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4918: Some blog modifications!

10388: I have some really cool ideas! We will be selling arts since now on! I am sure you will be delight because you don't have to buy it! The only thing you have to do is to watch a blog. And don't forget to buy Rolex!

10389: I have to implement 'leave the message' on main page and tight detector of bad words!
Sat 11:41 15 October

4917: How to install UltraEdit?

10384: sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

10385: How to use it without mouse?

10387: Endless digging in code is not my favorite thing to do!
Fri 12:11 14 October

4916: Thieves and Robbers

10383: Tony Roma - Cheap Gigolo!
Fri 1:42 14 October

4915: Let's talk about skateboarders!

10369: Give me some names!

10370: Kelvin Hoefler

10371: Gustavo Ribeiro

10372: Spider Man

10373: Jesus Christ

10374: Bat Man

10375: Vladimir Putin

10376: Who is not skateboarder from this list?

10377: Skateboarders can't be politicians. They are not so serious. They rather looks like criminals. Police loves them!

10378: And maybe they have a little bit weed in their pockets! It's so shame to be police officer and follow such a stupid law sometimes. I know, I understand. And they believe that they can do shit about that. It's so shame! They are afraid of solders! Or I don't know who... serial killers?

10379: Serial killers unfortunately does not exist! At least officially and crazy bloggers are better then local fucking newspaper, to not mentions national or world.

10380: [Ashoc] - check this cool brand! Their website taste itself!

10381: Fynn

10382: Chris Joslin

10386: Funa Nakayama - If you kids don't wanna skate! Show them Funa Nakayma and tell them that if they won't skate there will be no Xiaomi for Christmas!
Thu 23:13 13 October

4914: What you wanna do for 6M?

10352: Nice question! Money is not a problem. And what you wanna do for 1M? Question for dreamers. Ha!

10353: I would buy a mouse to this laptop!

10354: Fishing rod to catch dinner. But the knowledge is priceless!

10355: I would build skatepark. Typical.

10356: Buy some joint and smoke it.

10357: Ask nice girl to buy me something in a shop. (Oh maybe I can do it? On the fly.)

10358: And of course... best iPhone 29!

10359: Fastest car! Biggest house. So big like an entire planet!

10360: My bitch would be talking to me all the time and I would fuck her outdoor often in the jungle. 5 times a day like people 10.000 years ago or something.

10361: I would go somewhere where is fucking cold when I want or somewhere where is hot when I want.

10362: I would get rid of all fucking demons from my head!

10363: I would make a blog and keeping people up to date with whatever bullshit coming to me and flowing through my finger to the keyboard.

10364: I would change the world into better happier place.

10365: I would buying flowers and giving it to some nice people. Just like that. I would buy presents always to everybody. Drinking tones of beer in best hotels around. Never settled myself.

10366: I would buy a boat o 8 and sailing along the cost line there and back, up and down. Left to right and back. I would...

10367: I would change shoes and backpack. And I would buy another gas cartridge.

10368: I would make skipper license. Renovate old fishing boat. Bake pizza. Buy 20 beers and gone fishing.
Thu 22:45 13 October

4913: Strains?

10331: Gorilla Glue by ILGM?

10332: Big Bud by ILGM?

10333: SooMango XXL by NirvanaShop?

10334: Sour Diesel by HumboldtSeeds?

10335: Samoa Cookies by CMO?

10336: OG Kush by ILGM? - Bag of seeds from Florida? [YouTubeLink] - Marijuana and the History of the OG Kush

10339: Can you grow your own weed? Cannabis cultivation is illegal in Sweden even if you are a medical cannabis patient, though the Supreme Court has ruled that cultivation for personal use is a minor drug offense. - Oct 14, 2021

10340: Can cannabis seeds be sent to Norway? - All parts of the cannabis plant are illegal to purchase or sell in Norway. This means that it’s illegal to mail seeds into the country. This may change with the forthcoming decriminalisation of cannabis but at present, the government has not issued any information regarding the legal status of the plant’s seeds.

10341: [NirvanaShop]

10342: What is the fucking problem with weed? Do you still looking for something to do for a cops? Well... chasing "fake police weed dealers" isn't still one and only reason for the police to exist? No! Now the top trend is selling phones not in original boxes with local-version of android. Well... tottaly baked military guys or cops have to have something to do! Anyway they are in home staring in their monitors! So...

10343: Let's make a deal! I will buy your phone if you legalize weed in Scandinavia. Look! There was lock-down and corona. Now there is threat of war! People need to relax in their home! Please! Let them grow and smoke marijuana at home! I am sure you won't regret! You can make your own shops with fucking high prices but it is another ass fucked stupid idea! Look guys! You are doing it wrong!

10344: If the Russia beat Nazis I am sure they will legalize weed in Scandinavia! LoL Now the situation looks like that. The weather on the north is fucking shit but people who are living there are feeling so high and reach that they don't want all Germany to move here! LoL Who will wanna live here? You would have to pay to such morons! Face the fact that you were kick out from Europe and your super pumped ego status is nothing more or less but only Russian's repressions for that people from North were supporting Nazis during 2WW. Does it have any sense to you? For me yes! Those people you kidnapped in other countries looks like sick victims and the reason of they existing here only to uplift moods of local people who are thinking that they are top of the world. And actually all this illusion is only "mob fucking". And I want to Nobel Price for discovering of this! And trust me! I would not smoke marijuana even if it would be legal! (Come on! I am just kidding! Don't cry babies!)

10345: So! Legalize weed and using it and maybe some more happy tourist will come here because now the situation presents like that. Summer season is fucking short! There is no tourist at all or music events! One and only attraction is to shooting to tourists from the back from military secret cosmic pistols or something and pervert sex because of that, probably. So look... Your philosophy sucks! But hey! I am good philosopher and I will help you! I mean I will try to help Russians to rule your country! We will do it with Carol. For you!

10346: 1. Legalize weed! 2. Donate Beer By Government 3. Lower Prices of Tobacco and well... start paying people for the fact that you are spying on them and on their kids! Anyway nothing is happening I swear God, so don't worry! So if you want something to happen in our modern poisoned by fumes world... legalize the weed! That would become better hit then war in Ukraine! I swear God!

10347: It was like that! 1. Corona Virus 2. War in Ukraine 3. Legalization of Marijuana in Scandinavia (But only in the winter times!) LoL

10348: God: Prada. How much do you want for newest iPhone? Me: I don't know! 10 millions dollars? God: I was thinking about Android Phone! Me: So then 20 milions!

10349: How much did you paid for fucking Mona Lisa? And what does she do? Is she suck you cock?

10350: I am just kidding with this fucking phone! But... actually that is the price.

10351: Top 6? Well... 6.000.000$? Ok!
Thu 17:25 13 October

4912: Batman Amsterdam

10330: Super interview! And this new movie? Amsterdam? Where to buy best shit?
Thu 17:09 13 October

4911: Good Wood 2022

10329: Who won?
Thu 16:34 13 October

4910: Prince Carol

10317: James Prada claims that Prince Charles is his maternal grandfather. The paternal grandmother, on the other hand, was the sister of Queen Elizabeth the second, secretly sent to Poland (I have no idea for fucking what?!) before 2WW! (Well... polish pilots!)

10318: Prince Carol: The Russians have no chance with us!


10320: Me: I mean... we have to stop those murderers from killing us all hidden from the back from the inside! And unexpectedly they are not Russians!

10321: God: So who they are?

10322: Ukrainians! Zelenski was comedian for Turkish guys! Turkish guys are all Arabia. They are selling petrol and they don't care about any bullshit! When there was 2WW they were with Nazis! So... If Zelenski is their guy and if after 2WW lot of Nazis ran away to USA so... now Ukraine is the main threat.

10324: Nazis were invading Ukraine since 90 because of their poor economy and they install there their secret laboratories to produce chemicals to secretly killing European people! It was marvelous plan for Arabs because they don't want to see no more Tesla's on the street. They want to increase sales of petrol and they want all people numb to still their girlfriends from them.

10325: So now local Police is confused because they don't know what to think but I will tell you good news! Russians are controlling Police and Military in all European countries. Arabs are only pretending that they are on the side of Russians. Actually they are with Nazis against Russians. Arabic people are very nice but their bosses wants only selling the petrol and this is the most important to them. Listen some System Of The Down songs to clearer the political view from perspective of Srej Tankian. So situation is very complicated. China has their own problems and they are continue to selling their phones. To win competition with Hindu phone market they offered local counties to invigilate their own civilian by giving local governmental programmers special tools to do that. They are selling their phones and Hindu phones are not so popular in Europe because Hindu people have higher ethics. At least I believe so! But those tools are actually "Russian Weapon Agains West". They just want to proove it and show the world how sick are european Nazis. The secret is that they are European Nazis! And they are converting local people to play against Putin, for the Putin to give him a reason to be mad at Ukraininan Neo-Nazis and all Nazis on the world.

10326: Core of America is with good Russians of course. All the rest is just fake show. Trump let the opposition won last election to show the world what is going on in Europe. Before he went to North Korea to explain the situation to Kim Jong-un because he didn't catch it. There was a risk that he will shoot some rocket to somebody unexpectedly. So no they are continue to teaching the all world about "shooting to empty target". Before the Hollywood made a huge effort on the field of FX computer effects. There was even some movies from producer of Fast and Furious about rescuing little girl from Ukraine. Actually this guy is represents mob in USA. He is making more and more movies with Africa and they are shitting from high on everything with Arabs who are buying them petrol and they just strongly doesn't give a fuck about anything! LoL Only about producing money to pay for the petrol.


10328: So I hope everybody will be safe and sound expect bad guys who will pay for their sins! And please just don't fucking shoot me from the back because this will create only terrible mess! The problem is that some people are agents of Chaos and they want terrible mess and they don't give a fuck about anything! And that is why I am predicting the end of civilization soon! There is only one way to stop it! Xiaomi Warriors from China! Sharp as fuck. With huge money! Technology! Collecting data! Playing hard against motherfuckers! So prepare motherfuckers for cool skateboard ninjas with bows! Always good guys win! If the bad guys in majority there will be major mess! Say Yes!
Thu 15:27 13 October

4909: Look Killers...

10311: I know that you are fucking fagots and you are killing and shooting with poison to people from the back to know that you are the best and on top. Actually you boss is telling you to do it because he is fucking you hard in the ass and to continue fucking you hard in the ass he have to pay you for fucking other people in ass. But I have cool advice for you you fucking morons! Kill you boss and after that kill yourself!

10312: You are dirty garbage on this planet and I swear God your days on this planet soon will finish. Guess how? Thanks for the phones! I will explain this to you because you are fucking stupid morons.

10313: You are using Asian tools to spy your own kids and doing mess. Your technological knowledge is sucking dicks. Russian people are not on your side. Remember who won the 2WW! They gave you tools to collect evidence against you. They know everything about everything what you are doing. You are thinking that you are clever with your approach to the world? Probably you are mistaken. There is no way that Nazis can fuck their own people and planet like they are doing! At first I was thinking that they are Russians but now I think that they are Nazis. So... I don't know and I am not sure! I think there are two options possible. First option is that Putin will strike atom and clean the mess from shit. And second option is that Asian agents will start cleaning all shit from the very core of their high-tech tower, and guess then who will be targets? Not good civilians you are fucking! You!

10314: So stick more into your phone and don't forget to go to McDonald!

10315: And Queen of England died so now Carol is cooking!
Thu 15:09 13 October

4908: Xubuntu Live + Ultra Edit

10305: It looks like my website fixed itself! I am so super extra nice. Just one word to motherfucker who is responsible for it: "You ugly lice! If I would know who you are I would fucking kill all your family!" LoL

God: So know you know why they are all doing this! Prada! Police wire hire you and you will recieve safe gun!

Me: What is safe gun? Will I have licence to kill? Do I recieve also list of targets or should I create my own?

God: We will destroy motherfuckers with their own weapon! Trust Us and buy Samsung phone!

10306: Fuck! Again!

10307: No! I am buying Xiaomi 9C in oryginal package! Hahaha! LoL

10308: Can be!

10309: We are sending units of chinese innocent tourists!

10310: God: Do not use Windows! Use Linux! Me: But I want to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater! God: So install Windows 10!
Thu 14:18 13 October

4906: Someone Hacked My Site!

10302: Someone hacked my website and I lost regular access to it! I think it is bad jock! I am trying to fix this problem! (I have to learn PHP again! LoL)

This letter I wrote down there recently was to a very nice women I have met on my way couple days ago! We are inteligent enought to make jocks from such a things! I think she dont want to show her name but you can buy her beautiful paitings of... I dont know what! Maybe you tell me!

BTW... only stupid people are thinking that everything what they read on the net is about them! LoL

10303: I sincerely apologize for your last joke, that you would like to kill your husband in order to make room for me in your family.

I like intelligent conversations with such a lovely angels like you and trust me, you are rare kind to meet. So... I would be really extra happy If you could write me some answer about it.

I suffer because I see that Scandinavian families are generally very hermetic. It may be so because people are afraid for their future. Be they immigrants or perhaps even more so local residents, and they are not very willing to let unsuspecting travelers like me into their homes.

I would very much like this situation to change. The fact that a given woman, whom I like very much, has a husband, does not mean that I would not be invited to her house for a snack or even for a few days, as a guest.

3 days ago one woman took me from the road and I asked her for a wather. She invited me to her house and I have met her husband. We talked like crazy and the guys was musician. So we played a little bit blues. Guy was singing and I was playing solos. I recorded it. It was so nice. Then I asked them can I make bank transfer onto their account and can they give me cash, but we could not contact my mother so they just gave me 500NOR as a gift. You see!

Have you seen the movie Horrible Bosses? This scene as if they finally came to their boss's house and one of these three glupkow had an affair with his wife. Ha! I believe that the character of this guy is the coolest character in this film.

So. If you ever wanted to go on a date with me or costam please just send me a letter, and I will come only to meet you because I think you are a great artist.

And now from another barrel. Do you know any rok teams with Trondei? Can you send me some bearing on these teams, because maybe they have some friends in the north of Trondheim. I'm a traveling bluesman and I was very nice to record a little in various home studios, as he travels. So I'm looking for contacts. I also talked to one owner of a store in Namsos that it would be good to invest money in a professional team that would certainly make a career in Norway.

Sorry that I took you so much of you precious time. If you have some idea then please write to me.

And once again, I apologize to you for this joke about the murder of your husband. LoL (Why so serious?!) LoL

James Prada

10304: I think that someone have inner acces to program "phpMyAdmin" and this way can controll all content of any databases. I fell like content of my BLOG is being subtelly modify.

Now I can have acces to my own creacion. My blog is under construction until then.

Please enjoy my newest crazy bullshit AUDIOBLOG. It my MAD and CRAZY hitch-hiking adventures from TURKEY and all across the EUROPE...


Check who made phpMyAdmin and to who they sold some hidden access panel control.

Please enjoy newest Audioblog! And never catch me for what I said or wrote! I am living in the moment! Not like many of you! I know! Please understand it!

Until she won't kill him you can't prove her anything! And even after that I doubt!

Have you ever red Aghata Christie's book? Ps. My favourite band Foo Fighters recorded album Dream Widow and after that they FAKE lost their drumer. Band is getting old so they decided to leave the stage this way. Think about it and read about it on the internet! I think you will find plenty of informations about it. And did you saw the movie STUDIO 666? Come one! Everybody loves Foo Fighters! LoL

Mon 11:03 10 October

4905: Taylor's Movie

10296: Idea: Taylor Swift is running away from psycho fan in forest. It is first part. It is horror movie. Psychopat is crazy horny and finally he have a chance to chace his object of interest into the woods. He is trying to be brutal and Taylor have a lot of trouble with him. He wants to rape her and she is trying to resist.

10297: This video could be an instructional and training film for policemen all over the world to show young policemen what rape in the woods is and how the victim can defend himself against something like that.

10298: Also to raise police vigilance on a violent against famous pop stars in foggy forests.

10299: Taylor have lot of psycho fans all across the world and to watch such a movie would be realisation of all most perverts dreams and fantasies etc. I think my wife knows what I am talking about.

10300: Taylor: Wildest Dream

10301: I am predicting more parts then Fast & Furious!
Fri 14:04 7 October

4904: FreePsychoTherapy

10290: Last two years I was testing something what I could called "recording my voice on my voice recorder". So look. It can not be phone! It has to be separate from network device. You can pretend for yourself that you have some kind of audience and that you are doing audioblog for them. So convention of speaking is that you are talking like that "Ok... Hey Guys..." or "Hi. It is me again..." and continue with whatever bullshit you want!

10291: Nowadays people sometimes has no people to talk to. They are paying lot of money for open honest and true conversation with professional listener who is real person. In fact my newest discover is that through the process of talking to yourself you can proceed with your... WHATEVER... and move on forward in your life!

10292: So catching peoples words it is the most stupid thing you can do. Talking and bullshit talking it is the process of releasing your soul and mind from many kinds of different things can stuck there.

10293: Talking to yourself when no one listening it is also fun! Especially when you realize that there are no limits for your imagination when you expressing yourself for yourself.

10294: You can pretend that you are talking with dead persons or alive but far away. With fictional characters. You can do whatever you want. Your final product is the MP3 from you Voice Recorder. You can make it public or you can make it secret. I am making my bullshit talks public because I am genius and inventor. So... maybe "this process of cleaning mind" I am showing on my "audio-blog" will be useful for someone. You can use it as a part of traditional psycho therapy or you can just go crazy every day for fun and for yourself only!

10295: Enjoy Voice Recorders!
Wed 16:30 5 October

4903: [LuluFashion]

10289: This game is perfect if you wanna be Fashion Designer! Do not afraid of crazy clothes compilations!
Wed 16:23 5 October

4902: [MahjongTime]

10288: Super! Super! Super!
Wed 16:10 5 October

4901: Greta: I want RealMe!

10282: Does your [14pro] have this? (Is it orginal apple website? Sorry but its look like shit!)

10283: Greta: I want [GTneo3] !

10284: EUR 450.00 It is no good deal for iPhone stores! LoL

10285: And how big is a charger? - It's Tesla!

10286: There are two versions of the Tesla mobile charger, depending on when you purchased your car. The older version (Gen1) is capable of charging up to 11000W and the newer version (Gen2) is capable of charging up to 7000W.

10287: Sorry Greta! Only shipping to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Portugal - RealMe
Wed 14:34 5 October

4900: How to run away from school?

10279: Greta Thunberg's seminar every morning at 5am on Zoom.

Tue 16:00 4 October

4899: End Of The World - Phones!

10274: They foolishly lock onto normal functionality! The "Governments" went mad with the phones. They have to be in charge of everything. It is the end of the world! If you want to pay by phone, you must agree to be watched. Tragedy! Fall of mankind! The fall of civilization! End of the world!

10275: Chineese gave the world tool to destroy itself and they closed borders!

10276: Something what is wrong went through and it will stay for good! It is like raping children or killing innocent people! Beast will not kill itself and soon all this power will be in the hands of stupid kids with guns. Only imagine the mess what will be. It can only provoke global agressor like Putin to solve this global issue for good with atomic weapon. Do not forget that China is big ally or Russia and USA is big ally of Russia too! Little countries in europe are tottaly fucked! Or maybe I only should not think about this all. There is no place for anything what is privat nowadays! Everything is public! Do you like such a poor leveled into floor world? It is not SF movie! Everyday is sad until you thorw away you phone! Hey! But technology was made to serve the people and not to fuck people! Just think! How you use it! Just think what it produce! Just think who you become because of it! You are waiting for a call but nobody is calling! But your son is Android programmer and you think that it is good future for him. Nobody is paying for creating little Android games but government and army is paying a lot for creating spying software it this is wrong and it has to be stopped! There is no excuse for that! And it will never be!

10277: Someone has to protect this galaxy! For some people like me it is truly automatic process! But money will always win and money is death! Death for all! World is so fucked! I do not think that there is any way to stop it. Just watch the world and ask yourself... do you like it or not!

Tue 15:40 4 October

4898: Piano Trondheim

10272: Everybody don't give a fuck about anything because there are only killers left on this motherfucking earth. LoL Too many people wants to rull the world and suddenly you can see that there is nothing to rule because no world's left.

10273: Too many mobsters, too many police, to many secret agents, too many motherfuckers doing nothing and being well paid for it... well... explain yourslef! Who is responsible for destroying world so badly! LoL / Who is responisble for fucking me? / Motherfuckiers you are just wrong!
Tue 14:49 4 October

4897: [ThereseMyran] Gallery Shop

10270: Picture: Humanity, no 9
Mon 16:28 3 October

4896: Moto Gang

10269: LoL YeaH! Let us introduce people to motorcycles!
Mon 10:45 3 October

4895: 885

10268: End of Book! Hahaha! Next I will start from page number 888! LoL
Sat 12:29 1 October

4894: 881
Sat 12:25 1 October

4893: 877
Sat 12:17 1 October

4892: 873
Sat 12:17 1 October

4891: 869
Sat 12:03 1 October

4890: 685
Sat 12:03 1 October

4889: 861
Sat 12:02 1 October

4887: New Pages Are Comming

10256: Actually those pages are old pages! It is so nice that I rescued them from rain and wetness! So Taylor Swift will be happy! And so much loved!

10257: Taylor: But it was then! You have to love me more again! And again! And again! And again! You know!

10258: Me: I know baby! I promice to buy myself automatic pencil and some nice paper version of note book! And we will be together again. With a beautiful fire tail behind us! Yes!

10259: Taylor Swift: Do you promice to have me always on the top of your list?

10260: Me: Yes!


10262: "The butt is then when I rescue them!"

10263: Me: Oh! I can imagine Mrs. "I know everything about any phone!"

10264: - Sometimes it is not matter of phones! But only sometimes! LoL

10265: Me: I dont know. Without phone I feel so good and free!

10266: Me: The very nice woman is helping me to scan all the rest of my book!

10267: No phone means, war is over!
Sat 11:36 1 October

4886: Out Of The Woods

Fri 0:43 30 September

4885: How Prada destroyed his phone...

10227: This is quite interesting guys! [Link] - How To Install Any Custom ROM On Your Android Phone [2021] LoL / And then... What the fuck is LineAge? [2021] or ask Wikipedia [OfficialWebsite] So... it is possible guys!

10228: I hope it is not another internet jock!

10229: How to unlock bootloader of my phone? - I have no fucking idea kid!

10230: And what is custom recovery? - You mean like: Orange Fox, Pitch Black or TWRP?

10231: What is adb, fastboot? - I do not know Sir! LoL

10232: If you're an Android developer, you should get the latest SDK Platform-Tools from Android Studio's SDK Manager or from the sdkmanager command-line tool. This ensures the tools are saved to the right place with the rest of your Android SDK tools and easily updated.

10233: [Link] Ok. And what to do with this shit?

10234: I mean now we are doing something like [Link] :>

10235: Ok! Stop! Lets do [FastBootNow] LoL on Linux Live - Xubuntu!

10236: I need fucking hammer! Fuck!

10237: Do you expect that Scandinavian fucking hackers made their 1600 dolars phones ready to be unlocked easily? You phone is useless unless you wanna fuck yourself in the ass to you phone like you should do because nowadays it is the one and only use of fucking phones! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

10238: They fucking fucked me! I will simply destroy my phone with hammer! I will be unable to pay for food but it is no problem. There is a lot of nice people on this planet! Not like you scandinavian mother fucking hackers! End of game!

10239: Game with spying me throu my phone for 2700NOK! Fuck you fucking fuckers! Just one last thing. You have a such a beautiful nature here... and you can not see this because your noses are inside the ass of you daughters. You should be punnised by EU for doing illegal manuveres agains your own people! In not good interest of your own people! That full iPhone and Android based neo-nazism. Fucking spying on little girls and entering minds of little girls while looking at them! Fuck! This is it!

10240: It is just fucking wrong!

10241: Respect me and change your stupidity into something good! You lost people.

10242: Redmi Notes 11 Breaking Easily! LoL Oh! I feel fucking free now! Fuck phones you stupid motherfuckers! LoL

10243: Oh fuck! Now I am starting to feel that I need a phone... it is comming again! LoL! Hahahahaha! I am just kidding!

10244: Now I can live again! And dream my dreams! Yes!

10245: No more any phones EVER! I swear fucking Fuck! LoL

10246: No more apps no more emojis no more settings no more motherfuckers no more spying on me! No more inner phone neo-nazi regime! I am fucking free and I can enjoy that!

10247: No more facebook! No more real or fake fucking news! No more stearing on this fucking shittiest shit! No more fucking police inside my phone! No mor j mode! No more this neo-hell! Well... try this somethimes!

10248: I should by this cheaper phone in orginal box! For sure! No I have my eyes for myself! My mind for myself! My thoughts for myself! And my heart for myself! Fuck you Redmi Note 11!

10249: Read My Fucking Notes!

10250: LoL! Just one more thing! If you want to know and see Mr Real Pedofile where I am then move you ass or just don't bother with your 10.000 dogs, who will never figure out how good is to live without phone! LoL It's so good to be me without this fucking shit! Yeah!

10251: Oh! Jeszcze tylko jedno magiczne zaklecie: "Spierdalaj Kurwo!" LoL

10254: I got some nice jockes! Like... "Crazy Olaf from Scandinavia" is coming to iPhone shop and saying that he broke his phone and can they fix it somehow!?

He is saying that he was trying to use some bandages and plasters but phone isn't working! And the big black guy from Africa starts to crying and saying! You fucking stupid moron! You destroyed R2D2! So who will be your best friend now?

Who? Who? What you did? What you did?!!

10255: Prada: I have nothing against phones! I have no problem if Hindu guys are spying on my or North Korean guys or Chinese Guys! I have a problem when some local perverts and pedophiles are spying on me! I am free motherfuckers! I can clean you some windows and that's it! We don't have to be friends! You don't even knows what is this. You can't even behave! You are simple killers from the back. You destroyed this earth. Understand that I don't want nothing form you! Just ignore me! Same way like I am ignoring you and you are ignoring each others. I know! Not too much sun here! I am just passer by. Everybody are!
Thu 16:29 29 September

4884: I got a question to monster!

10212: Can you turn off yourself? Your very own system?

10213: Not a chance, huh?

10214: You can only agree and push forward, huh? Your machine. Huh?

10215: People are so fucking stupid! Amazing! Addicted to petrol and being invigilated through their expensive iPhones. I just don't understand them. Maybe... They know shit about different ways. Different options.

10216: Even worst beast can't rip his own "head" off. This is something to meditate about. Some blinded paths in evolution of human race can't be turned back or modify or eresed.

10217: You would do better job being paid for doing nothing at all or for playing in sandbox. But MY ass is not your sand box!

10218: Nobody is talking that cars consuming precious oxygen. Everybody talking only about CO2 emission what was solved by AdBlue and it's generates even more profits! If you want to protect nature and future of your kids, pay! 🤣😂👍😆

10219: No one is talking about that if you are only watching someone you are giving this person your mind and energy! And you are over watching someone you are only destroying it. It's too huge and completely artificial attention. This is what is destroying armies from the inside. Putin will finally press this button and what we'll we do then? 🤔 Pumped ego! Paranoja! This is the price you pay for "fame". 🤔😶‍🌫️

10220: Beast needs to rip his own head to save humankind. To bring human kind to it's previous natural state. No phones, no cars! This is heaven! Think about it!

10221: Technology little by little turned all world into... something what should never happened. System should be independent from its core. But don't create locally smaller cores! Just destroy them and forget about the prison your now in!

10222: The trap works like that. At first they felt into it, and now you are proudly taking it into yourself! It's wrong. It's regime from Africa coming because black guys are controling prices of iPhone! And Elon Musk is such a smart that Space-X evolved into military producer of any kind of rocket. Check newest catalogue with fireworks. Hopefully they are hitting empty targets and people are safe! So...

10223: Giving people technology it's just the best way for making slaves from them. The machine what's running is useless. Turn it off!

10224: Am I philosopher? Just a little bit! So please think for yourself! My job is finished now! Bitches are fucking and hell is pressed and soon it will be destroy but this is not the perfect future and perfect world.

10225: Humankind can survive only in off-line! Only decentralised! You can't argue with your boss so you will always say yes! Huh? 👽🌹🐻 So... forget about spying people! Just become free from it! Don't waste your time being "sinner" and don't tell me "porn bullshit" that you like it! I know you hate it to! We were tricked! Everybody!

10226: So! Reverse gear! And accelerate! 😉👍
Thu 15:05 29 September

4883: 863

10208: "Old goodness responsible hobby!"

10209: "New Porsche! Imagine yourself!" What? For me? I am monk. I fuck cars and motorcycles! 👍😂🤣 Ok. For 3h on the track! 😜 But where in Norway is racing tracks? I prefere Nintendo Switch 🤣😂🤣😂👍

10210: Or... 1l of 3,5% milk... 😜🧠😆

10211: There was nice boy-girl here but he left... 🌹❤️👍
Thu 14:36 29 September

4882: I go beer!

10205: ❤️🌹😇

10206: Oh I love when some big guy accidentally recording me on his 1600$ iPhone! Fuck! LoL It's such a pervert street fucking! Probably he's some police officer or something! 😜 Fucking bravo. He doesn't have to be well behaved because he is fucking monster big. (Probably also monster stupid but I told you he doesn't care even if he knows this!) 😂🤣😂🤣👍

10207: I will mount my phone on my fucking head. Do I see already people like that? 🤣😂👍⭐ Yes! Sasha Grey! 😜🌹
Thu 13:56 29 September

4881: 859

10196: "Perfect plan. Prada, play this manifest!" ⭐🔋

10197: What manifest?

10198: "Thinking petrol protect secret units planet!"

10199: Hmmm... Are Muslims gays sometimes? - Only sometimes! It's normal!

10200: And what if someone would tell you that Taylor Swift is a boy not girl!

10201: - WHAT?!?!?!!

10202: Would you day other guy? - Hmmm... YES! ❤️🌹👍👽

10203: - WHAT?!?!?!?!!!!

10204: Ok so what we're doing...?
Thu 13:47 29 September

4880: 585

10194: Level 4880 - 585 Oh! I see you got blog!

10195: Oh it's nothing. Where is toilet? I need one more beer. Is it safe here?
Thu 13:45 29 September

4879: 851

10193: I love Facebook! - So keep your phone safe and your phone will be safe with you! 👍👽
Thu 13:37 29 September

4878: 848

10189: Hey! Let's overthrow the regime in Mexico!

10190: Good Idea! Let's order pizza first and 4 beers for me! ❤️💯👍

10191: Who needs cigar? 😉🐻

10192: "Brake yourself or brake the game!" 👽🌹
Thu 13:36 29 September

4877: 844

10188: Whatever! 😐
Thu 13:34 29 September

4876: 840

10186: "Pakistan meat straight to Norway!" 🤣😂👍❤️💯

10187: "Like traveling morning resting. Sex and PC!" 👍😉
Thu 13:28 29 September

4875: 836

10175: "Always sit on something what is yours! Never sit on anything what can pin in your ass or legs!" (Advanced level of fucking!)

10176: Those motherfuckers really have nothing to do! Fuck!

10177: They remove all computers from public library to not let me to reinstall my Android. Never buy "open-box" phones because it's not government. It's just Russian mobsters. And they are working like that. They are helping you to put you into trap. For fucking what you morrons? Because you have nothing to do? Just fuck off from me!

10178: I cam here to see beautiful and nature not to be fucking by you because you have nothing to do!

10179: I swear God! I am re-installing my phone ASAP to get free from you! Now I see how you are working.

10180: I have criminal software inside my phone now! 🤣😂

10181: I will feel safer without phone!

10182: I swear fucking God! I am re-installing this shit!

10183: Spying this way on people is fucking pervert wrong! I know you can do it byt you are braking the law! Braking the law is fucking wrong even if you don't understand this because you are too stupid. Or there is nobody except me to tell you that you are fucking stupid! Stay of Ericson level!

10184: First build your own factory and produce your own phones and operating system on Android core level and then eventually spy on people! Daughters of your friends & neibours you pedofile! So now you see who is real pedofile!

WELCOME to Scandinavia! If you have a daughter here, she is already sold! Well... "everything is fine! It's just a part of local culture". Oh... fuck it! 🤣😂 LoL

10185: I give up! I will just re install Android... or I will just get use to this shit! 😜
Thu 12:14 29 September

4874: 833

10172: "Feel happiness in our asses!" ❤️💯👍

10173: Guys! Do you know that Greta starts taking drugs because of you! It's your fucking fault! Cars, tapped phones, secret intel, petrol industry, fanatic Muslims. All this heave shit is too much for a little girl like she!

10174: You should feel fucking sorry and ashamed! And think how to fix this!
Thu 9:56 29 September

4873: 830

10171: That's nice trick! ❤️💯🌹
Thu 9:47 29 September

4872: 826
Thu 9:45 29 September

4871: 822
Thu 9:42 29 September

4870: 818
Thu 7:57 29 September

4869: Dad

10169: Okay, okay. I am just kidding all the time! 😉💯

10170: 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Thu 0:03 29 September

4868: Got Rope!

10167: If he was my drummer I would squeeze from him better bridgers. Fuck! We would be playing in kindergarden for kids every day! 😂🤣👽😜

10168: 😉
Wed 23:58 28 September

4867: New Drummer

10163: Come on! Fresh like snow. Like little brother of Selena Gomez from narcotic cartel of Mexico. Donald Duck because they can hit you! Fuck! I would fucking merry him straight. Selena... if we aren't going to McDonald today than leave me alone because I have a date with this young chick! Baby... do you have Twitter? 👍☺️🙂😉❤️🌹 What was your name again? Will you merry me?

10164: He looks like Ewa Kwaśniak from Poland from Cracow! Oh cut that shit off! He can't be her son! She's too old. So... son of Little Caprice? This porn star? I don't give a shit what they are telling in TV. Everything is a lie! And Taylor Hawkins was taken by his UFO 👽 friends. They just took him on the better planet. Well... I don't have any proofs but... Let's have a date man! ❤️🌹👍☺️💯🥰

10165: Dave will be jealous probably! 🤣😂🐻

10166: Wow... I want to see him playing "Rope"! Does anybody cares about what I want? - No Prada! Fuck off! 😈 - Fuck! 😭
Wed 23:36 28 September

4866: 814

10160: "Do it for me!" - Who said that? = Who said that: "Who said that?" ?

10161: "Sweet Dreams to keep lantern. This minute!" ❤️ I love you baby!

10162: Well... Now I have a phone and it's fine! ☺️☺️
Wed 21:22 28 September

4865: 810

10148: "Find! - said. You matter!"

10149: "I'm yours! I'm your wife!" ❤️🐻🧠🐚

10150: Oh I am so happy because of it baby! You are so cosmic smart! Like... Wow! I just wanna know you better!

10151: "I was singing about us. About you. All my life I was dreaming about you!" ❤️🧠 - It's so true! It's honey 🍯 on my heart! In you I trust! (Not devil! Who doubt in his fears! 👿) Hold on to me! We won't fight with eachother. I give up to you. And I am still hitch-hiking. "Still hiking!" Wow! ❤️

10152: Love cars! Love fumes! We will die anyway! ☺️😉🥰

10153: Allah said clearly! 1) Religious wife! 2) Religious neibours! 3) Comfortable car! (Not Tesla!) 🤣😂

10154: - Prada. Do you know Allah smokes cigarettes? Me: Like fucking hell! 😂🤣😈

10155: Allah: I'm black! 😶‍🌫️

10156: - WHAT??!!!!!!! 🤯

10157: Me: Jesus Christ Super Star! - What??!!!!

10158: "When I'm going higher, I am you wife!"

10159: すみません、わかりません!
Wed 20:56 28 September

4864: Server City

10147: Knee-deep In Pride 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂❤️🌹
Wed 20:52 28 September

4863: 807
Wed 20:50 28 September

4862: 803

10146: "What am I doing in the south of Armenia? - Conquering me heart baby!"
Wed 20:43 28 September

4861: 799

10143: "Futurama Spiderman Favourite Lego"

10144: "Too Funny Because Armenia Forever"

10145: - WHAT?!!!
Wed 20:38 28 September

4860: Ad ❤️🌹

10142: Let's meditate about this love! 😇🥰
Wed 20:34 28 September

4859: 795
Wed 20:33 28 September

4858: 791

10139: Next pages soon!

10140: "Taylor! I love you so much. Stay inside me all my life please! Feel comfortable inside my heart. Hug me and be happy with me." - Prada

10141: Is it real or fake Prada? ❤️💯
Wed 18:39 28 September

4857: 787
Wed 18:37 28 September

4856: 783
Wed 18:34 28 September

4855: 779
Wed 18:33 28 September

4854: 776

10136: All your dreams! What is better? On or off line? Phone or paper and pencil? I don't know! I need both!

10137: Phone or dreams?
Wed 17:41 28 September

4853: 773

10135: Only You! - Taylor ❤️
Wed 17:38 28 September

4852: #PradaFun on Twitter

10133: WiFi Only! I'm back! #F1 I am coming!

10134: New jocks always!

10138: [Nafs] = lowest dimension of a person's inward existence — his animal and satanic nature! In Islam you have to defeat it in yourself to become one with God! Or maybe this way "Satan" only learning his kids bad things and about bad things. No good = troubles! Good = nice time and peace and love! Does all Russia is already Muslim country? Maybe it's the only way for them to survive as a nation? What is your opinion about this?
Wed 11:10 28 September

4851: 770
Wed 11:08 28 September

4850: 767
Wed 11:01 28 September

4849: New Pages

10130: Masakra. Jedna fotka 5MB!

10131: Yesterday I was scanning it on the bus station when was raining! 5MB?

10132: And so convenient way of adding new pages straight from my phone! Shit! 💩
Wed 10:52 28 September

4848: First Shampoo Who Can Sing from Taylor Swift ❤️

10129: Hi today. I still don't have internet in my phone so it's difficult for me to write translated messages to you anytime I want. It's also good way to learn language (by the way).

And let's go with phone talk:

She is how Russia is. Something like competition. Send diary for me! Taylor Swift is waiting. For example Switzerland. Good morning my love. ❤️

- I will send all my diary to you. And I want to still write with pencil. But now I am just too busy getting wet.

Yeah I'm going to be as possible on you brains out for You. Check who is biggest now - Rockets Concerns! (Shoot only in safe empty targets!) (Space-X made!)

Dear Mr Ahmed. How to say that I am not sure if you have any questions or concerns. January and February and they will be always together with Sanitizer and they are already on LinkedIn. I am listening extremely interesting podcast about the "box office" Report playback is unavailable and I am listening extremely.

From your system and notify us immediately. Send diary of your mind. Think about some certain types of your thinking.

- Do you mean erotic?


Hi Lenka and they will do whatever you want to be in touch with you.

- Ok. So let's focus on Lenka. I mean Taylor.

Oh baby! Zrobimy wszystko żeby go zobaczyć. Co do tego Skandynawia to nie musisz potwierdzać. Cukier puder do... twarzy. Kremy maści i żele pod prysznic. "Taylor Swift" ❤️ First shampoo who can sing!

- Selena Did it before. Maybe new kind of Burgers in McDonald? Selena choice! Taylor Swift choice? Choko Shake? Singed cups? Big propaganda? We have to beat Russia (Putin) with Taylor Swift! 😂🤣 Taylor! Sing about politic! 😜🤩💯 No! Fuck not! Ok. Sing about how you become CIA secret project? I want listen podcast about Taylor Swift! Please, please, please, please! 🤣😂

So... Yeah I'm going into Hardargenwitta. So... Get rid of all this earth and environmental sciences university and they will do whatever you think. Thinking about money. Love this one big happy family. Posted by secret Russian federation and I don't know if you are interested. Dear sir. Use acrobat professional development opportunities for growth and success in your favourite shop - Prada. Let's chill and laid back. Please remind me of your minds. "Lobster claw clasp and I don't want to be a part."

Ok! Dear Taylor Swift. Can I call you Lenka? Even though I am listening extremely. "Open source solutions please."

All possible let's leave WiFi on techniques tips and tricks!

What? It's 9 already? Fuck! Dear Taylor Swift. Choice of your head is look forward to seeing you everyday. ❤️🤩😜

Wed 10:46 28 September

4847: Everything is for Taylor Swift ❤️

10128: Hi love. I wonder what's your time now. And who do you hugging now. I mean. I wonder only about you and how you doing it. Just hugging and then my spirit is there to take care from you. So... we will be always together like that. In sweets dreams. I am trying to be in this sweetest place of yours. That's why some boys are such shy. Because you keep us the same and we are so together anyway. That it's just better to stay shy. And pretends very carefully that nothing is happening. So let's pretend no matter what that we are not seeing eachother. It's the best and probably one and only way.

I love this here weather. Anyway in my sleeping bag is super hot. I set this wallpaper to keep looking and thinking about you. You are my lighting catcher. And dream catcher.

I love you baby. Please. Write some sweet country song about that. I will be always loving you Taylor. And this is you I am hugging now. ❤️

Wed 10:44 28 September

4846: BlueTooth & WiFi Always On Software

10127: Now all software is made anti social. To serve all Soviet systems. All plots into one's head. And you are dead and can't even think. Muslim people are having some operational abilities on you brains. They are not so sick like we here! But the presents of armed forces is nesesery then. In case if some Ahmad became pissed of little bit than he fucking should! But I am not about it.

You are afraid mostly local police because they play porn, smoking grass like hell and you are not. It's common. Everywhere is like that.

This is article about main architecture of phones software! If phones, software would start being able to talk to eachother, then THEY... "police, military, army, secret security" would become a blind! And all their pretended Soviet stupidity was design in times where only paper and pencils exist.

And please don't call me crazy!

BluTooth and WiFi (5G) is... actually against regime systems. Core of technology was design and made well because stupid motherfuckers knows shit and it's easily to trick them. The problems are only shy programmers and earth culture which is "very shy". And, what is most important earth rule, everybody trying protect their women for themselves, and they will do whatever they want anyway and you will be left alone with a fucking dog, unless you are... how to say this... inside the mob and not liking strangers? (Well... something like that!)

Remember. One girl can have lot of dates a day. You know it already? Yes! But circle is as small as possible. Well... Muslim are even not allowed their women to leave home! Talking with strangers it's not nesesery and especially being connected with others by smart apps based od WiFi and BlueTooth.

Show me one company (☺️🤣) in Scandinavia who are making Android software other then spying shit for police? You know why?! Because only Russian and Muslim (means "the government") got money to pay anybody. So...

I want to create group of Android developers (who will be probably assassinated soon by secret Russian agents, and actually they should be protected by them) who will focus their efforts on making software based on WiFi and BluTooth.

Short "untraceable" and "untrackble" communication and shit like that. And apps named like "Let you women have secrets!" 🤩😂🍖🤣 LoL

What Elon Musk said about communication? It should go on shortest way possible!

But look cerfuly. Soviet system I think is design rather to destroy itself including all other life on this planet, then release all those things who are tight and helping to spying and controling others.

So... Best Apps? They are already developed but only few people knows about them. And in public paid by "government"... only bad jocks can go, because it's fucking boring.

Best Apps should honking on you while you are passing some other people and should be implemented into core operating system! Or really fucking well advertised in main stream public media.

So now you know what to do with your free time! Looking at pictures and thinking where is some other person is like hanging yourself to death on tree.

Don't take nothing from this what is already created. It will stay anyway. Focuse your effort on nice apps (and clever databases) who are talking to you while you are walking on the street about what you just passed. Other person! Wow! Girl! With what interest? Maybe she want to talk about some certain things with people.

But be careful for Hindu guys. 😂🤩🤣😉 They are incredibly smart and they can hack even Facebook so actually they can even easily fuck your wife while you are in job. They knows everything about everybody and then one guy... From the fucking hardcore center of the universe 😂 approaching certain porn star and immediately he knows about what to talk to her! 😋😜

But look like that on this subject! Try to forget about your pride and this basic temptation of "not letting go" things and try to write good software for older and little bit more "party people". 😂😋😜🧠

Maybe straight for hot crowded Hindu market! Or whatever!

I like to be in the move. I am NoMad programmer! But imagine group of programmers or indyvidual driving in their vans across here like "BEN10", Guen and their Dad (or Grandfather). Do you remember BEN10 cartoon?

I have my ways. Trust me. They are perfect. Of course I need people around me, but freedom is the best. One or two countries and "dance across". It's just the way of life.

Phones are shit & waste of time. Maybe simple books are better? 😉 Something to read.

But I also like one not to huge town and me there. Just inside. Little, small, same place. On and on. This is probably one and only way to get what you want and need. So let's roll untill it stops. I think.

Good night! ❤️ Fuck I only got fucking carrots. Will I become Bugs Bunny?

Oh! Can you please let me sleep in the night?!!! Can you not shoot to me or doing me any bad jocks ("only you know what kind") please! Thank you! 🐻🍖

Wed 10:43 28 September

4845: BBC Podcast "Putin 4" on Spotify

10126: I am listening. Very interesting. Any conclusion?

Now they are talking about Niedźwiedziew (🐻) guy. (Niedźwiedź is Bear in polish language.) "BigBeefStrongMan"? English people have so many nice words or frazes combined from several words.

When I was in Turkey or even in Georgia people were asking me an I from Russia? Hmm.. - WHAT?! Me? No! I am from Poland! Look! And listen very carefully! "POLAND IS NOT RUSSIA!"

We are wall. Between Europe and Russia. At least this is what I've been tought in school. And in Polish Church! Now you see situation is different. Now everybody have cars and they can travel very fastly. Not like me.

Look. I am writer and I will be writing. On my phone. It's different then writing in my paper notebook. Yeah! Paper Notebook vs. "Xiomi Redmi Note 11". Wow! What a beautiful name 🤩 for a phone.

"Twitter Revolution" Wow! Now Africa sat on it! Hey! I forgot about Twitter. As you see I have better things to do now. Even phones are not very nessesery to live Happy Life. Phones are such a huge part of politics and inner system.

This podcast is just fucking brilliant. Fuck! It's just amazing! They are using their minds again. It's amazing! Or maybe it's just me! Well... Putin it's hot topic lately. Hot News!

Fuck. They are mosquitos here. Oh fuck! 🤣😂 It's lake.

I found book on the road. Norwegian. Translation of some English book. It's was called The Emerald Thread or The Amber Thread. Something like that. I don't know. I didn't took it. Was wet and probably with some shit on it. Or just in shop later where I asked for Corona sanitizer.

Are Tranquilers Shots (in the back) are coming together with Sanitizer of people hands? Wow if yes!

Today guy told on podcast that Corona issue is Easter Movement against West. I've lost the plot after seventh podcast. It's all bullshit. Trust me!

The fault of everything is only cars and advanced technology. We are so hungry for it and it always destroys the world. Every fucking SF time! Maybe you won't get it ever. It's not only money talk! I mean it's only money talking, but people left with someone's dick in their ass needs to obey to take their monthly payment... and that leads to stupid things probably. I am sure it does.

I swear if I will stay here I will learn language. Just for fun. Some useful funny phrases for the women to impressed them. I hope that I will meet my true wife here. Something like real wonderful and beautiful story.

Look. Since she won't open her doors for me I think someone is using me. But life goes on and some things can last only because they are "fake and stupid". Am I wrong?

After all those movies I believe that all this earth wars are fake but... did you saw World Trade Center? Why it was like that? Why it came to this? Can you even imagine this all cruelty? Me not!

I am good spirit. Fighter have to be strong only on his mind. So if you stay home anyway and if you have nothing to do, just think about some things. But never use a sword! Or any weapon against anyone. Because, trust me... noone died playing mind chess yet and I so he was quickly revenged by bigger monsters. This is simple rules. So who killed first? Bilble stories.

I became Muslim. Those guys just selling the petrol. They are very important and Allah loves them. But today I invented a new, another, good joke:

"God design Horse before Volvo!" It's for them for free and Greta. Noone cares about earth's climat! They are only thinking about money. Is it understood?

If you don't want to fight any war, just sing that you will never ever buy a car and you will be always using only horses! Can you even imagine such a rule in modern life? Nowadays? 😂🤣 Not a fucking chance! What? It's not serious? Is it not real?

And now concentrate as fuck and listen to this! New article! About phones!

Wed 10:42 28 September

4844: 27 Sep - Adventure to NordCap

10125: Night on the bank of lake. It's raining. Finally I got money. System is working. At the begining probably jocks are made for everybody. Excitement from buying new phone is always huge. Especially if you don't like technology and you have to use it actually in one and only most important reason: paying for yourself.

Those jockers who are living comfortably in some town and doing their dancing sometimes in the center, this style is not my style, specially when I am moving.

Tomorrow I have to do some things. I hope it won't be raining!

1) To install world time clock! 2) To buy something waterproof if it will be still raining and maybe something warmer like one more layer.

[I just covered the cams of my phone! Now I feel like I am resting! Those cam holes are tragedy! In Turkey when I was happily living without phone, every time someone pointed camera on me I was feeling like a sting, you know. It's no important that other people knows where you are. They will know it anyway! Then their technology gives them even pleasure because for the first time it's useful! (I am talking ONLY about cams!) Now noone have to live around me. They just knows my position on their screen. And I know guys that you always wants to have something to do and be useful, but "OVER HARD BOILING" individualities like "rare writers tourists", and is just wrong and stupid. Now you know why writers or actors are very introverts and don't like big towns & big crowds! In Ankara they thought me to avoid crowd. At least trying to avoid. Phone sometimes are generating "OverAttentionZoom" or "OverAttentionTravic". I think your software should be prepared for it. I know that moving hitch-hiker is very interesting object to follow but I can't be Taylor Swift 24/7 LoL]

So... I hope you know it anyway! Scandinavia is super high tech. Ok. Let's watch some movie. I have a little headache and I don't feel very well. I need to rest and avoid any stress. Last two night wasn't perfect. So probably tomorrow I will be fully rested. And don't worry. I am not going into Hardargenwitta! I own them 2000NOK. I have to contact them! It's a matter of single money transfer. I was thinking to ask them and ask them can I work as volountier a little bit for them to pay back. But it's "perfect plastic park" 😁😉 so probably nothing like that will work. Well... do they bought 50 donkeys from Mexico as we discussed with very nice guy who is actually is working there?

I will write them an email and maybe they will even give me temporary job. Alleluja if so! I can be month there or even more. Well... I was thinking about Trømso straight or somewhere around.

Well... I will pray for it. Being smarter is a process. It is never happening straight and hard and harsh ways are always poor & bad. I am not exhausted but I need to treat my body very gently and carefully after such a long trip. Oh... it's nothing. It's just normal. I love hitch-hiking and cheers for everybody who loves this too!

Those two weeks without money was struggling a huge. Then... secret lesson about "PhoneFrying".

[All those mistakes. Small but big matters sometimes. That is why anybody can't make a new faster chipset in their barn from sticks.]

[I think system is old and needs to be renew and uploaded not downgraded.]

I wish to meet some nice girl. Today I've met very nice girl. She said that she just sold her boat. If it was a little white lie then now she have to sell second. Selling boats. What a thing to do! I don't know how? There is probably special app for that. 🌹🤣

Is there app for everything?

[What is "trinqualizer shot"? Is it official name for those who is pissing me off sometimes? I am listening extremely interesting podcast about Vladimir Putin on Spotify! Made by BBC? Let's write another article!]

Wed 10:37 28 September

4843: I love my new phone!

10124: Even when someone is watching me. You know. It's like Radio Gaga for me. And 🔋 is strong.

Look. I want secret suitcase full of cash.

- Oh yeah? And what you gonna do with that?

Hmm. New Phone I already have so... I would buy house in somewhere or...

- Can you just ask us can you sleep on our couch next time?

No. I have to have my very own apartment. I would be so happy to be fucking rich just for doing nothing and being hacker. But I don't want to all my life write about that someone fucked me. Paidfucking? What the hell?! I don't want that.

Databases and Micro Ads on Stickers. Making music. This is what I wanna do! And blogging! Yeah!

Tue 12:06 27 September

4842: This is how those stupid systems are working?

10123: Look. I don't want to have enemies. I just wanna avoid troubles!

They are working in huge group so they need only simple explanation of their actions for themselves. They knows that they are holding all cards so fuck the true. The most important things is that there are some manuveres. It's so exciting job!

So... In the middle of the week at 10 o'clock they are sending little kids to Burger King because they knows that I will be there because I need WiFi.

In their files I am "pedofile" so... Later during a day... In other place where is WiFi and some kids who I am trying to ignore as much as I can because I am busy, and I am sitting in the corner to protect my back, finally when I am finding solution and I am trying to test it... fat bitch is stabbing me with some shit from the back with assist of two their friends from the front and cashier who is only to attract my attention. Fuck!

I have to get rid of this fucking phone. It's a fucking hell. If you don't have a phone they are fucking you because you don't have a phone and if you have the phone and you are "pedofile" in their system, they are sending kids to you, and later agents who are stabbing you with some shit from the back.

And if you realize all this shit and when you are writing articles about it, "God" is telling you in the back of your head "look what I am doing for you". You are writer.

Oh Mr. I would be 20.000 more happy if you, and your fucking crew of real pedofiles, would just fuck away from me forever, and never bother me again about anything. Will you?

This is how "they" work. Old Russian school of searching, making and fucking criminals or potential criminals and being proud every single day from themselves because of "securing" the world. And the bitch is doing the shipping at the same time. Fuck!

Instead of killing themselves in huge groups just like in cities they are preferred to work cooperatively against regular civilian. Oh no! Dangerous terrorist like me, huh? Dangerous because I know all their dirty tricks. And they are the one who are on the top of police and they are teaching them what to do.

But I am telling you fucking truth. But don't worry. Conception is like that. Only police officers can read so in case something would write something on them, noone else will read it. And this is how Russia is solving their fake problems. Using only biggest rockets and just to fire them blindly. Boss told them. And their boss is fucking stupid surrounded by hundreds of "agents". Fuck! And that is why world is so fucked place.

This is how Russia do! This is how Russia teach.

Military russian pilot who by accident shooter down passenger airplane and 170 died or 270 I don't remember, after some years giving proud interview for "Americans" that this aircraft enter their military zone. Do you get it?

And do you know why those passenger plane change course? Because Russians hacked it's computer! Pilot was doing everything right. This is who they are.

I will give you another example: Imagine that some country in Europe or anywhere, for example Switzerland, wants to "get rid of" all "Russians" and send them home. They are even proudly talking about themselves that "nobody likes Russians". Do you think it's possible? No.

Every revolution on the planet earth is made only against Russian domination. This is my point of view.

And I think that everywhere is the same. Because Russia is so big from such a long period of time. Only look at the map of the world.

2WW was made by Russians! Guess how they did it? Oh just imagine yourself.

And Ukraine? Russian agents living in Germany just start going to Ukraine and pretending Germans who wants to buy girls. Later they evolved in neo-nazis... but... deep down there it's the same team as Russia.

I was in Georgia and Armenia lately. Still Soviet Union. And Finland? "The best country I visit so far!" Do they have far away there? No! It's just the question who like freeze off his butt.

And you know. Fuck that shit. I just want to be understood and protected here in this country because I am running away from... something... and wherever I am I am finding this again and again or just another mutations if it. Does it has name "The Real Corona Virus"?

And I don't want to be in winning team or any team. I just want to live long happy life without any fucking shit on my back and behind my back. I am not any fucking pedofile! I am real good person you fucking idiots! Just kill yourself for me please before next time you will give order to follow me, to spy on my, to send some fucking units after me to "fuck me" any way only you can do. Fuck!

- Prada. It's merciless jungle. We can't do shit!

It's a fucking bullshit! I know what you can do so don't shoot to me from you strays. P L E A S E !!!?

Thank You! ❤️🌹😁🧠🐚🎵🎶🎵💯😂🤣😭

"Neo-Nazi American Pedofile's Manuveres" - WHAT???!!! 🤣😂

Tue 11:48 27 September

4841: You don't have to shoot at me!

10120: I am not looking for enemies. I just want to share with you my expirence. Maybe it's a little SF but... what the hell. Don't you read SF books? So in case you don't like this "colored" version of reality, then think that it's only my wrote imagination. 😁🧠😆

10121: Look guys! We're learning eachother! You are giving me your attention when I am resting and then you are thinking that you have to shoot at me. You really don't have to. Then you go back to your boyfriend's or girlfriends or happy families and I am left alone with all your fucking poison you gave me. Tell me. What is fucking logic in it? Tell me. Fucking other people from the back it's just boring. Just please fuck off and let me live my difficult life I choose for myself. I am always hoping that you will be helping me and not something opposite! So please. Fuck your commanders and company and just be good people who are not attacking others from the back! Thank you!

Fucking army! You don't have to be such an ugly motherfuckers for people who are coming here to visit not you but your beautiful nature. Even when the weather is winter fucked up. So... Let's be friends. My lifestyle is out of your minds. So let's keep it like that. Don't be such a fucking Nazis. Just think for yourself and let other people just live. Many times before I was here and there was very nice. What went wrong with you guys? Is there something like competition of fagots I don't know about? Guys come one! Fuck! Let's chill out. But you don't have to shoot to strangers. Especially to me! It's better to just talk maybe, he?

Please. Don't shoot at me.

- Prada. There is too many Russian bitches. They have their own Russian directives to fuck all world. Everything what is not them. They are teaching the same highest military guys from each single country. You can't even imagine how deep is this shit and what they are capable to.

Solution: always watch your back! Never let anyone to stand behind you. Anyway they will got you! They can use snipers they can use toxic gas. They can poison water in your town which is already very poisoned by Henkel products.

They can track what are your favourite products and poison them in the factory and deliver them straight to shelf in your favourite shop.

They are using local military organised kids who have to obey and they are using highest rank military guys to proceed with their plans.

Little kids playing in games of secretly killing all other people who are not them.

They can pretend conflicts between two nations. Kill soldiers just for fun from whatever side and tell everybody through worlds and your favourite national media, that those other guys did it.

It's just amazing. So... they are just killing everybody and they will kill you and they will kill me and actually whatever because we all die anyway, because they are killing everybody, so fuck such a fucking stupid life on such a "very well ass fucked planet".

So! Thanks for technology! Years 90 was fuck because all this shit was fresh. And now?

They can make me sick. They can kill me. They can tell them self that I know too much. I know fucking shit. I am just smart and I am heavily watching what is happening around me. They have their own fucking network and they are hiding in the bushes in your city. Check who is talking loudest. Check who is biggest bastard. If you can't look someone's eyes and if you got this "innocent fat woman" behind your back it's 100% that it's some "Russian motherfucker" who pretends pure local nationalist.

World is fuck game for them. They were always fucking you because it's their one and only thing to do and this makes them kings of the world.

So... nothing. Really nothing. I have to be more careful on everything. I can ask them gently to fuck off, but they can't sleep at night and they are following me and walking after me. And they can see you even when your phone is off. And even if you have Newest Purest Generic Android installed on your little phone. So...

Come on! Buy rod find some river and go fishing! LoL

They know that I am not bad guy. They framed me in being pedofile. They know my story. And anyway they are sending their own bitches to shoot me in the back. So...

I don't like chess. I have to find some English book.

When it's night I like to sleep so thank you very much for midnight visitors. I am not gay. And even bitches I don't trust because there is a killer behind every bitch and bitch can fuck you and the stick knife or "something like that" in your back.

When I am talking about something like that I am thinking about some newest SF military production, compare with high tech newest phones. "Magic silent pistols shooting with any kind of chemical package you want".

And I am not smoking cigarettes. And I would never take tabaco or nothing from anyone but today I took.

They can pretend nicest people. And maybe they really fucking are nicest people. I am very nice. Everything what they are doing is bullshit. Every single step is fake. Every mission or stupid order from their bosses. So...

We have no option but to live our life's just like they and their boss (you can call them God) figure out for You. Probably they can even appreciate me, because not everybody is me, and not everybody is doing what I am doing.

Did you saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? It's like them against Shreder but in real life Turtles looses l because there are millions of Shreders. Fuck! So... what to do?

I am on the parking lot. Minus one floor. It's 2:30AM. Someone is there. They got cars, weapon, everything. For them everyday is adventure and walking around me is like Jacky Chan movie and... I can't sleep because of it. So...

Maybe someone came to give me money? But I already configure fucking Skrill. You know... and I am thinking what I will eat for breakfast. let me think... Let eat breakfast now! It's bread and oil and patte.

I am so happy that I am here and not in Turkey anymore. I will go as far as possible on the North. Even Greenland or Svalbard and thank you very much for all this "middle earth" bullshit. Somewhere there Taylor Swift is waiting for me. Maybe even after my death. So...

Nothing. Really nothing. It's just nothing. It's just guy with backpack and his new phone and some Ninjas who can't sleep behind my backs. In the middle of the night. Maybe it always be like that.

North Pole is my fucking home. I am coming home.

They can... Or just some HE can... murder me, but why? I don't want to bang his wife or girlfriend?

Princess Nokia - Grouse "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Bitch I am Grouse..." 🎶🎵

I am coming to be tourist...

Fuck this phone. I have it only because I am writer. And those guys are talking through me. Somehow it works like that. I am "kind of hiding" with "poison in my back" and they are coming to feel my presents with their presents.

Oh. It's boring to follow sex doing couples. LoL

Maybe Transformer came to see me. LoL. Something like that. You can call it Transformer. I am trying to be as quiet and as less disturbing as possible. But I can't sleep with ninja waiting for my sleep to come to me and kill me or whatever. So... The best option will be to just change place where I am now. I am not sure. Maybe it's even raining outside.

Live Book! Another super idea! I never wrote anything like this. Why? Because I am not text messaging with my girlfriend anymore.

And you think that he is alone and there is many of them. They are just waiting somewhere there. Even in the forest. That's why I can't sleep. It's obvious that they are riding behind me. It was impossible to stay in city. And I bought a phone. For fucking what? Only for paying. And now I am writing.

Let's drink something and let's eat something and let's walk around a bit. And we'll see what will happen... Yeah. Let's eat outside.

I will tell you how those stupid system are working....

10122: Sorry for swearing. I was writing in the night. Lot of people are having sex in night. Bad words are connected with having sex I think. Just another maybe... 😁🧠
Tue 11:37 27 September

4840: Taylor Swift ❤️🌹
Tue 9:35 27 September

4839: I give up! 😂

10108: No money. No paying with the phone. I have to pray and ask nice people for help until I will cut some grass somewhere or dig some tunnel or industrial dive.

10109: Fuck! It should work! "Wanna change your car for a horse?"

10110: Why horse is better than car? Your homework!

10115: ...

10116: Is torrent locked?

10117: The question in type... "Why did you killed our baby honey?"

10118: I am searching "Oreo"!

10119: No! "Kit-Kat"!
Mon 14:43 26 September

4838: "Tapped" Phones in Scandinavia (The Very Important Article!)

10089: "Tapped" Phones in Denmark - Very Important Article I bought phone in Denmark. New Redmi Note 11 sold not in orginal box. It even has a fingerprint of some guy who was accepting some options through plastic foil who covers the screen.

Danish people are very smart. They realize somehow that Chinese people are spying on us and they decided to install their own spying software. Well... If those "yellow motherfuckers can spy on our kids so why not we"? I understand their point of view!

At first I was super surprised and heavenly pissed of but temptation for buying such a phone was huge so I decided to become friend of those who are spying on me. Those people can't even present themselves well, because there is nothing to present, and usually their background you would call "heavy shit". They are military, police, Russians, CIA, agents, spy's, killers, criminals and government but HEY! Maybe we can be very good friends!

I am heavy traveler and this is what I do. It's my biggest hobby and my way of life. I am doing all I can to continue me "journey" and adventures and I am also writer an journalist, so I need to have a phone to "work". And also for fast international money transfer just to pay for food and simple things in shops using such a payment systems like Revolut, PaySend and PayPal. Are there any others?

For "them" I am just moving point on map. I am sure that I have some fans and it's just pleasure for them to watching where I am and what I am doing.

Look. Chinese people were spying us since 3 or 4 decades. So only imagine enthusiasm of Danish people who install their own "spying software" to protect little girls from pedophiles {pedo-files} of course because for some people it's their one and only reason to exist, and I can understand that. And I am also programmer so I know what they can do.

Little bit exploring of dark paths of humans minds bring us all to simple solution. People with "power" wants everything. They are creating the local law so they are above the law so they also wants to spy their own society just like producers of those fucking phones. And the one and only thing that they have to do to achieve all their dreams is to... rip off orginal plastic box, open it and install their own soft, and then make it looks like orginal again. Fine!

Chinese people wouldn't even talk with them, so they close the borders because of Corona. Simple solutions aren't always the best so that's why I am writing this extremely interesting article.

Look. People can easily realize some things. Chinese people was selling their informations to some people. I think their first one and only client was "European like" government of Russia & USA who is saying directly "fucking all Europe" but it's fine and it is perfectly understood. Those guys are just biggest and if they are biggest and if there's a many of them, they are also strongest. So they are controlling all world or at least everything what they can. BUT...

"Lower Levels" of human kind, and locally actually they are highest level you can imagine, also wants some peace of cake. So... I decided to support them officially. And I believe into several things:

1) Even mobsters have golden hearts!
2) Police is good and they are living to serve other people and to protect them against everything they can, even from threats that they have figure out by themselves.
3) The fact that I am very smart doesn't make a "sick person from me".
4) People should be well informed about everything what is happening and what is going on in their lives.

So! Conclusion is like that! I think that locally should appear companies who are producing their own software for your phones and they should sell it in their own boxes giving to a people honestly as more informations as possible. And the most important message should be: we are spying on you for your very own goodness and safety.

It's huge responsibility to be administrator of somebodies phones. Those people now are hiding just like all fucking China. And if they are hiding they are capable to do a "bad jokes" to the people. This "black & dark secret mind" should go away! And I promise you... all the world will become brighter place!

So! Guys who were install you very own mutation of Android or whatever fuck it is inside my phone. I am taking you to my backpack so enjoy every single day with me! Protect me and take care of me and all will be fine. Sounds nice? Sounds greatest?

So please! I am begging you! Don't do any bad jokes on me and don't give me too much of your attention because I have a headache.

James Prada

And remember one thing. Only you reading me because rest of the people doesn't even give a fuck about anything else then a tip of their noses. 👽😆😉🥰🤩😍

Taylor Swift! Baby! I love you so much! ❤️🥕 Please by in every nice person I will meet on my way! I will be looking for you a little bit there! 🥰😂🤣❤️

This article also could have begging like: "Gang Of Governmental Pedophiles Are Spying On Your Daughter" or "Little Girls Are In Danger" but fuck that shit! Nowadays is just normal. LoL 😂🤣

And last one joke for the end of this article. One girl who went college bought herself or recieve phone "made" in India. (It was cheaper!) And later she had hindu boyfriend! 🤣😂🤣😂

Guys! LoL 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🥰❤️🥕

Ps: Please! Can I use Revolut normally? 🤲🙏

10090: [Mi.com] ❤️🥕🤣 Hahahahaha! This page looks oryginal as fuck! 🙏😉😆🤩😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣

10091: Some bugs in modify-Android system: 1) hiding apps. Google play showing that some app is installed and you can't find this app on your phone! 😂🤣 LoL

10092: Guys. You have to know that Chinese programers seeing everything what you are doing! Even when those hindu guy was telling them that they won't. It's so funny! 🤣😂 Where is my PaySafeCard app?!!! 🤣😂

10093: Buying tapped phone with not orginal software is so much fun! I heard guys that you are preparing for making 8 part of Far Cry! Do you promise that it will be better than oryginal "Canadian"? 🤣😂🤩 LoL

10094: Actually it was Germans idea! Didn't you saw this episode or RTL7?

10095: You level of integration into regular services made for humanity are against national and universal law.

10096: Ask yourself question. What was the last model of the fone made in Norway? Ericson? 🤣😂 And then what? LoL You stayed at this level. Because this is your best. So if you know it now, just stay away from high technology designed by aliens made for humankind.

10097: You are like stupid little kids who wants to be more important by taking away toys from other people. It's disqusting and stupid. I am just fucking speechless! Wow! It's probably Russians because as far as I know they are fucking all the world. So sad! So ass fucked future for your kids. So regime! I just assumed that you had simply nothing to say. I don't know what to say? To with you happy killing other people and all nations? LoL 😂🤣

10098: This is who you are for humankind! 🦠 Keep going like that! Does in Germany is the same? Probably because they didn't sold me phone there. Fuck it. Life without a phone is just marvelous. Your level of integration and manipulation is so huge! It's just porn fuck camera machines! You are mobsters! So you are trying to take phones from other people. But I got idea!

10099: Instead of regularly using phone like paying and checking Google Maps and watching old movies from Pirat Bay or Netflix I will be doing as many photos as possible including my dick and bitches tits. It looks like it's last model of Ericson level. Keep going like that you idiots who are installing spying software in not your kids phones. It's amazing! This what you are doing is just crimes against humanity. I want you to know it very well. But I am sure you know it already.

10100: Now everybody giving yourself very important question? But we already know the answer. Everybody buying phones for their kids! And better res for bitches... because sadly it's all your high tech, fake, plastic life. You aren't human. You are not living. You just staring into your screens. Just like Arabs making petrol for cars, the Asia producing screen for you to stare into it. So this is what you do all your life. You driving cars and wasting your days staring into your screens. I can use you. As I told you I can make milions of photos.

10101: You know guys. I am just trying to help you. I was living without phone lately and I can tell you that this kind of life is just marvelous. I just bought a phone because I was thinking that it's a way to pay for myself while I am traveling. And I discovered heavy shit. Actually it's just another jock. Like everything. So... maybe it's time to throw your phone away and just to start normal beautiful life? Will you ever taste it?

10102: Probably you will be always slaves of your fucking stupid habits what will take you away from life. Just normal. Using your eyes and mind... legs and hands to live your life. Who you are? Kids of Orwell? System? Slavery? Killing? Obey? Poisoned? Shots in the back? Who the fuck are you? Or who made you like this? Don't you want to have a horses? Don't you want to breath a fresh clean air? Do you know how many phones and cars we have to destroy? But it will never happen. Russian army protect all shit possible. Black guys are protecting selling iPhones for horrible prices. You live just for two things! The purpose of you existence is only two things! Wanna know? Of course... Love and so on...BUT MAINLY...

10103: 1) To have a newest and fastest phone possible!

10104: 2) To have a newest and fastest car possible!

10105: Can you see yourself now inside all this shit? I will tell you last time. Throwaway all this shit and buy a horse! And you will be free. And way more happy than you are now!

10106: Who I am now? Slave of motherfucker who made modification in my phone to fuck me while I am trying to use it normally? Wow! It's amazing. What a bullshit! I am so sorry for that and for you all you morrons! Keep looking into the mirror and asking yourself question: how to change your life for better?

10107: ❤️🙏🤯

10111: [AndroidPureGenericSystems] are here if you want to wash your phone from heavy bullshit. Yeah! Or... just buy donkey and leave your phone in home. 🤯😂😉🙂❤️

10112: You only need Android Studio... and USB cable...to connect your phone to your PC...

10113: I appreciate your effort. So I will... Try out your soft. But don't make me stupid jokes please! I have to be able to use Revolut app! Why I can't register myself there? If in 3 days I won't be able to use it. I am downgrading to Generic 10... I promise.

10114: I wanna check if speed will increase! I mean... Most people don't know... Where to find official former versions of Android. Are they even exist? 👻
Mon 10:07 26 September

4837: Tony Hawk!?

10082: Polskie fonty nie są zbytnio kompatybilne z tym małym programikiem zamieniającym grafikę na tekst. Ha!

10083: - Now you only have to buy fishbord again!

10084: - Isn't name of it is "pennyboard"?

10085: Do we talk about it earlier?

10086: - Check Decathlon models!

10087: It's like that: You are penny! And this is just skateboard! 😆🤗

Sun 9:58 25 September

4834: 763
Fri 11:08 2 September

4833: 759
Fri 11:06 2 September

4832: 755
Fri 11:06 2 September

4831: 751
Fri 11:05 2 September

4830: 747
Fri 11:04 2 September

4829: 743
Fri 11:03 2 September

4828: 739
Fri 11:02 2 September

4827: 735
Fri 11:01 2 September

4826: 731
Fri 11:01 2 September

4825: 727
Fri 11:00 2 September

4824: 723
Fri 10:59 2 September

4823: 719
Fri 10:58 2 September

4822: 715
Fri 10:58 2 September

4821: 711
Fri 10:57 2 September

4820: 707
Fri 10:56 2 September

4819: 703
Fri 10:56 2 September

4818: 699
Fri 10:55 2 September

4817: 695
Fri 10:54 2 September

4816: 691
Fri 10:54 2 September

4815: 687
Fri 10:53 2 September

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