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4711: 486

9901: ''Have sex in their club!''
Tue 17:53 19 July

4710: 482

9902: ''Westerns without computers! Soon!''
Tue 17:52 19 July

4709: 478
Tue 17:49 19 July

4708: 474
Tue 17:42 19 July

4707: 470
Tue 17:41 19 July

4706: 466
Tue 17:35 19 July

4705: 462
Tue 17:32 19 July

4704: 458
Tue 17:24 19 July

4703: 454
Tue 17:21 19 July

4702: 450
Tue 17:20 19 July

4701: 446
Tue 17:12 19 July

4700: 442
Tue 17:12 19 July

4699: 438
Tue 17:11 19 July

4698: 434
Tue 17:09 19 July

4697: 430
Tue 17:08 19 July

4696: 426
Tue 17:07 19 July

4695: 423
Tue 17:07 19 July

4694: 419
Tue 17:06 19 July

4693: 415
Tue 17:04 19 July

4692: 411
Tue 17:04 19 July

4691: 407
Tue 17:02 19 July

4690: 403
Tue 16:42 19 July

4689: 399

9897: What happend with 100 missing pages about me and Miley Cyrus?
Tue 16:40 19 July

4688: 295
Tue 16:39 19 July

4687: 291

9896: I am so happy that I finaley scanned all this shit. Now I am armed with new fresh notebook and ready for more! Are you ready for more?! LoL
Tue 16:35 19 July

4686: Drums!

9895: [Lınk]
Sun 20:54 17 July

4685: Dive!

9894: So good night! Sleep well!
Sun 20:30 17 July

4684: Problemy z dzialaniem serwisu Webd.pl

9891: Cos tu kurde nie gra! Nie moge zalogowac sie do C-Panelu, nie moge sprawdzic poczty, nie moge wyslac wiadomosci do swojego dostawcy internetu. Moze to dlatego ze jest niedziela, ale z tego co widze ktos sobie robi ze mnie grube cyfrowe jaja!

9892: Bardzo prosze nie robic mi glupich zartow! Dzıekuje!

9893: Nawet nie moge zalogowac sie do Panelu Klienta na stronie Webd.pİ / What the fuck?!
Sun 15:18 17 July

4683: [Forest]

9875: Today after two weeks in Ankara I have learned big lesson in my life! It's not a stupid jock or having fun from BIG and WISE relligion! It's just showing the world what's going on when it comes to reality! All people who are working in centers of therir towns will agree! And I love this band! Big hello to New Zeland! / It's from album Toxicity.

9876: And I hate fucking phones! And all this bullshit inside what makes you slave!

9877: So... in big cooperation with Greta Thunberg I discovered something great that can change THE ROCK HISTORY! This Media Markt Funny was only introduction to the best deals ever on entire planet Earth forever! Look Fred! It's simple!

The goverments should start paying the big companies not for doing or making some things but for NOT DOING and NOT MAKİNG! I will explain you shortly!

9878: The goal is to reduce amount of cars all around the world! We have do it with the cooperation with World Bank who can produce any amount of transferable money! Dolars for example.

9879: Petrol producer have to shop on paper how many liters of Oil the wouldn't sell or would sell and for what price and they will recive this amont of money from The World Bank. It's only screch of this idea. Only in this way WE can stop corporation from doing BAD things.

9880: The main problem is BASIC (reality based) ECONOMY and it's connection with VIRTUAL WORLD. Look at bombed SYRIA. Look what can be cause of still thinking in reality based economy! All those things needs to go AND WITH BIG BANG to virtual world! I hope that you feel me! I am talking about BIG MONEY MOVMENTS on our happy planet! And those fountains of ''new rules'' will be flowing from World's Bank (if it's exist) through Governments to Businessmans!

9881: So they will STOP DOING SOMETHING bad like selling petrol for example and they will earn still the same money for it. Even twice or three times bigger. And they will have a time and people to start creating something else! Good productive and creative! Connected in real and virtual world at the same time! End of story! It's brilliant as usual!

9882: I see lot of empty busses in all europe! I am talking about reduction of cars by 95% in next few years! Wow! What a challenge! And I am also talking about paying real money to the games for playing games! Trust me! This is one and only purpose for the technology to exist! And we can do it with love!

9883: World bank alredy know how much money they are earning and to who all this money ıs going! So it's clear.

9884: The only problem is people who love to work on the petrol stations all around the world! But it's no problem for them! They should keep earning money too! And there will be still buses and also some cars! Maybe they should start working on train stations.

9885: Everybody should be happy! And nobody should be dissatisfy!

9886: World won't evolve if the situation won't change! This what I see now is just fucking Earth Error to Fix and now you know how! So... you know what to do! (World Bank)

9887: Think about all those people who are using their cars as their wheel chair? Public transport can by so fun! But comfortable and nice! Look how was the world 100 years ago? Was it bad? Look how mora alive it was! It grew wild but you always can fix it and improve it! Yeah!

9888: - And what about car factories all around the world? - Just calculate them. Maybe they should start producing only public transport cars! So it will be connection of what they are doing and not doing. They should be well paid for both. End of idea!

9889: That's what my love is. (That's what I meant.)

9890: [DownPaymentBlues] Re-Think this song please! ''Why there is evil? And why doing nothing means a lot?'' (AC/DC)
Sat 19:09 16 July

4682: I will call you when you call me!

9871: How to talk with Papa Smurf!
Sat 18:34 16 July

4681: [FliteBoard] What?!

9865: I see Prada Cup after hours here!
Sat 17:19 16 July

4680: Syria

9855: Is it travelable anyway?

9856: What is SurfShark?

9857: It's camera magic man you doing! Do I like it? I love such an unprofesional-profesional shit. LoL. Do you even have a tent bro?

9858: ''Niedaleko Damaszku sıedzial diabel na daszku!''

9859: Don't worry good people! People from England are usually ''stupid''! LoL Expecially when they got camera! LoL But so nice! Thıs guy should be on National Geographic! (If it wasn't Russıan Production!) LoL

9860: ''Hara-Kiri'' means... ''Lovely Person Eating Kiri Cheese!''

9861: Why all bad words in Arabic means good words?

9862: British people are little ignorant! But... you know... It's difficult to be journalist without being little ignorant to whatever you are doing! LoL

9863: Forginer troops are always good for selling them fucking expensive Pizza!

9864: Good one! Bye bye!

9866: What Agatha Christie was doing in Syria? Fuck!!! - I came to see with my love! (Probably You!)

9867: - Did you murder him? - No! We had only romantic weekend. But I underdtad your curiosity after all my books you red. - Agatha. Come on! I didn't knew that you were a boy! - That's biggest secret! Actually one and only if you can dig all your love dreams! - WHAT?!!!

9868: ''Kiri Them!'' - Aghata

9869: Another good one! Bye bye!

9870: Papa Smurf has Prada's bag! - Really?! - Fuck! Really!

9872: I don't like when females making their travel-b.i.t.c.h movies on YouTube! It's so stupid to travel when everybody wants to f.u.c.k you all day and night! But who forbide b.i.t.c.h.e.s to travel!

- OMG! There was so nice! And everybody were so nice to me! - Okay! How many b.l.o.w.j.o.b.s did you make? B.i.t.c.h you should show people all your p.o.r.n stuff not only your happy f.u.c.k.i.n.g traveling on YouTube! F.u.c.k b.i.t.c.h.e.s! LoL

9873: Man! It wasn't to you! I am tired for more jokes about subject! LoL

9874: Tell me! Where is Kurwystan?
Sat 17:03 16 July

4679: If tommorow... then I will know for sure!

9854: I know!
Sat 14:19 16 July

4678: It's Only We!

9851: Greta also has such little tits!

9852: [BreastEnlargementInTurkey!] (Revelation!) (FindSponsorEasy!) (Prada's Ideas Are Always Best Option!)

9853: [MuseumOfArtInAnkara]
Fri 17:00 15 July

4677: Miss You Much!


9848: Yes. Recently I am thinking lot about you and your mission to change the world! I am with you with all my heart! I was thinking very hard and I found sollutiont to change climat. But we have to do it together Greta, because You without me are nothing and I am have to have you help too! I hope that you understand that! If no so please think harder!

God ignores people who are single! We have to get marriage ASAP and then... eh... you have to read my book! And I have to read yours! Is it comes in PDF somewhere on-line? Baby! Please send me a link!

Recently We are with Selena Gomez at Beyonce big house! Actually you are there too! You just have to download a little bit from my Virtual Reality! And you don't need helmet! We are just haveing fun there together. I hope that after you will read my Book some things from there becomes reality. Actually all those things aready happend! I just need you to proceed my book into reality and look Greta. You have to make Leap Of Faith! Becaues... if you won't, then God won't believe your plans.

So... I am waiting for all your decisions! And I hope that you really have the biggest heart on earth! :Me

9849: Greta: Yes baby! I promice to think all about you said and wrote! I love you too!

9850: Me: You have to leave everything behind to step with me on Our new path! We can make new religion together! You was saying something about working with roots! I can take you to the middle of roots! I know secret passwords! I am no kidding! Trust & ''Help me Obi Wan Greta! You are my only hope!''
Fri 16:37 15 July

4676: Medium Poland WRC 7

9846: Call Me 'Junior' / Keybord / Nice Chair / Ankara / LoL / No other big winnings today! / Let's evacuate from city center! LoL
Fri 13:24 15 July

4675: 559

9844: Page 559: Ok. Let’s try WRC 7. Just thinkin. I can’t think in such a crowdy places. When I am alone then I can concentrate and then I have my thoughts for myself. I thinink that you know what I am talking about! There was very nice dialog I was writiting toady! But you will know shit about the deepness of the subject becaus you will read only this senteces. So you know. It’s like entering the middle of the page. You know. / Electronic kills soul. Because everything is controlled around the soul of the person who is obserwer. When you are online you can’t write anything creative because all the time you will be only sucking dick of the big boss. It’s stupid and it’s only waste of time. If you want to write something creative you have to hide yourself. Go nature. Or lock yourself in your comfortable home. Everything depends on who is watching you. / I mean… with thoughts is like that. Strognest mind around is creatiıng world for everybody else. So why to waste you time. Here I will be thinking only about your mind. It’s like trying to make a pee in public place. Everybody knows that it’s not proper so it’s hard. / I was talking today about Elise Mertens! I don’t want to repeat myself. / You are in the middle of the story now. It’s deep middle of the story as you see it’s page something around 600. LoL

9845: We both hates cars! LoL But it's such a Ferrari.
Thu 15:55 14 July

4674: 558

9843: And it's moving! LoL Ok! Now I know how! It's not editable!
Thu 13:21 14 July

4672: Test of writing on PC!
Thu 13:21 14 July

4671: Test of writing on PC!
Thu 13:21 14 July

4667: WTF is wrong with Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen or Sudan?

9840: In early 2016 the US introduced a ruling which makes anyone who has visited Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yemen or Sudan since 1 March 2011 no longer eligible for their visa waiver programme.

9841: Arn't they buying American Megatrend motherboards or cars?

9842: Iran provides a facility to waive stamping entry and exit on your passport. So you should not worry about the U.S. travel ban after visiting Iran. - 6 Oca 2021
Wed 11:50 13 July

4666: Such good wife!


9835: Do you lıke my book how I am wrıtıng ıt Selena? LoL I am sure! Ha!

9836: (Selena have ''unfinished business'' with 842 milions guys all around planet! LoL) Good! And every one of them are The One! Yeah! <3all But keeping faith it's other business and there is no motherfucking psycholog who can convince you that he or she is also ''fucking fucked up''! LoL

9837: And now everybody will be writing fucked up diares! Yes! And everybody will become hitch-hikers! My mission will be over!

9838: Come on people! Life is a game! Don't waste any gamers! I am playing with Selena! One team! Even one player! It's just you & I!

9839: Love you baby! I hate being smart!
Tue 18:21 12 July

4665: Today's morning I marrıed Selena Gomez

9833: She looks like a little beetroot!
Tue 9:48 12 July

4664: Fucking Gangster Bitches!

9827: All big city is the same! Fuck big cities! Waiting for my Visa to Iran and fuck off Ankara! See ya never again! LoL

9828: In some countries people are just fuckin crazy fantaic! What the fuck boss here is doing? Sectretly killıng everybody from the back who doesn't suck his dick! Russian Secret Army? Or local Army Converted by Hindu Mob? Why always biggest shit needs to follow me. Mother fucking army! Fuck away from my and mind your own fucking business! Always!

9829: You are doing nothing but organising around fucking bad boss! I give a fuck about everything! Just stay fucking away from me! And don't kill me because I am alone and I need to have a life in me! What are you affraid? That I will fuck your wifes or girlfriends? That the love me more then you? LoL

9830: Just fuck away! Don't fuck with me and my story! I am property of the entire planet! And you are only little local mobsters who are trying to shit higher then your God! I am only kindly asking you to stay fuck away from me and don't shooting me in my the back!

9831: I just came to Ankara to rest not to be killed! I am traveler. I want to continue my journey. And you will stay here forever in your hellish den of snakes. Wish you to ignore me!

9832: And don't send me to back home or Europe because I fuck home and fuck Europe! Are we clear about that? Super nice!
Mon 11:43 11 July

4663: My Visa to Heaven!

9825: I trust Allah! Should I not? Ps. I am not terrorıst!

9826: Do they have F1 Official Race Track in Iran?
Mon 10:15 11 July

4662: Who The Fuck Is Blocking Far Cry 6?

9817: Encountering Snowshoe-3FA3981E error code

9818: FIX 4: The ‘Go To Miami’ Trick For a user, it was leaving the map and getting the “Go To Miami” achievement that managed to rectify this error message. So if possible, please do give this workaround as well.

With this, we round off the guide on how you could fix the Far Cry 6 Snowshoe and Trapper errors. We have listed four different workarounds for the same and will update the guide with more as and when we get hold of the same. Likewise, if you know of any method that did the trick for you but isn’t mentioned here, then do let us know in the comments section below.

9819: Shoul I go to Miami LoL! Hahaha!

9820: Maybe Far Cry 6 is Illegal In Some Countries! You know... Where there is strong crew on the side of bad guys! Who are callıng good guys bad guys! LoL Fuck!

9821: Some morrons taking games too seriuos! I will tell you one thıng! Far Cry Serıes got best graphıcs! I don't care that your job is to sitting all day in your outpost! LoL I just want to have fun playing this game!

9822: Or maybe it's just inner trick to buy officıal version of this game! Probably this! LoL

9823: Look morrons! Far Cry is not reality. It's just the game! Stop fucking shooting me with some poisıoned darts or whatever the fucking cosmic pistols you got there! Are you compleately fucking crazy! I am not from America! I am not your fucking enemy you morrons!

9824: Respect me! I don't give a shit about you because there's army of you and I am just one. So fuck off from me! And tell this to all morrons around! Ankara
Sun 19:57 10 July

4661: 6th in Singapore

9814: Expert 80 / Car Setings Poor / Let's have a look! Front 5 Rear 5 (I was jumpint wıth ıt durıng the race) / Trans On Up 100 On Down 80 (Maybe Car Wasn't Turnıng So Well) / Geometry -1.90 -1.40 0.11 0.38 (It was too much. Wheels Was Too Waste On The Insıde) / Suspensıon 6 6 1 1 3 3 (It Was Smoot Good Settıngs) / Brakes 100 Max and Almost All On Front / Pressure 23.8 22.3 (I Should Pump It To The Max And See How It Roll)

9815: Car Strategy / It Should Be Medım Medıum Soft / I Fucked Up All / Agaın I was tryıng to go wıth only One Pıt Stop And I Was Thınkıng That Hard Is Oblıgatory So After Medıum I Wear Hard / So I Was Doıng Medıum & Hard (What A Stupıd I Am) LoL / I Should Repet Race LoL

9816: Thıs Race Was Fuckıng Too Long LoL
Sun 18:58 10 July

4660: #KissingContest on #YouTube is Open!

9813: Wanna try?
Sun 10:40 10 July

4659: Stop fucking shooting to me!

9810: You terrorists!

9811: I am just playing games and resting in Ankara. Don't fuck me! I will be here until 15 or more. Stop doing any plans. Just fuck off away from me! Go watching TV. I am not from you world so don't put me into your world! I am going to Iran India China Tailand! Don't be fucking asshole to me! I don't care about you and your mobsters! And all your little cırcus here! I am sleeping and playing games! Don't worry about you ass! Just leave me alone!

9812: Fuckin motherfuckers!
Sat 17:18 9 July

4658: 1st in Italy

9808: I was thining to go on 2 pits but to be true it is always stupid! One pitstop is always enought! So I did just one because I was chasıng Bottas and I could not stop! LoL We were doing pit together and later he broke his car!

9809: Diffıcult 80 Expert / Keybord / Traction Control Medium
Sat 15:29 9 July

4657: F1 ABBA

9807: Let's burn some tyres!
Sat 13:23 9 July

4656: Why I can't play Far Cry 6?

9804: Minimum requirements (30 FPS) Operating System Windows 10 (20H1 version or newer, 64-bit versions) Processor AMD Ryzen 3 1200 @ 3. GHz or Intel Core i5-4460 @ 3.1 GHz (AVX, AVX2 and SSE 4.2 support required) RAM 8 GB (Dual-channel mode) Video card AMD RX 460 (4 GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 (4 GB) DirectX DirectX 12 Hard Drive 60 GB available storage

Recommended requirements (60 FPS) Operating System Windows 10 (20H1 version or newer, 64-bit versions) Processor AMD Ryzen 5 3600X @ 3.8 GHz or Intel Core i7-7700 @ 3.6 GHz (AVX, AVX2 and SSE 4.2 support required) RAM 16 GB (Dual-channel mode) Video card AMD RX Vega 64 (8 GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (8 GB) DirectX DirectX 12 Hard Drive 60 GB available storage

9805: What the Fuck??!!! Game loading wıth 50% CPU power. And can't be loaded? 8GB+ RAM i7 Intel not i5! Fuck!

9806: On lower quality passed through! Where is fuckıng sound now?
Sat 9:12 9 July

4655: Far Cry 6 is Real!

9803: We have to free all Outposts! LoL Especıally in Ankara! LoL
Sat 8:37 9 July

4654: 2nd in Belgium

9800: Expert 80 / Keybord / The Race was boriıng. One time I used DRS and I saw some cars ahead only on final lap. / Car Settings Was Really Good From [ThisPage]

9801: I recıeve 5 sek. penalty I have no idea for what! So as you see gap to Bottas was really small! / I let him win lol!

9802: In 2019 Valtteri was younger then now! / And he was drivıng AMG LoL
Fri 11:41 8 July

4653: Yahşi Batı

9797: Turkish Western! One and only so far! Next time it will be remake of some classic Hollywood production but [Jankees] have to bring their asses and just to borrow us their costumes.

9798: Magic word is: ''Please!''
Thu 16:47 7 July

4652: Let's say Big Hello to... "Hope"!

9795: She is my new character in my book. You will see!

9796: Fuck! I should be 5th on Expert 80 in Hungary but I was run out of fuel just before a fınısh lıne. LoL
Thu 9:35 7 July

4651: Commercial Break

9794: Where is strip club?
Wed 15:34 6 July

4650: This Book is Alive

9788: Hey people! Greta has something special to tell you! Look cloesly!

9789: What the fuck is fosil fuel?

9790: Our new positive slogan goes like thıs! > ''If nothing will change. nothing wıll change!''

9791: Fossil fuels are made from decomposing... (It's so boring! Who cares about this fuckıng shit anyway!) - Children who don't want to go to school at fridays! How proper!

9792: Greta! My book is mostly about you!

9793: It's deep and difficult! Just like our love with Selena Gomez!
Wed 15:08 6 July

4649: 9th in Germany

9786: Vettel / Diffıcult 95 / Keybord

9787: On Keybord I think 85 is Max to Play.
Wed 13:59 6 July

4648: 6th in UK (Master 90)

9784: Thıs ıs my dıary ın electronıc Words versıon. Today I wıll be playıng ın F1. I was learnıng a bıt about everythıng todays ın the mornıg. About Toes about Antı Roll Bar and about pressure ın tyres. I am so excıted wıth thıs game. I am playıng ın Master mode always as Vettel. I dont know why. Because I love Ferrarı and I love to compete wıth Valterı and Lewıs. I lıke F1. I thınk ıts the best. Its just 1. And how about you? Do you also love ıt? Anwser yourself.

9785: Today we wıll be testıng lot of shıt. So... one track and all knowledge possıble please! LoL
Wed 8:05 6 July

4647: 1st in Austria

9782: Difficult 80 Expert / Full Race / Keybord LoL / Hmm...

9783: Time To Far Cry 6 LoL
Mon 15:14 4 July

4646: 1st in France

9775: Keybord / Full Race / Diffıcult 60 / Flashbacks (Used 4 Times) / Car Settıngs From Google (101Team) / Hard is Way To Easy on Keybord 4 Me LoL

9776: Fırst Tıme On Podium / In Austrıa We Will Play Difficult 80 (Expert)

9777: I always play: Damages Reduced / Braking Assıst None with ABS / Traction Control Medim / And Racing Line Like 4 Little Baby LoL

9778: Rhianna - G4L Full Album LoL / The Best of Iron Maiden Was Little Too Harsh

9779: I go cıgarette and Austrıa! To Anna Wouters! She is my manager and tent mate! LoL

9780: Little Sucess Is Better Then Nothing

9781: [LastSong]
Mon 12:49 4 July

4645: 4th in Canada

9770: Played as Vettel / Difficult 80 Expert / Wıth Flashbacks / Fucking Keybord / Full Race

9771: This game is fucked up! LoL

9772: Car settings are everything! Yeah! Always think and check everything my yourself. Its a real hobby this game.

9773: There is no beer in Turkey! Wow! What a decent place on earth!

9774: Am I wrong? So one for me. LoL
Sun 20:37 3 July

4644: 3rd in Monaco

9767: Played as Vettel / Difficult 50 / Using Flashbacks (Fuck!) / Full Race / Keybord

9768: Car Settings?

9769: I love this game!
Sun 17:23 3 July

4643: F1 2019

9765: 6th in Chına / Level: 50 / Keybord / 50% of Race 28 Laps / No Using Flashbacks!

9766: [CrazyInLove] LoL
Sat 15:22 2 July

4642: 408

9760: Have ıt! Fınd ıt! Have to!

9761: New 100 pages very soon! I have to scan ıt!

9762: Workıng every day wıth my 4B. For love and for you! And for myself because I love ıt.

9763: 'Start Pokemon Everybody Haiku Style'

9764: 'Who Will Be Better Happy?'
Thu 17:51 30 June

4641: 404

9759: In heaven. You are made of Angels.
Thu 17:50 30 June

4640: 400

9758: Englısh language ıs to charge do!
Thu 17:49 30 June

4639: 296

9757: Cost 0 traın!
Thu 17:47 30 June

4638: 292

9756: Loud sex. Imagıne that.
Thu 17:46 30 June

4637: 288

9755: Where ıs Asıa? Asıa ıs ın your heart!
Thu 17:45 30 June

4636: 284

9754: It ıs so stylısh yellow!
Thu 17:44 30 June

4635: 280

9753: Yes! Fırst couple pages! I am so tıred! I have to stay untıl tommorow ın thıs fuckıng Ankara hell. They are shootıng somethıng ın my. Same shıt as ın France. Fuck!
Thu 17:43 30 June

4634: Don*t get lost!

9750: I lıke Foo Fıghters! I thınk ıts the best rock band ın hıstory of earth so far. LoL

9751: Dıd you checked BeachBoys?

9752: Beach Boys - Surfin Usa HD
Thu 6:05 30 June

4633: Don*t go Indıa... or somethıng... LoL

9748: So funny!

9749: LoL
Thu 5:35 30 June

4632: LoL

9746: Never saw it before now!

9747: Foo Fighters - Down In The Park
Thu 4:53 30 June

4631: For Taylor

9743: Swıft?

9744: AC/DC - Let There Be Rock (Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, April 1978)

9745: Who ıs thıs fellow whos shakıng hıs head so much?
Thu 4:36 30 June

4630: For You Only

9739: Love You Baby!

9740: Palabra Mi Amor

9741: Where ıs Scaner? I have to scan somethıng for my gırls. Llittle crazy book. - LoL Yeah! (So much Love!)

9742: Down Payment Blues
Thu 4:12 30 June

4629: Yeah!

9737: Angel By The Wings

9738: i-)
Thu 2:39 30 June

4628: I like Westerns!

9729: Deal!

9730: Thank you!

9731: Book for Joanna almos ready. I have to only scan ıt. Tommorow. Now ıt ıs tıme to SIA musıc. Classıc. '1000 forms of fear'. Haha!

9732: Sigala, Paloma Faith - Lullaby

9733: Right Above It (Explicit)

9734: LSD - Audio

9735: Let It Die - Foo Fighters

9736: Billie Eilish - No Time To Die
Wed 12:55 29 June

4627: Remake of Classic Westerns in Turkey

9719: We were talking today. This idea is super. I am writer. I have to scan some pages. Look. Idea is like that. You have met crazy guy. I am this crazy guy. With idea to make a remakes of clasic westerns here in Turkey. This idea is worth bilions. It's just a matter of time. All we have to do is hatch this golden egg!

Please contact some crazy people from Movie Industry in Turkey, ale try to tell them as much as you can about this project. Production Manger. Sounds good? Okay. It's just about make a contact with as many people as possible... from industry. Try to reach them. I don't know how. Phone calls are cheap. Have some plan. Talk to them even when those people arent very important. They will pass your message higer and finaley some more important people will contact you. Meet with them and tell them about this crazy idea.

Tell them that I am responsible for creating a contact with American producers. They have to come here with a crew. I am talking about such a names like Travolta, L. Jackson, Di Caprio, Pitt, Quentin. Nothing special. They will pull their strings. Clasic.

Then those people you will meet are having connection to money guys. This is second level of haveing some people to meet with and talk. Idea is so big that it's above all. I am just curious who will be picking first western movie to make a remake.

Two teams. Even three. Hollywood, Turkish and Bollywood and whoewer wants to join. Maybe even Germany or Sweden? Russia? No problem.

Don't send nobody what I wrote to you just write about this and talk about this with your own words. I am waiting for money from my mom. In 2 or 3 days I will have it. Then I am going to McDonald.

LoL. I am just kidding. It's fine. Don't worry about me!

We are putting our faith into this project. Me and you and tell others the same. More faith, better works everything! It's like selling kinfes od the street or knocking someones doors to sell something. Don't stop untill you will talk with the boss. But when you will reach the boss finaley... you don't have to tell you nothing becaus he already knows everything.

We're dong it man. Simple.

Have a nice day!

9720: Got my Turkish Connection! Mr. Erkut Keep following this post for more news later. Soon... some important pages of my "Book". It's mulit-international film project.

9721: India, America, Germany, Norway, Jamajka, Russa. What Russia too? Yes!

9722: Украины нет?

9723: Which companies are involved in the production of classic old revolvers?

9724: No cars! No phones!

9725: Tell me the number to Hollywood. Hello. Jack? Are you there? Can you pull some strings?

9726: Fine! No cars!

9727: Don't worry.

9728: Important. "Whoever wants to join."
Wed 12:37 29 June

4626: Viza do Iranu

9693: Kosztuje 75USD przez stronke ambasady, albo 80 euro przez jakies biuro podrozy do ktorego mnie wyslali z ambasady Iranu w Jara-Caly-Van. Kurwa w dupe! Huj! Za wszystko trzeba jebac kasa. Pierdolony zajebany w dupe swiat. LoL

9694: Ale w ksiazce po nich pojechalem ja pierdole! Trzymajce mnie niedzwiedzie. Ja pierdole. A w sumie to po prostu... normalka.

9695: Wracam do Gruzji po wize do Azerbejdzanu. Ja pierdole. 3 jebane dni. Przynajmniej! Kurwa! Musze dobrze rozbic namiot gdzies w okolicach. Gruzja w sumie super fajna. Tylko gang taxowkarzy mnie wkurwil za to, ze nie zaplacilem im za taryfe spowrotem z granicy do Ty-Bili-Sie. Fuck. Jeszcze mam siniaka bo bucie w ryj i brak czucia w polowi twarzy. Ruska poezja.

9696: A ciekawe jak sie dostaje wize z Azerbejdzanu do Kazachstanu. Chyba trzeba dac dupy konsulowi. LoL

9697: Kocham Selene Gomez!

9698: Wszyscy mowia, ze w Iranie jest fajne. A jak szukam jakis zdjec na Google to widze tylko fanatycznych terrorystow, wrogow USA, pragnacych zatrzymac cala benzyne dla siebie. LoL

9699: Kurwa. Jebany Iran. 100 euro za wjazd w to pieklo jebane. Kurwa. Taniej bedzie to ostrzelac. Przynajmniej dla mnie. LoL

9700: Nie srajce w majty. Jaja sobie tylko robie. Trump juz ubil interesy.

9701: Ciekawe ile sie czeka na wize do Korei Polnocnej i czy w ogole sie ja da dostac? Chyba kurwa nie. A do Indii?

9703: Ruscy tu ponoc sraja wszedzie, a kurwy imperialistyczne nasladuja i pobieraja jebane oplaty za wszystko. Kurwa!

9704: Jebana ropa. Szejk zamknie kurek i sie wszyscy zjebia ze swoimi Tico na Gaz.

9705: Koniec z dostawa benzyny! Bunt kurwa!

9706: Wkurwilem sie. Beda sankcje.

9707: 75USD? 75USD? LoL

9708: Sprzedali kraj za 75USD LoL

9709: Nawet im nie zaplace tych 75USD ani tam nie pojade! LoL

9710: Bo fantazja jest od tego...

9711: Jebac Iran za 75USD! LoL

9712: Ruscy z Amerykanami sie moze w koncu dogadaja i tam wjada z buta, za te 75USD! LoL

9713: Wszystkich chujow wypierdola na Oslach do Betlejem i chuj w dupe!

9714: To Jezus byl Iranczykiem prosze Ojca? - Mongolem, moj synu!

9715: A to juz wiem skad ta nazwa gangu motocyklowego. Hehe.

9716: - Czy do Mongolii jest potrzebna wiza? - Do Mongolii jest potrzebny chuj w dupe i siekiera. LoL. Hehe.

9717: Wkurwilem sie na Armenie. Maja fajne gorki na poludniu i to wszystko. Cala reszta jest spierdolona ja wszedzie.

9718: Kurwy za dolary. Wszyscy mysla, ze jestem amerykanskim turysta. Wczoraj w jebanym banku siedzialem 2 godziny za jebane 126 euro i widzialem tych biedakow w garniturach. LoL. Tragedia. Ten caly Jara-Van to jebane ruskie wiezienie, podobnie zreszta jak Ty-Bili-Sie. Fuck. Wypierdalam z tego zadupia czympredzej.
Tue 10:26 21 June

4625: Selena Gomez

9689: My Love Now!

9691: Lot of about You in my new book! LoL

9692: Hand made! Thank you Selena for get rid of all other witches. Now is only you in my mind. Well... you're the best! You know! LoL

9702: I think I love her more then yesterday! Wow! What a crazy dreams I had.
Mon 16:46 20 June

4624: Wiza do Iranu

9679: Cofneli mnie z granicy spowrotem do Jerevan. Wlasnie w kafejce podiziwam formularz do wystepowania o wize. Zdjecie, numer telefonu komorkowego, adres w Iranie i telefon w Iranie, to pola obowiazkowe, przy wstepowaniu o wize Tranzytowa. No kurwa nie! Ja pierdole, ale lipa. LoL

9680: W poniedzialek nie pracuja. Jutro o 9 do 13. Kurwa!

9681: Baba w sklepie chciale mnie ojebac na 2 euro. Kurwa. Jak wrocilem sie to dokladnie wiedziala ile mi oddac. LoL

9682: Wszelkie miasta to kurwa syf i chujnia.

9683: Jeszcze okazalo sie ze Turkmenistan jest zamkniety. Ponoc. Wlasnie to sprawdzam.

9684: Porażenie nerwu twarzowego dla większości osób jest całkowicie wyleczalne, jednak pełny powrót do zdrowia może trwać od kilku tygodniu do kilku miesięcy. U około połowy chorych objawy znikają samoistnie w ciągu 6 miesięcy. Możliwe jest także wystąpienie pojedynczych drobnych defektów jak np. przymykanie oka przy uśmiechu.

9685: Niedziela po przekopie w Ty-Bili-Sie! LoL W sumie moja wina... sam jestem sobie winien. Kurwa. Ale kurwy sprytnie mnie sprowokowaly. Ja pierdole.

9686: Kuryw jebane zawsze wiedza jak, to muszie byc super ostrozny zawsze! I po prostu znac sztuczki tych bucow. LoL

9687: Normalka.

9688: Jak ta mapa pieknie wyglada. LoL

9690: Leczenie krwiaka Wchłanianie krwiaka przyspieszą odpowiednie leki. Są to zwykle leki stosowane na skórę dostępne bez recepty. Do takich preparatów należą maści, żele kremy na bazie heparyny. Często są one z dodatkiem leczniczej roślinnej substancji – escyny – lub z innymi dodatkowymi substancjami, takimi jak: salicylan dietyloaminy, hialuronidaza. Heparyna na krwiaka Heparyna oraz heparynoid - są podstawowymi lekami, które przyspieszają wchłanianie się krwiaków, wybroczyn i nacieków. Zapobiegają powierzchownym zakrzepom i ułatwiają rozpuszczanie już istniejących. Lek stosowany miejscowo na skórę działa przeciwobrzękowo i hamuje powierzchowne procesy zapalne po urazach. Escyna na stłuczenia W leczeniu krwiaków i obrzęków pomagają też związki z kasztana – tzw. escyna. Substancja ta uszczelnia najdrobniejsze naczynia żylne, nie dopuszczając do powstawania obrzęku. Usprawnia krążenie. Zapobiega zakrzepom i zakrzepowemu zapaleniu żył, dzięki zmniejszeniu krzepliwości krwi. Przeciwdziała też letnim obrzęków nóg. Jest często łączona w preparatach z heparyną. Arnika na stłuczenia Ekstrakt z arniki górskiej jest stosowany jako okład na urazy bez uszkodzenia skóry i krwawienia zewnętrznego. Działa przeciwzapalnie oraz pobudza ukrwienie tkanek. Arnika ułatwia wchłanianie krwawych wybroczyn. Przyspiesza proces gojenia się w przypadku zwichnięć połączonych ze stanem zapalnym i obrzękiem. W aptece znajdziemy ekstrakty arniki w płynie, maści i żelu, często z dodatkiem substancji ułatwiających wchłanianie przeciwzapalnych obrzęków.
Mon 16:18 20 June

4623: We're fixing DAF ZF

9675: Shifty cilinder solenoid valve. Model:

9676: [Link] of a day.

9677: Can someone send me some bluprints of this shit to 1@prada.fun LoL?

9678: Why my card stops working after I paid for another year of my domain Prada.fun?
Fri 18:03 17 June

4622: Hi from Baku

9672: Masz coś w baku?

9673: Cześć Asiu. Danusiu zadzwoń do mojej mamy.

9674: Azerbejdzan zamkniety. Wiza 3-10 dni z Gruzji. Wojna z Armenia od setek lat. Jestem w Armeni.
Sun 5:56 12 June

4621: 278
Thu 13:06 9 June

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Thu 13:04 9 June

4619: 270
Thu 13:02 9 June

4618: 267
Thu 13:00 9 June

4617: 263
Thu 12:51 9 June

4616: 259
Thu 12:49 9 June

4615: 255
Thu 12:47 9 June

4614: 251
Thu 12:45 9 June

4613: 247
Thu 12:44 9 June

4612: 243
Thu 12:42 9 June

4611: 239
Thu 12:40 9 June

4610: 235
Thu 12:39 9 June

4609: 223
Thu 12:38 9 June

4608: 211
Thu 12:37 9 June

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