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4814: 683
Fri 10:52 2 September

4813: 679
Fri 10:51 2 September

4812: 675
Fri 10:48 2 September

4808: 671
Fri 10:48 2 September

4807: 667
Fri 10:47 2 September

4806: 663
Fri 10:46 2 September

4805: 659
Fri 10:45 2 September

4804: 655
Fri 10:44 2 September

4803: New Pages
Fri 10:34 2 September

4802: Super Movie

10075: World is fucking shit for Gods!

10076: Old Russians military assholes are blindly fucking all humankind! Some old vampires who own everything fucking everything! Every country has Russian dick in their ass!

10077: Hindu "Temple of Doom" and all Gods of death who does not fucking care about anything!

10078: I will pray that Thor will kill them all! But I don't think that this is possible!
Thu 11:13 25 August

4801: Taylor Swift

10067: You should save the world with me baby!

Wed 9:05 17 August

4800: Magic Pistols in Ankara

10052: One guy in internet cafe in the center of Ankara did it to me yesterday. He just passed me by. I have no idea what is this. Some fucking agent. Probably Russian (=Polish) Mafia KGB UFO Whatever Fuck Exist on Earth!

10053: China supply fucking Russia and USA. Cosmic toys in a hands of fucking morron kids who are destroyimg live on this planet just to feel more important and well organised! Fuck!

10054: Police, Secret Police, Govenmental Money... and fucking tourists and innocent people... ''just because thay aren't in OUR BEST fucking TEAM!'' Well I have something to say to you fucking morrons...

10055: Your girlfriend knows that you are fucking nothing garbage in your town! Fuck you and fuck your little money and you Mercedes-Benz or BMW! I am fucking you and your mothers because your mothers are only fucking whores and YOUR THINKING IS AN FUCKING ERROR IN OUR CIVILISATION! You are nothing to me! Garbage who should not exist at all you stupid motherfuckers! Fuck you and fuck your kids because your kids are BAD SEEDS!

10056: I hope you understand that I am talking to ''I don't know who!'' because those FUCKING PUSSIES are fucking me from behind! They don't even talk to me because they are such a fucking cowards! And their job is fucking their own people! So tourists is nothing special to them!

10057: They could be: 1) Local Mafia 2) KGB 3) CIA 4) Mossad or whoever! Some stupid children with their fancy SF toys to control reality!

10058: Fucking from behind is probably worid trend today! So watch your back always!

10059: You know! 'We' normal people are defendless against those pussy ass fucked faggots! We can do nothing! And those whores got all arsenal of weapon to kill innocent people from behind 'just for fun'! So fuck them!

10060: Even fucking Fredi Mercury from Queen sang: ''if you can't beat them join them'' but I would never do that! Only to kill them all from the inside! So... you know guys what to do! - Prada

10061: It was only for people with brains involved in all this SECRET shit!

10062: The only way to cure the earth is that you should kill yourself from the inside in all your stupid organisations! But this is only for bravest and biggest motherfuckers who knows what is really good to do!

10063: All I have to do is to avoid all civilisation because wherever I go I am biggest motherfucker exist and all those fucking pussies can't stand this and their bosses have to impress all your fucking solidares! Fuck!

10064: So I have fucking greate advice for you! Kill your fucking boss from the back and be a boss yourself! If you only have balls to do this you fucking pussy!

10065: Fuck you stupid morrons! I will never go back to Turkey and I suggest everybody to avoid this country! I will tell you more! Turkey should forget about EU forever! And all europe should kick them out back to their muslim terrorist countries! LoL İt's probably too late already but it's the only one way for the europe to survive!

10066: They are selling fucking petrol! And they protect their fucking interests! That's why you should start riding horses!

10069: ''And I told you that in Ankara they are shooting at people everywhere. Everywhere there is a big crowd. It's the mafia.''

10070: ''You know ... some military secrets on the streets. I do not know what is it. Poison. Soporific.''

10071: ''Probably nothing serious. But it leaves a mark on the body. Something like a prick. Today I was hit in the leg. Because I was going through such a large street to KFC.''

10072: ''There, the fucking guy's whores sit and shoot as they fly to everyone. You know I don't know, maybe even some medications or drugs. Who knows that? A bunch of fucking bastards. Street fucking mafia. Kids. Children are doing so because they've been told to. Fucking whores. Everyone is afraid of them. The army and the police too. They are invisible. As if they were not exist at all. Just don't tell me I'm fucking crazy and I need to heal myself. LoL I'm leaving Ankara tomorrow. I advice everybody not to come here ever! Fuck!''

10073: Fuck guys! It's is stupid to ask you for anything but... can you just fuck off? Can you respect ''turists''? Why are you doing such a fucking shit?! What the fucking hell? You don't like my hat? Or is it about your religion? Or is it just fucking stupid madness you are all living in? Who made you like that and when? When it all was happend? What are you anyway?!!! Please! Think about all this shit! İs it possible to change it? Maybe there is too much Police and Military people in Turkey? Or maybe you should legalize weed? Or maybe you are too crazy? Don't you? Just tell me! What the fuck!??? Good bye! See ya never again!

10074: Who made you like that? Russians? Mobsters? Hindu Guys? Your God? Who is your boss and does he knows what is he doing? Come one! Maybe it's the time to re-thing all the situation! Are you even able to do good things??!

10079: They are everywhere! Probably Russian fucks! Fucking russian agents! Fuck them! Fuck off from me your putas! You fucking motherfuckiers! You fucks!
Wed 8:02 17 August

4799: DiJet

10049: [SuppriceLink]
Tue 18:02 16 August

4798: Visa To Pakistan

10048: [RegisterOnLine] Well! Super! Good that's not off line! Since Corona Virus all is in hands of Russian's Government Hackers! In Poland it's called ''Army Of Protecting Of Cyber Space''. Join the Army! Play Valorant!

10050: ''So. You stupıd. I dont thınk so that you gıvng me correct ınformatıons. Its lıke 'fuck you ınformatıons'. I dont lıke sucha a fuckıng. I am not stupıd and you are pretednıng smarter than I am. So... For transıt vısa Should I go to Pak-embassy in Ankara? Or should I vısıt your fuckıng websıte whıch does not work because I dont know the fuck why!? So maybe you tell me Mr Support. But please dont fuck wıth me just lıke your websıte ıs broken made! Are you only pretendıng that your border ıs open for turısm? Tell me truth!''

10051: I cıekawe co chuj mı odpısze lol! Haha!
Mon 12:04 15 August

4797: Art Work

10047: Well. This game is crazy! I never played CS before. Just few times. But since I found this stupid game I think I found just my favourite game. At least when I got PC at the front of my eyes. It's rare!
Mon 7:00 15 August

4796: New Photo From Holidays

10046: This game is just sweet!
Wed 20:22 10 August

4795: Neon

10045: [NiceAd] This game is number one in Tureky!!!! Wow!!!!!
Tue 15:42 9 August

4794: Ask Termimator!

10044: [ThisGuyHereIsCoolest] This guy is eating all the time!
Sun 18:48 7 August

4793: Taylor! Try Diet Cola!

10040: This girl should try some Sprite or Fanta maybe! Or Diet Cola? What do you think about it?

10042: I am watching best VIDEO on the net!
Sun 8:06 7 August

4792: Superleggera

10038: ''We work with the same matter the dreams are made of.''

10039: Me: What's up Taylor about that?
Sat 21:45 6 August

4791: Far Cry Primal

10037: Ok! I will!
Sat 20:54 6 August

4790: Onboard : Kalle Rovanperä WRC Safari

10035: Niechcacy Szczelil Murzyna i Pume ktorzy szli po wode! (Ang. By accident they hit black bro with Puma who were walking along the road for a water to well!) [Polish language is very compact!]

10036: Ad: Bank of Africa! - We're changing Bananas to Coconuts for a small commission fee!
Sat 20:26 6 August

4789: Kalle Rovanperä & Jonne Halttunen

10034: [LetsGoAlready!]
Sat 20:19 6 August

4788: Oliver! Cheer up!

10033: Ale wyjebal! Kurwa!!! Szkoda auta!

10041: A to byl taki mily i pozytywny chłopak! Może jeszcze będzie tylko ktoś mu musi kupić drugie auto!
Sat 20:09 6 August

4787: Selena what are you doing in your closet?

10024: Selena: It's not a closet! It's and elevator! I am listenining Aerosmit. Drums and Guitar Solos!

10025: Taylor: I didn't knew that I got elevator in my closet!

10026: Me: Well now you know! With everything is like that! You know! Don't be naive! Don't pretend that you didn't knew! I got some songs for you!

10027: [WoodooMedicineMan]

10028: [ComeTogether]

10029: [Crazy]

10030: [Amazing]

10031: [LetMeTellYou.....]

10032: [.....Donington]
Sat 18:40 6 August

4786: This Rocket Is Standing Still

10015: Selena only comes out of her closet for a party!

10016: - I am disappointed Prada. I thought I will be your number one and you choosed Taylor.

10017: - You don't like me moving my body?

10018: I like. But Taylor's gonna be pissed if she hits us fucking in the kitchen.

10019: Taylor: Don't worry kids! You can't drink and party today! I am reading book! Actally I am buying perfect Camber Van for us!

10020: [Come&GetIt]

10021: What is the fuel consumption? 21 liters per 100 km?

10022: Me: Taylor. Are you spontaniously planing your next big adventure? I am sure in Asia with us you can live like invisible nobody! You will write some artice for National Georgaphic. About history of some city when we'll be! Selena like naked photos! LoL

10023: Fuck! I have to scan some pages of my book for Reese!
Sat 18:22 6 August

4785: Extra real virtual wife!

10009: ''Decide what is yours to hold and let the rest go!''

10010: ''Revolting and hilarious!''

10011: ''Trends and phases are fun!''

10012: ''Looking back and laughting is fun!''

10013: ''Never be ashamed of trying!''

10014: ''Effortlessness is a myth!''
Sat 15:15 6 August

4784: O Fuck!

10004: Really! Rally?
Sat 14:07 6 August

4783: 2nd on Medium WRC 7 Deutchland

10002: Esapekka Lappi Loves Microsoft!

10003: Emboldened by success ... I'm buying an English dictionary to impress Taylor Swift.
Sat 13:41 6 August

4782: Who is she for you?

10001: Is it question to me?
Fri 15:29 5 August

4781: Ninja ZX-10R

9996: Good luck!

9999: Wow! We have 9999 comment here! Just check next one!

10000: [WelcomeToTheNinjaWorld!] Don't worry too much!
Fri 13:39 5 August

4780: Ninja ZX-6R
Fri 13:29 5 August

4779: Ninja 650

10006: Top Speed?
Fri 11:58 5 August

4778: Ninja 400

9995: I like this very much! Little fast bike!
Fri 11:56 5 August

4777: Where The Cowards Sing?

9993: Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon (born March 22, 1976) is an American actress and producer. The recipient of various accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and two Golden Globe Awards, she has consistently ranked among the world's highest-paid actresses. Time magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2006 and 2015, and Forbes listed her among the World's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2019. In 2021, Forbes named her the world's richest actress with an estimated net worth of $400 million.

9994: Jock of a day: - Who will pay for such a bullshit? - Eee... Sony?
Fri 11:08 5 August

4776: Me, Sand & Sea

10007: Beautiful song!
Fri 11:02 5 August

4775: Kuba Motors

10008: My name in Poland is ''Kuba''!! Yeah! Just like Cuba.
Fri 10:51 5 August

4774: Taylor is Cooking ''Gophers''

9991: Preparation Pour the flour into a bowl, add baking powder, salt, sugar, vanilla sugar. Mix everything and then add eggs, vegetable oil and milk. ... Preheat the waffle iron. Bake the waffles for about 3 - 3.5 minutes or for the time specified in the instructions for the waffle maker. ... After baking, put the waffles on the metal grid.

9992: [LinkToSong]
Fri 10:30 5 August

4773: Visa To China

9989: Can you send me Busıness Invıtatıon letter that you are ınvıtıng me to Bejin as a guest because I want to introduce for people from Poland how people in Beijing are living. Make some photos of apartaments to let connected wıth the prıces. The purpose of ıt ıs that maybe some people from Poland wıll decıde to go to your bıg and beautıful country.

Actually I can be ınvıted to any part of Chına whıch ıs sıuted for hostıng ınternatıonal guests who wants to move there. I am ınternatıonal blogger and travel journalıst. On my websıte I wıll try to wrıte some artıcles about Chına. It was always my dream to lıve ın Chına at least some tıme.

When I wıll be ın chına I wıll try to fınd some Feng Shuı Unıversıty and I wıll try to study there. A am also wıllıng to learn Cheneese language. I am marrıed sıngle man. But I travel alone. So please Mr. send my letter to certaın department of your company or any other company ın Chına who can help me wıth recıevıng busıness VISA.

I am fully ındependent person. I love to sıght seeıng mountaıns and wıld areas. Actually I prefere wıld and lıttle small towns then bıg aglomeratıons. I wıll be very happy to spend ın Chına as long tıme as possıble.

Mr. If you wıll wrıte to me any reply then I wıll send our correspondence to Chına Ambassy ın Poland or wherever ıt wıll be convınıent for me because now I am not ın Poland.

The companys websıte of my famıly's company ıs: We are located ın oldest and most beautıful cıty ın Poland - Krakow, some people are sayıng that Cracow is the cultural capıtal of Europe. Maybe just because ıts old and beautıful.

As a re-payment I can Invıte you to Cracow to Poland because maybe in Chına some people wants to see our old polısh beautıfyul cıty and maybe even move there for a year or two. On YouTube I found nıce 4K pıcture of my home town Cracow:

Thank you very much Mr. and have a nıce day!

James Prada

9990: [FullHouseNetwork]
Fri 10:13 5 August

4772: Trying to sightseeing Turkey!

9987: I guess I need to be a f ** ked gull or a drone.
Thu 11:36 4 August

4771: Democracy

9983: A system in which the citizens of countries such as China, Russia, Korea, Arabia are not let out of their countries and are isolated from the democratic rest of the world whose capital is ancient Grace and Italy.

9984: Do you want to discuss it?

The problem is the expansion of military forces in places where there is nothing else to do!

Creating a illusion of the need for military power only so that the Generals have access to a prominent pool of government money.

I do not see any solution other than the existence of a fully virtual world or space bank, paying everyone money for nothing.

Just stay home. Or they took long walks with the dog. End of the world.

However, someone made this computer and brought this melon to the store. So the world is not as simple as it seems.

9985: If you have a hunger for life, put your chair on the road and watch the passing cars. Maybe this is what you are looking for instead of everything else?

9986: Any company that does nothing and any office with a computer, answer every question you have. Or get out of your chair and become a pilgrim.
Thu 9:30 4 August

4770: For All Police (Explanation)

9967: 2015'te Polonya'da bir kızla tanıştım ve onu kalması için davet ettim. sonra sadece 15 yaşında olduğu ortaya çıktı, ama kesinlikle sahte belgeleri vardı

9968: Don aramızda hiçbir şey olmadı. 7 gün evimde misafirdi ve bir yatakta beraber yattık. Bir kez seks yapmayı denedik ama bu değildi. Sonra onun evde sorunları olduğu ortaya çıktı.

9969: Avukatım beni gözaltından çıkarmak için ki bu gerçekten kötüydü, itiraf etmemi emretti ve o zaman düşük bir ceza alacağımı söyledi. Annemin parasını ödediği bir avukattı.

9970: Süresiz cezaya çarptırıldım. 10 yıl 2 yıl 4 ay ara verildi. Ama gezgin olduğum için küratörle teması ihmal ettim. Orada 3 aydan fazla kaldığım için beni Norveç'ten Polonya'ya sınır dışı ettim ve iki bira çaldığım için para cezası aldım.

9971: 2 yıl 4 ay cezaevine gittim. Katliam! Ve şimdi, nerede olursam olayım, tüm INTERPOL askeri-polis sistemlerinde kesinlikle seks suçlusu olacağım. Ruskıe KGB'nin tek yaptığı bu. Ve ben keçiyim!

9972: Polisin yapacak bir şeyi yok ve bana ihtiyaç duyulduğunu ve tatilleri koruduklarını düşündürmek için kimseye yapışıyorlar. Polisi ve tüm dünyayı kontrol eden KGB hayatımı mahvetti! Çünkü sahip olduğum her reklamda kendimi her zaman sıfırdan çeviremem!

9973: Ve şimdi biraz mafya. Bazı gizli servisler beni sübyancı yapıyor ve hayatımı zehirliyor. Gizli zehirli tabancalarıyla beni vuruyorlar. Siktir! Hepsini öldürürdüm ama yapamazsın! LoL Peki seni kendimden uzaklaştırmak için ne yapmalıyım!

9974: Beni yanlış anlama. Kimseyi öldürmek ya da öldürmek istemiyorum. Sadece şansıma çok kızdığımı söylemeye çalışıyordum ve tüm bunlar başıma geldi. Onun kötü karması ve onu düzeltmeye çalışıyorum. tüm dünya artık bana karşı olamaz! Bu kadar! Anlayışın için teşekkürler.


9988: (All my hand wrıtıng are 100 true straıght from my mınd. So you can call ıt fıctıonal. And thıs explanatıon ıs because I thınk that someone poısıoned me ın Mersıne. And I dıd some fıctıonal but based on real speculatıons. Maybe ıts stupıd. But on my blog I can wrıte whatever I want so... I dıd ıt. It was on my heart. And you know... I dont know who ıs readıng thıs but somethıng where changed sınce then. I was rıdıng wıth some nıce man ın hıs car and I was explaınıng to hım somethıng usıng Google Translator. But I felt that I should paste ıt to my blog so I dıd ıt. Then for goodbye he saıd to me: I made you a human. So maybe he was God or somethıng. Now I am wearıng golden rıng and sınce Mersın I am eatıng meat so... thıngs are lookıng not so bad anymore. I don't know what should I wrıte you more about it. Yes everythıng ıs true. I was victım ın some kınd of accıdent... or rather trap set on me. Those two dıfferent thıngs sometımes are the same. I thınk that. I prefere wrıte love letters to my beloved Pop Star! Taylor Swıft. Yes! What ıs your favourıte song of her?)
Wed 14:42 3 August

4769: Wildest James!

9966: Say ''Wildest Dreams'' fast! It's so wild that you don't need nothing more! Why Taylor loves wizards? Hmm... let's think together about it! LoL
Sat 9:30 30 July

4768: Taylor!

9962: We did it! Yeah!


9965: I just can't stop writing to You my love! I hope you like it! Please. Like.

10005: [22CommencementSpeakerTaylorSwift]
Sat 9:07 30 July

4767: 649

9961: I baby! I hope you will read all of this! Please! It's me! Your man. LoL Haha!

9964: Selling cristal frogs will be marvelous deal! Everybody will buy it! Or at least 3 people who will be thinking that everybody aready have it! Then those three is enought! This is how the world's work!
Sat 8:52 30 July

4766: 645
Sat 8:51 30 July

4765: 641
Sat 8:50 30 July

4764: 637
Sat 8:49 30 July

4763: 633
Sat 8:48 30 July

4762: 629
Sat 8:46 30 July

4761: 625

9981: ''Everybody to Selena and Greta! Taylor for me!''
Sat 8:46 30 July

4760: 621

9980: ''Here everybody after Greta!''
Sat 8:45 30 July

4759: 617

9979: ''You makes me cool for them all!''
Sat 8:44 30 July

4758: 613

9978: ''Run away from big mother! Never forget Taylor!''
Sat 8:42 30 July

4757: 609
Sat 8:41 30 July

4756: 605
Sat 8:41 30 July

4755: Hi Baby!

Sat 8:40 30 July

4754: 601
Sat 8:39 30 July

4753: 597
Sat 8:37 30 July

4752: 593
Sat 8:31 30 July

4751: 589
Sat 8:08 30 July

4750: 585
Sat 8:08 30 July

4749: 581
Sat 8:07 30 July

4748: Next Pages

9977: ''Babies with probably someone else. LoL''
Sat 8:05 30 July

4747: I fixed ASCII

9959: I admire those poor people on the stadium to survive such a big fucking noise!
Tue 11:43 26 July

4746: Love Miley!

9958: Miley earning tones of love with such a atomic singing! Lads! Miley in the house! Oh funk!
Tue 11:33 26 July

4745: Like Miley!

Tue 11:28 26 July

4744: Before ''Dream Widow''

9956: Where are you hiding Taylor?
Tue 10:27 26 July

4743: Why you need Ted?

9937: Taylor! You're my Ted now! Taylor: What a compliment! Me: Just make your craziness louder!

9955: Always check Prada's Fun secound page! Please!
Tue 8:57 26 July

4742: (Whitney's Version)

9936: Woman! Don't shout on me!
Tue 8:30 26 July

4741: I hate this morron! Is he gay?

9932: Prada it's horror story! Don't watch it! LoL

9933: This is my version of Jocker! [link]

9934: And this my version of Queen! [link]

9935: I am crying!
Tue 8:12 26 July

4740: Portfolio

9915: Is this that vodka stealing punk from Rhianna & Eminem? Probably doc chaned his pills! Good job Taylor! Please more movies & songs like that!

9916: No! Pills stays the same! He's mad man! Favourite Taylor's kind! LoL

9917: I think Taylor's movie shouid come together with [EminemStan-LongVerson]

9918: It's like I am writing to you Taylor or did writing, and I actually don't know your songs Too Well, and you were jalouse because I get marrıed Selean not you! That's why you are my secretary know and your ambicious are so high that you want to blow entire world with your vision about some things and I am the one to tell you this... and all the rest! Fuck!

- Don't look me like that Taylor! We will do it together because I am on you sıde! And yesterday you put the thing on the edge of the knife... and I don't want to risk it all, you know! So okay! For everything you want baby! Now give me kiss and I am sorry for everything!

9919: For everything I said and you didn't like it at all. And for all those things I should say and you didn't hear it yet! Baby! Just give me a longest hug ever and we'll be fine always together! LoL

9920: ''It was nothing...''

9921: [InTheAirTonight]

9922: ''What else I could do?...''

9923: [GeliyorHavalıGeliyor]


9925: About this short movie! Taylor! I love this moment when he's telling her that he is in pregnent with her! It's amazing! She is so pissed off! Wow! Taylor! You are dealer!

9926: So do they decide to remove baby? Did she go back to him?

9927: Taylor! Don't panic! Now your new job is all your life! Talk to me all your dreams and we will come up something for this! Togehter! You can count on me baby!

9928: Let's turn back time with Taylor Swift! ''I can't tell you how it is...'' [LoveTheWayYouLie]

9929: And now I need a song... what change the movie... 360 twice! We're doing ''Panama!'' Hold tight everybody!

9930: [BigGun] Taylor. Your next movie! Can we have more super duper sexy explosions and stuff? But in also super romatic mood! Check this soundbox of SIA and tell me isn't it beautiful! Yeah!

9931: I got Folklore and Reputation baby! Full Albums ın 2 fıles! Love ya! See ya later! Book! Bye!
Fri 16:43 22 July

4739: - Yess boss!

9914: What new album you're talking about?
Fri 16:32 22 July

4738: You got this job girl!

9913: - But can you talk more about yourself?
Fri 16:31 22 July

4737: Sounds nice!
Fri 15:31 22 July

4736: As loud in car as you can!

Fri 14:55 22 July

4735: Here is my new secretary!

9910: She is helping me so much! Our little dream we share it to become first influencer in biz. Yeah! I almost divorced Selena already! (Baby don't read it! It's only for fans!)

9912: Check links on top!
Fri 13:09 22 July

4734: PinnedGreta & McSelena

9906: What do you see on this two pictures? Tell me! What do you think? - I think that nobody treats Greta Seriously! She is onle little rebel who is using social portals to take away young people from schools in fridays. And she build all her reputation on this! She is reason for the Polce to exist! Somebody needs to put all those kids back to their homes where their parents are waiting for them. And my wife Selena Gomez is patiently watching it.

9907: By the way! What kid like she'S doing in government? If you will read my book you will see that I have some better ideas for her then only being ''bad guy'' on the streets of Stockholm and the rest of the world especially at Friday!

9908: You will see that there is only one way to change the world! By p.o.r.n movies! Let the p.o.r.n actors speak loudly about what they are thinking! They should be heard! Look for example at Sasha Grey! The b.i.t.c.h is cooking all the time, traveling & playing games with kids! And what Greta is doing? Can someone put her into the p.o.r.n? Fuck! And then... you will see... whatever she'll tell you... will become more real! I think she needs more confidence in her social world's appearance. Think about it!

9909: Sometimes what I am writing... is so funny that I don't even want to laugh anymore.
Tue 18:53 19 July

4733: 573

9905: I forgot to put question mark ant the end of last page. Yes! I am some other city in Turkey. It's not Ankara anymore! But big cities are similar. I have no idea what people are seing in big aglomerations! It's so nice to be alone somewhere. With only your friends or family or some random people of the Earth. LoL Have a nice day guys! I alredy bought new 4B pencils and some A4 notebook! Can't wait to write you more!
Tue 18:37 19 July

4732: 569
Tue 18:36 19 July

4731: 565

9938: ''People will go mad!''
Tue 18:34 19 July

4730: 561

9939: ''And all world! So good idea!''
Tue 18:32 19 July

4729: 557

9940: ''Con you also invite train station? I mean Jay-Z?''
Tue 18:30 19 July

4728: 553

9941: ''Nice dirty created about human!''
Tue 18:28 19 July

4727: 549

9942: ''And she is so fucking Star!''
Tue 18:27 19 July

4726: 545

9943: ''Talent! I'll be fucking drunken animal somewhere on the internet!''
Tue 18:26 19 July

4725: 542

9944: ''Only drinking fucking ass!''
Tue 18:23 19 July

4724: 538

9945: ''They are living inside your head!''
Tue 18:22 19 July

4723: 534

9946: ''Maybe they are protecting us!'' - Oh! Yeah! I am sure!
Tue 18:21 19 July

4722: 530

9947: ''They will get it I hope! Looking & hearing!''
Tue 18:20 19 July

4721: 526

9948: ''Severely reduced stopping power!''
Tue 18:18 19 July

4720: 522

9949: ''For that they are too damn sexy!''
Tue 18:17 19 July

4719: 518

9950: ''Mornings are her! Until 12!''
Tue 18:15 19 July

4718: 514

9951: ''Team too late! I feel that! No problem!'' Taylor. I am thinking about You! ,o)
Tue 18:14 19 July

4717: 510

9952: ''Was this berry poisioned?''
Tue 18:11 19 July

4716: 506

9953: ''Like her! Greta! Oh shit!''
Tue 18:07 19 July

4715: 502

9954: ''Cumming into all my gilrs!''
Tue 18:06 19 July

4714: 498

9903: ''That kind of entertainment comes from technology!''
Tue 18:03 19 July

4713: 494

9899: ''Invisible man who's saying nothing.''
Tue 17:58 19 July

4712: 490

9900: ''Joanna New Day Let's Go!''
Tue 17:54 19 July

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