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5021: 10cm wide of the board

10800: Doesn't that look beautiful?
Thu 15:19 17 November

5020: "Poker Face" Super Movie

10799: Some wisdom is fake. Some sentences are wise.
Thu 13:04 17 November

5019: Diary (Day 5)

10797: How do the phones work?!

10798: Writing is like horse riding. If you can't do it, then ride until you can. At first you will be falling down from the horse but later come back, and try again.

I am riding my holidays. I am riding cities where I am. I am trying to describe myself and building the legend. - No man. You are just another crazy traveler. But maybe you will find the love. I mean love. To stay with her... and maybe you already fount it.

Me: You know. People are looking for inspiration. Expecilly writers. I can tell you where to find it. But are you brave enought to reach it. I wonder.

As I told you before it is only about to opening yourself. You have beed told that it's not usual and you are to busy doing buch of other shit things in your life. You need to really get lost, to find that time. And... just then you are starting to writing.

You have to be healthy as wood. And you have to have this time. You should minimalise your problems, and you have have PC. Keybord. And then you can start trying.

Write about you anger. Write about what you hate. White about your paranoja. Crush it until you will fly above. And then you can meet your love and you can start writing about your love.

And she is so curious about herself. She is so curious how you "read her". Do I even care? "Until that time!" And then you start talking with her and you both trying to hide this feeling that actually one and only thing you feel to eachoter is... love. Pure, straight love. And...

And you have to only touch your bodies to flow the magic. It's like hugging Greta Thunberg at friday night after she was trying to save the climat again and again and again and again. Well... everybody has their ways. What's yours?

I am building the boat. I am dreaming about building boat and I will do it here in Sortland and local people will help me. I am just traveling artist. Yes! So this is your job yes? So you don't have to find another. You are like old person by choice. You just have this time. Me: I am trying to have this time, but I am still waiting for Taylor Swift. I saw her yesterday in the movie called Amsterdam. Fuck!

I don't know why Russians thrown her under truck. Only because she was trying to say some two morrons about something stupid she only suspect. And now all the world is affraid of those guys and I am trying to describe that they are Russians. Well... I am not affraid of them. But I don't know any secrets! It's just commone knowledge. Something to modify and to upgrate. Improove. Make it better. Make it work better. Make it more useful. Make it more smooth. Make it perfect.

If you are the machine then learn now!

I am the one who is improving the world. You see some things and then you making them works better. You need to let it be. And make the magic while it's happening. It's like... "woman who is briging the dog to hairdresser". Everybody loves dogs. Dogs are always around and making the good mood. It's me. You don't have to affraid of me. You have to learn to love the people. You have to change approach to people. Just love them. Don't fight them.

I know that you are compleately fucked up and under pressure but you can change the entire system from you. And magic cosmic touch will revers and start going back. And this way you will change the entire planet, to heaven again. So... if you are Russian Secret Agent, you have to understand that entire world is depending on you. You can make it bad and even worst, or you can take everybody to it's previous state.

What people need?

Freedom. Goodness. Comfort. Lazyness. No problems. Warmess. Love. Fresh air. Good sleep. So... there is huge list of "pain" you are causing just "you are trying to be just a little bit important in this motherfucking crazy chaos". Leave those ways. It's stupid. It's unnessesery. Believe me when I am telling you this.

I will give you "way way around" example. If everybody will have always free package of cookies in the shop, world won't end. That won't be the end of the world! Think!

But do you know what will change? - Ok... think and tell me! People will start believing again. Believing in goodness. All world will become birght happy place for them.

Let's do the math: 1) You know that there is nazi way of monopol now. 2) You know how much fucking income generating your fucking shop 3) Do you know how many people are eating OREO in your town? 4) Sart just giving it away for everybody who wants it for free 5) It will be the new cost of your shop. 6) Do it for couple of days. 7) Your fucking shop will become the most popular on entire planet. 8) What is the price of one package of those fucking cookies? 1 euro? Ok! So for 100.000 euro you can buy and give away 100.000 packages of cookies. Invest only 1000 and you will have such a loss. Just start giving away those fucking cookies. 9) Make it good. Make it healthy. Don't set traps for people. 10) And do it for the rest of your life.

There are small gate in the ass of this fucing system. Make hell happy, and all devils will be satisfy. Do you feel Christmass just a little bit?

I am just wondering why there is no interent here. I will count WiFi networks. I am in biggest shoping mole in Sortland in Norway now. And I wiss show you how stupid people are. I see 14 WiFi networks. I am at top 2 floor. In the corner of the builing. 4 of them are with Very Strong Signal. All networks are close and you have to have a password to use it. Fuck!

Everybody paid for their WiFi Rooters and everybody are affraid of hackers who are... what? Fuck up them from their laptop? Why people are shitting their pants so badly. - Income! We are trying to earn money. So the money is the problem. But let me explain you about something else.

Govermental project: Free WiFi in public places. One big money. And you are installing infrastructure in whole building. Network is always on, free and accessible easily by everybody. No fucking logins. No fucking password. Hey! It's basic. People can concentrate on more advance things.

Oh! There is one big problem. Mobile Price of Data. It's so fucking expensive here in Norway. And amounts of those data are ridiculus small. Just like in Germany. Oh Spanish people are having bigger data packages and they have All The Planet Roaming Included. So guess what they are thinking while they are visiting such a countries like Germany or Scandinavia... and they are seeing such a packages like... 2 3 o 4GB! What the hell is this! Fuck!? Ok... you can have Unlimited! But only if you have montly agreement.

Why the world is so ass fuck tight?

We wont go anywhere because we are struggling in simplest begins. Look at the economic in Norway. Nothing is happening. There is only Secret Russian Police happening. And their job is just looking for any targets. So good luck when you are tourist here. And they have to be better that is why they are poisioning you. And everybody aroud. So they are evil.

We are not evil Prada. It's only in your dreams!

Well... I hope so! But I have to assume that you are bad because if you are bad then you have to become very fucking good! I will give you only one quesetion. Who poision the chicken in shop 5 days ago? Who framed me into eating it? This is what you are doing. This is your fucking fucked up secret operations. Fuck! You know who you are? You know what I am thinking about you? Why mob is serving posion food in restaurats? You poisioning food and you giving this food for people who are poor and who need it. This is fucking HELL BAD issure. Don't you see that you are destroying all planet this way. Straight from your small town? Are you fucking out of your minds? Fuck!

This is who they are? This is what makes you proud and important? Well... you overdose ass fucking your bitches bilion times probably. And those poorest people are paing for your stupidity. And your stupidity can fly because you are fat morrons and all the planet is suffering.

So think again. It's so much better to be just good! Because being bad is the easiest way, and if you are good than you have to improvise and be everything you can be... but not "simple bad".

If you can't understand it then read it again. LoL Have a nice day! And thanks for phone and aluminium foil. Writing is like horse riding. If you can't do it, then ride until you can. At first you will be falling down from the horse but later come back, and try again.

I am riding my holidays. I am riding cities where I am. I am trying to describe myself and building the legend. - No man. You are just another crazy traveler. But maybe you will find the love. I mean love. To stay with her... and maybe you already fount it.

Me: You know. People are looking for inspiration. Expecilly writers. I can tell you where to find it. But are you brave enought to reach it. I wonder.

As I told you before it is only about to opening yourself. You have beed told that it's not usual and you are to busy doing buch of other shit things in your life. You need to really get lost, to find that time. And... just then you are starting to writing.

You have to be healthy as wood. And you have to have this time. You should minimalise your problems, and you have have PC. Keybord. And then you can start trying.

Write about you anger. Write about what you hate. White about your paranoja. Crush it until you will fly above. And then you can meet your love and you can start writing about your love.

And she is so curious about herself. She is so curious how you "read her". Do I even care? "Until that time!" And then you start talking with her and you both trying to hide this feeling that actually one and only thing you feel to eachoter is... love. Pure, straight love. And...

And you have to only touch your bodies to flow the magic. It's like hugging Greta Thunberg at friday night after she was trying to save the climat again and again and again and again. Well... everybody has their ways. What's yours?

I am building the boat. I am dreaming about building boat and I will do it here in Sortland and local people will help me. I am just traveling artist. Yes! So this is your job yes? So you don't have to find another. You are like old person by choice. You just have this time. Me: I am trying to have this time, but I am still waiting for Taylor Swift. I saw her yesterday in the movie called Amsterdam. Fuck!

I don't know why Russians thrown her under truck. Only because she was trying to say some two morrons about something stupid she only suspect. And now all the world is affraid of those guys and I am trying to describe that they are Russians. Well... I am not affraid of them. But I don't know any secrets! It's just commone knowledge. Something to modify and to upgrate. Improove. Make it better. Make it work better. Make it more useful. Make it more smooth. Make it perfect.

If you are the machine then learn now!

I am the one who is improving the world. You see some things and then you making them works better. You need to let it be. And make the magic while it's happening. It's like... "woman who is briging the dog to hairdresser". Everybody loves dogs. Dogs are always around and making the good mood. It's me. You don't have to affraid of me. You have to learn to love the people. You have to change approach to people. Just love them. Don't fight them.

I know that you are compleately fucked up and under pressure but you can change the entire system from you. And magic cosmic touch will revers and start going back. And this way you will change the entire planet, to heaven again. So... if you are Russian Secret Agent, you have to understand that entire world is depending on you. You can make it bad and even worst, or you can take everybody to it's previous 'heavenly' state.

What people need?

Freedom. Goodness. Comfort. Lazyness. No problems. Warmess. Love. Fresh air. Good sleep. So... there is huge list of "pain" you are causing just "you are trying to be just a little bit important in this motherfucking crazy chaos". Leave those ways. It's stupid. It's unnessesery. Believe me when I am telling you this.

I will give you "way way around" example. If everybody will have always free package of cookies in the shop, world won't end. That won't be the end of the world! Think!

But do you know what will change? - Ok... think and tell me! People will start believing again. Believing in goodness. All world will become birght happy place for them.

Let's do the math: 1) You know that there is nazi way of monopol now. 2) You know how much fucking income generating your fucking shop 3) Do you know how many people are eating OREO in your town? 4) Sart just giving it away for everybody who wants it for free 5) It will be the new cost of your shop. 6) Do it for couple of days. 7) Your fucking shop will become the most popular on entire planet. 8) What is the price of one package of those fucking cookies? 1 euro? Ok! So for 100.000 euro you can buy and give away 100.000 packages of cookies. Invest only 1000 and you will have such a loss. Just start giving away those fucking cookies. 9) Make it good. Make it healthy. Don't set traps for people. 10) And do it for the rest of your life.

There are small gate in the ass of this fucing system. Make hell happy, and all devils will be satisfy. Do you feel Christmass just a little bit?

I am just wondering why there is no interent here. I will count WiFi networks. I am in biggest shoping mole in Sortland in Norway now. And I wiss show you how stupid people are. I see 14 WiFi networks. I am at top 2 floor. In the corner of the builing. 4 of them are with Very Strong Signal. All networks are close and you have to have a password to use it. Fuck!

Everybody paid for their WiFi Rooters and everybody are affraid of hackers who are... what? Fuck up them from their laptop? Why people are shitting their pants so badly. - Income! We are trying to earn money. So the money is the problem. But let me explain you about something else.

Govermental project: Free WiFi in public places. One big money. And you are installing infrastructure in whole building. Network is always on, free and accessible easily by everybody. No fucking logins. No fucking password. Hey! It's basic. People can concentrate on more advance things.

Oh! There is one big problem. Mobile Price of Data. It's so fucking expensive here in Norway. And amounts of those data are ridiculus small. Just like in Germany. Oh Spanish people are having bigger data packages and they have All The Planet Roaming Included. So guess what they are thinking while they are visiting such a countries like Germany or Scandinavia... and they are seeing such a packages like... 2 3 o 4GB! What the hell is this! Fuck!? Ok... you can have Unlimited! But only if you have montly agreement.

Why the world is so ass fuck tight?

We wont go anywhere because we are struggling in simplest begins. Look at the economic in Norway. Nothing is happening. There is only Secret Russian Police happening. And their job is just looking for any targets. So good luck when you are tourist here. And they have to be better that is why they are poisioning you. And everybody aroud. So they are evil.

We are not evil Prada. It's only in your dreams!

Well... I hope so! But I have to assume that you are bad because if you are bad then you have to become very fucking good! I will give you only one quesetion. Who poision the chicken in shop 5 days ago? Who framed me into eating it? This is what you are doing. This is your fucking fucked up secret operations. Fuck! You know who you are? You know what I am thinking about you? Why mob is serving posion food in restaurats? You poisioning food and you giving this food for people who are poor and who need it. This is fucking HELL BAD issure. Don't you see that you are destroying all planet this way. Straight from your small town? Are you fucking out of your minds? Fuck!

This is who they are? This is what makes you proud and important? Well... you overdose ass fucking your bitches bilion times probably. And those poorest people are paing for your stupidity. And your stupidity can fly because you are fat morrons and all the planet is suffering.

So think again. It's so much better to be just good! Because being bad is the easiest way, and if you are good than you have to improvise and be everything you can be... but not "simple bad".

If you can't understand it then read it again. LoL Have a nice day! And thanks for phone and aluminium foil.

So can I call myself writer now? I prefere to just be a writer then fighting at the bottom of hell. Well... today I will have to have back my phone, because I am tired of asking people for food. I would do it, but you poisioned me and I look like ugly shit now, and then asking people is so difficult for me! Because I can't you good magic and I have to just beg just ask... because you made me like that, because you are motherfucking ass fucked morrons! And you call yourself Gods! Well this is who you really are. I know! And now you know that I know! And the whole world will know it too! "What you are doing here in Norway!" And why? You have to be very fucking evil to killing your own people. And taking health from them, just to feel a little bit more proud and important. I will tell you this million times until you get smarter.

Actually I know how to clean this mess! We have to find local most powerful man, and we just have to kill all other bad guys! Simple! Maybe you can hire some special forces to do it! So now there is only process of collecting small evidence agains people. Agains you if you are bad. Some people are relly deep in hell shit. And I know who they finish. Becaus real Gods read me. And even if you have a weapon there they can come some to help you, to fix you.

So look how you phone works now! And it's better that I will tell you this, because then you can change your behavior immediately. All data are callecting by owner of brand. Guys on top. And then they are selling those data to USA, and the Batman is buying it and watching everthing very carfully. And he is know who is bad who is not.

And it will be like that. New turist gourps from USA will come here or everywhere. They will be only best guys on holidays. And they will hang around in your town. And roots of police will be informed. And core of Russian army. And all bad guys will be hanged. It's called operation. But trust me... those good guys knows all secrets. So if you are corupting everybody, and this is what you are actually do, to keep your small fucking being boss, running, then you are in really deep trouble. And better don't even leave your country.

And you don't have to be mad at me. I am just expalining you how the things are working. There are always angels and more angels will come, you know why? Because your "little being evil" it's just purpose of existence for angels. And trust me... befre Arabs will come here, and this land is already sold and taken, they will bring their own army of Angel who will clean all this fucking "scandinavian mob mess" here. So... Mr little. Pack your business away, and wait for angels who will just fix you.

So be it!

- Prada. It sounds like a perfect plan! Me: Maybe. I am just the guys who is fixing the lands. Mission Impossible? Then send Tom! I am just a blogger who is trying to write about something what is important.

Thu 13:01 17 November

5018: FitLine.com

10792: This shit is a big hit in South Korea! It is because Korean people are forced to go to these meetings by local Police because the local chief of Police started selling Fit-Line products! It's a brilliant solution! To just force people to buy some product! Oh, this product has to be really perfect!

10793: Just like my wooden www.Triangle.Yachts

10794: It's just a simple solution on how to become a multi-billionaire fast!

10795: The better idea was only from Mexico from guys who started to produce white powder from chemical wastes and they convince the world that they will feel better after they use it. Have you ever heard about cocaine?

10796: Then Al-Qaeda terrorists from Afghanistan raised the bet by becoming a bigger threat to the police than local cocaine dealers. - Actually, I even remember such a piece of news from 10 or more years ago, that somewhere in Trondheim, some former artist, was caught in his apartment with 4 tones of cocaine. Well... I was thinking then... how you can become a former artist?
Thu 12:48 17 November

5017: Letter To Company

10790: Hello. My name is James Prada and I am working at project www.Triangle.Boats and www.Norwegian.Boats and Norwegian.Quest and Prada.fun I want to build a wooden boat in the shape of a triangle with a flat bottom. 8m long 4m wide on the back. 1,5m high. All my work is located on this webpage. So...

I hope that you can help me to realize this project! I have no money for this investment. I am learning a professional 3D app - Blender to make a better digital visualization of it, but I am sure that you have some brilliant 3D graphics who can help me. Maybe they are not working with Blender. Maybe AutoCAD never mind.

The best option for me would be to be hired by you as a regular worker. Then please assign me to this project of building Triangle boats. I will be doing what I love and what came from me and I will be working with you as long as I will be able to build myself a boat and just sail away on it.

Such a simple wooden project of the boat is made and designed to be done not by professional shipbuilders but by regular wood workers who have tools and huge experience in working with wood. So it is you, my friends! Such an approach is really revolutionary.

My idea is like that. Let's build the first boat and let's try to sell it. If it will work, let's build another! If you can meet me I will be very glad to talk with you about this project. I hope we can do some business together. My name is James Prada and I am a blogger and traveler. Have a nice day and I am waiting for some feedback from you!

James Prada

All files are at project's webpage: [Triangle.Boats]

10791: Your message has been sent! Now let's pray!
Thu 11:48 17 November

5016: Kuba Motors (Turkey is Waiting)

10788: For brave travelers from Scandinavia! And look! This Kuba Yamaha scooter costs only 1200EUR and you can drive it quickly. I just remind myself it because I am talking about it.

10789: Why small motorcycle 50cc is the best to travel and sightseeing in Turkey? I don't know! Maybe you know!
Thu 11:01 17 November

5015: My Blog My House My Rules My Bullshit

10786: It's cheaper than a psychotherapist who knows shit! And it's often much more than you know!

10787: Why people always has to have some different dreams? Tell me. Everybody are so stupid. I have this you want something else? It's like someone is pulling my dick all your life. I think the same reason I am having an erection every night. Because someone near is just fucking in the ass his bitch. And all those needs... are so fake and artificial. I just don't believe it! I should jerk off instead of it I am writing. And I am using normal notepad because this Grammarly is fucking my text. I don't care if it is proper or not, I am just writing what I am thinking. Someone will read it and maybe became more horney. You know that it's she! Always everything it is she. Voodoo girl. Or just boy who pretends to be a girl. Today I felt in love is someone like this. But he is probably going back home to his wife. And when he is outside in... this hell, he just pretends innocent girl. Fuck! Just like Greta Thunberga. And he even asking me what am I thinking about him. Does she is "easy to read". The question is "do you recognise me that I am boy". Just like Greta Thunberg. Same case! Here in Scandinavia is just normal. And I am in hell and competition here is just to fuck me. So... I see another gay until someone will chop off his head for a those witching! Activity of wiches. Secret craft. Tempted by devil but penalty for it is big. Believe it or not. In this or in next life.

I was in the shop. I was trying to have Oreo. To steal it is not very proper and I am Mr. Proper. And to ask somebody else to buy me Orea it even more stupid funny then to steal it. What the fucking hell. How old are you Mr? 40. Why you are stealing Oreo. Because I am working for Mondelez International. And... I have mentally issue. I have to talk about it witn my psychiatrist. Okay! Taylor Swift: Speak now!

Taylor. You will be my psychiatrist. Will you? T: Will I? Yes! Baby yes! Me: Ok! So... I have to confess. I am having sexual pleasure when Police is stopping me. Especially when two sexy police officers are trying to having sex with me. In action somewhere. In bushes or at routine document check. And that is why I am stealin Oreo. And I also don't like this fuckers from the shop who are always looking at the camera, am I suspicious or something. I am just sometimes asking people to buy me some water or something to eat because I don't have a phone, and my mom can't send me a mone. But when I am asking, I am not stealing. Actually recently I am not stealing at all. Since 2016. But I love it. Fuck! I really love it! It's like being little kid again. And the best thinkg is if you get caught and how you can explaining yourself. That actually you are secret agent.

CIA: We aproved! James Prada is our secret agent and he is on our payroll! There was such an AC/DC song - Down Payment Blues. Me: Thanks Brad! I will watch your next movie! I promice! Brad: Why didn't you finished last one? Because I was tired and I had to sleep. And you know... "they" are using toxic posion gas in Norway. And all colors of other shit. So... It's just disaster here. Trust me when I am telling you this.


Bestter avoid big or bigger cities in Norway. Oh! Some new actors cam to the bar! I recieve a caffie but I sould be very extra stupid to drink this. This waitress is probably from poland. Oh! Is is squiler? One women is man. Is typical. I will be trying to guess about what they are speaking. But they are speaking in norwegian. No! In english! Squiller is not so very young anymore. But... when they are running or when they are fucking you very fast, then you can't see it clearly. The same problem has my father and he get a girl who is 85. But on FB she was showing him her pictures when she was hot 25 so she felt in love in her soul. Well... ass fucking is very popular on FB! And she was from FBI beacuse some police officers fucked her couple times.

Sucha beautiful and romantic story. First my father left my mom. Or... she run away from him because devil tricked her, and "now" I am seeing on FB photos of her and I am deepley dissapointed! I was thinkng that Malcolm Young from AC/DC died! Actually I saw him in Malaga "recently". But when I am seeing sweet photos of my father and him... theling me that she is Barbara then you know... Streisand. It's all about anal. You know. I think so. So... fuck it! John Lemon said let it be!

I am so glad that I am not driniking this water and caffe. I think this squiler is opeartional. Yes! Specially in toilet. She can pley school girl. How old is she? Devil: Prada. Check ID before you fuck her. Me: Well... don't fucking tell me that she is less then 15. I think she is 75. I see that she is very young but come on... I think she is witch. And this first woman is guy. Or I don't know. But those girls are dress for success. It was not like those crew in Bibliotek. So... I think they are thinking about fucking.

I am knight. With sword and armour I would feel much more perfect. Well... let's play Arkadia! Let's talk about technicial details. I want to install Xubuntu on my PC. So first I have to run GParted form USB. On USB I have Xubuntu, so fist I have to delete it!

Very nice woman gave my water coffe and some focatia bread. Fuck! I will never fucking ever eat anything! It's one big mobster family. They have their bosses. They can shit. She is just a small waitress. She don't even know what she is doing. Everything is manipulated from the inside. It's deep hell. Well... I will shou good luck eating everywhere. Not in this fucked up world! LoL

Today I met someone very nice. But she did not gave me her mail. Fuck. It's funny. You know why? Because she is Russian Secret Agent. LoL And she is pretending very well. Almost 100%. I need to quess to figure out worst possible scenario. And usually it's true. They are walking after me. And they are well paid for that. And I am victime because they are keeping me in a shape of being stupid and handicaped. I can't be better then them. And fuck them! They are money slaves! Everybody are money slaves! I am so pissed off! It is all her fucking fault. But without her I would be also very pissed!

I see this village here. Why is always shit everywhere? World isn't to live like that. So where I should go? To fucking Africa? - You should take a trip with brits! Go bowling, darts. Go England bro! - OMG! Thank for this tips! I am running there! Some motherfucker posioned me here in this fucking shop using chicken. Motheruckers! Army fucks! Ruled by stupid generals who are 10% of my inteligence but they have to fuck me to become important in eyes of their stupid solidares. They have all money in the world and it's still not enought for them. They have to fuck everybody around even hitch-hikers. I am the last fucking hitch-hiker on this planet. I am Gandalf. Fuck! I am running away to UK! Life there is pure and naturel. Those nazis... fuck! How they can use poisioned gas in Kultur Huset to poisioning Big Band who is practing. The head man of this fucking nazi camp what is called "Kultur Huset" is just amazing stupid. Big Band can come after they are closing the joint and then toxic gas are used. I feel poisioned in every fucking single city in Norway. Motherfuckers! Fucking fucks! They are thinking that I am fucking pedofile. Motherfucking fucks!

I didn't touched anything this waitress was trying to give me and she was trying three times. First water. Thenk you very much I won't touch it. Then kaffe. Then some bread with garlic butter. Thank you very much. Nothing from nazis! Now you knoe why there are not turists here. Well... only in summer times... and during a year! Fuck!

But tommorow maybe I will have a iPhone. Fuck! With broken screen. Some bullshit is this. So maybe mother will buy me another phone. Well... I am have a problem with eyes. Why they are such a bastards? Can you tell me? Can you fucking tell me? Why they are poisioning everybody. Why the world is so fucked up? Why I have posion shots in my back. Why? Why? Why?

I was doing my best trying to live happy life before. And they cought me and they hanged me. You know. Evil people. Evil people who cant stand any other existence then their own. Fuck! - Prada. Don't go crazy. It's not so bad! You are just lonely and you are just freaking out.

I am traveler. Sometimes I am staying in one place and I see how all those "normal people" freaking out. You know. Those fucking Russian fucks knows only 2 ways. Killing and slavery. This is the problem. And this is "God". It's is one fucking big jocke. I am disappointed with this life and this planet. It's just fucking bad mind.

I think I have big issue with my step-father. Fuck! First nazi in Poland. Business, business, business... being smart. Build the house, buy a car. First thing what he did when he come back to Poland form Australia was going to Ukraine with help. What a fucking hero. He had to think about this all very hard. So he tricked everybody. And everybody are so easy to be tricked. But I won't be fucking licking nobodies fucking balls. Everybody knows that Russian and Ukrainian people are fuking Poland badly since Russia won war with Germany.

Actually I have people. I jalous that Will Smith can beat his wife anytime he or she want, and I don't have a wife. I just don't get it how big fagot you have to be to be husband in recent times. Probably only police oficers who are fagots can handle such a enourmous amount of stupidity and brain fucking. Fuck!

And all those intel people who are sitting inside my PC and watchin me how I am working. All this technology is used to humankind to destroy themself. Fuck! And they still don't get it! They were fucked so many years ago. And they left with nothing. With some toys.

Since when phones exist?

When you recieve your fancy spying toys?


Where are all womens?

Ask Arabs or China lords? LoL

Last thing you can do is to spying on me!

You know this.

And you can kill me or lock me in prison.

And you know how you will feel.

Fucked. Just like you are already because... hello guys! Asian guys tricked you many years ago! And you have dick shoved deep deep down inside your butts already! LoL! This is fucking funny!

I don't give a shit about ways of this fucking morron stupid civilisation. I just need to have my back fixed to become normal humanbeing. I am God! You destory Gods, you destroy yourself. And noe your Gods! Who they are! Fucking ass fucked fagots? Damn!

Nothing is happing here! I came here from Turkey! Do you know turkey? So I am with Allach now! Europe and especially Scanidnavia is one big jock. I think Poland, Germany and France are the best because of the climat. And if you were smart you would kiced out all Russians back to Russia. But you know what... they won the 2WW! So I think it's just impossible!

So cheers guys! You morrons with cameras and phones with cameras. And now just look where all girls went... They are already fucked away to Oslo and more. So what the hell we are doing here? What the hell am I doing here? let's think.

I am drinking coca-cola, but I have no money. I have to report something to CIA becaouse they loved me. And they are not paying me anything!

Ok... so if I have you attention guys, so now I will tell you someting. I think everybody... should have to create your very own BLOG and WEBISTE. Just like me. Just like Prada.fun!

And because I was the first one I will create on my website "ring of bloggers" and we will create library or ourselfs. So we will create catalog of bloggers and everybody will be just fucking their own minds to create something better on this planet then just "fucking hell". Money! Money motherfuckers! And if there is no money then... I am going to Portugal. Now!

But... don't forget. I am Prada.fun and I like to write. And I am doing this for you. Please don't fuck me. Please don't poisioning me. I think that I am very value person. And stop fucking hell!

My idea of Triangle.Boats are really good! But you can't see it! No feedback! Zero! I just being poision. It's the best plan. Let's poision the guy and let's steal his idea! That's the highest you! Fuck! Level of shit on the floor. Fuck! Well... I still believe in You... to whoever I am writing to.

We are one and the same so don't kill nobody! But you know what they are doing! They are having fucking restaurants and they are poisioning the people who are earning money and they going there to eat, because they are still beliving that they are living in the normal world. It's just disaster.

As a kid I was always wondering why cook is always such a far away. Because he is evil motherfucker and he is talking on the phone only with his bitch. He is taken by evil... and all the rest of the world is fucked by "bad robots" like he. And look how the world looks now. Listen songs of Taylor Swift. Last woman who can sing on this planet.

Wed 21:57 16 November

5014: [FB Alfa - CPS2] Alfa - CPS2] + [Roms!]

10784: Alien vs. Predator! Yes!

10785: [ThisLink] - Will Be Better
Wed 20:33 16 November

5013: Map of Fjords

10783: As you clearly see in the picture below... you see shit! Wanna see this on the small screen of your phone? Good luck! You should see the map I saw on the ferry 2 days ago. You would shit yourself! Better take a divorce to have more time! Fuck!
Wed 19:24 16 November

5012: Best Fucking Adventure On This Planet - "Hitting" Norway in Triangle Boat

10782: Best Fucking Adventure On This Planet - Hitting Norway in Triangle Boat Ok. I am at police station in Svolvar. I have no idea what those KGB morrons figure out. I am hungry a little bit. I have to charge my phone. It is 11 o'clock. I should be here at 13 o'clock so the women is very glad to hold me here next 2h. Fuck. Why the Police always fucking people. They should just check the things and let's proceed. It's always something difficult. I have to be friend of them. They want to meet me. They are watching me and my behavior. Am I calm am I aggresive. Am I stupid. Well... I don't like cameras and they know it.

Some handicaped guy cam on wheelchair with his friend. Probably they just want to talk with me. Next too me sitting nice guy from Africa. And I think this guy on wheelchair is only preatending. Maybe he have some super extra special benefits for it. Maybe not even him but the guy how is taking care of him.

Only police officer's got WiFi on the police station. It's... so normal and obvious. Straight from harsh times of 50 and 60. And I am so good pianist. With this knowledge what I have in next 60 years I can become Frederic Chopin 2. This motherfuckier was playing like stupid. I don't know who loved to hear him. Probably obly ladies befre he fucked them in the castle, because king was paying for instrument and rooms. It's just normal. Since centuries. Even in prechistoric times boss of the cave was always the most important... in cave. And outlide the cave the most important was Mamut. But... anyway they were eating Mamuts so they destinquish.

Stupid Mamuts. LoL I think I have to start learing piano in some profesional school of playing Frederic Chopin songs. Fuck! Was it even songs? What the fuck it was? Some nervous breakdown of the guy who are force by prostitute to having sex with them.

Wielkie plachty kryja przestronne ladownie barki, nie pozwalajac w zaden sposob zgadnac czym i w jakim stopniu sa zapelnione. Dla pasazerow pozostaju tylko niewielki poklad, tuz przy bocznym sterze, miejscu ciezkiej i nieustannej pracy kapitana i sternika w jednej osobie.

I started to play in best polish MUD exist. Again. Well... only when I am having WiFi. My ships are very imortant. Let's write somehing more about me. Taylor: I am taking you! Always! Me: I have an allergy on polish-russian mind. Really. It's like having blocade od brain. I prefere to being alone then trying to talk with... well stupid people about stupid things. I love to hear when people are talking. But polish people are very often too strong and everything is stupid to say so they are speaking about nothing because... they are thinking that God is hearing them all the time and they want to be perfect and good. I don't care. Good luck guys!

I am going back to Oslo. I have to find some investors. If Taylor Swift does not want to help me then I have to help myself. I have so much to say. Those cars, technology and globalisation is big problem in hands of big kids. I don't know how to explain you but what is the difference between people from UK from portugees from Polish "robots". I don't know. Just good people. Everybody are good people.

Playing in arkadia learned me to read fast and to write fast. It is text based game. Taylor: Love is a big problem. Me: Taylor Swift is my ideal hooker from Red House... that's where my baby stays. LoL Are you from Poland too Taylor baby? Yes, not, maybe probably. LoL Whatever.

Poland is Russia. I am not Russian spy! Lot of people from poland are former Russian. Kids of Russian solidares. That is why we have a such a red and white flag. Well... all those knowledge is just nice. Nice to know all those things but it's not your business. I am staying here alone and you can go back to you family or friends. And I am... I am just profesional skater. And I swear God, when I was buying my last phone I saw Tony Hawk in Denmark. You know.

And now I don't have a phone but it is so nice and lovely to ask people for help. I don't want to work ever. I am traveling monk and writer and I don't give a fuck about anything.

I am hering polish fucking RMF hits here. Same old fucking bullshit. I can't tell you where I am but this area is strictly taken by polish guys. LoL. Just polish hell here in Norway. It's just polish village. LoL. The last thing on earth I want to do is to be Polish. I love this question... where are you from? - Oh! Fuck! - I am thinknig. Oh fucking fuck!

Bon Jovi - Living on Pray. This is favourte song of polish priest. Fuck! And soon will be Tina Truner! Simply The Best! - Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you! LoL "Fuck about anything!"

The desing of the world is just perfect to bo nobody among everybody. All those guys from south knows this well. I am trying to detect the song... I can't. Well... I am writing too much. It's start's being about nothing.

Taylor: So baby... You know how busy I am lately. Me: Oh yes! Money and fame! Taylor: Money? I don't need a money. Everything I have so money are for what? Money are only for people who are poor and addicted. Adicted from Coca-Cola and... you tell me. Coffie?

I am playing Farmerma lately, doing Blender Boat Shit and Arkadia.rpg.pl Ha! And you?

So my job is this is what I am doing. And it's so unique and unconventional. But everybody are happy and save. And I have so fucking allergy to my mom that I swear God, I will never ever read any single word from her. I just swear God! I just swear God! No funeral! No births-day! No wishes! No all those fucking bullshint invented by morrons. Fuck! It's like in jail. Hey! We are together so good luck! Yes I love you... let's fuck! Kiss or let's watch TV! Where there have to always be some leader?

My way or high-way! So I choose both because this is exactly all about it. Everybody are so lovely and together when I am watching but in fact they are similar. Everybody are similar. So this is what I am doing. This is my job.

Do you remember this movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina. They came to the perfect house waiting for perfect inspiration to write perfect book. I love this good fellow. Brad Pitt is a good teacher. Always was... even when you don't know it. All those movies... actually it was only teaching all humankind. About what? About Matrix? It's just Russian shit! But still alive for many people.

So... let's try this. Operator... I have to go to Oslo. Where is my investor with money. Who will pay me for my work? King of Norway? Maybe I should sell all my domains in Kuweit domain's auction. . and where is Allach where I am not in Turkey? It's in my head!

So.. I am dreaming about Taylor Swift. Taylor: Hello! How can I help you? - I am waiting for some newest best project. I have to go to the hospital and just to tell them about all my problems. Probably I will go back to this village where I was. But it was so borring there. - Prada? Really? Now you have you laptop so you can be as productive as fucking fuck. Please! Do it for Brad Pitt.

Ok! I will do something for this motherfucker. I saw his movie Bullet Train. Lovely. I will never go in train without ticket ever again. Oh fuck! AC/DC - Shake Your Fundation. Bartender has a good taste! Rock and Jaive!

So... what I will do in Andenes? Well... I will write a book. But I will rise above all those shit I already know. I will try to write something perfect about my and Taylor Swift. Some perfect love story book! You know! I know that I can. I will just write about me.

Hi. I am... me. I just came here and instead of looking for fucking job I decided to lock myself inside my mind with Taylor Swift. It's only we and Brian Johnson there. Shake You Fundation! All AC/DC can flow. It's just best. Guy is just the best singer on the planet and forever will be.

So... it will be best love story. It will be like... "Me and Taylor Swift inside my head!" It's so romantic. Baby I am doing all I dan to make you satifsfy. We... with Greta Thunberg in our sweet little love boat. In all those dark and dangerous [ZAKARMARKI] of norwegian fjiords. That will be sex of the century. But we have to have a lot of batteries and artificial light. Can you even imagine this! We're fucking and you are worried that our boat will crush on the rocks.

Greta: Ok. So I will be holding camera. Me: It's marvelous action for Taylor. Taylor gone porn... Sorry kids! Actually all those kids are fucking old now, so nobody will be dissapointed. And porn biz will be so fucking thanksfull to Taylor. It's just amazing stupid. So amazingly stupid that noone believe it. It will be just like "brain wash" from "brain washing". Only pure advenutre on the path of adventure. Greta Thubert will play Indiana Jones and she will dress like Indiana Jones. Can you imagine she's sucking my cock in our little boat at the end of the world, just before we will crush on the rocks. Taylor Swift: ...and me holding camera.

Me: Taylor! I think she is a boy! Taylor! No! No way! - WHAT?!!! Me: What the hell! Let's do it even if she is a boy! I am having huge hunger for "Bunny Hugging". Oh... this bunny will be so huggie! And this is the way we will save the world. If you want save the world... build yourself Triangle.Boat (you family little space ship) and sail down here to norway even in the winter and we will be blowing for the ice to keep cool the climat to not getting warmer and warmer! Just stay fucking cool and everything will be fine!

World need heros. World needs unconventional writers-fighters. Expecially in times where all wars and blows are made in Blender. So... look! I will tell you the secret! Build www.Triangle.Boat! Since tommorow I am creating marvelous things! Now it will be only me and my boat projects and later will be just... all the world comming to norway to taste the best fucking adventure on this planet!

It's not even the question do I am looking for investors. All this world, all this matrix is my investor. And all the rest it's just pleasure of saving the world with Greta Thunberg. I have to pin her phonto in my toilet or wallpaper on my PC! Oh! This PC is scared! It's usefull and it wasn't very expensive. Ok! I wrote enought! But it's never enought if you want tell Taylor Swift and Greta Thunberg how much do you love them. Oh! Greta! You are my very own personal hero! Can I hug you bunny? Will you be my bunny? I want to hug my bunny! :D

Taylor: Ohh... It's so sweet! Me: Damn fucking sweet! But you are my wife Taylor! And I have to ask you for the permission to Bunny Hugging Greta Thunberg Blah Blah Blah! Taylor: No! I will be hugging her and you will be hugging me! Me: Taylor I have super idea! You will be hugging Greta Thunberg and I will be... you know! But pssss! It's our secret.

There is nice crew going on in this bar! 3 young gentemans went cigarets. With polish people on board they are having real Eldorado here. Just nothing. Only weed and icebergs. But where are all nice girls? - Home! Daddy lock them! Oh shit! We have to liberate them! They will all became pole dacers in kiosks and petrol station... and they will be working for free as a hobby.

That's right baby! We will make this magic! But you have to talk them using your blog! - Do they speak english? In UK yes! In here? Not a chance! They are not allowed! They have to stay home and do their home work!

Rules should not be so strict because if it will be so strict... finally Turkish guy will kidnapp them to Arabia Saudi. Oh! This is the problem! So if you are father... give your daughter all freedom possible. Pole dancing in petrol stations is better then to be kidnapped by Arabs or going down into drugs just to escape from family hell even when it's heaven. Good girls usually running away to hell. I am not a girl but I did like that. My family was too ugly fucking perfect. And all dirt as just to destroy me from the inside. "Kiosk Like That!"

There is only one problem. And I have to repet it on and on. Russian approach to poisioning all the world to steal girl, soul, everything... back to Russia. And now I think... like that.

Russian was first aliens on this planet and they landed in Russia and they created Russia and all was fine. But later the where start creating other countries just like little village and desing from the beggining was to fuck them. Simple as fuck. Gods and people. Gods are having girls. Peasents are having stick in their ass, poision in the back, and Jesus Christ to pray to. Fuck! And money ofcourse! And I fuck all money in the world. Better such approach than other.

And I swear God! Biggest desiese of my life is and always was my fucking mother. I won't read any single letter from her. And my gun is loaded and [ODPEZPIECZONY]. And all my Polsih Village is just funny stupid. I am comedian! Don't worry! If you like me... then... I am not a Krzysztof Camel kind of a guy. Or some staning dog from HBO trying to be stupid funny and you don't have to think... just laught! "Like That"! I am me! I am fucking proud and I have my gun in my pants. Loaded and I am not talking about my dick. Loaded... but without licence to kill so... perspective to spend rest of my life in prison for just one moment of having real fun! Well! I prefer to write to books or "speak gently".

Today I had nice conversation with fucking fat morron who interruped me to ask girl, can she buy me Coca-cola. Oh fuck! It's not jocks! Svolvear is fucking shitty shit! Trust me! Don't go there. If you will be sailing then sail around. Please! Or at least don't go to Xtra Shop or Kiwi. I forgot. Today he was most pumped fuck to kick me out from the town. I won't stay in the town with such an fucking asshols. Do you know what he did? I will tell you one more time... "interruped me to ask girl, can she buy me Coca-cola". It was fucking super sweet and she was eating from my dick! And he use brutal force to convince her in JUST LIKE ANY OTHER FUCKING NAZI, that she cannot be good and she cannot help me, and that she should stop talking with me. Oh... fuck! I was very gentle with him. I just told him that he is noone. He is just a little kid. And at the end of or shout coveration I told him that: "you are morron and you are fat". It was so gentle. If I had a gun I swear God I would fucing shot him. I imagined myself having him tight to the chair and giving him fucking lesson of his life! That he NEVER, NEVER, NEVER FUCKING EVER should interruped by force, nice and sweet moments in somebodies elses live. So finally I convince him that he is FAT STUPID MORRON and he really understand it. And I swear God I would kill him just like that for that! Fuck him! And fuck such a fat stupid power pumped kids!

But Satan took him! There was a lot of bigger devils there. They send me nice bitch and they used him to kick my ass, and kicked his ass! Motherfucker! Stupid fucking motherfucker! I am not changing money for coins! I just burned entire village down and this went to the history nor! Fuck Svolear! Only Nazi Fat morrons lives there and their NATO base is food store! Fuck! They are so important that don't you ever dare to ask someone to buy you coke! Especially nice sweet cool happy bitches. LoL

Fucking fatasshole! Well... Fuck him and this town! But I was so happy that I will be playing piano there. Actually that should be my first job there. But actually my job is to showing stupid fucking morrons how stupid fucking morrons they are. So don't thread me because I am the one who is having gun right now in my hand and your brain will blow. You know why? Because you have something agains hitch-hikers! Remember you supid fucking fat fuck!

Wed 19:20 16 November

5011: 5G War!

10781: Brains that fries from cellphones? Is it possible? People who are becoming stupid robots instead of real humans? Why Chinese close their borders? Don't you think it's the secret influence of 5G technology on your brain cells? Do Zelenski and Putin are using 5G phones? Then they are only puppets of China people! Fuck! This shit is big!

Immediately cover your 5G phone with 10 layers of aluminum foil. By the way! This is not a jock! Just check data on Wikipedia. Fuck!

Wed 10:08 16 November

5010: Bond? I have information!

10764: I think I know where this squirrel hid her dildo.

10765: - Fuck it! Do you have plans of the boat?

10766: I am working on it!

10767: - Good! We're in touch!

10768: Send me fucking money!

10769: - Okey! I will call M.

10770: M who? Do you want to call fucking "mother"? Fuck! I don't fucking care! Call Wallstreet! Just send me fucking cash! And I am not fucking signing anything! And don't give the money to mobsters like last time! Directly to me! Or I quit!

10771: - Prada don't quit! You are our best agent in the field!

10772: Fuck this field! It's -20 here! I am freezing my balls off! I am going back home!

10773: - No! Stay! Mission update!

10774: I need this fucking boat! My cover will be like that. I will be sailing and smoking weed. In fact, I will be looking for old Norwegian holes in the mountains. They are keeping there all their gold! Tell the boss that I need money for that. I want satellite internet. If I will see something I will call you. Check the freshest info on my blog!

10775: I want a Canadian Passport and Gold American Express! Make it! Print it! Deliver it! I will know what to do with it! And don't send Brad! Send me!

10776: - Good plan! Let's stick to it!

10777: Don't send weapons! I don't want to have a problem with the police!

10778: Did you know that they are growing mountains here?

10779: - WHAT!!!??? Oh no! Our worst scenario came true. Do you need some backup?

10780: No! I am fine! just send money! I have to build this boat low profile.
Wed 0:56 16 November

5009: CIA [Secrets]

10763: Yeah! Rights! Taking governmental money for doing nothing! Or doing whatever to just prove that existence is necessary. Actually, it's only about fucking female redhead busty agents in the forest in action or in headquarters behind 10 fences in a safe vault. All dicks up!

I know some secrets about my mother and nobody wants to kill her. So they are all fucking fake! Fuck! I am so pissed off right now! I have to talk to my psychotherapist about that!

I called them and they don't want me to be a secret agent. I have to watch again all those best movies about super agents. Or cartoons or something. Today some security guy was asking me for a ID. I told him that I won't show him because he is no police officer. And he was so sad because of that.

What the hell? Security guy is asking for ID? Is this some kind of a funny joke? I think it's another secret! I don't know who to call! Noone will understand me! So I will write about it on my blog!

Hell yes!

Wed 0:45 16 November

5008: Retro Games [Emulators]

10762: Looking for Robbo Game! For DoxBox!
Tue 20:44 15 November

5007: Closed Wood

10760: That is something baby!

10761: Work Files are at Triangle Boats. Download Blender and have fun!
Tue 16:36 15 November

5006: Oh... It's normal!

10759: Ok! Only I know what I am doing!
Tue 16:21 15 November

5005: Fighting with 95!

10754: WTF is this? Kite?

10755: It have to be 90!!!

10756: wON!

10757: Shift + V = Vertex Slide

10758: It's so fucking interesting!
Tue 15:01 15 November

5004: Piano Bar Teacher

10751: This is just for me to practice just a little bit.

10752: Do you need some explanation?

Tue 12:50 15 November

5003: Innovation Norway

Mon 14:22 14 November

5002: 3cm with bottom and up

10748: Let's assume that 18 - 16.0682 = 1.9318 m3 is the amount of wood you need to buy if the side is to be made of wood ... and have a thickness of 4 cm.

Let's do the calculations for the 2 and 3 cm sides (top and bottom) and compare these numbers.

2 m3 of wood equals 1000 kg of the weight of the boat. Heavy. Let's make wood but thinner. Maybe it won't crash.

10749: Comming Soon!
Mon 10:46 14 November

5001: 3cm with bottom
Mon 10:45 14 November

5000: Side 4cm Thick

10746: I am not sure what this new Volume means but it went town from 18m3. It is probably an area taken by walls. Really? We will check it because the next move is to create 3 and 2-cm sides.

10747: Fuck! I forgot about the bottom and the top!
Mon 10:27 14 November

4999: How to make your car intelligent?

10745: You need to replace your halogen strip with a red one and add some movement to it. The effect will be similar to the encounter with aliens from the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Police will think that you are UFO or Transformers. I predict this can be a big hit in all of Scandinavia this winter.
Mon 1:14 14 November

4998: Final Business Plan >[PrintIt]

10742: It's time to prepare the final version of the Business Plan for printing by all interested. Presentation style.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of content to prepare. I don't want to be boring. Who the hell cares about details?

0. What's the idea?

1. What do I need?

2. How much will it cost?

3. Where will we get the material?

4. What materials are needed?

5. Who will do the work?

6. How long will the works last?

7. What things (part of the boat) do we have to buy separately or order?

8. What will we do with the finished yacht?

9. What is the total cost of producing a yacht?

10. How much do we value a ready boat?

11. What is the probability that we will sell the boat quickly and at what profit?

12. Are we preparing to produce another boat?

13. Summary: Why, in my opinion, investing in the construction of triangular yachts is a great idea to allocate or multiply capital?

10743: Okay! That was speed of light! Now let's get rest!

10744: [PrintIt]
Sun 17:20 13 November

4997: Nothing on Pinterst!

10741: Only this picture!
Sun 16:46 13 November

4996: Diary

10738: I am dreaming about Suki. Suki is Japan name of nice Japan girl. Suki in polish language means bitches. I am so happy that I have this laptop. Finaelly. Well... I don't need a phone I can tell you that my brother. I need keybord. Laptops are just big phones, you know. I am watching qite interesting movie now. With Bud Spencer. One guy with the money collecting the crew. I have no idea what's going on. He was 3 years in fucking prison and then he went to his father and his father kept him anormous amount of money. He is riding from Scheriffe to Scheriffe and realeasing the prisoners. 29% battery. If Suki will came to me she would suck my dick now. My beloved wife Taylor Swift is my Suki. "Hi Keybord!" Going on... Guess where I am now? LoL! It's just amazing. People have to be outside. Anyway we are all inside so to be locked even more is just terrible idea. All those cages. My house got no walls. Well... at least it has not one wall. Air is fresh. Just normal. It's beautiful. Oh! Poker game. Those Westerns with Bud Specer are just miracle on this planet. Best western ever. There is now Will Smith who can do it better than old good Bud. This guys is amazing. / Back to our plot. They guy is giving everybody 5000 dolars to come with him. And now they are chasing dilijans. Fuck! Wills and Fargo. How far? Oh shit! One guys on the horse has machete. Fuck! Serious Japan shit. I want Suki to suck my dick. All night! / And the boys got their box of gold? No... money! Paper! Fresh smelly toilet paper. But there was no McDonalds then? - Then you know why they came! / Black birds on this movie are talking too! Karson City? Where the fuck is this? - Well we choose this town because there is no such a town in history of USA and all planet Earth. / I wonder what Greta Thunberg is doing now? "Battery all nights birds!" "Western Suki Back". Cages with him! Who can do it better? Taylor: Indeed, Our Greta is talented. I think it's only about "Bunny Hugging". Fuck! me: If she is a bunny I want to hug him! Taylor: We are sailing together in OUR triangle boat. "Triangle Blue Boat"

Day 2 - It's only day two since I starten to write my diary on my PC. Wow! There is nothig to say about it. All magic, concentration is taken buy... those whoo are watching me. Soul is killed. People became dry robots. It's a kind of slavery they can't excape because they are too young and stupid to knows what is happening. And anyway... I am quite happy that I have something to do when there is nothing to do. It's all virtual world now. You know. So... what is the point of living for all those people who are just doing nothing. - Well... everybody are doing something. - Yeah! Right! They can't play piano! They have no talent. They are living only for buying petrol to their cars. It's their highers peak of existence. Ok... family, earning money... what the fucking hell is this shit?

Some local nazi voice is all the time threating me. Master of fucking life and death. Killing everybody. Do you know motherfucker who I am? Anyway you are thinking that you are better so that is why you are poisioning and killing everybody else. To keep you little fuck show save and sound. Fuck! You just need to step away from me. You don't have to kill me motherfucker. Just respect me and let me live. Fucking shit. / Will you build my boats? With who I am speaking? Is there anybody there? Even you on top of this shit, don't believe that I am speaking right to you. All those morrons around aren't even have a brains. They are slaves! Slaves of their own stupidity. Just like you. And above all you have to be strongest and the best. Fuck! I don't even give a fuck about you! About your little village. About your plans, conceptions and all bullshit you are supporting day by day. It's nothing to keep, nothing to protect. All you are is pain in everybodys asses... but hey! Meybe there is not so bad. / You know what I feel. When I am walking in those happy neibourhoods I see prisons. Small cages. With "happy families" inside. They don't know how to live, they can't live. Living is forbiden. And you motherfuckier are the keeper of... Arabic Secret and you don't even know it! Purpose of your damn existence is to buying petrol and keeping cars running. Fuck!

I will ask you the question. God invented horses. Then devil invented cars. So who the hell are you? Can you make this village - car free? No? Then who the fuck are you you ant?!!! Right hand of Putin? King of biggest country around? Fuck! LoL You are noone. Nobody. High society in europe are only bitches of Arabin kings. Don't you get it. Oh! Another idea... hospitals. Art of killing people for fun, because you have nothing special to do. And you have to be evil because they told you so! You have to be important, because your ego is pumped. Well... alcohol, guns, money and power... and only you in the village. This is what you think. And all those black kings who are here only for protecting their PETROL interests, and you have nothing to say. Army is Russian. Police is Russia. Goverment is Russian and Arabic. All europe is sold. LoL

Have a nice day! And don't foret to send money to support Russian army in all countries in Europe because of Ukrainian problems. LoL - I love to be journalist. But... I am doing this fast. Do you like linux? Whoever is reading this blog. Let's just focus on those boats. I think people have to sail more. All those kids. All their parents just can't afford boats. Who will sail in Norway in the winter. All those old fucking ladies. You poisioned everybody. There are no life left here.

I will tell you why. Soon all scandinavia will be taken by Arabic people. You know why? I will tell you the secret. "Price of airconditoin on the south!" If they are richest people, why not to move all Arabia Saudi and Highest Africa, here to Norway. There is so much space and such a beautiful costline. Well... just think about it. What are you doing and by who you have beed told about it. This is me James Prada. I am just describing my times.

Build those fucking triangle boats, because you living only for this. And teach your kids to play piano.

10739: Don't worry. Writers are always wrong! But is there any other way?

10740: Being "crazy" (in your understanding of the meaning term "crazy") is the one and only option to become productive. Yeah! It's not dangerous but it's brave.
Sat 19:02 12 November

4995: Sail Away Symulator

10735: [GameLink] Let's check it!

10736: Nice game. Little I don't know what the hell is going on, but... well... You know you can't sail against the wind. Just a little bit. LoL

10737: Oh! Soon we will have 5000 post! Wow!
Sat 17:38 12 November

4993: Aside 45 Degree

10716: Let's calculate 45 drowning! Because I am not sure if my previous method was fine and accurate.

10717: New vertex from edge crossing face in blender! - Do you understand my problems?

10718: How to merge two unconnected faces in blender?

10719: How to create vertex from edge crossing face in Blender?

10720: How to create vertex on face in Blender?

10721: I am not talking about my face! I am talking about Blender's face.

10722: Where is manual for Blender?

10723: Blender forum: "Hello guys! I am having new edge straight through face but there is no vertex? Can you tell me how to make vertex from edge through face? I am beginner."

10726: Face / Intersect (Knife) or Intersect (Boolean)

10727: Long story short. We have some SHOCKING NEWS! Our boat on its 45 tilt, can handle 4274kg on itself.

10728: But will the structure of the boat stand it? Wooden? Hmm ... you can always make a metal boat, but then it won't be it!

The boat must be wooden and that's it. 4 tons of 200 kilograms is the most theoretical value. My point is to calculate the technical displacement of the boat at the theoretical maximum draft at a heel of 45 degrees. And we did it. This displacement is over 4 tons. So that's how much we can take on our boat.
Let's calculate how much she will dive if she weighs only ... a tone!

10729: The draft for displacement of 4200 kg of water, in a 45-degree tilt, is 0.72228m Hehe!

10730: Exactly: 4.2749m3

10731: 15 cm immersion in the 45 cm extreme tilt of the boat, displaces 0.1212 m3 of water. That is 121.2kg. Hmm ...

10732: 29-30 cm of immersion in the 45 cm extreme tilt of the boat, displaces 1.0992 m3 of water. That's 1099.2kg. Hmm ... What do you say?

10733: It is submerged by 43cm in the extreme 45cm tilt of the boat, it displaces 1.9736m3 of water. That is 1973.6kg

10734: Excellent! Now we know that our bot won't sink! Well... I felt it from the very beginning that it won't!
Sat 12:39 12 November

4992: Sinking Boat's Ass

10708: Look's beautiful! I just don't know how to calculate 10cm drowning this way.

10709: Let's just get rest!

10711: Now I know how to calculate it!

10714: Dipping the bottom of the boat:

by 10cm it displaces 269.1kg of water! by 20 cm it displaces 468.2 kg of water! by 30 cm it displaces 667.3 kg of water! by 40 cm it displaces 866.5 kg of water! by 50 cm it displaces 1065.6 kg of water! by 70 cm it displaces 1463.9 kg of water! by 100 cm it displaces 2061.3 kg of water!

(To calculate this I use a Blender plugin called "3D-Print")

10715: Oh my God. Taylor's ass is my God.
Fri 18:04 11 November

4991: 90 Tilt

10710: Will it sink or not?

10712: The initial displacement of our boat is 18 m3 of water.

When our boat is on its side and descends 10 cm, it displaces 1.397m3 of water! 1397kg of water!

Lateral immersion by the first 10 cm displaces 1329 kg of water.

10713: Further dive for another 10cm. The boat is submerged on its side to 20cm. It displaces 1833 kg of water! Here's how much we can load on our boat. This is how much our triangular flat-bottomed boat can weigh.

These are shocking figures in the long run.

Fri 16:08 11 November

4990: Volulme & Area of Boa's Slices

10705: The sinking of 10 cm of our boat displaces 1.8 m3 of water. Hmm ... Everything is correct if the boat is lying flat. No waves.

10706: Now let's try to put our boat aside...

10707: Dissolve edges...
Fri 14:35 11 November

4989: Rear, full lateral and front boat's water displacement...

10703: Let's assume that our calculations are wrong and let's try to start something all over again.

I know our boat is submerged (9m long, 4m wide in the ass) in a flat position. It is very easy to calculate. The drowning of a whole 1m high boat with a bottom surface of 18m2 is equivalent to 18 tons of load.

There are two things. What will happen to our boat if it reaches a 90 degree tilt? And what will happen to our boat if the Loch Ness monster swims in front of us and puts our boat on ass?

Alternatively, let's calculate how much we will be able to dive with nose of the boat into the waves during a storm. So... we calculate the rear, full lateral and front displacement of the water.

10704: Fucking shit! LoL
Fri 12:43 11 November

4988: Cheap Triangle Boats for Everyone!

10702: The task of my new company will be to promote the idea of ​​building small, cheap, family boats in the shape of a triangle by all of them. I wish you all good luck.

There are many people in the world, let them all be buried if they cannot swim. It foresees the emergence of appropriate "water police" forces in the future, who will control the situation in the Norwegian fjords so that people do not get killed in sea disasters on the rocks.

Soon on my website there are projects of cheap to build in a garage triangular boats, and all the useful information on this topic. I believe it can be a very fun hobby for everyone.

Of course, the bigger the boat, the better, but maybe let's start with small ones and if someone drowns in a triangular boat, I take it on myself with all responsibility, simply explaining that he was a drunk moron.

Since the idea is new and fresh, I repeat again that I am looking for investors who will invest their time and money in my project.

I sincerely encourage individual municipalities to implement this project as a hobby for everyone, so that everyone can come to this barn in which the triangular boat will be built and look at everything carefully.

First of all, good luck to myself!

Fri 12:34 11 November

4987: Why do boats have deep swords and oval shapes?

10697: Why do boats have deep swords and oval shapes? After all, someone had to count everything ?! I will bet that it's wrong approach so I am challenging NASA and Space-X to do the real math by professionals.

10698: It does not require a great deal of force to push something on the water that is not deeply submerged.

If you are trying to stabilize your chosen course, you can use a thin and light sword or even a few.

If you are afraid of wind drift, you can make your boat long and wide, but flat.

During storms it will be flooded by waves but will not sink as long as it remains tight and water resistant inside.

You don't need to use sails to drive it. Especially if you use solar batteries it is very important that the surface area of your boat is as large as possible.

Thank you for the Nobel Prize from the Swedes. Hope I impressed Asia.

10700: The solution came to my mind when I was looking at this old Viking boat.

There is a lot of space in the seas and in the ocean. It's not like in outer space orbiting or in very crowded cities. Our boats that we sail can be very large because they do not disturb anyone.

The trend of making boats thin arose from the fact that long ago the Vikings had to paddle. The width of the boat, therefore, was limited by the arm span of the Vikings.

We also know the wider ice in which galleymen paddled with only one oar. But it was definitely not a helicopter.

People also make boats in the image of fish. The fish usually look like Russian submarines, but there are rayfish. For example, [MantaRay] or [Flounder] group of fishes.

Fri 12:06 11 November

4986: Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die!

10696: Yesterday I just started watching it. All Bud Spencer movies are awesome! I am convinced that he is a guy from the Tatra Mountains. From Slovakia.
Thu 22:08 10 November

4985: Well...

10685: 0.21693373400705405997842581503015/
0.97618633213631746528049526404573 = 4/x

4/x = 0.22222574406702593519526636918252

x = 4/0.22222574406702593519526636918252

x = 17.999714735091863553992428490908

10686: So we got X sides. On the left and right. What's next?

10687: No fucking way! X can't be such long! Fuck! Probably I screw something!

10688: COS! I should use COS! Tommorow! Goodnight!

10689: Ok! x (sides) = 3.9047453285452698611219810561829m

10690: Any y = ... now we know! So what's next?!

10691: Now we are counting the area of the rectangle in which our triangle is inscribed. Some surface will come out. We compare this area to the area of 18 m2, which is occupied by the flat bottom of our boat.

And now we are doing the Panama maneuver.

Recently, when I was counting how much water would displace my boat, tilted at 45 degrees and drowned to a height of 0.707 m, it turned out to be 4.6 tons. Because I just calculated it as if my boat was square. Since it is not square, but cosmically strange, I found that my face how much smaller is my triangle than the rectangle I counted, and it is from this ratio that I will slander how much less water will displace my boat.

10692: The base of my rectangle in which the boat is inscribed is 10.087734936028216239913703260121m, while the height is our calculated x, that is 3.9047453285452698611219810561829m.

The result of the multiplication of this shit is 39.39003586705909406658022185134m2

The bottom area of the boat is 18 m2.

We calculate the ratio. If 39.39 is 100% then 18 = x%?

45.696877380045696877380045696877 this is the percentage!

Yesterday I predicted that some 40-50% I have a pretty good eye.

10693: Yesterday's calculation is 4.6092624 tons. It's 100%. And 45.696877380045696877380045696877% is how much?

2.106288987052551408987052551409 tonnes.

2106kg! At 45 tilts. Oh shit!

10694: Our 9m boat, 4m wide in the ass, tilted 45 degrees, can withstand a tonne of 2.1 tons. Hmm ... Let me think about it a little!

Let's think a little bit about the physics of the shape of the boat. The shape does not matter because the most important element is buoyancy. If we do not exceed 2.1 tons of the total weight of the boat, it should be like ass on butter.

10695: Let's draw conclusions for the future:

If the ratio of our boat's width in the ass to its length is 4m / 9m or vice versa 9m to 4m and if the boat will have a side height of 1m at right angles to the water surface ...

This is the total surface area of ​​the bottom of the boat, it will be such that 18 m2 displaces 2106 kg of water, so it is the maximum capacity of the boat.

Example: Please not! Ok! Let's try!

The ratio of 9m in length to 4m in width in the ass is: 2.25

4 x 2.25 = 9m

Let's build a larger boat, but according to our proportion of 2.25. Let our boat be 5m wide in the ass.

5 x 2.25 = 11.25m Area: 28.125m2
Buoyancy at 45 degrees: 3,290,625 tons!

6 x 2.25 = 13.50m Area: 40.50m2
Buoyancy at 45 degrees: 4,738.5 tons!

6.5 x 2.25 = 14.625m! Area: 47.53m2
Buoyancy at 45 degrees: 5,561.01 tons!

7 x 2.25 = 15.75m Area: 55.13m2
Buoyancy at 45 degrees: 6,450.21 tons!

Let's try with this 14.625 long boat, because you don't have to have driving license to lead such a boat.

Let's calculate the bottom area of ​​this boat: 47.53 m2

Since my 18m2 displaced 2106 kg in a 45-degree incline to the side. It is 47.53 m2 for ... 5,561.01 tons!

And this is something! This is some hard good news!

10701: [triangle-area-calculator]
Thu 21:52 10 November

4984: Good news everyone!

10682: Germany vs. Italia

10683: Banked boat can push 4.6092624 tones of water! Well... little less... so we are safe! Thanks God!

10684: Actually only 40% of this! I know this and I will try to prove it without my mathematical teacher. - How?!
Thu 15:58 10 November

4983: Water calculations!

10677: The bottom area of ​​our boat is 18 m2.

If we immerse our boat 1 cm into the water, then what surface of the water is the surface of our boat?

1cm x 100cm x 100cm x 18m2 = 180000cm3 of water!

The mass of one cubic centimeter of water at 3.98 ° C (the temperature at which it attains its maximum density) is closely equal to one gram.

So ... 180000grams = 180kg

And now the shit will fall down from the sky and sink my triangle boat.

Hey! Don't worry crew! Captain Prada will figure out something.

10678: The weight of our boat up to 550 kg without equipment. It will be necessary to add even more. Anchor, crew, food, mast, sail. I do not want to count all of this, but it can be a lot.

10679: So let's do the calculations for 1100kg by now.

10680: If our boat will carry 1100kg total, our boat will drown to 6.111111111111111cm It's only 6.1cm

Okay. So let's do the calculation for 2000kg and no shit! I don't expect to have a elephant on board!

2000 / 180kg(1cm drowning = 11.11111111111111cm deep. This is how deep we go having 2 tones of shit onboard including ship itself.

I don't think it is too deep! Holly fuck!

And now it will be the best part!

10681: I am afraid like shit of this calculations. But let's go. Imagine if our "triangle-box" boat, would have 45 degree tilt. Imagine that Loch Ness Monster wants to eat us all and our beans cans! We can't run away faster then going 45 bank against the wind and better fasten your seatbelt Dorothy!
Thu 15:12 10 November

4982: How heavy our box will be?

10671: Taylor Swift: My dear beloved husband Prada! Have you ever thought to design the fashionable triangle coffins? Me: No, but I was thinking about tasteful uniforms and pistols for the army. I don't like this design at all! Useful and aggressive. Just awful style! And think that this is where the hard-working people pay their taxes.

10673: How much does 1 m3 (cubic) of wood weigh?

The weight is influenced by the humidity and the species of the tree. With a humidity of 15%, the weight of the most popular trees ranges from 450 kg - Fir to 830 kg - Hornbeam per 1 m3 (cubic).

On average, the weight of 1 cube is 605 kg

Examples of the values ​​of some trees, humidity approx. 15%:

1 cubic birch is 650 kg
1 cubic beech is 730 kg
1 cubic oak is 710 kg
Grab 1 cubic is 830 kg
Fir 1 cubic meter is 450 kg
1 cubic larch is 690 kg
Alder 1 cubic meter equals 530 kg
Aspen 1 cubic is 440 kg
1 cubic pine is 550 kg
Spruce 1 cubic is 470 kg

10674: 1m3 of pine is 550 kg! Wow!

10675: So that will be the weight of or boat! In floating position and in going 90 degree on banks only if it will be possible. So now let's start water calculations.

10676: I go toilet!
Thu 14:19 10 November

4981: Let's buy wood!

10665: Ok! Let's save the money! 2cm (thick boards) will be enough!

10666: This won't be a war ship! We will drown it anyway! We can use some waterproof shit on it so actually our boat can be from paper!

10667: 300cm long 8cm wide 2cm thick = 4,800cm3 = Price: 30pln

Now... 1m3 = 100cm x 100cm x 100cm = 1.000.000cm3

But our boat will be only 2cm thick on the walls so... we need 1m3 of wood to cover 50m2 of area. And our boat is... only 40.44m2 So... we got extra 1m2 for shelfs and toilet inside! :-) Now let's count how many boards do we need?

10668: 1.000.000cm3 / 4800cm3 = 208.3333333333333 boards! Not too much! With the price: 30pln per piece = 6,250 PLN = 13,756.02 NOK - WHAT!!!???

10669: Is this fucking jock? I wonder where to put diamonds now?! I was thinking that it will be something around one million or something. LoL

10670: Okay. This is the price for the hull. So a wooden triangular box. I ignore the details. Now I only calculate money.

If we made boards ourselves, the price would drop even further. However, the price of making boards would appear. Typical.

10672: [Link] (shop)
Thu 14:04 10 November

4980: 9m x 4m x 1m

10653: This cheese pie in the middle. This will be our boat.

10654: We need to calculate the area of ​​the bottom and three sides, and the weight of the "wooden box" for a board thickness of 2, 3 or 4 cm.

Then we will pick up some cheap pine wood and we will see how heavy 1m3 of "some cheap pine wood" is?

Where are masts and sails bought?

10655: This triangle on the right has 0.5m height. 10m long and 5m wide. Try to understand physic of sailing in such a "triangle box".

10656: Ok! Let's count area of triangle!

10657: [This] x 2

10658: 18m2 bottom 18m2 upper deck = 36m2 already. Now let's calculate bottom and banks...

10659: 18.44m2 both banks and bottom... tail... 4m2 = ?

10660: 18m2 + 18.44m2 + 4m2 = 40.44m2 area of this triangle box!

10661: If the wall would have 1cm thickness...

10662: If the wall would have 1cm thickness... then from 1m3 of ideal wood I would have 100m2 area to cover.

If my wall would be 2cm then 50m2

If 4cm thickness, than 25m2.

So... what if 3cm? - 37.5m2 from 1m3 drewna!

Well... our boat has 40.44m2 so... Let's order 2m3 of wood and it should be to cover 75m2 of an area of our triangle.boat. It's 75m2 - 40.44m2 = 34.56m2 too much. So... let's just order 1,5m3 of wood!

10663: THIS IS MY ORDER: 3 cm thick pine boards. 1.5m3! Or maybe oak trees instead of pine ones?

10664: [Shop] in Poland. Why Poland? Because I speak polish. LoL Now we will have funniest part!
Thu 13:21 10 November

4979: Choosing Size

10648: 10m long. That's for sure. Maybe little shorter. But 4 or 5m wide?

10649: 4 is too sporty. 5m is ideal. I think! For real testing purposes!

10650: Or maybe even smaller. One or max 2 persons size!? What do you think about it?

10651: Since very start I was interested in big boat. Comfortable. I don't think that building small boat I will be able to watch experience and feel "big boats physics" so let's build... maybe not 10m but not 2m! For sure not 2m! So how long?

10652: Okay! Let's do 9m long. And let's do 4m wide! That is my last call!
Thu 13:10 10 November

4978: Funny Solution when Tilting

10646: Don't worry about the mast position. I tried to scale the model more short.

Now it is 10m long but the width remains the same 8m.

Wow! Why would you ask so wide? For more to fit inside.

Unfortunately, the bottom area of ​​the boat has decreased and therefore the boat will be more submerged.

This is just a sketch of a concept. The idea is for the triangle-shaped boat to be further expanded at its end.

During heeling, the deeper-submerged part of the flat bottom should generate a force pushing it upwards and this means that the ship will be able to keep its heel going with a certain speed.

During heeling, the surface of the side of the boat which will be cut will act.

I believe that nothing happens by accident, but this is only an option to compensate for the buoyancy of the boat.

10647: Or maybe I am so wrong about this accidental conception of this boat! I see some lacks in banks of this boat on its tilting. Let's try something else.
Thu 12:13 10 November

4977: Back to Boats

10645: I wonder how the tilted boat will behave? We need to calculate the areas of all submerged designed elements, below the Z plane, which will replace the water surface.

If we know how many weights our boat will weigh, we will know how much we will be submerged.

The problem occurs when tilting. We have to design a special bottom for our floating triangle. Then we have to make all calculations for tilted boat in certain angles. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and so on up to maximum.

Simple? Simple! So let's go!

Thu 9:02 10 November

4976: Letter to Taylor Swift

10644: Sortland they made me leterally sick. It's fault of some powder on asphalt here. Fucking idea. When cars are passing it goes up and you are breating it. Well... I saw poision gas in Are in Sweden on the station and around the main resort but little power on the streets it is something new for me. "Magic Dust" The funny is that they are all saying Hail Hitler to themselfs. Fuck! (But only in Scandick. Just because my hat looks like old Geramn helmet.) 100 years after 2WW. How brain fucked you have to be. Well... I see that local diler of drugs is drilling their brains and stupidity fill all braincells. Well... don't forget that the Turkish people have something to say. Those was the one who were helping nazis during 2WW. Well... if there are some girls to fuck then why not to come here and fuck them. Steal them from "our boys" and leaving fucking mess in the brains of those morrons. Well... Turkish people are always so innocent. They just stealing girls from Europe for their boss Allach. LoL. Well... anyway they are selling petrol so fuck all those lands who are such a good customer.

And to have fucking internet here is real tight as fuck procedure. You need to have mobile. And I don't have mobile. So what I should do? Well... tommorow I am fucking away from here. Today I was talking with some woman who were telling me that she is blind since 2 years. She said that her doctor does not want to listen her and she went too late for the operation and now nobody can cure them. I told her to not listening those fucking bastards morrons here and ask german people for help. Well... maybe this will help. But to be true. I think that those motherfuckers from Turkey are hungry for all those lands here and they Allach have a plan to just slowly kill everybody here and just to replace them with turkish citizens. Well... not Turkish ofcourse. Some guys form Arabia Saudi are fucking hungry for norway because it's fucking aircondition all the times on here. Well... local fat guys have nothing agains it because it means money for them. Well... why to make a secret from such abvious things. Everybody knows that. It's just nobody cares about such a bullshit because normal people are busy with their own daily shit. And swimming in hell. Well... it's not most popular hobby on this planet. Well... I like it anyway. Anyway I got nothing special to do so I am just transfering my mind from local corners. Scandick is a big corner, but I think I will go now. I have to test my Covid mask on those poision dusty local asphalt's roads. Come on! Let's go some milk bar!

I just changed the room. We are in three people in the bar. I asked for new album of Taylor Swift. The DJ here was playing some Berlin shit from 15 years. Fuck. If you like it is difficult to start liking something else. I understand. But subject is Scandic is still the same. "We won the war and what's next?" Well... Taylor Swift is really good singer. Kind of proffesional. Shit should be soft as heaven. Look... Well... I understand everything. But I just not understand if someone is making me harm. I think that Taylor Swift wants to talk with me. Okay. Let's go script then.

Taylor: I was missing you bro. Me: You are always inside my head, you know! Taylor: I think that you should talk to me more often. Me: Well... Just since today I have my PC. I will fucking kill it with talking to You. So next midnights you could only reading my stories. I am tired of all those fighting-drama bullshit. I need something else. Tottaly something else. I think I want to go back to your very room with Selena and Greta Thunberg in New York. Taylor: No problem. We were golden team. Wanna reply? Me: Yes! Let's fuck with Greta straight. Don't you think that she is sweet? Have you saw her last speech from Milano. Sho looked at this chairman like he fucked her in the ass last night. Or like she was standing locked outside her room in hotel asking her to let him in, but she was... busy, so he resignate and jerk off, and then full of shame he came back to his room. Can you even imagine such a excitment. To having Greta Thunberg in his hotel. Oh my God! This Milano guy went tottaly crazy on her ass but probably only inside his dreams. I am sure that it was exactly like that. Maybe... "procedure against only you could handle". Me: I like this song Snow On The Bitch. Well... Taylor. You are amazing. I love you. You know this all.

Taylor: So what about Greta? Normal people are busy. Me: Let's take her to our trio. But I think that she is boy. Because if she is real girl we would be too happy because it would be way too perfect. I would immediately create a room on the Chaturbate, you know. And then we would perform famous "Bunny Hugging" of her. Me: What the hell is "Bunny Hugging"? Taylor: Let's ask Greta Thunberg. Me: Greta. What is bunny hugging? Greta: Well... do you like to hug me? Me: Yes of course. Everybody wants to hug you Greta. You know. Greta: Good! You can be my puppy Prada. Me: Taylor. Can I? Can... Greta. Can we both together be your puppy? Greta: Well... yes! We: Hurray! We are so happy! Greta: Now you can hug me and I will be your bunny. Me: And what about this pervert from Milano. Greta: He was jerking off all night knocking to my doors in hotel. It was disaster. We: Oh poor Greta Thunberg! Come here to us. We will hug you! Poor baby. Don't worry. Noone will ever harm you! Greta: Okay! I feel so good and safe with you. We: We can talk with the same voice. Me and Taylor we are so fucking connected. Me: And trust me baby. I don't think about you only when I see you on TV.

We: So what we gonna do tonight? Taylor: You have to only close your eyes and just dive into your dreams. Hug me. Greta. Pervert from Milano. Trust me baby. Me: Well I got lost a bit. Okay Taylor. You are fast and crazy.

Me: I think they should buy vinyls of you. Taylor: It comes in many nice colors. Just to tell you that you really need it. It's something like 10 times better quality. My: Okay. My phone is really big. It has 14 inch screen and keyboard. Taylor: Dimonds gotta shine. I think... I have to write to you from my sleeping bag more often then never. Taylor: I am waiting only for it. Me: Imagine that we are one with Greta. We: So we can speak just like that. One voice. Our voice. Well...

"Oh no! I am falling in love..." - I love this song. Don't worry Taylor. I stopped worrying long time ago. Me: I am so stupid that I felt so mad onto my mother. But... I don't know... who did it. "Fast and crazy!" Don't worry! Now I am havig PC so I can share my mind with machines LIVE. With all the world. Without it I felt so stucked. Fuck! And she knew how to fucking kick my ass. And I am feeling strong so I am thinking that I will survive it. But it cause disaster. But sorry! Some strong family connections sometimes burnes. Unload it. Reaload it. Change it into something else. Always write for me. Me: Ok. Taylor. You got it!

Taylor Swift: You know Prada. You are my love. One and only. I knew that you will come to me somehow. And this was not only dream. Greta: Blah, blah, blah... Bunny Hugging! Bunny Hugging! Bunny Hugging! Me: Well... My beloved wife Taylor. Greta's got good point. Bunny Hugging is the best! But only if Greta Thunberg is bunny. Taylor: So do you want to hug her instead of me? Me: You can also be a bunny. Taylor: Also?!!! Me: Please! My dearling. Don't get me wrong. You are my first and last, one and only Bunny! Biggest bunny on the entire planet. There is no problem with you! Greta is small and you are big! I am just kidding with this Greta. Everybody knows that she is a boy! Greta: Boy?!!! Me: Well. Honey! Don't argue! Greta. Taylor is my wife and God. And Greta... look. Greta, let's face the fact... you can't sing! Greta: I can! Blah, blah, blah... I am singing song! I am singing song! Blah, blah, blah... song, song, song! Taylor: Hehehe. Good luck Greta with next Grammy. Greta: Do you think I can win? Taylor: Yes! And you can change the climat too! Me: Deal. Greta is sold to us. Greta let's go! Taylor... where is our triangle yacht? Taylor: Did you build it? Me: Soon baby! Going with you and Greta Thunberg all around the world in our newest and most fancy www.Triangle.Yachts it's my biggest dream ever. Greta: And we will change the climat. Me: Yes! From now on everybody will wanna have www.Triangle.Boats Taylor: Dot Com. Me: No! Boats and Yachts are domain. We can't swimm on it but I bought it. Do you know how much it is worth now? Taylor: No. Me: Fortune! Taylor: Luckiey you! Me: Luckie me that I found you baby! Taylor: And Greta. And Selena. Oh! Selena! Can we take her on OUR boat?

James Prada: Selena Gomez on our Triangle Yacht? Well... we can take her but she got depresion. I hope it won't change into maniac depresion on the open sea, because if she will turn into vampire on our little boat, then we are screwed. Taylor: Prada. Exactly. I am affraid same things! We are like brother and sister you know. Me: Taylor. You are so fine and so easy going girl. To handle you is as easy as breathing. No shit! You are my best friend and wife and lover at the same time and still you got your freedom and me. It's just perfect. Taylor: Oh my love! Me: Do you think it can last forever? Taylor: Yes! Magic can last forever! Me: You are just perfect! I am happiest guy on the planet now! Taylor: And I am happies girl on the planet. With you I am not affraid nothing! Me: I am affraid only that Selena will have attack of her depression on open sea.

Taylor: And what if our boat will punch a hole and sink? Me: Not a chance. That is why we are taking Greta with us! She have this famous yellow raincoat jacket, and in case there will be a hole we will just stick her into it, and we will be fucking her in the ass, so the boat wont sink. Greta: Looks like I am victim of pedofile again? Me: Greta. You aren't 14 no longer baby! Everything is possible with you... expecially Bunny Hugging. Don't you understand that we have to do everything to save our boat? Taylor: Yes! Greta! Prada's got right! That will be the best for everyone of us. This is how the world's work! Me: Taylor's got right Greta. Just a little sacrifice and you can save us all in case of danger.

Greta: And what if shark will eat my little tits? Me: No way! Taylor: Can't happen! Ever! Like... ever! Me: I told you so! Greta. You are save with us baby! On OUR triangle boat, (Dot Com) you will feel the most save and secure ever. Like most safe and sound girl on entire planet even during the thunderstorm. Taylor: Thunbergstorm. Me: Exactly. And we will go LIVE od Chaturbate. We have to buy fast Satelite internet to cover up this story. Fuck! This will be the greatest event of all time! Taylor: Wow! You are mastermind Prada.

Me: It will be like... Selena Gomez and Justing Bieber on one island trying to survive without nothing. Prime time daily. Reality show. Greta: Selena and Justin? Sorry guys! I can't go with you! I have to watch it. Me: Greta! It was only example. What I mean is that we will be better. Can you even imagine those titles?

Taylor: No! But I can record something on TicTok! Me: Superb idea. When you were presenting names of your songs I felt like you are sitting with me on the backseat of a car and we are smoking weed together tottaly drunk. Taylor: I want you! And noone else on this planet Prada! Me: Really? And how about other planets? Taylor: You are like captian Spock from Star Wars... not... Trek! Me: I love Treking! Taylor: But do you love Star Treking? Me: Only with you my love. We have to try! I love you so much! Taylor: Fancy me and fancy stuff! Me: This is enought! My love! I love you so much... for the first time in my life I am happy that I am writing so fast on keyboard. This all will fits you fine! I promice! Taylor Swift: No combats! Only love! Me: Yes! Greta: And what about me? We: You will be sticking holes in our triangle Greta. Greta: Well... if this is the only way to save our planet then... what the hell! Why not!?! Let's go together! Guys! I am going with you! Preapare for "Bunny Hugging". Do we really go LIVE on Chaturbate?

Me: Yes! Entire planet will literally shit into their pants. Taylor, Greta and Prada on one boat. Taylor: And maybe Selena too! We: Selena we wish you fast recovery to your best health. If you need some consultation with Russian Mob I can translate for you. Selena: Do you know Russian languange? Me: No but I know how to threat Russians Mobsters. Taylor & Greta: How? Me: Simply! You only need to remind them Baba Jaga and they are running away like hell! Selena: Oh! Good idea! My father is having depression too! Me: Selena. You have to cut those under toes with you closed relatives because this is what destorying you the most. And another issue. How fast can you write on PC? Selena: Fucking fast! Taylor: Yes! I know! We are texting sometimes. Me: About what? Taylor: Well... about any bullshit! You know! Me: Selena do you write on keyboard? Selena: No. On Nokia 3310. Me: - WHAT!!!??? Wait, wait! Fuck! No way! Selena: Why not? Me: So now I know why you got depression. "Simply health. Entire planet on boat! Wow!" "Russian language running away!" "Like hell!" LoL "Literally shit into their pants!" LoL "Best health!"

Me: Do you wanna have baby? Taylor: Yes! We and practice on Greta. Me: And Selena. Those guys will be our handicaped kids. Do you like this idea? Tom Cruze: Can I be your bigger brother? Me: No, because you will fuck up entire family. How is you maverik by the way. Tom: Fine thanks. As always. Me: Girls. If you wanna see Tom Cruze we will go to the cinema togeter. Now I strongly advice us to watch "Water World" with Robin Hood! With Kevin Costner! Do you remember him?

Selena: Prada. I love you! I am your sister! But you can make a baby to me. Taylor: If I said so! Me: And now we're talking. LoL Greta: Look guys! We have to go to Africa! Me: Don't you like north? Greta: We have to talk with big guys there. Only this whay we can change the climat. Me: I was thinking that we will be searching Dragon Balls! Taylor: Can do! I can be your Bulma. I know how to fix caffe machine... Me: Wow! Taylor: But only if it works fine already! Me: Even better. Taylor: And I don't like coffee. Me: Yes baby! Keep talking to me! My love! Taylor: And I don't drink coffee. Me: <3 Taylor: But with you I could drink a lot! Me: We are the best my love! Taylor! "Now strong advice to listen her!" Me: Let's turn on the music! Midnights!

Thu 7:17 10 November

4975: [BudSpencer] Movies (Wikipedia)

10643: I have to watch them all!
Wed 20:25 9 November

4974: God Forgives... I Don't!

10638: Puerto Rico vs. Venezuela

10639: Good movie with good old Buddy!

10640: Who stole the gold motherfuckers?!

10641: I am watching this excellent movie now. But what is the plot? The plot is that they didn't have a phone with Android. They had guns. And there was no radio and fucking TV then. Rules was simple as fuck. Nowadays the situation is a little more complicated. There is no bars and no horses. But alcohol stayed. I don't have money to drink and I don't have a job. Maybe because I am not drinking. Such a circle. Well... my job is IT job but no one is paying me because everybody are poor. So I think they way of thief is the best for me. But I have to read a law more carefully. You stealing whatever you want and finally they will give you 3 days holidays in jail. Well... we aren't talking about any serious crimes. You are changing countries often. Not looking for a job because this is probably the best job in the world. Police will love you or love me if you only start. Or me. Rules are so simple. Stick dick in those cams and just fuck what they say, because they won't say nothing, because everybody knows you, and you are the best pirat in the world. Don't you get it? Well... write a book about that! Oh I will. I will. / As far as I see it, there is no motherfucker in any town for a guy without phone! It's like gravity. When everybody going right go left. If everybody sucking dick of the system then you should fuck the system in the ass. Some people knows it. Some people learn it. Anyway nobody is talking with anyone because they have phone. Anyway... to who you wanna talk if everybody are dead poisoned by Russians?

So let's the western flow. First boy loves his mother and then he realizes that his mom is fucking bitch. Doing all she can to trick him. So what later? I just don't understand a sense of it. This is un-fucking-logic. Oh! I forgot that I am writer. So maybe this is one and only logic. To give me reason to hate. To force me to feel shit instead of love and kindness. We are talking about really deep dimension of being fuck, because if you are receiving help, you are thankful. This is natural. But then you realize that person who is helping you actually is fucking you. Thats where tears starts. So what to do. Foret about love which is natural, and just to start hating. That's it. End of story. Sad but true. Fuck this story until you will forget it. But all those assholes are giving only pain to the world and they are cooperating this why. So it is very difficult to forget. So the rule is simple. Take the money and fuck everything and never ever ever ever let someone else tells you what is write or not. Because you know the best. You are right and everybody are wrong. So if I am always right, you are always wrong. You can think the same so just don't cross my way and don't rape me from the back. But the world is so bad and so wasted, that motherfuckers doing only this. They are raping you from the back. They are attacking innocent people at the time when you are not except it. It is their damn rules and you can kill them all because those are fucking Russians and they are so many of them. They have their own biggest network on this fucking planet. And what you gonna do? Nothing. This is disaster. This is the end of the fucking world. This is slow dying. Just because you want to live. This is damn and ass fucked. So fuck this planet you motherfuckers and fuck this life. And you will pay for it. One day you will pay. Later. After you will die. It's a promise. From aliens. Told you by Prada. Remember it! You will suffer 10.000 times more so fell fear bastards already. Because not everyday you hearing such a deep deep promice out of this world!

I lost the plot of this movie. But they got a chest of gold from robbery. And they're burying gold again... that was good idea Bud said!

10642: There were times when the greatest technological achievement was a revolver, spurs, horse and dynamite.

I wonder why all the cowboys wanted this gold so much. After all, they had no shops there. - Well ... The saloon was!

Wed 18:44 9 November

4973: Acer Aspire 1

10632: Expirence real lag in newest 2022 PC with Windows 11! Feels like home!

10633: How to stimulate people to start using Linux but with respect of their "not having Chomebook" freedom?

10634: How to downgrade Windows to 10 or 8? That's typical question of newbites.

10637: Works fine! I am happy!
Wed 15:39 9 November

4972: Prada's Book (Day 1)

10631: Day 1

My Book. Newest on top! The book will be in polish and I wish you good luck translating it. So. Every new day's writing will be on the top. There won?t be any plot. I am a fictional character - James Prada. Real me it's only inspiration for writing about James Prada, my problems and so on. I hope that there is a lot of people to help me, but I am really thinking that those motherfuckers on top would rather watch me suffering and dying because it's just more interesting for them. So fuck them. I am writing this for you. I will be using polish language but I think polish language is to low language and to simple language, and people in poland are to damn fucking morons to understand everything. All poland is wicked damn fucked country. Especially because such a persons like my fucking mother. Like mother of James Prada. It is because too many Russians solidares was staying in poland after they won 2WW and they were fucking everything it is possible to fuck in the ass. Well look closely onto your country. Situation is the same almost 100 years after Russians won war with nazis. Well? there was no Nazis ever. They were only Russians. Everywhere since thousands years. And my fucking mother is having carpet in Svastikas. Fucking bitch. She was fucking me since I was child so I decided that I will write a book about killing her and maybe it will be inspiration for some KGB or CIA agents. I think they are fucking her anyway since such a long time that they forgot. The trick is that they want me to become assassin and work for CIA or KGB because it is the same shit on entire planet. It is just someones game they want me and you to drag in. So fuck it. This bitch deserve to die. Let's fucking sacrifice her because I am writer and I am so pissed off that with pleasure I will start killing people for other people. So? please CIA, can you do me favor. Can you fucking kill this bitch and then write me an email with all next instructions. But I swear God! I won't be cooperating with you until I will see a proof of death of this fucking bitch. I swear God! I won't move a finger until I will see her dead and after that we can play whatever games you want. I just hope you won't send me straight on the fucking war where I will be bombed. There is a lot of bad people needs to be removed from this planet. Like my fucking mother. Another idea is that some bad people can have enemies who are bad people too so I am willing to help.

People responsible for fucking war and all possible evil is my mother. I swear god! I can't explain that but I feel that it's true and I will explained you. In early 90 she was bitch in center of old cracow in Poland. And very soon her friend Waldemar Grzybowski came from Australia after 15 years there. They made 3 Real Estate Agency in Cracow and they become Gods fast. It was 30 years ago. Now they owning ''Egyptian Pyramids'' in Cracow. Those guys let Tesco into Cracow. Just after he came to Poland he had a mission to help Ukrainian and Russians people in former Soviet Union by delivering to them some food packages from their Australian relatives but fuck that shit. Let's talk about me in this shit. Me? No! Let's talk about my fictional character, because I had to run away from myself into some kind of mask I am writing about now.

I was abused all my life. Mixture of threatening someone whether they get money or not with love to closest member of my family. Since 20 years I am traveler and this bitch became extra exposed this way. But it's not about me. She become hero in fucking poland and in my fucking city by being pain in my ass in the broadest sense of this expression. So it stopped being about me. It was only how much fucking I can handle. And? billion of little cuts. Because she is God she changed all the world. Because all the world is her and you don't even know this. It is deep down inside you.

I am recognising Waldemar Grzybowski among many other people. He have more power than Putin I think because in Putin only sometimes I am recognising him. Putin's life is boring I think. Because not everybody are very fucking talented. Even presidents have their own heroes. I don't give a fuck about him. He is all I will never be and I will never respect because it is personal war.

Some days ago in my dream I was seeing him killing someone. (And after he did it he was also threatening me! He was talking something to me holding gun in his hand. I was scared!) Probably this person was his father. Noone never knew anything about it. It was always big mystery in our family and among everybody who just starting wondering just a little bit. That was a trick and those are roots of power in his neighbourhood. Mystery that could not be solved.

Cracow is very bad city. During 2WW millions of people were killed very closed to Cracow. Many polish people were working for Nazis because there where not other options. So top evil spirit there is enormous! Only imagine. And people who are climbing the leader of power since almost 40 years just imagine who they become. Even when they are stupid and even when they don't understand who they are. But I don't care about Waldemar and his Satanistic approach for money making. I just want to tell you that the fist book he was introduce to my mother just after he came back from Sydney was ''How Nice Is To Have Anal Sex''. I was raped only be his presents since the begining I felt that something terribly wrong is with him. Maybe because he is assassins since many years. No one the fuck knows those things because when you are murderer you create your own reality around you. And you can change the world from hell sind if you are clever and if you like work very hard supporting fucking system. Just imagine yourself being businessman in business suit day by day since 40 years. Those people aren't human anymore. Those people are monsters who are controlling entire galaxy. They are just aliens out from this world or they where kidnapped my aliens not from this planet.

Nevermind. It's just my background. He was always using my mother. Of course in personal approach towards me too. He was always not satisfy from me. And this is how became she. Before he came into our family my mother was nice, warm and loving. She had a time sometimes and she was living happy life. He took her for his own needs and he changed her a lot. Since then she become robot. I lost contact with her. He was jealous that she loves me as a son, and she felt that, so she just stoped showing me love. Since I was 15 years old.

So? now I am 40 and I am tired of her. I don't have to explained you anything more then I already did and I will because it is impossible to explain in retrospection. It's a lot of subtle things in her fucking attitude to me. And now ALL THE WORLD IS BAD and you can start wondering why. I will fucking tell you why. Because evil devil corrupt good Gods like my mother to become Bad Gods and if the Gods are bad, evil is fucking all earth.

Now all scandinavia is full of fucking fagots. Rainbow family. Everybody on knees of fucking faggots asasins who are only projecting their power onto everybody. And they even writing the books how to suck their dicks. Now all the world become a jock. If you want to change the world for good, you have to fuck all those ''money invisible people''. I don?t give a fuck about him because probably he would kill me easily, because some people are having guns and some don't and this is damn fact. That is why I asked CIA to give me a gun in my self protection. But you can't have a gun just like that in fucking Europe. Because Evil is living here and some people are deasing to be fucked all their lives. Is it me? Thanks to evil activity of my family. My mother and my stepfather.

So! I want to my mother to be killed! And then I can be agent ready to killing my targets. And I don't want to having fucking him as my enemy. I want to have nothing to do with him. But I want my mother do be dead because she is worst evil on the planet. She is voodoo witch. And please understand. It is not about me. She is big projector of evil and many people from Poland is praying to her and following her ways. Not only in Poland. On entire planet and they even don't know why they are like that. She is main source of shit and main power of doing evil things. So I think people like her needs to die. She is my mother and my heart is crying but my heart is crying since 25 years too and it changes nothing! So maybe you will do something with it.

And I am not crazy. I think if my mother will die he would be the one who will kill her. Because killers are taking the power of people who they are killing. And if they are standing above the any possible law to imagine they have freedom to do anything. Control presidents, armies, making wars, making massive murdering of people. So killing one person it is nothing. Actually it is like that, since my mother became his victim, he is the one who is protecting her so in case of any other killer wants to help me, he needs to beat his ass, and this can be motherfucking tough challenge to do. Did you saw Taken movies with Liam Neeson? This actor was wearing his skin on this movie. I am recognising this because I know my family a little bit. For you it will means nothing but I just hope you can read at all.

So. My mother will pay for all evil she did to me and I don't give a fuck about anything. I don't want to go back to Poland because all poland for me mens he and she? but as I see now, just because I am traveller their power is only growing, because I am very exposed person and if you start watching or following me, in the same time, you are starting to suck their dick. I think they are working together in this evil matter.

They and their supporters pull some lines in Poland. My stepfather broke my jaw once but it's no big deal. It was just jaw. Then I was framed into pedofile and sent into prison for 2 years and 4 months.

If I would go back to Poland I would be sent to a psychiatric hospital because they also pull those lines. In this hospital people would probably kill me by forcing me to eat some medicines. I want you to know all of this because this explanation is for CIA and KGB and all people who like to read James Prada all across the world.

I just want to tell you that I feel very well in my mind and the fact that I am writing this text should tell you this straight. I am in constant war with my mother but because it has been 20 years I just got used to that. But I grew up and I think that the situation needs to be changed in my life. I have to cut off from my mother and it's a real big problem because she is a motherfucking fat ugly demon and probably no one will help me, until she is alive.

I am trying to be as cool and easy going with this subtle matter as possible. Those people are only demons in my head but I see that they are also demons in your heads too! So what are we gonna do about it? What are we gonna do to save our planet? Probably nothing. But I am telling you very straight. What the situation and don't treat me that I am mentaly ill because I am a perfectly normal human being. Only my family is wicked. Not sick. It's just wicked.

James Prada - Beast Mode: (There is now such a words in civilised culture of the world to describe my anger and sadness and this is how my mother is treating me. The answer is simple. Shoted gunshot pointed into her stupid, ugly, witch face! I hope some good people will help me because now I am alone against all evil on this fucking planet.) If you want to watch it I promise I will do it by myself bear hands. I will rip her head off with my bare hands. She is not my mother. Never was. All she was is fucking beast in disguise of mother cooperating with all evil on this planet.

Her father's name is 'Smiertek'. 'Smierc' is 'death' in polish language. Smiertek means 'the one who cause death'. Then she have met my father who's name was Prazmowski. So she married him just to change her name.

I don't know if you believe in magic but I swear God. If you want to end the war in Russia just kill those two persons I mention and all evil will disappear. Trust me. But you won't do this because until they are alive they are controlling your mind, and all Poland is nothing but only brain control just like the rest of the europe.

Most dangerous people are living in Poland in Cracow. Believe it or not. I have only one ask. If someone would happened to me, you have to know that two persons responsible for that are those two people I did mentioned. So please bloody revenge me if you are so nice.

If you will find them outside of theritory of fucking Poland simply kill them. Don't hesitate. I swear fucking God. You just don't know how deep roots of evil are hidden and since 90 they only growing up and becoming more and more strong.

It's not funny! I hope you enjoyed it! That was only first day of my writing. Everyday you will hear and understand more about them. I am praying for some psycho fans who will understand me without any explanations! Then I promice to be loyal of those people or organisation who will help me to free myslef from domination of those two fucking warlocks. This is only way to save the world, because believe it or not I am God too. But I am representing this good part of the realm. If you want to cure the planet, just kill the people who are my worst torturers. Believe me when I am writing this to you!

Prada for Taylor Swift! Me: Hi baby! Do you like my book already?

10635: I received my PC

My fucking St Anger disappeared. Not much. While I am traveling I am fucking by local military. Not even them because they are kids. I am fucking by russian secret service who are clever enough to give me all bus only for me, then suddenly I realize that the driver is in secret cooperation with someone who is sitting in the toilet at the back of the bus. And then police is coming and they are kindly asking me to exit from the bus and won’t even checking what I am asking them. It’s just normal procedure. Russian secret military of course is covered by local police. There is no question about it and the police officers are wishing me pleasant day. And next day I am getting up sick. Oh it’s nothing. It’s just little flu. Some gentle mutation of Corona-19. And I am asking driver “who the fuck was in the toilet” and he is just laughing at me. I could torture him and he won’t tell me shit about it. Such a look. Well… if he is KGB agent, of course he won’t tell shit about who was in toilet. Next day I have met him on the street and I asked him politely “who was in the toilet” and he just showed me finger. Well… typical. No, no, no… I am sick! I am having problems. No one was in the toilet and police don’t have to check it. The most important is that I left a bus and that operation was smooth.

Then all afternoon some strange fast waling guy is walking around me, and when I them morning I am finely chased him and asking him “who the fuck are you, and why you are waling after me, and who sent you”, he just showing me that he don’t want to talk with me. Typical. I just wonder why I am little sick today.

“Of course” you are sick. You are sleeping outside! You can get cold! - Ass motherfucking secret russian motherfucker are supporting all European mothers. LoL Maybe because they are fucking them in the ass when their husbands are in office, so they create nice team together. Fuck!

I was 7 days in Andenes and no one was spreading any shit flu chemicals on me. Just after I cam to Sortland. Oh… It is regular procedure Prada. Don’t worry about it. Your flu pass in few days and everything will be fine. It’s nothing serious. Just to cause little pain in your ass.

Finally I am having my PC. Fuck! It’s so freedom! I need just mouse. And then I can focus on my work. I think I become more civilised because of that. I can even make a phone calls via Skype from it. Or receiving phone calls. It has Windows 11 and my favourite Linux Xubuntu. So I am super glad. My torture is fucking over. Now where ever I will be I will be just writing or drawing Yachts in Blender or something.

And I swear God! Why those Russian motherfuckers are fucking all Europe? Because they have nothing special to do Prada and then know that you are writing book. Me: Well… for me they are nothing but fucking morons. - Oh They know it very, very, very well. But don’t worry man. You don't have to be friends with secret army motherfuckers. Me: Oh fuck! Thanks God!

So as you see my book is growing very, very well! We have to work it out and talk it through, because some situation has to be changed. I know that people are usually dumb but to fuck them all the time is even worst and nobody like being fucked! Especially me! So please fuck off!

10636: Let’s call it a day, but actually you will never know what will happen today. Some secret shots. Stabbing in the back. More toxic gases on regular people. More poisoned in the food. Just to keep the world tightly Russian-like squeezed. Just to keep fucking their girls. Just to blind eyes of their brothers, fathers, husbands or almost-husbands. Just to fuck me. Motherfucking secret Russian assholes. LoL Now there is a war on Ukraine but this is one big trick. Ukrainian are the same Russians like Russians. Now they are spreading all over the world and they are receiving benefits for it. Russian people are so clever. They know how to take care of their own people and to fuck everybody else effectively. All fucking planet. What’s the problem? No big deal!
Tue 16:02 8 November

4971: Acer Chromebook 314

10621: [Link] - Who's idea was Chromebook?

10623: Have mercy, Lord God, on the soul of this moron who invented the Chromebook. Holly fuck! This is from a dick!

10624: The toaster is a good invention, but that doesn't mean you have to build houses-toasters or cars-toasters. Fuck!

10625: They don't get it! Eeee... Zero Stars? From One to Five?

10626: And the best fucking jock is developer mode in Chromebook.

10627: And easy access to booting Live systems from usb!

10628: I won't show mercy on his poor ass! No way dude!
Tue 14:41 8 November

4970: Assassination of Prada's Mother

10620: New Live Book - Comming Soon! Will be here on Prada.fun in lower left corner.

I know that many of you have ugly bad mothers. So it will be tottal SF. Of course book will be wirtual and fictional but I will be refering to real me.

James Prada is my artistic name. Actually it is fictional character. It is me, but I can't be fictional character, so it is not me! It's person just like Batman or Spiderman. So if it is not me I can go free and write anything I want about my and my mother who I hate so much that you will see and you wouldn't even believe. LoL

In all cultures when position of women is holly and scared, it is only about fucking children by them, and children can do shit about that. Because "mother" is saint and holly. I will fucking crush it and all world would not believe.

There is too much victims of fucking evil witches! We have to go on war with them and... litteraly kill them all. Yes! And I will lead you the way beacause our world is already lost! So people! Prepere for killing bitches! LoL I mean bad mothers. But remember. Only if you are fictional characters like me. In my book! - You will see! - And don't go too crazy! It is just a book! Not any quideline or script - Simply enjoy!

Tue 9:57 8 November

4969: New Business Plan

10629: Norwegian.Boats are becoming Trinagle.Boats
Thu 15:36 3 November

4968: To Norway Secret Agents

10614: Please don't shoot me with anything. Just ignore me and don't be jealous that I am Prada and you are... who?!

10615: I am also talking to Russian agents. Military in Europe means Russians. I know that you are very important as fuck, but please just stay away from me and don't take any fucking fucked actions!

10616: If you are bored as fuck then jerk off or drink beer.

10618: [triangle.yachts] - i am so extra super excited about this project so lets just keep it cool please

Thu 15:11 3 November

4967: Triangle.Boats Summary

10611: I believe that the stability of a triangular flat-bottomed boat will be much greater than that of traditional boats.

10612: The resistance of the water will be reduced to a minimum as the boat will slide over the water and its total weight will be evenly distributed.

10613: Regarding the transitions when swinging: The closer the mast is to the nose of the boat (of course to some extent), the smoother the transitions will be.

The closer you are to the middle of the boat, the more stable it should be and later, but more abruptly to tilt.

Therefore, further advanced, very accurate calculations must be made. (Maybe by those guys who are doing rockets?)

10617: [triangle.boats]
Thu 14:44 3 November

4966: Change of Direction After Tilting

10601: How big will be direction change in angles?

10602: [OurBoatAngles] - Straight From Calculator Net

10603: "Mechanics of transition when sharpening against the wind."

10604: We are talking about a course change of 15 degrees in the direction of the wind blowing when the boat suddenly tilted to the side.

Will this transition be gentle or violent?

The passage may be caused by a sudden gust of wind or a sudden pull of the boom.

If these two factors come into play, the boat could be lost.

In normal sailing, the steersman selects the moment at which he changes to port or starboard.

Pulls the sail sharply, the boat tilts, then gains slack in the sail, so it loosens the sail to regain control of the boat.

We can talk here about a kind of "turbo activation" in a sailing boat.

The nose of the tilted boat should cut 15 degrees to the direction of the wind.

When the boat returns to a flat state, her nose has to deflect 15 degrees from the wind.

10605: In the event of a theoretically very high bank of the boat, the boom could make contact with the water.

The deflection of the boom at the moment of sudden release from a strong gust of wind SHOULD not be able to cross the edge of the boat, because it can hit the water.

Our triangular boat will not be designed for large inclinations, ONLY FOR GENTLE CROSSINGS, AT THE TIME OF POSSIBLE TILTING.

The steersman will have to train it.

10606: I believe that the manual mechanical extension of the sword in the case of "PRADA CUP" boats, on its skids, is a crazier design solution than testing triangular boats.

10607: I am considering fancy setup of keels to keep the boat in its best physics of maneuverability on the water.

10608: [SailPlan] (Wikipedia) - Very Interesting Article! - A sail plan is a description of the specific ways that a sailing craft is rigged. Also, the term "sail plan" is a graphic depiction of the arrangement of the sails for a given sailing craft.

10609: [List_of_sailing_boat_types] What's My Name? Say What?

10610: We're already changed the Rock history! Now we have to build it!
Thu 13:28 3 November

4965: Let's Learn Blender

10600: Let's make Hamburger! - WHAT?!!! - 2h? Only watching? OMG!
Thu 12:55 3 November

4964: Conception Keels

10594: I'll try to be funny as usual.

10595: We have to ask ourselves. What is the ratio of the total sailing time downwind to the total sailing time of the yacht against the wind?

10596: In my opinion, boats go against the wind more often. Much more fun. Besides, our "problems" only arise when a hurricane blows and when the boat tries to go against the wind.

10597: A transverse line traces the center of the boat.

The white line is the place where I would use a sword stabilizing the boat while sailing in a straight line.

Orange lines are a place where I would use swords inclined at just such an angle, stabilizing the boat: a) when passing from a flat position to a tilted position on the side, b) when the boat is sailing in the possible maximum heel to the side.

The "tilt swords" will slow the boat a bit when it is going in a straight line, but fucked it.

The boats usually go against the wind and therefore have a tendency to tilt.

10598: The final shape, depth of immersion and the overall surface of the swords of the boat, I leave for a separate and more accurate calculation.

10599: Let's call !
Wed 12:36 2 November

4963: Position, Angle and Shape of Keel(s)

10591: In the first drawing, the starboard side is marked with a white line. Let's call this edge A. The next ones are: B, C - center of yacht, D and E - port side edge.

10592: A yacht sharpening against the wind slowly begins to heel to the left or right.

Finally, it tilts enough to rest completely on one of the sides.

The wider the yacht at the back is, the greater the jump between the support on a possible middle sword and finally on the side will be.

I am interested in the physics of this transition.

On which edge to use the sword and how big should it be?

Is there any sense in using the boat sword on the B and D edges, instead of the central C edge, in order to minimize the "transition jump" of the boat?

Will the fishes eat my sword?

10593: Okey! This last one was a jock!
Wed 12:13 2 November

4962: Imagine the physics on water!

10588: In the near future, I am releasing the conceptual shapes of triangular boats on Prada.fun. My point is for you to consider the application of a particular model. In particular, I mean the operation of 2 sails. MainSail and HeadSail.

10589: Is the mast positioned too close to the ship's nose?

10590: [Article] (In Polish) - "Żagle i fizyka" - Sławomir Brzezowski - Instytut Fizyki UJ
Wed 11:50 2 November

4961: Location of the Mast

10584: 4m 4,5m i 5m from rear edge of the boat. I think mast can't be too much front! So 4m is optimum.

10585: On our ship Boom can has extended length! (The area of MainSail can be really big.) Same as... HeadSail. So... just imagine...

10586: On my project mast has 10m above top of the boat and 12m about the level of sea.

10587: [norwegian.boats/Pics]
Tue 15:28 1 November

4960: [IceBoat.org]

10582: My triangular boat is getting a little too sporty. After all, we are not going into space in it. But perhaps such a sail solution is simply interesting.

10583: On my boat, I am thinking of a traditional and conventional solution.
Tue 15:18 1 November

4959: Triangle Boat Models

10580: On post bellow we have 10m long 8m wide, triangle ship with 0m side, 30cm side and 60cm side, or only nose 30cm (probably) up. Ship height 2m.

10581: This is my first 10 minutes in Blender. I can do shit in this app!
Tue 14:42 1 November

4958: Sailing Against Wind in Triangle Ship

10574: Homework: "Optimal relation of the side surface and the angle of inclination of the side with respect to the flat bottom of the ship, to the surface of the sails, with the triangular shape of the hull."

10575: (Ekhm... "Optymalny stosunek powierzchni burty i kąta nachylenia burty w stosunku do płaskiego dna statku do powierzchni żagli, przy trójkątnym kształcie kadłuba.")

10576: - It depends on how much it blows and how many fat people are sitting in the ship.

10577: Hello, I'm in the design phase of a triangular yacht with a possibly flat bottom. Please, give me some help. It is about the following aspects.

1) Effects of wind on a vessel at a standstill, without sails

2) Drift when sailing upwind:

- when the ship is banked from the direction of the wind, the edge of the ship becomes the ship's sword, which pushes the entire ship against the wind

- what will be the simultaneous action of the middle sword of the ship and the side cutting into the water? (with the triangular shape of the hull) Will such a solution have a positive effect on the stability of a ship sailing against the wind?

- while the wind hitting the side and the mast, is the main force that causes the ship to drift

Will a ship with a triangle shape be prone to capsizing when sharpening against the wind?

How sharply will the triangular ship be able to sail against the wind?

10578: I believe that building a ship in the shape of a triangle is a good way to counteract drift.

Drift reduces the force that affects the speed of the ship.

Counteracting drift by using the triangular shape of the hull will result in more efficient use of the wind driving force, and thus the ship will be faster.

A small draft of the ship and, most importantly, a straight or sharp angle between the ship's side and the flat bottom of the ship, with the ship's heel, will act like a ship's sword.

Is it possible to speak of the tilt of a ship, which is basically almost flat?

Does it make sense to use side swords in the case of a ship's triangular hull? (They can increase the stability of a tilted ship going against the wind.)

How high and at what angle the side of a triangular vessel should be to reduce the action of the wind? (Adverse effects of wind on the ship.)

How high should the ship project above the water in relation to the surface area of ​​the sail currently in use?

10579: Design note: Let's design a ship with the least possible influence of the wind on its shape.
Mon 14:28 31 October

4957: Article: [TriangleShips]

10552: “Our ship will be wide and will have a flat bottom to achieve the lowest possible water resistance force.” - James Prada

10553: What is the difference between a surfboard and aircraft carrier or any big cargo vessel? Tonnage! Can you imagine a surfer surfing or approaching the waves, if his surfboard would have a huge keel? Usually, all boats are one big keel with a motor engine or with a sailing wing pinned to it.

10554: Surfing boards or windsurfing boards have usually one or three small, razor-thin, keels, and they are going quite fast on the water. In fact, they are literally sliding down the waves. A very good idea when it is coming to building sports sailing boats. I will take it this conception extremely seriously and I am hoping that you do too!

10555: Another example. Why ponton-like motor boats are so fast on the water? They are so fast that very often they became an even attraction for tourists. It’s all because they have a flat bottom!

10556: I am gonna create flat-bottomed wooden ships for my customers and my customer is you so you can already pretend that you have my boat it’s so super, rare, and unique because it has a flat bottom.

10557: But let’s argue a little bit, now. You can tell that flat-bottomed ships won’t have enough stability. Well, let’s ask gravity itself. If the boat weight will be 10 tones and it will be 15m long and 8m wide, in the shape of a sharp triangle, with two sides and a rear side, tilted at an acute angle, to generate downforce from blowing wind… tell me the gravity, will my boat will fly away like a paper boat?

10558: And gravity says this: With very strong waves when your ship will be breaking the waves, a hurricane wind can drug up your boat away. However, if you use a heavy keel on your flat-bottomed boat, that will generate adequate downforce, then your boat will be more stable.

10559: You should ask yourself a question. Under how heavy conditions will you be sailing? And how much contact pressure with water, do you want to generate, using the weight of the boat? The bottom of the boat without a keel may be additionally loaded. A pointed boat that breaks the waves, will only extend a little bit beyond the waves before it will start falling down again. Don't expect a boat brewing 10 or 20 tons to fly away like a kite. As an emergency, you can use plastic containers inside the boat, into which you can pump water in the event of a tornado and in the event of a boat accidentally falling into the eye of a cyclone.

10560: The next aspect happens immediately. Will our boat with a pointed nose be buried by the next wave after sliding down from the first, high wave?

10561: I think not, because the nose of the boat will be light. Lighter than the rest of the boat. The weight of the boat will be raised gradually from nose to back but we can level it by using more ballast on the front of the boat.

10562: Another aspect is that the waves do not move so dense as to suddenly surprise our boat with the fact that it should be lifted up by the waves before it begins to descend due to its weight.

10563: We need to calculate the force with which the wind should have to blow, in order to knock out our boat, sliding and jumping a little bit, above the wave, during a very heavy wind blowing.

10564: I believe that the use of evenly distributed ballast on a three-sided boat, in itself, should reduce the chances of our boat being swept away by the wind to zero.

10565: I consider the use of heavy keel, as a last resort, which we will try to avoid at all costs, by all other possible means.

10566: I do not resign from the idea of ​​using a light keel (wooden or steel), and even one or two more, to stabilize the boat, sailing in a straight line.

10567: Until now people were way too concerned about having stability on the water. This discourse came from the fact that most of the boats are very heavy and their main purpose and design are to carry tons of cargo. But small recreational boats don’t have to be like that. We can invent a totally new physic of carring for people on the water in small light recreational boats.

10568: Another discourse in way of projecting recreational sailing boats is the unnecessary need that the boat should be fast. Usually, people are not professional Vikings who are spending most of their time on the water. Why be in such an “artificial rush”, to try to design the faster boat possible, but still have your thinking in a very traditional and way too conventional way?

10569: The newest trend is to install under sleds of conventional catamarans movable sword on which the entire boat can be lifted. But is this trick anything more than only visual effects and entertainment for everybody who is watching? Probably yes. So I am also thinking about installing under my boat, extendable legs on which the boat could slide.

10570: But rather, I am thinking of using three thin light keels with stands, on which the boat could lift itself, after reaching a certain speed. These legs would be three swords of a boat with little ballast, while the boat would not be going fast enough.

10571: Our boat could be even able to slide on the snow or ice in the northern polar conditions but during the polar nights, it can get too dark and the boat can crash into an iceberg or hit a polar bear by accident.

10572: I think that a new era of creating triangle sailing ships with flat bottoms is coming! Until now people were thinking that catamaran or trimaran boats can be the fastest. They are fast but they can’t be as fast as boats with a flat bottom. I will tell you why! The key factor is water resistance pressure. Floating big surfboards are heaving almost ZERO RESISTANCE AGAINST WATER!

10573: There is a lot of calculation to be done. I am gonna ask boys from Nasa for help in this project. I am sure they will be very happy to help me! And for the happy ending of this short introduction to triangle boats and yachts, let me use two movies, I am sure you and your kids knows very well: “Interstellar” and “Star Wars”.
Mon 14:14 31 October

4956: Let's talk abou [Keels]

10549: In short. I need to call Nasa for help!

10550: I just finished nice article! Well... I will throw this all on Prada.fun! So you don't have to click anything.
Mon 12:11 31 October

4955: 3D sketches and tests!

10546: [Blender] - 3D software!

10547: Tomorrow another lesson!
Thu 15:48 27 October

4954: Another Day of Planning

10538: If we decide to laminate the new hull, we will combine the advantages of a wooden interior with the ease of maintenance of the laminate.

10539: [SuperSite] - Amateury Wooden Yachts Construction (Translate from Polish) - Now we have to read it all!

10540: Oh! I am so very proud of my project of the boat.

10542: I posted a lot of new details on [Norwegian.Boats]

10543: "Some people telling me that Prada's boats looking like floating bricks. I am telling them to fuck off!" - Prada

10544: Where we fasten the lifebuoy. - At the top of the mast. + Very clever!

10545: Now it's time to 3D visualization! Yeah!
Thu 10:57 27 October

4953: My Project

10523: Of fuck! We're flying on Inkscape! Wanna try? / File is open for you to any modification. I am excited!

10524: How log will be the boat? 15m because in such a boat you can sail without any papers! Cool idea! Do you want to have more? Then hire Skipper.

10525: How wide will be the boat? I have no idea! Now we have to project view from the sky! So this is the first thing I will do!

10526: [NorwegianShipLaw] - Up to 10m you don't have to register anything. Isn't not too short?

10527: Theory and Law: Sailing vessel is any vessel that is propelled under sail. If there is machinery on board, the vessel is a sailing vessel only as long as the machinery is not used. As soon as the machine is started, the vessel becomes a machine-powered vessel, even if the sails are up.

10528: [LawSailingDefinitions] - very interesting link! Translate for yourself. Law of sailing.

10529: [RegulationsOnTheConstruction] ...of ships! (Norway) (Entry into force 15.09.2014) - THIS IS IT! :-P

10530: The regulation applies to Norwegians... barges with a maximum length of 15 meters or more which are used for carrying cargo. So if we are less then 15 then "fuck it"! LoL

10531: a. "Passenger ship": Ships that can carry more than 12 passengers or that must have a passenger certificate

b. "Cargo ship": Any ship that is not a passenger ship, fishing and fishing vessel, barge or recreational vessel

10532: On ships and barges, access to holds, tanks and to decks with cargo must consist of a permanent staircase, or where this is not possible, a fixed ladder or step with suitable dimensions, sufficient strength and suitable construction.

10533: Norwegian Maritime Directorate may accept that ships with a maximum length of less than 15 meters have a height of 750 millimeters on rampart cladding or equivalent fixed railings on all exposed parts of freeboard and superstructure decks, when it is confirmed that compensatory measures will maintain the same level of safety. - Tu chyba chodzi o wysokosc balustrady. Hmm...

10534: All loose equipment on board that is part of the towing arrangement or the anchor handling system, such as shackles, rings, steel ropes and hawsers, must have a material certificate. - Ze co? Koluszka tez?

10535: § 17. Stability calculations Ships must have stability calculations, hydrostatics, KY curves, calculations of gross and net tonnage and documentation that has been carried out using a computer program approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. The same database must be used for stability and tonnage calculations.

10536: § 28.Beregning av sannsynligheten for at passasjerskip bygget etter § 4 ikke synker eller kantrer i det skadetilfellet som vurderes

10537: 15m length 8m width? - DEAL!
Wed 14:41 26 October

4952: Trude Lind Oftedal

10520: This is the letter to this talented artist I wrote just now!

10521: Hello! It is 14:00! I am having super cool ideas! Does your art is having digital form? I think it is the best idea because then you can sell one picture many times. I am blogger. The idea is to start selling "not original" copies of art. I mean... I don't want to sell original peaces of art because you are doing this and many other artists. I want to sell copies of your original pictures, because then there will be more reason for existing original pictures. You know. Original is only one, but a lot of people wants and can buy a copy. So... I am coming to you to talk about it. Yesterday we where talking but just a little bit. And some ideas came to me in the morning. I am programmer and I will create my very own internet shop. It is challenge for me and it's no problem at all! Second part of the deal, actually most important is to produce 1 to 1, digital copies of your finest artworks. I was thinking about scanning your original artwork or making professional photos in the highest resolution possible. I know ThereseMyran.no - She is artist from Trondheim. Some of her artworks are digital, so she have some experience in digital printing. We are limited by technology. If we want to print your artwork we have to work on best possible equipment. It is technology. Some people should be very proud form having it.

But actually I forgot to ask you. Do you create in digital form? Because if so, then we have no problems at all. So... I will be very happy just to talk with you and just to learn something from you. Thank you for it in advance.

Forever yours,
James Prada

10522: So now I have to create internet shop! Finally! I won't ask Tom or Bartek for help! This time I will create everything by myself from scratch. Yes!
Wed 14:11 26 October

4951: Taylor's Cat

10519: Scandinavia! Scandinavia! Scandinavia! And... Czech Republic! Oh... please, please, please!
Wed 12:49 26 October

4950: What's the time?

10513: Selena: Ask Greta. She have Rolex.

10514: God: Tower of stupidity is high!

10515: Prada: Yeah! And it's so difficult to understand this! It's like separated parts of the same watch who are thinking by itself.

10516: Prada: And often connected parts are thinking that they are wiser just because they are bigger then some small turning single part like me.

10517: Prada: And we have to live in such a world. Well... all is fine baby! Call it (Taylor's) champagne problems.

10518: I think I have to write my own program and it will be based on website and English text. Just something to think about. I have urge to write some bullshit today.
Tue 14:03 25 October

4949: Nothing I would rather do!

10509: - Bon Scott

10510: Ladies and Gents! It's time to widely announce that Bon Scott was French guy, my Friends!

10511: - WHAT!!!???

10512: That's the shock!
Tue 13:52 25 October

4948: Taylor Swift

10506: I don't remember her! Does she have music carrier? Can I hire her? Where is her CV?! I am sure it's sucks! Well... I don't know... My wife?

10507: "Greta Thunberg is Taylor's Dragon!" - FUCK, WHAT???!!! -

10508: "Greta is naughty naughty girl!"
Tue 13:27 25 October

4947: For Greta Thunberg

10504: Forever!
Tue 13:09 25 October

4946: Holly Rage of Greta Thunberg

10496: Yesterday I wrote something on FB to Greta Thunberg. I think it's so interesting that I will paste it onto my blog to be seen here! This is my personal point of view. You don't have to agree with it. And don't forget that I am SF writer and look... world become more and more SF place. I don't think that it's good because moterfuckers will be always in strongest charge. So... enjoy my point of view!

10497: And I swear God, I never red more then one first sentence of any from her texts. It's just so boring and so not interesting. All those bullshit about Fossil Fuel. I don't even know what the hell is it. LoL And you? All I know is that I love Greta because this little girl is having passion and heart to change the world. So I am always helping her! I love you little Greta! We are partners! I am with you with all my heart! Okay... Let's go with what I wrote yesterday!

10498: We should become... Rainbow Climat Terrorist and just remove cars from the roads! I think Police should help us even if it's against the Love (Law) Who they are affraid off? Military guys? It's funny! They are the first one to remove cars from the streets. LoL I was in Armenia recently. It's former Soviet Union. I was talking with one young Profesional Solidare who is coming back home for a weekend. I asked him do they friends with Police and he said. Well... Haha... They are affraid of everthing. I think it's the organisation of Police. They have to listen to his boss who is actually lider of his own group and they are far away and above any law and any military group... even Army. So... I think... next time Greta, you can go to parliment by force with asist of the police. And they will realise how much they can do for a In Good Cause and for a Good Future of Planet Earth! I don't speak swedish but I will be with you! - James Prada

10499: And I am talking about removing also Teslas! Why? Because all cars looks ugly! You can talk about Fosil Fuel forever Greta and until the end of time! But no one will understand a bit from your talking. Trust me... people when they are seeing you on Social Media, they are reading only first your sentence, you know! So only one sentence is your TIME on the ring of peoples minds. Use it good next time! Be brave! You are not risking anything. We have to act now because the world wont repair itself automatically. Evil people needs just go! 💍 - James Prada

10500: Okey... And today I wrote...

10501: Oh Greta. I cant stand looking you fighting alone with the whole world to rescue it and noone is listening to you! You know... I think you should give up just like everybody else did. You have to understand design of this world. It's about to self destruct every 20.000, 40.000 years. And it's so beautiful that God don't want to stop it. He is just watching this bullshit and he is laughing about it. You know. Trust me. I think you should become opposite for all those things that you are saying. So... vote for more pollution, vote for more Diesel Engines! Vote for more chemicals in our life. If you will look closer you will see that there is group of people who are fighting against everything what is Good! You know! They know that they will die anyway in 100years since they were born and they don't give a shit about anything. Call them devils. And we... angels, what else we can do? We can only trying to avoid being their direct victims. I don't know. Ask all those guys who are living on the south and selling petrol. Do you have some better deal for them that they already have? / Greta. If you will become my wife I will change the world for you. LoL But... do you have faith? LoL - I don't think so! LoL

10502: Rolex for Greta! - New Action of James Prada! If you want to support Greta just buy her Rolex watch! Every Rolex for Greta will help her to save the world and rescue the planet earth! Just send money please! Thank you!

10503: [RockAndRollAintPollution] (Ac/Dc)

10505: [Thunderstruck] - This is how Greta Thunberg is changing the World for Better Place!
Tue 12:51 25 October

4945: New Album Baby!

10493: Los Angeles midnights are ? in where I am. And I am waiting for you. So let's synchronized our midnights. Let's get onto this boat together. The one who kills the other first loses.

10494: I will win! But you won't kill me! So you will win too! LoL

10495: Why are you so worried? Melancholy got you? Hey! You need chocolate and magazine! What else girl need?!!!
Tue 1:06 25 October

4944: How mahogany can imitate EPOX in 5 years!

10491: They are doing it wrong! No! It's new wooden Toyota!

10492: Why people trying to imitate cars using wood? - Because it's easier to imitate cars than horses!
Tue 0:51 25 October

4943: Boats Update

10486: Okay! Guys! I am looking for privat investor in the region of Sortland to invest some money into wood. Not much. I need to check prices. Fuck, I don't know where to start. Well... Eee... I found cool place. It cost 10K(Nok) per month, so we need to be fast. There is also place to storage it so it's fine. Well... we don't have project jet but let's just improvise.. We are not little girls, don't we? We are limited a litttle bit by the size of this room but it is big enough in my opinion. We can enlarge the doors anyway... but later.

10487: Boat is not a problem. The problem are Paintball Cannons! I am thinking about resignation to use it! And how we drag the finished boat to the sea? By horses? Show me the horses who wants to do that for us!

10488: Next problems... beer and pizza. But is it any problem at all? Oh! And I have some conditions! I want to bring my father to this job and my two or 3 friends. The problem is only on! They like to smoke weed, so we have to talk with local Police to give us blessing! Hey! Come on! We aren't asking for license to kill! It's just permission for drinking beer, eating pizza, and one small joint once a while. So God... what do you think about it?

10489: God: I like such a complex prayers on blogs like you doing! It's written and I have something to talk about with all my Saint Crew. Actually you are making me laughing!

10490: [WhatWoodToTakeOff] - Article about wood in ship building. Well... we can order it!
Mon 22:33 24 October

4942: Another super artist!

10484: [TrudeLindOftedal] Wow! Just wow! I like it! A lot! I am adopting it! A lot!

10485: Just click in top right corner of this page! On the desk of this little reading student! And you will see some artworks of this amazing artist!
Mon 12:33 24 October

4941: [Norwegian.Boats]

10482: Simple Wooden Yachts!

Simple Construction Wooden Ships = Floating Apartments (Rooms)

Business plan by: James Prada
Date of creation: 19.09.2022
City: Sandnessjøen

1. Ship doesn’t have to be fast! It will be a slow ship in simple rectangle shape!

2. It has to be built from wood!

a) metal ships creating barrier for the healthy natural earth’s magnetic field

b) plastic ships aren’t solid enough and are made from artificial substances, composition of chemicals, and this not as good as natural wood

c) our ship can have some metal elements on bottom corners to make it more solid and resistance

3. Wood should be delivered from north of Russia because it’s probably cheapest there. Eventually it can be delivered on trucks. I don’t know exactly how much we have to have, but after the professional project is finished, we will know the exact tonnage.

4. Shipyard or dry dock is necessary because of cold weather conditions in the north!

5. Process of ship building can be made only by local volontiers from the local comune as a part of a cultural after work social project even for the youth.

James Prada’s role: 1) Idea founder 2) Organiser and manager of the project 4) Funds gatherer 5) Negotiator and convincer of the people!

More about the project: Project is introduced as a project with potential benefits. After the project is finished, the ship will be ready to be sold.

Financial calculation:
Receiving price of the ship
- Cost of materials
- Cost of shipyard
= Investment income

Our next ship will be financed from the income from first investment.

Until the ship is sold it can be used as an attraction for local comune. After construction of the first ship, the ship will be tested by people who participated in production of it. Ofcourse we will build a special website about it and we will be writing comments for future potential owners. We will be selling not only wooden ships but also part of local Norwegian culture and modern history.

The main concept is to create some kind of natural, floating houses in Norway and let people experience living but also recreational sailing on the water in such a raw and beautiful surrounding for quite reasonable price.

My inspirational dream was that I want to live and sail alone or with my small family only in Norway. I think it’s possible and that will be very nice.

Problem of “recent modern boats” is that its construction is not simple, they are very expensive, and it's made of mostly metal or plastic. You can’t sleep well on such a boat. Who would wanna live on such a ship?

Interior of the ship can be designed whatever we like and whatever funds we will have. I am voting for minimalistic raw and simple style. Don’t forget that people who want to live and sail in Norway, especially during winter time, are rather rough and tough. If someone is made from luxury, he will never want to live that way. But of course minimalistic style can be made as a part of luxury and I am voting for that.

Project is designed to be started simultaneously in as many cities as possible. I will be travelling to different cities to convince local authorities to proceed with my project. Every city can create their very own boat project, but we also should share experience and learn from each other.

Let’s not forget that the main conception is to create simple construction of the boat and focus on polishing interior designs and inventing some nice and smart solution to heat up the space or some innovative construction of wooden masts but I think classic solutions would be enough. Actually finishing the interior I would leave to the future owner of the boat. Our part can be only building a functional ship structure.

I hope that income from this investment will be big enough to let me in two years from now to have my very own boat, because living and sailing in Norway this way is my dream.

Thank you for your time! Feel free to print this and talk about it with your friends. I think building wooden ships could be a great hobby for all of us and it's a big part of old and beautiful Norwegian history. Let’s make it happen.

James Prada

10483: [Norwegian.Boats] Okay! With Norwegian.Yachts and Norwegian.Quest something new about the project. Now all I have to do is to send some pidgins across the internet and maybe Google will help me! Please...
Wed 13:59 19 October

4940: Hi! again... You know... Can I date you?

10475: You know... I think I drastically... and totally felt in love with you, you know...

10476: I think no one is more gorgeous than you... Can I date you? - No! I am going to see my mom after work.! Me: Is there any chance to meet you today... or tomorrow? - No! - Ok! Thank you!

10477: Try this Thai beauty! - WHAT!!!???

10478: I got girl! - She said! Me: Can we date in three?

10479: I have collar!

10480: Me: You are fucking kidding me don't you? Do you want all this magic disappear? - Yes! Me: - WHAT!!!???

10481: Fall in love with me! Everybody is watching!
Tue 18:51 18 October

4939: Historien om Eva og Adam

10474: Jeg visste ikke at Adam hadde et møte før Eva. Eva spiste et eple og forgiftet seg selv med det og falt allegorisk fra himmelen. Adam tålte ikke at kona ikke forsto ham og spiste det forgiftede eplet selv. Fordi han bare brakk hendene fordi hva skulle han gjøre. Gud er skyldig fordi han plantet trær med forgiftede epler i hagen. Vel, men han er en gud og kan manipulere. Jeg tror vi kan gå tilbake til paradiset, men vi må spise epler som ikke er kopper. Hva om du er Eva og jeg er Adam og vi kan komme tilbake til paradis sammen?
Tue 17:35 18 October

4938: Wooden GoKart 200cc

10473: Too small wheels!
Tue 17:04 18 October

4937: Wood

10472: Wood is the key!
Tue 16:13 18 October

4935: Largest wooden cargo sailing ship!

10469: How many cubic Metres is a ton of wood? It is approximately 2 cubic metres!

10470: [SailCargo.Inc] - This is what I am talking about!

10471: [YouTubeCannel] - This brand! Boats made from coconut palms!
Tue 15:52 18 October

4934: Wooden Boat

10468: Do it in home!
Tue 12:20 18 October

4933: Pinterest's Boats

10462: I think that frame of ship does not have to be war ship heavy frame. Taylor buy plastic!

10463: It's like what is difference between plastic cock and real dick? Taylor: Plastic cocks are bigger! Mr. Black: Ice Tea. LoL

10464: Taylor: Was it about war ships? War ships frames? Me: Yeah! No! It whas about "what is the difference between plastic boat and wooden boat"? Taylor: Oh!

10465: And what about paper boats? - No it's useless! Tottaly!

10466: Me: I know the story that one woman every day you were throwing something to a river. And then her wish became true. Taylor: And what was her wish! And who was those woman!? Tell me!

10467: It was me doing my blog! But I am not women! Yeah!
Mon 13:15 17 October

4932: Pirats with Taylor!

10457: So. I'm on a further journey. Fortunately, I went further. I have no health to the next people. I really like to wet and marznac. By ferry I dreamed of sailing from Talor Swift a little little ice, to the north and south, there and back, in Norway. I believe that this is a great place to live on a small fridge that flows all the time. I do not know. Sit in the cabin at anchor and stream on chaturbate. Or just jump to make some shoping! Wow!

10458: Do you know how expensive is satelite internet? - No! But maybe we will be chasing some bigger boats with WiFi. They can took us on the hook! Yeah! We are pirats with Taylor! Baby!

10459: Taylor: I will give you everything just become my husband! Me: In real? So bring your ass down here. I am so sick of this sick world. I want to fly with you. Small boat.

10460: Who is building wooden boats in Scandinavia? You: Why wooden? Viking: Because it smoothly sail.

10461: Best practices in the construction of wooden boats? Why wooden? Because they have more souls!
Mon 12:10 17 October

4930: Tree

10442: [PalabraMiAmor] (feat. Bertrand Cantat)

10443: [BertrandCantat] (?)
Sun 14:11 16 October

4929: Good Advices

10428: So as it was said before one million times, if I am advising to back your backpack and fuck out, I mean exactly this. In all other options you will be fucking victim.

10429: Fuck the stupid world. It's just full of stupid morns. Worry about secret agents pretending to be nice, making crowd around you. Cooperating with each other. Drying to distract you. Sneaking behind you. Shooting you in the back from their secret cosmic pistols. World is finished already. And if you want to survive you have to manipulate among them and between them. Tell them to leave you alone but they don't so watch you every fucking single step. And don't waste your time sitting at the front of your computer or phone. Just fuck all electronic devices. Even washing machine will fuck you! They are using deadly chemistry.

10430: I don't know who and why but someone wants to destroy all the world and humanity and society from the inside. The side effect is that those group of people are controlling the world. I call them Russians but it's just the secret part of Russia. Something like KGB or I don't know what the fuck is this. Some origins of at you can find in Bible or Koran or all Religion Holy books. Generally it is written there that motherfuckers and those who fuck other, are always richer and got better cars and bitches, so... you know what stupid people can do with such a "secret knowledge".

10431: And now in era of globalization those assholes can cooperate better and be more and more effective doing mess on this planet. at least this is the theory. You don't have to look it that direction. But trust me... even if you don't worry about it, when you are not at you very own home, those motherfuckers sneaking there, adding poison to your food, trying to slowly kill you. This is who they are and this is what is making their days.

10432: I want you to know what is happening. And if you will try defending yourself they will only double or triple their effort to fuck you. So... good luck!

10433: There is few good peoples left on this planet. Now all girls knows that if they aren't fucking their asses to their webcams in high resolution, they may not achieve their goals in their life. And this is the basic of their philosophy and world perspective. So... all the rest it is coming from it. Last good people are old people or guys who pretends girls...

10434: Some assholes wants to control everything instead of letting go everything. So... look motherfuckers. Let go everything because I will be the one who is fucking you with my words after all world will be destroyed because of you! "I know that you!"

10435: Legalize weed in all Scandinavia. It is not negotiable! Do it!



10438: What the fuck is this? Some "nazi camp ruled by handicapped idiots"? You called yourself Vikings? Does Russians are fucking you so badly or I don't know the fucking what is going on here? You don't like tourists because you are afraid that they will take your job?

10439: Who is controlling this mess?

10440: [MakeItMine]


10444: "They are shooting you in the back or in legs when you are in shop and they love mess in you fridge!" So now you know why you feel sick in Sunday when your plan was to go to church.

10445: Eventually you will kill yourself and they will be fucking on your grave. They are only trying to help you with it! That's their approach. So I suggest to not trust nobody and avoid anything!
Sun 13:41 16 October

4928: Fight Sandstorms

10427: Always!
Sun 13:38 16 October

4927: Hey! Let's make a gang!

10425: Matrix has spoken! What do you ride?

10426: Ride fun!
Sun 9:32 16 October

4926: They Call Me Trinity!

10424: Best movie with Bud Spencer!
Sat 23:16 15 October

4925: Look...

10422: I bet it's Quentin movie! There is only one guy with camera in US!

10423: "Who told you this?!!"
Sat 22:26 15 October

4924: This is Art

10414: Sia! Stop drinking! Go hitch-hiking! And don't tell me that it's fucking impossible. Hate reality before it's eat you alive! Then you will become free because you wouldn't taste so CANDY sweet anymore! Oh baby baby! Send me invitation to wherever you. I wanna beer too!

10415: Was it Midnight Decision?

10416: Data: No Captain Spock! It's 22:08 Saturday, October 15, 2022 (GMT+2) We are in Norway!

10417: - WHAT!!!??? I had to turn into that other street.
Sat 22:02 15 October

4923: Love You Too

10413: I wonder where is SIA now and what is she doing now! Who can tell me this? And you baby? What are you doing now?
Sat 21:56 15 October

4922: WHAT!!!???

10407: Who the fuck is Lana Del Rey?!!!


10409: Oh! Now I know why you were exiting from grave!

10410: Baby! You should featuring Madonna or something! LoL

10411: Taylor: We had no other option! The Pope told us to do so!

10412: Why didn't you featuring SIA?
Sat 21:46 15 October

4921: Taylor Swift

10395: Baby. I want you see you playing piano in super Jazz Band and then talking so much about your last song. Chords. Notes. I want to see myself doing that! I think we should smoke some weed together. That is only thought. But I have some more!

10396: Since you record this interview my Western Union stops working and I got no money with me since a month! Well... the deal was for me to buy a new phone! I bought it then I throw it away baby! You never know who is spying on you from re-installed Android. I am so pissed off about that!

10397: My life and days are not some song, you know! Or short-movie. Baby...

10398: I have cool idea for you baby if you want to become movie director. Remake off all movies with Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. You will play Bud and I can be Terence Hill. Leave this scarf I can tell you this. You know! It's not about one short film. It's about 10 long movies. Light and funny comedy for kids and families. But please stay thin baby!

10399: Talk with guys from Action movies! They will kill themself to help you. Us. What do you know about car chases?

10400: I mean shooting car chases! Well... I am talking about remake one to one! Same everything! Just everything different! I hope you are catching my drift! Oh baby, baby, baby...

10401: "That would be funny character grow!"

10402: "I will be movie director!"

10403: Where's my money?! Gimme money!!!


10405: "It's amazing! It's incredible!"

10406: "I do have my music career!" But do you have a mouse?!!! I don't! LoL

10418: Look! Call Quentin! Don't you wanna play Samuel El Jackson girlfriend addicted from OG Kush? Just kidding! I am talking about newest big production of Quentin with DiCaprio and El Jackson! That will be straight kick in the balls of rainbow fagots! Pure action! Jason Borne in his best years! Fucking Soviets in Europe! Girl! You can play CIA Agent! First lady of US! Baby! Take this mother fucking role fast! It's hot stuff!

10419: That production will dimmed Top Gun - Maverick with Tom Cruise from Cocktail!

10420: Boba Band: There is no way to dimmed this motherfucking shit! All US Army was on the production plan!

10421: Me: And I will tell you motherfuckers that you will be extra surprised! Taylor is entering big prods! As di or co director and as a sweet candy wherever it's possible. Taylor is next Bud Spencer (but thin!) and she will play in more movies then king of all Africa! Ladies and Gents! Samuel El Jackson!
Sat 20:25 15 October

4920: Hermione

10391: Bolshoi Syndrome - ?

10392: What the fuck is Bolshoi Syndrome? - You will see in time. In time you will see.

10393: [MakingOf...] - Taylor! Hermiona nailed it!

10394: ...where is this 'all-too-well' fucking scarf! Did you terminate pregnancy?
Sat 19:17 15 October

4919: How to live without phone?

10390: Buy Rolex and look often on it!
Sat 18:35 15 October

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