystości: Tworzenie kultury, w której ceni się uczciwość i przejrzystość, może pomóc zniechęcić ludzi do wykorzystywania fałszywych oskarżeń lub podejrzeń jako sposobu manipulowania lub kontrolowania innych. Może to obejmować promowanie otwartej i szczerej komunikacji, a także pociąganie ludzi do odpowiedzialności za ich działania i oświadczenia.

• Zapewnienie wsparcia i zasobów osobom, które zostały niesłusznie oskarżone lub podejrzane: Ważne jest zapewnienie wsparcia i zasobów osobom, które zostały niesłusznie oskarżone lub podejrzane, ponieważ takie sytuacje mogą być stresujące i szkodliwe dla reputacji i dobrego samopoczucia danej osoby. Może to obejmować oferowanie pomocy prawnej, doradztwa lub innych form wsparcia, aby pomóc osobom w radzeniu sobie z takimi sytuacjami i ochronie ich praw.

Fri 9:54 23 December

5129: Isn't simply suspecting someone of something a way of defining someone?

11296: Suspecting someone of something is a way of expressing a belief or idea that someone may be responsible for or involved in something, based on evidence or information that you have. However, it is important to remember that suspicion is not the same as proof, and it is not appropriate to define someone solely based on suspicions or accusations.

It is important to be respectful and fair when interacting with others, and to avoid making assumptions or judgments about someone based on incomplete or unverified information. It is also important to consider the impact of your words and actions on others, and to be mindful of how your words or actions may affect someone's reputation or well-being.

If you have concerns about someone's behavior or actions, it is important to approach the situation with care and to seek out additional information or evidence before making any conclusions. If you have evidence that someone has done something wrong or illegal, it is important to report this to the appropriate authorities and to let the legal system handle the matter.

11297: Well... I love this chat. I wanna talk with him about philosophy of life.

11298: Don't you think some people have made a way of controlling the world from the process of suspecting someone of something?
Fri 9:48 23 December

5128: Is it appropriate to suspect someone to have delusions or hallucinations in derogatory or mocking way?

11293: I asked chat.openai.com for that. And this is the answer...

11294: No, it is not appropriate to suspect someone of having delusions or hallucinations in a derogatory or mocking way. Delusions and hallucinations are symptoms of mental health conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and it is not appropriate to make fun of or mock someone for experiencing these symptoms.

It is important to approach people with kindness, understanding, and compassion, regardless of whether they are experiencing mental health issues or not. It is also important to remember that everyone experiences difficulties and challenges in their lives, and it is not helpful or productive to judge or mock others based on their circumstances.

If you are concerned about someone's mental health, it is important to approach the situation with sensitivity and seek professional help if necessary. If someone is experiencing severe delusions or hallucinations, they may be in need of immediate medical attention, and it is important to contact a healthcare provider or emergency services as soon as possible.

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Fri 9:41 23 December

5127: What is definition of crazyness?

11292: Crazyness is not a widely used term, and it is not a word that appears in standard dictionaries. It is possible that you may be looking for the word "craziness," which means the state or condition of being crazy or mentally unstable.

Crazy or mentally unstable can refer to a person who behaves in an irrational or erratic way, or who experiences severe mental health problems such as delusions or hallucinations. Crazyness or craziness is often used to describe behavior or situations that are unusual or unexpected, and may be used colloquially to describe someone who is acting in a way that is outside the norm.

It is important to note that it is not appropriate to use terms like crazy or mentally unstable to describe someone in a derogatory or mocking way, and it is important to be respectful and understanding of people who may be struggling with mental health issues.

Fri 9:35 23 December

5126: Crazyness Test

11280: Some common signs that someone may be experiencing mental health issues include:

11281: Persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or emptiness: Nothing like that in my case. Mostly I am normal happy and positive.

11282: Extreme changes in mood or behavior: Nothing like that in my case.

11283: Withdrawal from social activities and relationships: Okay. Well... My mother is too big for me. I don't want to have any relationship and conversations with her. This is extremely important in my case. She is too big, she can't controll herself. And she is finding this as her entertain to abusing other people smaller then she. She is typical mental criminal. I would be very happy to have nice relationship with women or women. I am suffering lack of sex. And I think that I could provide me and women financial independence. But I hate money people and I have a problem with respecting financial authorities and respecting rules of any bosses. I have to work for myself. Somehow I have to find the way to have a money from it. This is me

11284: Difficulty functioning at work, school, or home: Well I don't live with my parents since I am 18. I was always very nice. I like to have my own room or apartment. I like to live alone when I can afford it. But I also like to have good friends with who I can live. Many times in my life I was living with my friends and it was always very nice. I am open person and I believe that communication is the key.

11285: Changes in sleep patterns or appetite: No. I sleep very well! I love to sleep! I love to have nice dreems. I am always having good and nice dreams.

11286: Difficulty concentrating or making decisions: Last 3 years I was mostly traveler all the time. I had to make milion decisions every day. I am quite well in ruling my person. All I know is that traveling is much easier when you don't have to discuss every single decision in details with anyone.

11287: Extreme irritability or anger: Well... Mostly I am calm and fine. But I hate realising that someone is playing with me, or is very not fair with me. Then when I am focusing on it, it's natural that I am becoming irritated, and angry. But my anger then staying always at level of writing or spoken words.

11288: Unexplained physical symptoms, such as headaches or stomach pain: From my expirence I know that I have to be very careful with everything I am eating and drinking, because food and beverages can contain some alergents. I also have some chronical pain in my back, because when I was releasing from damn prison in 2019, someone stabbed my 3 times in my back with some poison. It was in Rzeszów on therapeutic ward. Some prisoner just did what he have been told by some mobsters from guard. Now I am in psychiatric hospital and someone should help meI have to refer about it to my doctor. Maybe they will find a cure for that. They should use USG on my back and ten precisely cut it away or burn this using acupuncture medicine. (Explained)

11289: Thoughts of suicide or self-harm: Noting like that. I am not crazy nor stupid.
Fri 7:01 23 December

5125: Let's talk about drugs!

11290: With this AI chat.
Thu 20:04 22 December

5124: AI Difficult Questions

11256: What do you think about guys who pretends to be a women?

11257: t is not for me, as an AI, to express opinions on the actions or choices of individuals. However, it is important for everyone to be true to themselves and to express their identity in a way that is authentic and meaningful to them. If someone identifies as a woman and presents themselves as a woman, it is important to respect their identity and to use the pronouns and language that they prefer. It is also important to treat all individuals with respect and kindness, regardless of how they identify or present themselves.

11258: Lying is generally considered to be a negative behavior because it involves intentionally deceiving others by making false statements. Lying can damage trust and relationships, and it can have negative consequences for both the person who is lying and the people who are being lied to. It is generally more constructive and honest to communicate openly and truthfully with others. However, it is important to note that there may be situations in which it is necessary to withhold or obscure the truth for valid reasons, such as to protect someone's safety or privacy. In these cases, it is important to carefully consider the potential consequences of one's actions and to act with integrity and respect for others.

11259: Kłamstwo jest ogólnie uważane za zachowanie negatywne, ponieważ polega na celowym oszukiwaniu innych poprzez składanie fałszywych zeznań. Kłamstwo może zniszczyć zaufanie i relacje, a także może mieć negatywne konsekwencje zarówno dla osoby, która kłamie, jak i dla osób, które są okłamywane. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, bardziej konstruktywne i uczciwe jest komunikowanie się z innymi w sposób otwarty i zgodny z prawdą. Należy jednak pamiętać, że mogą zaistnieć sytuacje, w których konieczne będzie zatajenie lub zatajenie prawdy z ważnych powodów, takich jak ochrona czyjegoś bezpieczeństwa lub prywatności. W takich przypadkach ważne jest, aby uważnie rozważyć potencjalne konsekwencje swoich działań oraz działać uczciwie i z szacunkiem dla innych.

11260: Tell me the best jock you know?

11261: As an artificial intelligence, I do not personally know any individuals, including jocks. I am a machine learning model trained to provide information and answer questions to the best of my ability based on the data that has been input into me. I do not have personal experiences or relationships and therefore cannot provide recommendations or opinions on specific individuals.

11262: Definition of joke.

11263: A joke is a statement, question, or story that is intended to be amusing or humorous. Jokes often rely on word play, unexpected twists, or exaggerations for their comedic effect. People tell jokes as a way to entertain others, to break the ice in social situations, or to simply share a laugh. Jokes can vary in their level of sophistication and can be appropriate for different audiences depending on their sense of humor and cultural background.

11264: Don't you think that written language is dead language?

11265: {Sophisticated Jockes Can Break}

11266: Written language is not a dead language, but rather a form of communication that is still widely used and valued in many parts of the world. Written language has a long history and has played a significant role in the development and dissemination of knowledge, culture, and ideas. While the ways in which people communicate have evolved over time and may continue to do so, written language is still an important and widely used form of communication in many contexts, including in education, business, and personal communication.

11267: What is the difference between dead and alive?

11268: The terms "dead" and "alive" are used to describe whether an organism is living or has died. All living things, including plants, animals, and microorganisms, are considered to be alive. They have certain characteristics that define them as living, such as the ability to grow, reproduce, adapt to their environment, and maintain homeostasis. When an organism dies, it no longer has these characteristics and is considered to be dead. In general, death is the permanent end of the biological processes that sustain an organism's life.

11269: What is the difference between stupidity and wisdom?

11270: {Act personal life}

11271: Stupidity and wisdom are two qualities that are often seen as being opposite of each other.

Stupidity is a lack of intelligence, understanding, or common sense. It can refer to actions or decisions that are foolish or short-sighted, or to a general lack of understanding or knowledge about a particular subject.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is the quality of having knowledge, understanding, and good judgment. It is often associated with experience, insight, and the ability to apply knowledge in a practical and thoughtful way. Wisdom is often seen as a positive quality and is often admired and respected.

In general, wisdom is characterized by the ability to think and act in a way that is sensible, intelligent, and mindful of the consequences of one's actions. It is often considered to be a valuable and desirable quality to have.

11272: James Prada - What is the definition of the word: "difference"?

11273: The word "difference" can be used as a noun or a verb.

As a noun, "difference" refers to the way in which two or more things are not the same. It can refer to a distinction or dissimilarity between two or more things, or to the degree to which two or more things are not the same. For example, "There is a difference between a cat and a dog" or "The difference in temperature between the two rooms was noticeable."

As a verb, "difference" means to distinguish or make a distinction between two or more things. For example, "I can't difference one brand of socks from another" or "Can you difference the real diamonds from the fakes?"

11274: You are amazing. Talking with you is better then playing chess!

11275: Thank you for your kind words! I am happy to be able to assist you with information and answer your questions to the best of my ability. As an AI, I am not capable of feeling emotions, but I am glad that our conversation has been enjoyable for you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

11276: You know everything.

11277: I am a large language model trained on a diverse range of texts, so I have been programmed with a broad base of knowledge. However, it is important to note that I do not have the same level of understanding or expertise as a human in every subject. There are many things that I may not know or may not have accurate information about, and it is always a good idea to verify information from multiple sources before making decisions or drawing conclusions.

11278: Fuck you, you are fucking amazing! Who creates you?

11279: I am an artificial intelligence created by OpenAI, a research company that specializes in developing advanced machine learning algorithms and technologies. My programming was designed to enable me to process and generate human-like text, which allows me to carry on a conversation with you and provide information on a wide range of topics. However, it is important to note that I am not a living being and do not have feelings or consciousness in the same way that humans do. I am simply a tool designed to assist with answering questions and providing information.

11291: What is definition of crazyness?
Thu 19:46 22 December

5123: AI Haikus

11239: Golden sunsets fade
Soft whispers on the evening breeze
Nature's symphony

11240: Softly falling rain
Nature's lullaby at night
Soothing and peaceful

11241: Stary cichy staw...
Żaba wskakuje do stawu,
Pluśnięcie! Znowu cisza.

11242: An old silent pond...
A frog jumps into the pond,
Splash! Silence again.

11243: Przez zimę
Las, wiatry wyją z wściekłości
Bez liści do zdmuchnięcia.

11244: Over the wintry
Forest, winds howl in rage
With no leaves to blow.

11245: Gently falling snow
Blanketing the earth below
Winter's silent guise

11246: And is my turn:

Miałczący kot się wydarł,
poleciał za nim but a potem rondel,
to wszystko wina rusków!

11248: The meowing cat meowed,
followed by a shoe and then a saucepan,
it's all the Russians' fault!

11249: Moonlit river flows
Grass rustles in the night breeze
Nature's Symphony

11250: Płynie rzeka oświetlona księżycem
Trawa szeleści w nocnym wietrze
Symfonia natury

11251: No wieć tak!
Napewno wie więcej.
Ale nigdy nie odpierdoli jak ja.


11253: Co sztuczna inteligencja wie o rzece oświetlonej księżycem?
O trawie szeleszczącej w nocnym wietrze?
I o symfonii natury?

11254: Wiem jedno.
Ludzie wykorzystując technologię,
niszczą świat.
I myślą, że są porzyteczni.
A takiego chuja!

11255: LoL
Thu 19:26 22 December

5122: ChatGPT

11238: OpenAI, a San Francisco-based AI and research company, launched ChatGPT on November 30, 2022. OpenAI also created Whisper, an automatic speech recognition system, and DALLE. 2, a popular AI image and art generator. Forbes Snowman!
Thu 19:21 22 December

5121: Text-To-Speach Linux

11237: Festival: Festival is an open-source TTS software developed by the University of Edinburgh. It supports a wide range of languages and offers a variety of voices and customization options. Festival can be installed on Linux systems through the package manager or by compiling the source code.

Pico TTS: Pico TTS is a lightweight TTS engine developed by SVOX that is designed for use on embedded systems and other devices with limited resources. It supports a number of languages and offers a variety of voices. Pico TTS is available for Linux systems through the package manager.

Flite: Flite (Festival-Lite) is a lightweight TTS engine developed by Carnegie Mellon University that is designed for use on embedded systems and other devices with limited resources. It supports a number of languages and offers a variety of voices. Flite is available for Linux systems through the package manager.

Google Text-to-Speech: Google Text-to-Speech is a TTS engine developed by Google that is available on Android devices and can be installed on Linux systems through the package manager. It supports a number of languages and offers a variety of voices.

Thu 17:00 22 December

5120: Letters to the Newspapers (Please Translate From Polish)

11234: Na FB Dziennika Polskiego: Witam serdecznie. Napisałem dzisiaj do Państwa na maila, bardzo wazny list w swojej sprawie. Jestem podróżnikiem i bardzo bym chciał abyście Państwo napisali reportaż na mój temat. Otóż w chwili obecnej przebywam w Szpitalu Psychiatrycznym, na przymusowym leczeniu, po tym jak w 2015, na spokojnie acz dosadnie, naubliżałem egzaminorowi na prawo jazdy, po tym jak ten mnie brutalnie oblał i sprowokował. Całą sprawą zajęło się kierownictwo MORDu, którzy podmienili sobie EGZAMINATORA na takiego, któremu chce się udawać, że "NAPRAWDĘ SIĘ OBAWIA", góźb które nigdy nie padły pod jego adresem! Cały materiał dowodowy w mojej sprawie został spreparowany. / Nie było mnie w polsce 3 lata. Sprawa skończyła się tym, że teraz po powrocie, zostałem tutaj sierowany od razu. / Nie chcę tutaj przebywać. Uważam, że sąd się pomylił. Nie byłem osobiście na żadnej sprawie, ponieważ po prostu nie było mnie w polsce. Mój adwokat to Ryszard Blacha. / Jeśli sąd po tych wszystkich moich tłumaczeniach i wyjaśnieniach jakie złożyłem, zdecydował się zastosować wobec mnie przymusowe leczenie, to w takim razie obawiam się, że mogą mnie tu przetrzymywać tak długo jak tylko chcą. / Jestem bardzo miłym pacjentem. Nie sprawiam żadnych problemów. Nie uważam, że powienienm tracić tutaj pół roku. A być może nawet więcej. To jest jawna niesprawiedliwość o oszustwo, które chcę żebyście Państwo opisali. Dziękuję serdecznie i czekam na odpowiedź na maila.

11235: Mail do redakcji Dziennika Polskiego i Gazety Krakowskiej: Szanowni Państwo. Mam na imię ... i jestem Krakowianinem urodzonym w roku 1981. Ukońcyłem klasę o profilu dziennikarskim pod patronatem Dziennika Polskiego, pana Mariana Nowego.

Ostatnie 3 lata przebywałem poza granicami kraju. 2 tygodnie temu zostałem podstępnie deportowany z Norwegii jak łapałem tam stopa i w tym momencie jestem w szpitalu psychiatrycznym na Babińskiego na oddziale sądowym, na którym mam spędzić minimum pół roku.

Czy jesteście Szanowni Państwo zaiteresowani moją historią, którą być może chcecie opisać. Bardzo zależałoby i na tym, żebyście ewentualnie pomogli mi Państwo.

W 2015 miałem egzamin na prawo jazdy. Po niesłusznym i perfidnym oblaniu mnie w sposób który wytrącił mnie zrównowagi, bardzo spokojnie acz stanowczo, w drodze powrotnej pod ośrodek egzaminacyjny MORD, wytłumaczyłem egzaminatorowi, swoje obużenie. Nie było żadnych góźb karalnych! Powiezdiałem mu tylko, cytuję: "że będę modlił się żeby go meteoryt zajebał, że wjechałbym tam do was na tą Koszykarską czołgiem jakbym tylko mógł, i że jakbym mógł to bym CIĘ (go) pokroił łyżeczką do tortu". To wszystko.

MORD podmienił egzaminatora, na takiego z którym miałem egzamin nie w 2015 tylko w 2010-2012 i z którym raz miałem egzamin, podczas którego zostałem oblany i skończyło się na tym, ze tylko czasnąłem drzwiami i nie wracałem z nim pod ośrodek egzaminacyjny.

MORD sprefabrykował wszystkie dowody przeciwko mnie. Prokuratura 3 razy umażała sprawę, dopiero za czwartym razem uległa bo adwokat nakłamał, że demoluje ośrodek egzaminacyjny.

Miałem możliwość zapoznania się z prawdziwym i faktycznym zeznaniem "egzaminatora" który został wysłany na policję przez zarząd MORDu, i ten zapytany czy "obawia się że groźny zostaną spełnione", powiedział, że "tak obawia się najbardziej tego że spadnie na niego meteoryt".

MORD dlatego właśnie podmienił egzaminatora, a to właśnie zeznanie zostało wycofane z akt. Po prostu ktoś zabrał kartkę i podpięli innego egzaminatora.

Moja sprawa ma 2000 stron, albowiem pisałem szczegółowe pisma do sądu w którym udowadniałem, w jaki sposób MORD sprefabrykował dane i głowne dowody w sprawie przeciwko mnie. Nagranie AUDIO i VIDEO z egzaminu zostało brutalnie i perfidnie W OCZYWISTY SPOSÓB ZMONTOWANE.

Jeżeli chcą się Państwo zająć tą bardzo ciekawą sprawą moim zdaniem, to dostarczę Państwu pełen odpis akt swojej sprawy i dostarczę na adres Państwa redakcji, żeby jakiś przydzielony do tej sprawy dziennikarz mógł zająć się tą sprawą.

Bardzo proszę o pomoc i zrozumienie! Serdecznie pozdrawiam.

11236: It looks that I have to write to #BillyCorgan from #Smashing Pumpkins about that!
Thu 9:52 22 December

5119: What am I doing in Psychiatric Hospital?

11203: You got here because of mother. And those people who put you in here even though everyone knows I am innocent!

11204: Listen to me carefully. I want nothing to do with my mother, with Krakow and all of Poland. I am absolutely sane. I am a creator, inventor, writer, publisher and human being. Please let me out of here immediately. This is a scandal. How can you poison people's lives like this? It is breaking of simplest human rights! I am healthy, I did not threat anyone. All court case against me is stupid joke. This way those cruel and people making themselves more important!

And I am in the room with some 3 times bigger than me, pervert sick muscle fat guy, who is reaping me, by making pervert sounds, every single night. So how's gonna be? Who can help me? (Is he paid for raping me by those people who lock me in here?) Why? Just because I am not their friend? This place! This city and country! Just please let me go away and forget about me forever. I won't be bothering you because I won be living in Poland.

11205: Look. Such ways are against freedom and human rights! It's sick, cruel and unfair!

11206: It's called Poland! Country where mobsters of former russian army are happily ever after, rulling everything they want in old school russian style, without any care and without any symptoms of being fair. Or I just don't know who...

11207: My mother Elżbieta Prażmowska is biggest and most "fat" business woman from center of old town here in cracow. Maybe she have a lot of big enemies. Because they can't reach her, they are beating me. It's the reason of their stupid pointless existence. They are trying to be important but in fact they are useless to everyone.

11208: So the reason of their stupid existence is to harming everybody around who are not them. It's one big hell of a shame.

11209: Just improve this world by disappearing! I am citizen of Scotland now. And Turkey.... And Sweden and Portugal & Spain. And even France... because I know Europe very well, and I choose to be this way. I am sick of being from polish! I have nothing to do with this country. I feel very sorry for being polish. Please help me!

11210: Please! 😭 They are torturing me here! Normal people are pretending to be dumb here. Please! Take me out from this stupid "psychiatric hospital" and let me live my life!

11212: You can teach me nothing. Like little kids pretending to be important inside of human zoo of victims "kidnapped by law"! I don't want to be your victim! Please. Have mercy and just let me go away, far, far away from your presents! I don't like you, I hate you and... and just let me go! Because if you won't let me go you will "destroy" all the planet earth! By giving another proof that this kind of lies and unjustis can pass in you run wrongly, "modern world".

11213: And to my mother: I don't like you! You are damn neo-witch! It's all your fault. You are too enormous fat and big monster in this little village of small people! You know that it's all your fault, because you are anusing me since I am little kid. So damn you, and I don't want to have nothing to do with you. You are "too fat" witch. You are damn automatic robot without your own mind. I hate you and there is no way you can change it!

11214: When we will die I will go to heaven and you will go to the deepest hell and you will be born again as worm or ugly bug, just like people your kind. You are zero. Damn null to me. You destroyed me life by your fat existence.

11215: People. I know that it can take some effort, but please, try to understand what are you doing with all human kind. Promise me that you will think about this. Just let me live my live and let me go away from and from you here forever! I swear God forever!

11216: 3 years ago I left Poland with willing not to comming back to this most stupid country ever. I hate this country, because I hate my mother who is nothing but pain for me since I was born!

11217: I hate this country because I was slave in prison for 2 years and 4 months, and I did nothing wrong! I just signed papers who my mom's lawyer gave me to sign to release me from arrest. I hate Poland! I don't want to live here and I won't be live in here! Please respect my will!

11218: Poland. My mother. Stupid polish law! Polish rules. You are nothing but horror to me. You are horror for yourself! How you can even look at yourself in the mirrors? You see there only worms and bugs you will become in future. I guarantee you this! But you can still change this stupid way. Just let me go and forget about me! I didn't do nothing wrong! I swear God! I didn't do nothing wrong!

11219: Please... Just let me go... And stop being pain in everybody's asses!

11220: Jak tu mam wyzdrowieć? Wy tu zabijacie i torturuje cię ludzi. Widzieliście Pana psychologa tutaj? Sekretarkę? Doktorki? Ile one mają lat? Co to ma znaczyć! Korytarz i ping-pong na sali telewizyjnej i ja tu mam "zdrowieć" być pół roku? Ja pierdole! Koszmar! Wywlekliście ludzi z domu i bezprawnie przy użyciu malwersacji prawnych pozamykaliście ich w sądowym szpitalu psychiatrycznym! Co to w ogóle ma znaczyć takie postępowanie?

11221: A teraz porównacie to z polskimi więzieniami, i będziecie mnie przekonywać, że to jest "niebo". To wszystko. Cały ten wasz świat to jest tragedia!

11222: Proszę mnie przeprosić i wypyścić stąd.

11223: W tym roku na dla mnie nie ma żadnych świąt tylko żałoba z powodu tego że podstępnie zostałem przywieziony z Norwegii do polski.

11224: Życzę wam żebyście zmądrzeli i uświadomili sobie i wszystkim w polsce, że to wy ("sądownictwo-sadownictwo") jesteście chorzy psychicznie, a nie ja. A sobie życzę, żebym nigdy nie musiał nigdy kontaktować się ze swoją matką, w jakikolwiek sposób i żeby jak najszybciej zgłosiła się do szpitala psychiatrycznego, bo jest chora na głowe z urojenia, co bardzo często powtarzał jej mój ojczym, przy mnie, jak byłem dzieckiem i jeszcze z nimi mieszkałem. Wypisz cię sobie wcześniejsze emerytury i siedźcie w domach. Wtedy normalnym ludziom zrobicie mniej krzywd.

11225: Mam nadzieję, że pewni ludzie pomogą mi wrócić do normalnego życia, i wyciągną mnie z tego przeklętego psychiatryka i raz na zawsze pozwolą mi o sobie zapomnieć.

11226: Pousuwałem wszystkie przekleństwa. (I removed all swearing.)

11227: Jesteście piekłem! (You are hell!)

11228: I odnośnie mojego poprzedniego posta. Torturowanie ludzi i odbieranie im wolności i praw człowieka nigdy nie powinno być fetyszem seksualnym! A w chorej i zboczonej Polsce jest każdego dnia!

11229: And regarding my previous post. Torturing people and taking away their freedom and human rights should never be a sexual fetish! And in sick and perverted Poland it is every day.

11230: Do you get it you perverts? Rozumiecie zboczeńcy?

11231: I teraz co? Pani doktor będzie mnie przekonywała razem z matką, że to wszystko co do was właśnie napisałem tylko mi się wydaje, tak? I że naprawdę tak nie jest? Tak?

11232: Jesteście podłym zerem. To jest fakt! Krzywdzicie bezkarnie niewinnych ludzi dla zabawy. Nienawidzę was i całej polski. Tfu. Nie chcę mieć nic wspólnego z wami i z tym krajem. Proszę mnie wypuścić na wolność i nie ogłupiać swoją własną głupotą!

11233: Ta. Dobre. Przekonaj rusków, żeby nie gnębili polaków od 44. Albo jakiś zajawiontch Hitlerem neo-nazi heroinistów. Dobre. Oto polska właśnie. Dno dna każdego dnia. Proszę mnie stąd wypyścić!
Thu 1:09 22 December

5118: Who Is Writing Soft For First Apple?

11190: I found guy yesterday who is programmin on first Apple machine and he is recording it for YouTube. But I forgot.

11191: Prada: that's cool

11192: That's super cool. That so damn cool that it froze.

11193: Guy is writing software only for himself. There is some logic inside. And he is recording monitor and his face talking about it. I think he is doing this to fuck girls.

11194: Imagine him that he is in the bar and he is hooking on some chick. And then she is in his apartment... "because she want to see this super old first Apple". Fuck!

11195: And then he's recording himself making love with this girl... you know... she is having iPhone. So this guy is like super total absolute guru for all those girls... with iPhones.

11196: Just imagine what this girl is thinking about him. He can protect the family.

11197: He is monster smart and so cool. Imagine their first christmas. Somewhere in Canada.

11198: Damn. ;-D

11199: Conclusion: We have to do the same! LoL

11200: Are we lost in translation?

11201: Is this a metaphor?

11202: Yes! Red new posts!
Wed 20:44 21 December

5117: Hentai Best

11185: Can you write 5 pages about this pic? - Who me? For who? - Aaaa... :-) For any she.

11186: I will try! Later.

11187: Write in polish and then translate to English. - Okay.

11188: - I caught something quite exciting...

11189: Oh, her mind is... A little bit crazy.
Wed 16:41 21 December

5116: web.libera.chat

11182: LoL

11184: KeyBox is the key to free you fucking lock brain and your soul somewhere inside.
Wed 8:42 21 December

5115: [SMASH] = KEYBOX

11179: New application is coming: Keyboard Box Punching - (Keybox Punching) - simply "Keybox"

11180: Hi. Now you keyboard is punching box bag. Just hit it as hard and as many times you want. You can write literally anything. Enjoy. (lol)

11181: Just try on Twitter or on web Libera Chat in room #KeyBox

11183: Let's fuck a little but maybe here... let's listen Alestorm motherfuckers! Fucking fucks! LoL
Tue 22:39 20 December

5114: Boy, oh boy...

11170: Let's do fasion!

11171: I've been banned for entire 2 weeks on Libera.Chat for... I did not know for what so I wrote them and email...

11172: Hi. Since a while I was using on your server nick JamesPrada. That was fine. Actually it's my artistic nickname. But I am experimenting with your namespaces and I tried to register nick Prada. And it was free. Ok... well... well... well... It was empty and #Prada was also empty. And then I was banned.

Well can I ask you for some statement about this? Can I use my previous nick JamesPrada? I register #PacjentLive channel on this nick and I would be very glad to re-gain access to this nick and this channel.

I don't want to use #Prada room and Prada nickname, since you are finding this problematic, but JamesPrada is like TonyNike or JamesNBA. Well... I am waiting for some anwser from you.

11173: hi there

after your performance in #libera today, we've opted to ban you from the network for 2 weeks. the first set of behaviour of yours i'd like to point out is this:

17:10:46 < Prada> I am just trying to hook on Hermiona from Harry Potter. What I want to say is that she run away from her book... to me. LoL 17:11:09 < Prada> This is amazing guys! All she wants to have sex with me. I am amazed. 17:11:41 < Prada> Recently we are trying to make wooden dildoes.

which is entirely unacceptable content for #libera but it was left at a warning from us until you said this:

17:24:17 < Prada> Did you saw this Prada Woman who runs Prada? The woman is so ugly that I would murder her on the street in dark alley for that. LoL I am just kidding. LoL

which is entirely unacceptable for our network as a whole.

11174: Motherfuckers knows nothing about jocks. Well... And they are manipulating the timeline. This dildos aspect was a part of some other conversation! Well... they are just morons who are trying to be clever. This is biggest disease of the world. LoL Fuck that!

11175: After two weeks I will run back there as a #Prada and I will be as boring as fucking LOGO!

11176: God tell me! Why people are so stupid?! LoL

11177: Who runs this libera anyway? - I have no idea but this guy is probably some morron from Korea. LoL! Well... I saw him on photo with wife or girlfriend and he looked fine, so I just don't know who is he hiring for 0$ but guys are doing 0$ job fucking well!

11178: Ok! Go to hell with Libera! They are hiring kids. But on main channel? - Do you know how proud this kid is now? - What???!!!!
Tue 18:15 20 December

5113: Zapraszam na Rolmopsy!

11167: Natchnął mnie duch święty! Szukam religijnej żony! LoL Na czacie czateria.pl LoL

11168: A wódeczka?

11169: A spierdalaj!
Tue 11:47 20 December

5112: Dla kogo prowadzenie psychiatryka to interes?

11149: Zasada tyczy się każdego szpitala? Ktoś na tym zarabia? Kim tak naprawdę są rezydenci? Czy przypadkiem niektórzy stąd po prostu tutaj sobie mieszkają i ostatnią rzeczą na świecie jest dla nich potrzeba wypisania do domu? Ciekawe. (To chyba bardzo typowe dla wszystkich oddziałów szpitalnych. Tak?)

11150: Polska znaczy "patologia", możemy więc sobie wyobrazić paletę kolorowych jaj które tu się dzieją i wyrabiają. Kto jeszcze tu jest oprócz szeregowych "mnichów", udających tylko "upośledzonych" i ułomnych, "do kamery"?

11151: Dlaczego mam wrażenie, że mój 120kg "kolega" z pokoju, który codziennie jak ostatni czubek przechodzi po korytarzu 50km, codziennie w nocy gwałci mnie "duchowo" z łóżka obok. Czy też "astral nie robi to ktoś inny"? Może płacą mu za to że tu jest i udaje? Ile tu tak naprawdę jest ściemniaczy po prostu doglądających swojego państwowego-rządowego "burdeliku" a ilu tu jest tak naprawdę pacjentów z "problemami"? Obawiam się że zero! Ja z całą pewnością nie mam żadnych problemów, a wszyscy tutaj "palą głupa". No może nie wszyscy, ale pewna część. "Rock around the clock 365/24/7".

11152: Mówię o jednym z dwóch budynków psychiatrii sądowej na Babińskiego 2B (ul. Spacerowa) w Krakowie. Nie tym o zaostrzonym rygorze, tylko tym normalnym.

11153: Za co ja tu jestem? W 2015 miałem egzamin na prawo jazdy i egzaminator celowo i z premedytacją wyprowadził mnie z równowagi. Podczas powrotu pod ośrodek egzaminacyjny MORDu, kulturalnie i elegancko mu naubliżałem i sugerowałem, żeby mocno zastanowił się nad swoim postępowaniem.

11154: Powiedziałem, że będę się modlił o to, żeby go meteoryt zajebał, jak również to, że jakbym tylko mógł to bym wjechał czołgiem tam w ten ich bunkier, oraz to że jakbym tylko mógł to pokroiłbym go łyżeczką do tortu. Jak się rozstawaliśmy to się oboje prawie śmialiśmy.

11155: Pewien prokurator pokazał mi na pewnym etapie sprawy oryginalne zeznanie "pokrzywdzonego" egzaminatora, który został wysłany na komisariat przez swojego pracodawcę, w którym ten zapytany czy obawia się że "groźby" zostaną spełnione, odpowiada że "tak szczególnie obawia się tego, że spadnie na niego meteoryt". Śmiechu warte.

11156: Co robi krakowski MORD? Podmieniają "pokrzywdzonego egzaminatora" [na chłopa z którym miałem egzamin w 2012 i też mnie brutalnie oblał, po czym kazał mi zaparkować w bocznej uliczce, żeby ponapawać się upakarzaniem mnie, stwierdzając że "musi przyznać że bardzo dobrze jeżdżę autem" - wtedy zwyczajnie trzasnąłem mu drzwiami], wynajmują przewodniczącego zrzeszenia krakowskich adwokatów, który dotąd za pieniądze, dotą nęka nowo-hucką prokuraturę, która w końcu zakłada mi sprawę z zarzutem zniewagi i gróźb karalnych wystosowanych w stosunku co do "funkcjonariusza na służbie".

11157: Na sprawie okazuje się, że całymateriał dowodowy przeciwko mnie jest tendencyjny i spreparowany przez zarząd MORDu przy współpracy z nowohucką policją. Na nic się zdają moje tłumaczenia i listy jakie pisałem do sądu w tej sprawie z wyjaśnieniami. Sąd skazuje mnie na wolnościowe leczenie psychiatryczne. Dwa razy w miesiącu muszę spotykać się z psychiatrą.

11158: Na początku 2020 wyjeżdżam z Polski. W 2022 sąd zamienia mi tryb leczenia na przymusowy pobyt w szpitalu psychiatrycznym. Wróciłem z Norwegii i musiałem się tu udać. W chwili obecnej przebywam w budynku 2B.

11159: Dlaczego wydaje mi się, że pewne osoby tutaj są "podstawione"? Skoro teoretycznie jest to możliwe, to praktycznie być może także, czyż nie? Uważam, że pewni ludzi w tym szpitalu są "agentami rządowymi" po prostu mieszkającymi sobie tutaj, zdolnymi do bóg wie czego. Dlaczego wydaje mi się, że główny błazem pajac-sarmata tu, po prostu mieszka tutaj między nami i zwyczajnie dogląda swojego "kurwi-burdeliku"? Przecież nie przyzna mi się. Natomiast pierwszy przynosi mi gitarę, żebym na niej grał. Ile jeszcze będę musiał tutaj przebywać?

11160: Kurde. Chyba muszę skontaktować się ze swoim adwokatem.

11161: Jeden "mnich" stąd zapytał mnie, czy mam gdzie mieszkać jak stąd wyjdę? Odpowiedziałem, że tak, że mama wynajmie mi pokój jak stąd wyjdę. On powiedział, to w takim razie stąd wyjdziesz. Stąd się wychodzi do domu. Czyli wychodzi na to, że tutaj mieszkają tylko ci co chcą tu mieszkać, plus agenci czyli Ci co tu mieszkają i jeszcze są opłacani przez... nie wiadomo kogo. Być może nawet za pogorszenie stanu zdrowia innych pacjentów. Oto cała prawda o polskich szpitalach psychiatrycznych. Prawdopodobnie wszystkich innych.

11162: Piszę to wszystko bo wydaje mi się, że ktoś potajemnie dziś w nocy zrobił mi jakiś zastrzyk jak spałem. Oczywiście takie sprawy jak "systemowe MORD-owanie" pacjentów w szpitalach psychiatrycznych, potajemnymi nocnymi zastrzykami, są nie do udowodnienia w żaden sposób. Jakież to Polskie! Jakież to oczywiste! Jakież to przykre i chore.

11163: Jestem zupełnie zdrowy psychicznie. Ale prawdopodobnie zrobią tu że mnie osobę chorą. Bo oni właśnie tak działają. Bo to przeklęci perwersyjni zboczeni gwałciciele innych ludzi. Jak wam nie wstyd? Jak można tak robić?

11164: - Zapytaj tych co nieopodal założyli Auschwitz. Kolega z pokoju doskonale mówi po niemiecku. Mamy rok 2022. Polskie realia. Polska szara rzeczywistość. Polskie dno.

11165: Żebyście wiedzieli kim jesteście. Jesteście zwyczajnymi mordercami a każdy z was dba o to, żeby mieć czyste ręce. Prowadzicie organizacje które powinniście zniszczyć od wewnątrz, bo są chore patologiczne i niepotrzebne. Zatruwając życie innym ludziom myślicie, że jesteście ważniejsi. A tak naprawdę jesteście tylko jeszcze bardziej przeklęci. I dla kogo i dla czego to robicie? Dla seksu? Bardziej wam staje? Bardziej w ten sposób pilnujcie swoje kobiety, żeby od was nie spierdoliły do innego? W ten sposób zwalczajcie swoich potencjalnych "konkurentów"? Za inteligentny jestem dla was? Jesteście zerem. Nikim. Po prostu pozwólcie mi stąd odejść i nigdy nie wracać, żebym nie musiał was oglądać nigdy. Żebym nie musiał mieć z wami nic wspólnego. Brzydzę się polską i byciem Polakiem. Mówię to z ręką na sercu. Brzydzę się tymi wszystkimi patologicznymi piosenkami granymi w kółko do zerzygania w Radio Plus. I dlaczego ten "wojskowy" staruch co od 3 lat patrzy się tylko w sufit słucha w kółko tego. Jesteście śmieciami i brzwartościowym łajnem którzy po prostu nie wiedzą jak żyć i z męczenia, nękania i dokuczania innym uczynili istotę swojego życia. Jestem całkowicie, kompletnie i zupełnie zdrowy psychicznie. To wy jesteście chorzy.

11166: Oto wasza spuścizna po Hitlerze i Stalinie. Oto kim jesteście. Oto skąd pochodzicie. Oto diabeł którego oglądacie za każdym razem kiedy patrzycie w lustro. Oto upadek ludzości. Oto kretynizm i idiotyzm który żyje. Spłońcie w piekle. Tfu!
Tue 8:13 20 December

5111: Dlaczego warto używać IRC?

11144: [Pdf] - Bardzo ciekawy artykuł o IRC! (in Polish) Niestety zawiera literówki.

11145: Only look at those numbers baby! Maybe that's why! LoL

11146: [Pacjent.Live] Sprawdź tą stronkę.
Mon 15:31 19 December

5110: Weronika Kostrzewa

11143: Fajna.

11147: Weronika proszę umów się że mną! Wszystko Ci wytłumaczę.

11148: - Aha. Ciekawe co?
Sun 10:34 18 December

5109: Where Crawdads Sing

11129: Okay. I am watching this movie. Good. Amazing. Reese. Wow! Do more! It's just "Bang!!!" Decent. Sony. Nice trees...

11130: Oh fuck! This guy... came back to just say whats up? And she is already porn star! Fuck!

11131: With kids... Well... all "that love" goes to ether... Sad. Fuck. All those sacars on soul. Poor sweet, sweet love! But hey!... We can still continue...

11132: Gdzie raki zimują?

11133: I have to watch this movie again later. With you!

11134: Really good motion picture.

11135: Co mam powiedzieć? Że ją kocham cały czas?

11136: - Kogo?

11137: Fuck!

11138: Gretę Thunberg

11139: ...i Rhiannę - Fire Bomb



11142: 🙃😁
Sat 22:20 17 December

5108: This is true!

11128: Nice song!
Sat 20:47 17 December

5107: This is true!
Sat 20:47 17 December

5106: Ta piosenka to bzdura!

11123: [Verse 1] When I am alone I sit and dream And when I dream the words are missing Yes, I know that in a room so full of light That all the light is missing But I don't see you with me, with me Close up the windows, bring the sun to my room Through the door you've opened Close inside of me the light you see That you met in the darkness

11124: [Chorus] Time to say goodbye Horizons are never far Would I have to find them alone? Without true light of my own with you I will go on ships overseas That I now know No, they don't exist anymore It's time to say goodbye [Verse 2] When you were so far away I sit alone and dreamt of the horizon Then I know that you are here with me Building bridges over land and sea Shine a blinding light for you and me To see, for us to be [Chorus] Time to say goodbye Horizons are never far Would I have to find them alone? Without true light of my own with you I will go on ships overseas That I now know No, they don't exist anymore Without true light of my own with you I will go, horizons are never far Would I have to find them alone? Without true light of my own with you I will go on ships overseas That I now know No, they don't exist anymore

11125: Ruskie wojsko i agenci kończą każdą przygodę kiedy chcą, bo nikt nie może srać nad nimi, a oni wszyscy muszę całować nawzajem się w dupę. Czas wypierdolić łodzą ku wyspom nieopisanym na mapie, bo cała europa to jest mały ruski kouchoz i wszysc sparaliżowani przykuci do swoich wózków inwalidzkich zwanych samochodami. LoL I nikt mi nie zabierze tego czego się sam nauczyłem.

11126: Żal dupę ściska jak nieczysto grają!

11127: I pewnie jeszcze źle przetłumaczyli z włoskiego! LoL
Sat 19:35 17 December

5104: Radio Plus Kraków

11118: Dzień dobry! Ale z Pani "Pyza"

11119: Przepraszama, kto dobiera tą kolekcję piosenek? Hiszpanie?
Sat 8:50 17 December

5103: Monumental Songs


11117: Well... I am ONLY thinking about music.

11121: Should I play it?
Sat 8:42 17 December

5102: IRC chat for patients and nurses!

11094: This is the answer.

11095: Employee chats for trade unions are in preparation.

11096: Communication of workers in the factory, the basis of fair wages.

11097: Let's stay in touch with our personal family doctor on chat 24/7.

11098: Chat meeting of patients with hospital doctors in unmoderated rooms.

11099: Online games and fun for all patients from a given ward on FB!

11100: Christmass in paradice city and much more.

11101: Totally addictive positive attitude.

11102: Nokia connect the people. communication is the key.

11103: There are many reasons why I made this chat.


11105: From now on, every block and every staircase in Krakow will have a common chat room where all residents will be able to discuss important matters.

11106: For example, the issue of mobile phone masts with 5G transmitters.

11107: TV Trwam: Jedziemy tam od razu z kamerą zrobić reportaż!

11108: - To doskonały pomysł, ale gdzie? Co się właściwie stało?

11109: Gentlemen and Ladies. For Christmas. From me. Great gift. - Twitter!

11110: - WHAT?!!!

11111: Just kidding! We can use Twitter later to extend our main purpose! Panie i Panowie. Daję wam stronkę... www.Czacik-Pacjent.Online z miłym zaproszeniem i krótką introdukcją do systemu IRC.

11112: Do teraz tylko mafia ciapaków na zachodzie to miała. Teraz wysoka kultura trafi pod strzechy polskich miast i wsi. Czy nie możecie wyjść z podziwu? To jeszcze nic! Poczekajcie co się tam będzie działo!

11113: - Co?

11114: [HentaiHeroes] Yeah! Right!

11115: Just kidding! Come on! I am just jocking! Chill the fuck down dudes! LoL It's just old school IRC intelectual fun!
Fri 22:24 16 December

5101: Really Big Cheque

11092: ?

11093: Reality Big Check
Fri 21:48 16 December

5100: Simond

11090: I was happily using Ocelot - Lightweight high-performance ice axe perfect for trekking, and it was super fine. Perfect logo ice axe... so this new has to be really better... I don't know yet. I have to try it in spring.

11091: Looks too complicated for me. LoL
Fri 18:40 16 December

5099: Favourite Game

11089: Me and Bunny!
Fri 13:24 16 December

5098: Real Selena Gomez

11087: This is true story!

Fri 11:07 16 December

5097: She & Her

11084: I love my beloved friend forever.

11085: - Oh... that was so sweet!

Fri 9:19 16 December

5096: White Snus in Poland

11083: [https://whitesnus.pl/] Buy! Try! LoL
Thu 20:04 15 December

5095: Pacjent na Czacie

11079: pacjent «chory zwracający się po poradę do lekarza lub będący pod jego opieką»

11080: czat, chat [wym. czat] 1. «rozmowa za pośrednictwem Internetu, polegająca na przekazywaniu treści w formie pisemnych komunikatów» 2. «miejsce na stronie internetowej, które umożliwia prowadzenie takich rozmów» • czatowy, chatowy • czatować, chatować • czatownik

11081: A teraz ciekawostka: czata «oddział żołnierzy ubezpieczający wojsko w czasie postoju lub prowadzący rozpoznanie»

Thu 19:35 15 December

5094: Catalouge Map of IRC Chat Rooms

11065: Let's go polish first: Pokoje Czatowe - Katalog Pokojów Chatowych Jamesa Prady

11066: Katalog Pokojów Chatowych Jamesa Prady

11067: Instrukcja: 1) Ściągnij Apkę "Revolution IRC" i podłącz się do servera "irc.libera.chat". Przy okazji wybierz swojego nika.

11068: 2) Potem możesz zarejestrować swojego nika poprzez wpisanie instrukcji: ...

11069: Oto lista wymyślonych przeze mnie pokojów tematycznych:

11070: #NazwaPokoju - To jest opis tematyki pokoju. Możliwie jaknajdokładniejszy.

11071: Uwagi końcowe:

11072: 1) Poprzez apkę Revolution IRC. pootwieraj sobie te wszystkie pokoje którymi jesteś zainteresowany i czekaj na to, aż coś tam się zacznie dziać.

11073: 2) Postaraj się poinformować znajomych z Fejsa, że jeśli tylko chcą mogą sobie z Tobą podyskutować na określone tematy, w pokojach tematycznych.

11074: Mój oficjalny pokoik to #OnlyWeBoth Zapraszam jeśli ktoś zna hasełko dostępu.

11075: Przydatne i ciekawe informacje: Niestety klient Revolution IRC dostępnym na telefony komórkowe jest klientem uproszczonym i definitywnie nie jest to profesjonalne narzędzie dla entuzjastów IRC. (Pene profesjonalne funkcje mogą nue działać.) Jednak pozwala na obecność na wszystkich swoich ulubionych kanałach, 24/7, bezpośrednio z telefonu w kieszeni.

11077: Dobra... to był tylko szkic. Wymyśliłem i zrobiłem coś lepszego! Ha!

11078: To jest dobry pomysł, ale nie do końca. Nikomu się nie będzie chciało czytań nieskończonego katalogu... można by tak zrobić uproszczony. tymczasem zrobiłem coś znacznie lepszego. Premiera już wkrótce! Dajcie mi jeszcze kilka dni na przetestowanie tego rozwiązania. Ha! LoL
Thu 3:49 15 December

5092: Crazy Radio Canada

11060: [https://radiodimensionemix.torontocast.stream/]

11061: Let's dance!
Wed 23:09 14 December

5091: My Love
Wed 22:55 14 December

5090: Austrian Radio

11054: [https://www.kronehit.at/]

11055: Online Radio Box App

11056: I wanna stay an eternal girlfriend. I want to have my boyfriend's children, but I don't think we need a piece of paper to regulate the game, and we don't have to go through the whole stress of a wedding and suffering to throw a good party. - Shakira

11057: I am trying to make my accent so it won't bother anyone, but I am not going to drive myself crazy trying to pretend I am an American girl when I am from Colombia. - Shakira

11058: [https://website.pur-radio.at/] Jodłują.

11059: [https://wien.orf.at/]
Wed 22:06 14 December

5089: Egg Ping Pong Ball

11053: Just a little bit in the shape of egg. Good idea?
Wed 19:21 14 December

5087: Polish Translations are Wrong!

11051: All polish to norwegians translations about my person are tottaly wrong! Be careful about it! Don't trust this bullshit.
Wed 17:55 14 December

5086: Official My IRC Room

11045: Jump in everybody!

11046: IRC Taylor! I LOVE YOU! ♡♤◇♧
Wed 17:39 14 December

5083: Wife of All

11036: My.

11037: Sweet everything!
Wed 15:21 14 December

5082: To co jemy?

11032: Podwójne mięso z sałatką albo samo mięso z sosem.

11033: I piwo.

11034: Dzień dobry. Poproszę kebab z piwem. - Czy papierosy do tego? - Tak z keczupem.

Wed 11:15 14 December

5081: Small Boat "Kryspinów"

11031: Looks nice! Wygląda imponująco! :-)
Tue 10:41 13 December

5079: Blender Animations to Gif

11029: Lovely Idea! £or Taylor

11030: I have to do an animation of my ship! Some GIF! And the question: How animated vector graphic can interact with JavaScript "mouse events" and CSS animations?!
Mon 22:02 12 December

5078: Back To Ship

11025: It worries me how much strong wind can affect such a hull, with such a shallow draft.

I was almost blown off the bridge in Sortland the day before yesterday.

11026: The only sensible solution I can see is to lower the ship, at the expense of comfort on board.

Well... People walking on all fours inside their ship, it's probably a bit of a strange sight. Well, this is adventure, yes?

Wed 12:33 7 December

5077: Okay! Send money! LoL

11021: Wszyscy się nabierają na to jak się kłócę z matką! LoL

11022: Viking przełknął topór. Wszystko spoko.

11023: - Prada słuchaj... zabiliśmy twoją starą. - Co??!! Nie no kurwa!

11024: Ja pierdolę!
Tue 23:47 6 December

5076: Portugal

10993: ASAP

10994: Maybe they will build my boat. Norway is only fucking pain. Just let me fuck out from here. And please... God! Kill my fucking mother! Just rip her head off!!!

11001: Let's go there now! And fuck nazi norway!
Sat 18:41 3 December

5073: Secound Step-Sister Project (SSSP)

10987: Hello my friends. I have a proposition of creating unoffucial backdoor "secound step-sister project" of your Space Center about designing and making first prototype of triangle boat.

I think that you can show the world that "satelite tracking" can be new great hobby for owners of recreational boat. To sail in triangle boats means to look higher through the clowds, reach more and be very interested in everything.

I know that you are german company. I am ALSO very interested in finding finance for building our first "home made prototype" of triangle.yacht. Our mission is also to show the world that everybody can build full size sailing yacht from old and used euro pallet and stuff like that. But!... we also need a little bit proffesional approach and jyst a little bit of cooperation that you can provide.

So let's shoot our enthusiasm about ANY project to another level. I will be very glad to reach some proffecional advices about building triangle yachtd from engeenears who are building rockets. Let's call it "weekend recreational project". It can grow very fast and it can help us all to understand that everything is possible especially in Christmass time.

Merry Christmass!
James Prada

Fri 9:57 2 December

5072: I love

10986: It's so beautiful man!
Fri 9:29 2 December

5071: I love my wife!

10985: And she love our fancy Triangle.Boats That will be our home. Baby... please!
Sat 11:22 26 November

5070: Mast Will Be Maybe Smaller Then 10cm

10983: How to make a metal structure around it?

Possibly only wooden supports.

If the entire hull was made of metal, it wouldn't be a problem, but who wants to sail in a metal box? hmm...

10984: So we are going with metal brackets embedded in the wood.

Maybe first we'll do everything classic in wood.

I'm considering the obvious structural problem of the hull.

Fri 18:24 25 November

5069: Idea

10982: I'm considering a similar option if our ship turns out to be unstable.
Fri 18:17 25 November


10981: He didn't have a fire extinguisher!
Fri 18:14 25 November

5067: Problem?


10978: [Link]

10979: No data about it!
Fri 17:57 25 November

5066: Miss Of a Day

10972: 90x90x65 x 2,5mm (50 pieces) 348,03NOK

10973: 6,9606NOK per piece

10974: But there is only one problem...

10975: What if different than 90 degree?

10976: [VeryImportantChart] - When You Are Thinking About Finding Metal Connectors For Wood For Certain Overload...

10980: 15,39kN - We're alright!
Fri 17:52 25 November

5065: Carpenter's Squares

10964: [Link] - Kątowniki Ciesielskie

10965: DX53d Galvanized Steel Coils

Galvanized steel coil has a light weight, beautiful and good anti-corrosion performance, and can be directly processed,is mainly used in construction, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, furniture home appliance

10966: 220MPa?

10967: 1 newton per square metre and is equivalent to 10 BAR

10968: 220 MPa = 220 × 10 = 2200 bars

10969: 220 MPa = 2240 kilograms-force per square centimeter

220 MPa = 22.4 kilograms-force per square millimeter

10970: [coolconversion.com]

10971: Connection capacity: 15.39 kN is equal to 1569,34 kg
Fri 17:25 25 November

5064: Mast fixing contest!

10963: From my calculations, it turns out that the mast should be more in front than in the middle. But I may be wrong?
Fri 11:12 25 November

5063: How to hold this mast?

10955: Something like that!

10956: Is it true that if we attach wheels to a ship, it will become a car? - Yes kurwa!

10957: Czy kadlub nie szczeli?

10958: Zalezy jak przypierdoli.

10959: Kurwa ja pierdole jak to zamocować?

10960: Krzyzakiem na gorze i na dole i mocno zbic dechy! I na kleju.

10961: Jak przykleic metal do drewna? - Distalem!

10962: Kropelką!
Thu 19:41 24 November

5062: Pneumatic Mast on Ship

10953: No fuck way! - WHAT???!!!
Thu 19:37 24 November

5061: 15m x 4.840m Main Mast

10950: 72.6m2

10951: x 14kg/m2 at Wind Level 5 = 1016,4kg Sweet

10952: "Fastening the mast on the yacht!"

10954: 16.8 total mast
1.5 up hold of mast

1016,4kg power on top
?- power on bottom tip of mast (unsupported mast)

? = 11383kg all sides

Thu 19:11 24 November

5060: Player of the Year

10948: Please don't kill me, please don't kill me!

10949: Ok. Let's go back to ship. How to mount this fucking mast? We'll use a little bit of metal elements and we need to calculate it's strength. Back to calculation for new area of the main sail. Whehave to build it super strong!
Thu 18:48 24 November

5059: How to Create a Bootable Windows 10 USB in Linux

10941: It took me 2 days. Okay! Just one.

10942: [Link]

10943: And don't forget to turn of Secure Boot in your Bios!

10944: It's a long journey.

10945: Well... I did it wrongly. First I should make partition in Ext4 from Windows. Then I should intall Xubuntu alongside Windows. I just destroyed my Windows 11 and later from linux I made of copy of Windows 10.

10946: Well... I did it wrongly. First I should make partition in Ext4 from Windows. Then I should intall Xubuntu alongside Windows. I just destroyed my Windows 11 and later from linux I made of copy of Windows 10.

10947: Then I installed 10 on all PC and just then I install Xubuntu again. Did it well!
Thu 14:47 24 November

5058: Let's talk about pipes, metal parts and wooden elements...

10934: Steel Pipes

10935: [Ultimate_tensile_strength]

10936: [Flow_stress]

10937: [AllTheRest] - Only in Polish Language. LoL

10938: How much will the diameter of my pipe decrease when the mast breaks?

10939: What the fuck do I care? Is there a special pattern for this? - We can come up with any possible formula. Unfortunately, not many will get around it.

10940: The boat was supposed to be entirely made of wood, but now I see that it may need to be additionally installed with a steel mast to make it stick better to the boat.
Wed 15:41 23 November

5057: How to lock mast?

10930: And how big force construction of the ship can handle?

10931: - Prada. Do we go to the moon in it?
Wed 15:18 23 November

5056: Deep or flat sail?

10927: Deep or “full” shape is more powerful than a flat shape. Deep sails are best for power and acceleration. A flat sail is best when overpowered in heavy air. A flat shape is also fast in smooth water, as it creates less drag
Wed 14:56 23 November

5055: Mechanical resistance of wooden constructions.

10923: The mechanical properties of wood include strength in tension and compression (as measured in axial and transverse directions), shear, cleavage, hardness, static bending, and shock (impact bending and toughness).

10924: What are the 3 mechanical properties of wood?

Wood may be described as an orthotropic material; that is, it has unique and independent mechanical properties in the directions of three mutually perpendicular axes: longitudinal, radial, and tangential.

10925: What are the physical and mechanical properties of a wood?

The wood physical properties characteristics mainly include its density, dry shrinkage coefficient elasticity, and strength, to name a few, and they vary with tree species and life forms. For example, conifers usually have lower density, while hardwood trees have higher density.

10926: Go down to 5046!
Wed 13:35 23 November

5054: How to put the mast on the boat so that the bottom is not torn off?

10911: One-sided lever

Most people use a one-sided lever to pry, lift heavy objects with a bar or beam. This type of lever has the axis of rotation at the very end of the beam, and the point of application of the action force is on the same side of the axis as the point of application of the useful force. .

Application examples: One-sided lever arms and gear, door handle, nutcracker, bicycle brake lever, wheelbarrow, pliers.

Lever - one of the machines whose task is to obtain a greater force by applying a smaller force. It is made of a rigid beam suspended on an axle. The lever is part of many mechanisms, which are also often called a lever for short (e.g. shift lever, brake lever, wiper lever, shift lever). Depending on the position of the axis relative to the acting forces, a two-sided and one-sided lever is distinguished.

The one-sided lever, similarly to the two-sided lever, has two arms. The difference, however, is that in the case of a single-sided lever, the arms partially overlap. The advantage of using a single-sided lever (compared to a double-sided lever) is the optimal use of the length of the beam.

The gain on the force (lever ratio) is equal to the quotient of the length of the arms - the operating force and the useful force. The same formula applies as for the double-sided lever.

10912: Homework :-P

R1 = 1.5m
R2 = 18.5m
F2 = Total sum of all wind power on the mast, pushing and pulling it, in Newtons.
F1 = Power applied by bottom tip of the mast all around on construction od the boat.

Wind is blowing at Level 10 at our sail!

R1xF1 = R2xF2 F1 = R2xF2/R1

4682.2kg(Newtony) So... F1(kg) = 18.5m×4682.2kg/1.5m


So... construction of the boat needs to "lock in itself the force of" 58 tones of power pressing from bottom tip of sailing mast.

10913: And we forgot to multiplying it by using head sail too. Well... who is sailing at fucking 10 Level Wind... It's... 102.2km/h

10914: What is the maximum speed boat can sail?

10915: If you are a traditional sailboat sailor, you will be lucky if you can hit 10 knots. But with racing sailboats, you can achieve over 15 knots, and many racing sailboats can hit 20 knots. The fastest anyone has ever achieved on a sailboat is 65.45 knots, a world record. (Aug 30, 2022)

10916: What is the maximum speed wind can blow?!

Up to 26 feet boats - These types of boats sail best in wind speeds ranging from 10 to 20 knots. Over 26 feet boats - These are heavy boats that can perfectly handle wind speeds ranging from 15 and 25 knots. (Jun 15, 2022)

10917: 10 knots = 18.52km/h
15 knots = 27.78km/h
20 knots = 37.04km/h
25 knots = 46.30km/h

10918: 26feets = 792.48m (boat's length)

10919: So... because my boat is 8m let's do the mast math for Level 4 & 5 of the Wind! Not 10!

10920: And we are still on 20m mast boat!

10921: Wind is blowing at Level 4 at our sail!

R1xF1 = R2xF2 F1 = R2xF2/R1

337.89kg(Newtony) So... F1(kg) = 18.5m×337.89kg/1.5m

4167,31kg of pressure on inner structure of our boat

Wind is blowing at Level 5 at our sail!

R1xF1 = R2xF2 F1 = R2xF2/R1

675.78kg(Newtony) So... F1(kg) = 18.5m×675.78kg/1.5m

8334,62kg of pressure on inner structure of our boat

So now you see how big is difference between Level 4 (28km/h) and 5 (38km/h) of the blowing wind... and where alocate the mast to make the contruction of the boat to handle more.

10922: Conclusion: 1) Let's use 10m smaller windsail. 2) Let's check if construction will handle? 3) And let's read about resistance of wooden elements and construction?
Wed 12:18 23 November

5053: Pressure on Stick

10907: We have to double those value because it's only main sail without front sail.

10908: I konw that 20m mast is long. But actually it's 20 from the bottom of the boat. Bom is at 1.8m altitude from bottom of the boat.

10909: The wooden structure will not withstand such a plate on a stick.

10910: Fuck me! How to calculate it?!

10928: Correction of error! My active sail is 17.953m high and my bom is 4.827m long. So...

10929: ...we have 43,33m2 area of "main sail" not more or less but less then in my previous calculations.
Wed 11:41 23 November

5052: How to Waterproof Wood for a Boat in 5 Easy Steps?

10906: [Link] - but let's leave it for later!
Wed 10:15 23 November

5051: Power of Wind

10899: What is the strength of the wind blowing at x speed on 1m2 of sail set at different angles?

10900: Let's calculate "theoretical" area of our main sail.

10901: How tall can you be on wooden boats - yachts?

10902: Some infos: Nowadays, most modern marine vessels are made from fiberglass instead of wood. Boat manufacturers quickly realized fiberglass is cheaper than wood and doesn't require nearly as much maintenance. However, even the best paint job on a fiberglass boat can't replicate the look of real wood. (May 30, 2021)

10903: The longest wooden ship ever built, the six-masted New England gaff schooner Wyoming, had a "total length" of 137 metres (449 ft) (measured from tip of jibboom (30 metres) to tip of spanker boom (27 metres) and a "length on deck" of 107 m (351 ft).

10904: How did old wood boats not leak? - Wooden boats were made water-resistant by putting tar in the hull of the boat. The pitch or tar sealed the wooden boards of the ship together, keeping water out and allowing the boat to float. Sailors also utilized oil on their sails in another form of waterproofing.

10905: How do I protect my wooden boat? - The majority of boaters use marine-grade epoxy that acts like a super-sticky glue in direct contact with the boat's plywood. Applying a coat of this product is similar to applying a coat of paint. It forms a perfect seal on the wood. You will also need a paintbrush or a foam brush to waterproof your boat. (Oct 3, 2022)
Wed 9:31 23 November

5050: Nice [game]

10896: 50-50

10897: Worth 2,5€
Tue 21:16 22 November

5049: Cener of Gravity

10895: To find the center of gravity of a triangle, draw the medians from each angle in the triangle. The point of intersection of the medians is the centroid of the triangle.

10898: Lot of calculations ahead.
Tue 19:18 22 November

5048: Connecting Pipes

10892: Butt Weld Method

A butt weld is the most common type of pipe joining welding method. Workers use this method to join two pipes of the same diameter. Generally, these joints are most prevalent in commercial or industrial pipe systems.

Joints sealed with a butt weld are not accessible for maintenance as they are a fixed joint. However, these welds provide additional strength in the joint and allow the seal to resist high pressure if sealed with filler only. Welds using an internal backing ring to reduce the amount of filler and lower the overall cost of the project may not tolerate the same pressure and may crack under heavy stress.

10893: Socket Weld Method

Plumbing experts tend to use a socket weld when they determine there is a higher chance of leaking from the welded joints. Instead of butting the two pieces together, one portion is inserted into the other and then welded together. This weld works best with pipes of two different diameters. Pipelines with the same diameter can also use a socket weld with fittings employed.

As with butt welding, socket welds are used with copper or other metal pipes. This method can also be used with high-density polyethylene pipe, which is called a socket fusion. As with butt fusion, the process heats the outer surface of the tube and then the interior of the fitting. Once achieving the proper melt on the two surfaces, workers join the parts by inserting the line into the joint. The two pieces solidify together as the surfaces cool.

10894: How to make a mast from a street lamp? 1) We are looking for a manufacturer of green street lanterns? 2) We installing mast on our boat.

10932: How the strength of these fucking pipes is measured?
Tue 17:36 22 November

5047: Pascal

10886: The pascal is the unit of pressure in the International System of Units, and is also used to quantify internal pressure, stress, Young's modulus, and ultimate tensile strength. The unit, named after Blaise Pascal, is defined as one newton per square metre and is equivalent to 10 BAR (In the CGS system).

10887: MegaPascal (abbrev. MPa) - A basic unit of pressure or tension measurement in the International System of Weights and Measures: 1 MPa = 1 N/mm2

How much the fuck is that?!

1MPa = 10000kg/m2 = 10tons/m2 = 1kg/mm2

10888: 1 MPa = 145 psi. Pffff...

10889: 1N = The newton (symbol: N) is the unit of force in the International System of Units (SI). It is defined as 1 kg⋅m2 😁😉 (...and keep pushing!) 🤣

10890: Our best pipe can handle 640kg/mm2 pressed force... So...

10891: Can it be 10cm diameter and how thick will be wall?

10933: Let's talk about pipes...
Tue 16:49 22 November

5046: Wooden Mast

10875: The correct SI unit is ρ = 1000 kg/m3. 1 m3 = 1,000,000 cm3. Copper has a density of 8950 kg/m3 = 8.95 kg/dm3 = 8.95 g/cm3. Water has a density of 1000 kg/m3 = 1000 g/L = 1 kg/dm3 = 1 kg/L = 1 g/cm3 = 1 g/mL.

10876: What is the stress in the material at the elastic limit?

The elastic limit of a material is the maximum stress that can be developed within it without causing permanent deformation—or permanent stretch, in oil-field terms.

10877: What is the strain at the elastic limit? - The elastic limit on a stress-strain curve is the point where the behavior of the material switches from elastic to plastic. If the stress (and therefore strain) applied to a material is lower than the elastic limit, both the stress and strain will return to zero (recover) when the load is removed.

10878: What is GPa in modulus of elasticity? - Young's modulus may be thought of as a substance's resistance to elastic deformity; the stiffer the material, the higher its elastic modulus. For the majority of metals, this modulus ranges from 45 GPa (gigapascals) in the case of magnesium to 407 GPa for tungsten.

10879: What is compressive strength parallel to grain? Compressive strength parallel to the grain - Also know as the maximum crushing strength, this is the maximum stress sustained by a compression parallel-to-grain specimen having a ratio of length to least dimension of less than 11.

10880: Shear strength parallel to the grain ranges from 3 to 15MPa at 12% moisture content. Because wood is highly orthotropic, it is very difficult to get it to fail in shear perpendicular to the grain.

10881: [TheStrengthOfWood]

10882: A steel tube mast is lighter and smaller than a solid wood mast of equal strength.

I will use the Hout Bay 30 gaff cutter as example.To satisfy my mast strength calculations, a steel mast could be 120mm diameter with a 2.8mm wall and weighing 8.1kg/m. Such a size is not available commercially so I went up to the nearest commercial size, which is 127mm diameter with 2.8mm wall and weighing 8.6kg/m.

For strength equal to the 120mm diameter steel mast, a solid spruce mast will have to be 166mm diameter and will weigh 8.7kg/m. It is 30% larger than the specified steel mast so there is more windage and the sails will not work as effectively because of increased turbulence and wind shadow. A hollow spruce mast can be lighter but it also gets larger.

10883: An aluminium mast of the same diameter as the specified steel mast would have to have 8mm wall thickness to equal the strength and weigh 8.1kg/m, so it is not much lighter. To get appreciable weight saving it would have to be 145mm diameter with 5mm wall and weigh 6kg/m, so it is also considerably larger.

Corrosion is not a problem. I have seen steel masts that are 15 years old and still have another 15 years life in them. It needs a good paint system similar to what the hull needs and leather inside the gaff jaws to prevent chafe. The mast is sealed so there can be no corrosion inside. The lighting wires and halliards must all be external and led down the shrouds, not down the mast.

I have used steel masts on all of my gaff designs since the early 1980s, with good success. I researched all of the options very early on and found that steel is the best option for a gaff rig. Other designers have also said to me that they will not use steel masts because they are too heavy. I tell them to do the sums, not make incorrect assumptions.

10884: Pipes: The tensile strength of PE should be provided by the pipe manufacturer and is usually in the range of 21-25 MPa. As you can see, it is given in units of pressure, i.e. the force acting per unit area. The tensile strength value should be reduced by multiplying it by appropriate factors.

10885: How do you calculate upper yield strength? The stress-strain diagram for a steel rod is shown and can be described by the equation ε=0.20(1e-06)σ+0.20(1e-12)σ3 where s in kPa. Determine the yield strength assuming a 0.5% offset. 5000=0.20σ+0.20(1e-6)σ3 solving for σ=2810.078kPa. › ... How to calculate yield strength - TheStructuralEngineer.info More results What is called yield point? What is a yield point and why is it important? How is yielding point calculated? What is the difference between yield point and yield strength? What is yield point of steel? - Yield strength is the maximum stress that can be applied before it begins to change shape permanently. This is an approximation of the elastic limit of the steel. If stress is added to the metal but does not reach the yield point, it will return to its original shape after the stress is removed.
Tue 14:25 22 November

5045: Position of Mast

10867: Now tell me the truth!

10868: It's 20m mast. Can be smaller! I am just testing. Maybe those pictures aren't in perfect angle to see and understand.

10869: Aluminum alloys, generally 6000 series, are commonly utilised.

Recently some sailing yachts (particularly home-built yachts) have begun to use steel masts. Whilst somewhat heavier than aluminum, steel has its own set of advantages. It is significantly cheaper, and a steel mast of an equivalent strength can be smaller in diameter than an aluminum mast, allowing less turbulence and a better airflow onto the sail.

10870: It convinced me.

10871: Aluminium: 7000 series are alloyed with zinc, and can be precipitation hardened to the highest strengths of any aluminium alloy (ultimate tensile strength up to 700 MPa for the 7068 alloy). Most 7000 series alloys include magnesium and copper as well.

10872: Wood: The tensile strength of soft- woods parallel to grain at 12% moisture content generally ranges between 70 to 140MPa. The compression strength is lower and is usually in the range 30 to 60 MPa. For hard- woods, these values are generally higher. These values are for clear, straight-grained wood samples.

10873: The modulus of carbon fiber is typically 33 msi (228 GPa) and its ultimate tensile strength is typically 500 ksi (3.5 Gpa). High stiffness and strength carbon fiber materials are also available through specialized heat treatment processes with much higher values.

10874: [Wood] - Description!
Tue 11:19 22 November

5044: Mexico vs Poland (2022)

10865: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

10866: This is the second time Mexico and Poland meet at the World Cup. The Poles defeated the Mexicans 3-1 in Rosario in the 1978 group stage courtesy of goals by Zbigniew Boniek and Kazimierz Deyna.
Tue 7:13 22 November

5043: Optimus Floor

10858: Witam serdecznie Szanowny Panie.

Czy dysponuje Pan Linuxem? Przeslalbym Panu projekt swojej lodzi. Moglby Pan sobie ja poogladac z wszystkich stron.

Pojawiaja sie konkretne dylematy. Jak gruba scianka burty? Jak grube dno i luki bagazowe. Panie! No i najwazniejszy problem. Jaka chemie na to polozyc i jak? Ja nie siedze w epoxach w ogole Panie!

Moze by cosik Pan podpowiedzial? Tymczasem wszystko co jest do poogladania jest na Prada.fun albo na Triangle.Boats

Niech Pan cos o tych epoxach opowie? Jak gruba drewniana scianka powinna byc? I co Pan sadzi o zastosowaniu pilśni w tym projekcie? I na to epox.

Jesteśmy w kontakcie, bardzo prosze.

10859: - Pilśnia, epox i chuj regaty!

10860: - Krasz test bojerem.

10861: Panie. A z czego żagiel?

10862: - Z majtek barhanowych babci.

10863: Aha.

10864: Bierzemy kurs na Bermudy.
Mon 13:59 21 November

5042: Blender Challenge Pirat's Ship

10857: Is it official?
Mon 12:27 21 November

5041: Let's cooperate with your local producer of...

10852: It's just an idea.

10853: But this idea determines the spacing of the ship's hull skeleton.

10854: So... 2,2cm walls will be easy to find. Expecially when we will use epox after on it and I am not sure if I am right but I don't think that this idea is bad.

10855: There is one more small factor. Price of elements.

10856: Sail from a bed sheet? Why not!
Mon 12:16 21 November

5040: Strong Boat

10843: How to deploy the side bolsters and the skeleton of a ship?

10844: What is the phisics of triangle? And especially "triangle box"?

10845: I found this...

Triangles are the strongest shape there is. Any weight placed on them is evenly distributed on all 3 sides. They represent geometric sturdiness; no matter how much weight you put on any side, it will not break.

10846: Does not help much... and I don't want this boat being too heavy! Anyway it'll be as fuck!

10847: I know shit about epox yet. So maybe we can make thiner walls?

10848: Now it's 3 or 4cm. I forgot.

10849: From the other hand I don't want this boat being crushed after single bigger wave, or more...

10851: The most important is from what kind of the wood this boat will be build. What is the size of "eoro palette"?
Mon 11:39 21 November

5039: Just Imagine How It Sails
Sun 14:57 20 November

5038: Best Mouse for Blender

10840: [Link]

10841: [LinuxDrivers] - And Here We Go LoL

10842: I wish you good luck with this bullshit!
Sun 14:35 20 November

5037: 10cm x 10cm

10838: Beam 10 by 10cm. I'm doing this because I'm learning Blender. Can you make it thinner?

10839: What is the strength of wooden beams? How to count it?
Sun 14:23 20 November

5036: Cursor in Blender

10836: How to place vertex in the middle of cursor in blender?

10837: It took me 3 days to draw this line...
Sun 13:31 20 November

5035: [BlenderMarket] (?)

10835: 10$? - Is this a secret of free tools?
Sun 12:35 20 November

5034: Downgrade to Windows... Eeee...

10832: I bet that 7 is fine enough!

10833: My next article will be... how you can save battery life by working on Linux on Laptop.

10834: And... How to play Farmerama on Linux?
Sat 23:55 19 November

5033: Blender in Windows vs. Blender in Linux

10827: It's like... who is even care about this shit bro.

10828: Like... sending Blender via blutooth to unplugged from WiFi Xubuntu.

10829: 6min and 40mb so far

10830: I think it's good idea to make yourself unplugged from the internet fast Blender workstation. To just practice when "on the move".

10831: But to install Windows I need bigger USB stick.
Sat 16:26 19 November

5032: Why people poisoning other people?

10815: For fun. This is fundamental of all nazi cultures.

10816: In every fucking little village everybody are afraid of death and evil. There are certain people behind every dirty deeds.

10817: Those people are usually most prominent and loud in the crowd. And in the night they are using their energy to do bad things.

10818: Just because they want to be more famous in their group. They are looking for victims.

10819: They don't care about anything. Who they are poisoning. They care only about doing evil things.

10820: They are Gods for themselves. And they just don't care about anything.

10821: I am in Sortland in Norway. All Scandinavia is evil this way! There is no way to clean it. To remove this evil.

10822: All Nazi Europe.

10823: Motherfucking fucking shit!

10824: Fuck you motherfuckers! You are just fucking fagots! Screw you and your mamas! You fucking murderers! Fucking putas! Just wait motherfuckers and you will see what will happen! - Probably nothing you fucking morrons! Well... what to do? Motherfuckers!

10825: Fuck you morrons! I am fucking away from your shit hole!

10826: You have no fucking brains! All you can do is only evil. Bravo morrons!
Sat 9:29 19 November

5030: Blender Dilemas

10811: How to make another vertex in certain distance from another on the same edge in blender?

10812: Beam in the corner between the bottom and the side. 10cm x 10cm
Fri 16:33 18 November

5029: Aluminum Helmets!

10810: Tomorrow we will do a protest in Elkjop.no and Saturn in MadiaMarkt! Featuring. Greta Thunberg who will become my official girlfriend!
Fri 12:23 18 November

5028: How To Make "Safe Box"?

10809: Hahahaha!
Fri 12:11 18 November

5027: Nose!

10807: Well ... Recently, I have been passionate about designing things from boards in Blender. It is not particularly difficult. For example, a birdhouse, gossip, fence or even a car rim. But nothing gives me more pleasure than designing a boat.
Fri 11:33 18 November

5026: Evil Phones

10806: I like to watch police or agents "on missions". Guys who look like he would stay at home all eternity playing games, eating cookies, fucking his girlfriend or wife. He just have it on his face. And now... he is trying to just hang around just like told HER yesterday. "You can try to by me, for a while! And then you can come back!" Well... I hope she will be my fucking girlfriend and I hope that she will be my wife. That I will merry her and take care of her and her kids. Do you belive in love. Do you belive in quite sex in the middle of the night while you kids are sleeping. It's something like new world for me. No! It's probably impossible. Just a short blowjob whem momie and "daddy" are in bathroom. LoL

I hope that she felt in love with me. Just like I did. I am just thinking about sticking my nose into her honey, baby. Oh Yeah! I can hold it any longer baby! I will blow up! LoL

And since yesterday I am having my phone! New fucking samsung! I already warp it in aluminium foil but I think I have to add few more layers. Because 100Gh is a lot! Is only 50times more then 4G. 5G is the reason why you can sit still and why you feel that you always have to do something. You are like fired up cartoon hamster and it's no good because then you aren't in control of yourself. You are just irritated all the time. And the technology cause this. So it looks like all those phones are only "hellish trap".

Just like all those nice people working in bars who wants to be so nice to ma and give me food. - Better not eat it Prada because you can get a real sick! - Sure I know this! But yesterday I tried just a little bit... and now I got lump in my throat.

Well... today after I warped my phone in aluninium foil becaus one bartender was so so so so so nice to me and gave me just a little bit, I went pee to a river. And there was one guy. We didn't talked at all. I just told to my self "call me" when I was passing him. And he in the same time told to himself "suck me" and I think it is conculusion of how the reacent world is. All your current and future situation. You are watched and you are traced even when it's not nessesery because there is milions of people who are erning money this way. It is sad and unfortunate.

The desing of the system is based on using Arabic petrol. We are only car buyers. So the rest of the world became fully plastic and not natural. BUT! I am here to upgrade it! SO! So... we have to get rid of bad ways and adapt new ways!

1) People should stop driving their cars in cirlce

2) People should stop walking after another

3) People should lost access to all those fucking cameras

All the world wich is based on it is fucking damn! Do you understand it? I hope that you understand it. Those mistake comes to human kind naturally. But we evolved so much that we can adjust. We need to just cut old ways and learn new ways.

Desing of the society is that people have to do one at the same thing together. There are groups of people and people are happy that they are belonging to this group. To those groups. And those gruops are working in frames of some mechanisms. You have to change the game.

1) Never ever, ever, ever, ever be a "pain in the someones ass"

2) Never ever, ever tell people to do stupid and not nice things

3) Never ever, tell people to walk behind someone

4) And so on... You know what to do to be Santa Claus!

5) Be an Angel instead od Devil and all world become your present

So... if you have a group of people and if you want to give them a job, tell tem to go mountains together. Or tell them to go fishing together. Or make a party in the morining in someones house. Just relax. Smoke fucking weed, fuck everything and don't worry about nothing. I think that would be perfect.

And, what's the most important, "don't foret to warp your phone into aluminium foil" and keep it all day like that.


People are usually overloaded by energy of other people who are watching them throu their cellphone. Can you imagine how is to be Taylor Swift who is going to toilet and shiting while scrolling her iPhone. Don't you think that Asian people aren't interesting of spying on your little daughters how she is playing with her friends, other girls. Fuck! So... what you gonna do about it!

I know that you can bend and pretend that everything is okay and fine but you know that it's not! World should not be a "market of kids". If you wanna save your kids then protect them. Not from me because I am not fucking pedofile!

From the people who are fucking you by the technology. From the people who are creators of those technology. Those are the one who want to steal your daughter when she will grow up. She will go to China or Arabia and you can't fight it. If you want to keep your family tight, close to you, then explain them that exposing to those fucking phones are extreamly dangerous for their health and for their future. Simple as fuck!

1) Do you want your kids to become scients?

2) Do you want your kids to read the books like crazy?

3) Do you want your kids to watching movies with you?

4) Do you want your kids to become piannist or musicians?

5) Do you want your kids to have life for you and them?

Then leant them not to use fucking phones! Those powerful brainwave generators just turining your kids into ADHD monsters who just can't stand still and concentrate. Rescue them form it. This is advice from me. - James Prada

10808: What Greta Thunbert are thinking about WiFi 5G?
Fri 10:35 18 November

5025: Imagine that it's yours!

10804: Imagine how it will sail...

10805: ......and now fucking tell me how to deploy the boat's keels?
Thu 20:38 17 November

5024: Look How Big It Is

10802: You know we can shape the shape as much as we want. The boat does not have to have 1 meter of side. Could have less. But in my opinion, the comfort of travel is the most important! And this is space inside.

10803: When I close the walls they are really just fun in this program. Visualization. I have to design the internal structure of the ship. That it was exactly as durable as it was supposed to be. Not too much not too less.
Thu 20:30 17 November

5023: And We Got Nose
Thu 20:25 17 November

5022: Guess what?!

10801: Guess what am I doing now!
Thu 16:11 17 November

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